Hmmm,That Went Well…


Not the best weekend I’ve ever experienced,what with one thing and another. Should have seen the writing on the wall right away when I saw the refereeing appointments.

Draw the curtains and put your head under a pillow,as the old saying goes. And yes,all this will pass-but our torment is being played out on an international stage for all to see. Saturday gave us a linesman in one game who ignored THREE players being at least a yard offside,and another one who flagged against an imaginary Celtic player that only he could see.

It gave us a referee who decided that a brutal challenge on CalMac,with neither a chance of getting a fair tackle in nor even to attempt one,being overlooked,bar the free kick. Not even a talking to,much less a card. A yellow at the bare minimum,and a very strong argument can be made for the red.

And who overlooked a blatant penalty,then awarded Hearts a nothing free kick-which he allowed to be moved forward the ten yards to where our wall should have been?

Of course,we were the architects of our own misfortune as we lined up to “defend” that late free kick. Why do we allow the ball to be played in behind us,so that we are trying to defend while facing our own goal? What’s wrong with the old way of lining up ready to attack the bloody thing,to head it clear? Our best outcome from the way we line up is to give away a corner-and we know how bliddy awful we are at defending them!

Plus,of course,we were playing with Nir Bitton at the back,who didn’t even jump for the ball. Whoever thinks he is a defender needs shooting. That he continually gets a contract renewal suggests that he is as good behind a camera as our own FAN-A-TIC.

I’ll grant you that he isn’t a natural central defender. Sure. But he’s pretending to be a football player. Sadly,on Saturday,he wasn’t alone. There were a few wage thieves out there the other night.

I remain confident that AP will sort this out,that he has no time for wasters. I have some experience of Australians,and they aren’t much given to having the pish ripped right out of them. I have long criticised Neil Lennon for playing his favourites while not giving others a chance. I think AP will turn that on its head.

I reckon EVERYONE will be given a chance under AP,and if they don’t come up to scratch,they will be told in no uncertain terms what is required of them the next time they get that chance. Until then,binned. This is no time for passengers,no time for excuses,and no time for showing me YouTube videos of your past exploits.

We need here and now,on the park. And what AP needs more than anything is here and now support from our board.



Above article by BMCUWP

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Garry Postecoglou

Hazard had his chance.
Time to give Bankie Bhoy Ross Doohan his chance.
If he is anything like his dad and uncles, he will fight for Celtic.



Safety Dance? Man,not heard that in years! Absolutely not my usual type of music-but I loved it,still do!!!

And as for the Sony Walkman at the start,blinkin’ flip,they must have borrowed that from a museum…

Jobo Baldie


Jobo Baldie

Jobo Baldie



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