Hmmm,That Went Well…


Not the best weekend I’ve ever experienced,what with one thing and another. Should have seen the writing on the wall right away when I saw the refereeing appointments.

Draw the curtains and put your head under a pillow,as the old saying goes. And yes,all this will pass-but our torment is being played out on an international stage for all to see. Saturday gave us a linesman in one game who ignored THREE players being at least a yard offside,and another one who flagged against an imaginary Celtic player that only he could see.

It gave us a referee who decided that a brutal challenge on CalMac,with neither a chance of getting a fair tackle in nor even to attempt one,being overlooked,bar the free kick. Not even a talking to,much less a card. A yellow at the bare minimum,and a very strong argument can be made for the red.

And who overlooked a blatant penalty,then awarded Hearts a nothing free kick-which he allowed to be moved forward the ten yards to where our wall should have been?

Of course,we were the architects of our own misfortune as we lined up to “defend” that late free kick. Why do we allow the ball to be played in behind us,so that we are trying to defend while facing our own goal? What’s wrong with the old way of lining up ready to attack the bloody thing,to head it clear? Our best outcome from the way we line up is to give away a corner-and we know how bliddy awful we are at defending them!

Plus,of course,we were playing with Nir Bitton at the back,who didn’t even jump for the ball. Whoever thinks he is a defender needs shooting. That he continually gets a contract renewal suggests that he is as good behind a camera as our own FAN-A-TIC.

I’ll grant you that he isn’t a natural central defender. Sure. But he’s pretending to be a football player. Sadly,on Saturday,he wasn’t alone. There were a few wage thieves out there the other night.

I remain confident that AP will sort this out,that he has no time for wasters. I have some experience of Australians,and they aren’t much given to having the pish ripped right out of them. I have long criticised Neil Lennon for playing his favourites while not giving others a chance. I think AP will turn that on its head.

I reckon EVERYONE will be given a chance under AP,and if they don’t come up to scratch,they will be told in no uncertain terms what is required of them the next time they get that chance. Until then,binned. This is no time for passengers,no time for excuses,and no time for showing me YouTube videos of your past exploits.

We need here and now,on the park. And what AP needs more than anything is here and now support from our board.



Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

The standard of referring is the same as always except it’s blatantly obvious, they don’t care because they get away with it unchallenged

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The FIRST way to deal with the biased refereeing is to challenge the ref right away. Not charging in mob-handed, but in a calm questioning manner. Next foul, the same, and so on.
This must be followed up by the assistant manager or manager. The inevitable booking must then be compared to that of the Ibrox manager in the Collum call-out by our CEO.
It works for them every time. It might make DD see they are Dangling his Dong and get him a bit interested.



Yes, the obvious partial officiating is an issue but it’s not the issue.
A demoralising symptom of a self inflicted malaise.

The weak , supine response in the moment , on the pitch by a team without one leader of note, and the acceptance of “ honest mistakes” by team and executive management afterwards emboldens the bully Billy boys, with whistle and flag.

We are being bullied, laughed at and taking it. We lack a voice, any voice.
The price you pay for collusion with forces that are not your friend.

Calling it out every time. Win , lose or draw would be a start.


Those spineless Hun Loving Criminals on our board should’ve called it out years ago. What’s the point of having Lawwell represent us on ECA if we aren’t in Europe and he never challenged corruption here?
Talking of spineless bastards, I see those saddos on Sportscene didn’t even mention the two flash points in the game! Plus ća change?


Morning Bobby and the bhoys!

Long time away as busy with work and then laughing at my engerlund colleagues over euro2020 … they still can’t take it Scotland actually drew with their new golden generation ( of failure) … anyways, onto the Hoops…

If you fail to prepare… Then prepare to fail…

Season after season, we are unprepared for European qualifiers… we have a board that’s reactive than proactive in both the winter and summer transfer window … going from invincibles to imbeciles in less than 5 years… need I say more?!?!

The dilly dally approach to replacing Lenny was a farce … chasing after Howe who wasn’t interested… really shows up DD for being the donkey he is … Ange has our full backing as supporters … but does he have the backing of our board? … fuck me … Joe Hart?!? WTF?!?

Saturday showed one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the club … letting Gordon go before realising Forster had no intention of returning… £4.5m on a Greek tragedy and the £5m on the Swiss miss … better spent on Tonev and Hickey …

If I was Ange, I would not care too much for Europe now that we are out of UCL… I would rather we concentrate solely on the league with UCL group guaranteed for this season’s winner…

We can only do that by getting a new GK, RB, LB, another CD, CM ( holding) , CF … sell off the want aways and reinvest wisely ( what a dream eh?!) … surely selling Edouard for £20m plus and what we have received for Ajer should cover at least cover 3/4 of those positions??

Right I’m away to enjoy the Berkshire sunshine … onward and upward … MON RA HOOPS! 💚🍀


Spot on Emusanorpan!

The challenge on Calmac was disgusting … red card all day … the goal by Adaba incorrectly ruled offside… diet Huns getting strange free kick resulting in goal … sick to death of we had enough time / efforts to win game … that’s THREE key decisions in a match which were DISGRACEFUL REFEREEING … then you have podcasts of Halliday and Madden together … how fucking unprofessional is that in both football and Scotland… no surprise there though with those of the knuckledragging gene pool 🤬


We’re basically giving every opponent a two goal start. Could make winning the league a bit tricky.

Maestro Fan

We are being done in by our own club leadership.

The cheating refs are just taking advantage.


We are a total shambles everywhere at the moment,not helped by some players having to do the work of some of their useless and uninterested team mates.

Our biggest problem probably isn’t at the back. Although maybe,depending on the personnel deployed! It is up front. Ajeti has decided to sit out his contract,so has Griff,and to be honest I would tell Eddy to eff off and see out his too.

A big strong striker a la Sutton or Hartson is needed,along with a Bobo/Mjallby type in defence. As for midfield,someone who will break his Granny’s legs rather than let a ball go past him.

Every team needs a reliable and formidable spine,players that the others can rely on to back them up and allow them to do the creative-and risky!-stuff.

Our players can’t be creative because they don’t have the support when it comes off,and certainly not when it doesn’t. And it is destroying their confidence,a cycle of ever decreasing circles.

bada bing1

AZ Alkmaar if we beat the Czechs



That will please BIGPACKY. He’s a genius with an A-Z.

Sign him up,you know it makes sense!


Thirty years ago,when I delivered industrial fluorescent lighting units across the UK from Sutton in South London,I rarely botherd with an A-Z to route plan. I could usually figure out a location from its postcode,even if I didn’t already know where it was.

Drive in the general direction and follow the signs. Then ask a postman,or if stuck,nip into a cop shop.

Three times I had a problem. Once in Hanley,Stoke-on-Trent,which had a pedestrianised precinct and a one way system with No Entry signs everywhere. Sod it,just go through one and I was fine. Milton Keynes,so many roundabouts and roads called H7 and V14,no chance.

And Alum Rock Road in Birmingham.

I had a delivery to Smith and Nephew,I knew where the road was-but it is Birmingham’s equivalent of Dumbarton Road! Trust me,nobody on Alum Rock Road is EVER going to be able to understand my accent. I couldn’t understand theirs-not because it was Brummie,but because I was the only white person around.

That was time for Directory Enquiries,and a phone call to S & N. I asked my boss after that fiasco to put a contact number on the manifest in future.


Afternoon all,

Well what a weekend that was,

Celtic beaten and I tested positive for COVID.

They say things come in 3’s so not holding up much hope for a victory on Thursday.

Apologies to the 2 bloggers on here who I met on Friday and have been caught up in Track and Trace.

Won’t mention any names but sorry again.

IsolatingCSC 🍀🍀



No luck,mate. Best wishes on your recovery.

One of my mates is vehemently anti-mask. Hates them,was delighted when the rules changed down here.

I told him I’d still be wearing them in any indoor situation apart from my own house. I don’t like them either,but it just helps avoid unnecessary risk,IMO.

A thing of beauty

Sorry to hear that leggy. Hope you’re back on your feet soon before your two pals knock you back down again!!!
Also it means you’re glad you didn’t get a ticket for Sunday. Alwayslookonthebrightsidecsc

Craig 76

All the best and hopefully you just have a mild case of covid 😷


SFTB @ Yesterday,

Results just in from Round 1 of the Superbru Predictors and we have a top six of

18 yard Man- 11 pts
Chairbhoy- 10.5
BRTH- 9.00
J McCormick- 9.00
Bateen Bhoy 8.5
& Marspapa- 8.5

Our wooden spoon holder is Park Road 67 with 1 point- onwards and upwards

Nobody predicted the Celtic result though I had declined a late entry from a Robert Madhun who had Hearts down for a 2:1 win

Remember to make your next pick before 12.30 pm on the 7th August and don’t lock your picks- they will lock themselves once a match starts but while they are unlocked you can still change them

Well could I say how much I was delighted to see my monika’ light up the leader board…


Turns out I didn’t get any points for the Celtic game. I predicted a 2-3 scoreline.

Spot on in my book. May I remind you Celtic scored a perfectly good goal which was ruled off side and Haliday should have got a straight red card – we would most definitely have scored another goal if Hearts were down to ten men.


Could I have my points please!?

Maybe Celtic are fine about getting cheated out of points but I’m most certainly not;)

Hail Hail



With that kind of convoluted thinking,you and I are gonna have a ball in Reading-when we finally get the chance!

Plus,a couple of posts from HARVEY suggests that he has his ancestral fire burning in his belly.

I might have to wear the good trainers,quick getaway stuff.

Back to your point though,the club needs to make these things public. No pussyfooting about with back door channels-they’ve worked well in the past,eh?-and no worries about how the SMSM or Sky deal with it.

Raise the issue,bring it out into the open. Do it every time. Expose them for the cheating basterts that they are.

If we give them an inch,they will take a liberty. If we lie down to them,they will walk all over us.

We need men on the pitch,yes. But we need men off it too.


Howdy folks.

August is a massive month for the team, and with protests starting already it’s massive for the fans now also.

The fact we are a weak house divided might be helping to prompt honest mistakes from the whistlers.

The board usually have a tactic or two to help deflect supporter anger,,I wonder how they intend to ride out this current tide of unhappiness at our state of affairs.

The government legislation discussed a few weeks ago would curb the bent refs, that’s about it. This is were the Chairman should earn his wages,,,call it out and show examples of differing endings to the same foul.

And now we know it’s AZ Alkmaar if we progress we can truly realize we are going out of all European competitions this month and start getting to grips with it.
It might actually suit us, Wednesday Saturday rather than Thursday Sunday football.

As for the Irish defender if he’s not a big improvement on Murray or Welsh then he’s simply holding them back. Another project is not what we need at the back, just not what we need full stop.

The 20Minute Tims last night,,,,
“I never thought I’d say it but we are f@#ked if Anthony Ralston gets injured”
That kinda says it all.

Gonna be a longggg season folks.
Hopefully it’s this regimes last.

Hail Hail

A Thing Of Beauty

We still have a chance to qualify for the europa conference league. Honestly I’d rather we didn’t play in Europe this season. It would be more time on the training ground and maybe better in the long run than getting scudded by mediocre teams – again.
I see from the ETim’s diary that if Halliday gets a retrospective red then that will be five times Bobby Madden has failed to punish a player with a red card in the game. 4 times the player was playing against Celtic and is on the other occasion it was a Hun player. When are we going to call this shit out?

Prestonpans bhoys

Would be surprised if Halliday gets a retro red. Nothing in the media about it whatsoever and I led to believe the BBC not only omitted tgat attack but also the none offside goal



Get well soon.


Have been doing a bit of thinking on the upcoming protest before next Sunday’s game. This will achieve nothing, and is a waste of time.

Let me explain. As a veteran of all the protests from 90-94, looking back, these in themselves, also achieved nothing. When protests were held outside the ground, the Kelly’s and Whites simply shut the curtains, and carried on with their 5 star lifestyles. When protests were held inside Paradise, they simply slung us a deefy. Won’t be any different this time round…no matter how much abuse the PLC/Masonic bastards receive.

In 94, it was only when Celtic’s bankers-The BOS-were targeted by the support, that they decided to do business with Fergus. When I say targeted, let me clarify. There was no violence involved. Supporters simply picketed BOS branches, while simultaneously, many of us who banked with BOS, closed their accounts…or threatened to do so. Perhaps other businesses associated with individual PLC charlatans, could be similarly targeted. Make their presence in these other companies so toxic, that they are forced out…until such times as they resign from the hotseat at Parkhead.

As regards referees. They have always been biased against Celtic. No secret there…well, it is if yer a mason. In times when Celtic had excellent managers and superb players, the referees were irrelevant, in terms of the league being won. Even those bitter bigots could not stop Stein’s Celtic or BR’s Celtic from giving the boys in blue, a damn good thrashing. Obviously, they could still have an impact in cup games-1970 e.g.-but the league would most always be won.

I would add MON to that list, but as we now know, the Huns won the league in 03 and 05, using industrial grade cheating.

I have great hope for Ange. The man is a class act. If allowed to, we could be a great team again. In the name of the wee man though, get Strachan and Kennedy TF. They were part of the problem last season. They will not be a solution to any problems this season.

Hail Hail.

Jobo Baldie

Good afternoon, friends. My name is Jobo and I’m a Self Isolator. Normally any messages I get from Leggy are considerably funnier than this mornings news. I went for a PCR test and should get the result tomorrow. If its neg it’ll just be an inconvenience till next Monday but I’m sure I can cope in my house and garden.
Leggy – I really hope your symptoms remain mild


Was Lime Scale offered a job in the showers?

bada bing1

Leggy- all the best

bada bing1

That bint Fergie on The One Show,has morphed into her Spitting Image puppet

A thing of beauty

David Hopkin providing proof positive of the old adage ugly enough to be a hun.

bada bing1

Our game not on TV on Thursday

Prestonpans bhoys

If you like your football of the raw variety the Ayrshire derby is on BBC iplayer



The game on Thursday is on Celtic TV, not much consolation for those in the UK. It is an early kick-off 16.45 UK time. Will be a very tough game for us in our current state of transition and rather generous defending. Being away and not needing to win presents Ange with a new challenge, go for it or play safe and try to stay in the tie for a return leg in Paradise.

A thing of beauty

Agree with a lot of what you say but how do we target the businesses of the board members when they are so decrepit they don’t actually play any part in any business of note.


The last time a Celtic manager called out the cheating, he was vilified.

The reason I didn’t want NL to return was because of this and I feared for his safety if he did it again. The upshot was that he started to blame the players and then became history.

He must have taken some persuasion to just grin and bear it.

There was once a time under MON when if one of the players got kicked another would do a job on the player that carried out the assault. For me this was the correct action and opposition teams thought twice about leaving the boot in.

Great days indeed more than one way to skin a cat.

We wont call out the cheating as the opportunity has gone and until PL is gone the FTSFA will do as they please.

A thing of beauty

Hard lines on the isolation. I must say it is a dread of mine but not a lot you can do. Hope you’ve got a few good books!!

bada bing1

Joe Hart, 3 year deal


Bada, where did you hear that?

Squire Danaher


S McGowan Daily Mail tweeted around 30m ago, piece in his paper tomorrow, £1m fee, 3-yr contract.


Hopefully Hart will prove to be Head And Shoulders better than our current keepers.

Billy Bhoy

Rumours that Hart has already signed are untrue.

He’s dropped the pen three times apparently!


🎶I dreamed I saw Joe Hart last night

Alive at 33 (plus 1)

Says I “But Joe you cannae kick”

“I never could” said he

“I never could” said he🎶🎶

🎶From Barkas, Hazard then to Bain

With every cross and kick

Takes more than Zones to score a goal

Says Joe “But I ain’t Greek”

Says Joe “But I ain’t Greek”🎶


Rather have Linda Harte.
A Man City cast off is original,,,
Tomorrow we shall have five goalkeepers on the books,,,we are a shambles.



Very good..

St tams

If it’s true that we’re signing Joe Hart. It’s definitely not an Ange signing. As he is hopeless playing the ball out with his feet.

Squire Danaher

St tams
If it’s true that we’re signing Joe Hart. It’s definitely not an Ange signing. As he is hopeless playing the ball out with his feet.



Why would AP want to sign this guy? Why would he want to sign a Lge of Ire CB who I would be astounded he’d ever heard of ???

The question remains.

Who is signing players for Celtic???


Well we will find out soon enough st Tams, if he plays him that will tell you a lot. If not he will be sending everyone a message.

I dont think he is that bad at playing the ball out, he just wasn’t Peps cupa.

I for one hope it’s TRUE, but why the fukc did we not just keep the £5 million from barkas and sign FF, FFS.

They would have had to run this past him, they must have spoken to AP or we might see some fireworks.


Exactly,,Hart you can’t credit to Ange and you certainly can’t credit him with the Irish lad linked. Only Furuhashi could be placed at his door.
Who is selecting the players we are willing to sign?
My guess is Dermot.

Hazard should have been given a shot between the sticks. He can’t be too happy.



Hazard had his shot last season. Maybe not his fault-remember the defence he was playing behind!-but he didn’t impress very much.



Good point. My bad. In fact, photos of the feckers at AGMs-sans Desmondo of course-remind me of photos of the Soviet era politbureau.

Billy Bhoy


Hail Hail


Bobby, it’s a new regime with a new style.
He should have been given a shot at Ange-ball type of goalkeeping imo. Three year deal is a bit longer than I like for Hart. I can see him going poor and we are stuck with him.
Germany was the place to go for a keeper, loan if needed.


Huns messing it up for everyone as usual. I wonder if this might waken the other teams up?