3rd August – If you know your history

130 years ago… 1891 we prepare for a momentous season for the ‘new’ club. Tomorrow (4th) will see a visit to Greenock for a pre-season ‘friendly’ against Morton at Cappielow. (Att. 4000) The teams and scorers are not recorded, but we know Celts ran out 5-2 winners and Neil McCallum missed Celts’ first (and last …) ever penalty.

The team are now ready to open their 1891/92 League campaign with trip to Tynecastle…

In other news..

The British Lions on tour in South Africa resplendent in their Hoops, preparing for their trouncing of King William’s Town (0-18) tomorrow… Their Scottish Captain led the team in a rousing chorus of Hail Hail in the tunnel…mebbes aye!

80 years ago …1941.. during WW11 there were restrictions on playing organised football, and all senior football was summarily cancelled in 1939. By 1940 There was a softening on restrictions and an East & West league was established, followed by North and South leagues (Celtic played in South league). Strange goings on with allegations of draft-dodging printed in the press and subsequently sued and counter-sued. The ever excellent Celtic Wiki covering all the details:

For those with less leisure time, it’s worth noting that clubs were permitted to ‘sign’ players stationed nearby, and it remains a mystery why Celtic steadfastly refused to ask Stanley Matthews, who was stationed at Greenock, to play some games. More surprising was why Liverpool star Matt Busby wasn’t asked to play, despite being stationed nearby for 3 seasons! Matt is quoted as being “very disappointed”.

Perhaps the Celtic directors, aware how heavily the odds had been stacked against them, declined to field genuine superstars on an unreliable/random basis. In the full knowledge that legitimacy of trophies ‘won’ in that period, may be seen to be… valid… ahem!

Perhaps some of our ‘veteran’ Sentinels can add some more informed insights?

In other news…

August 3, 1941 (Sunday)

The German Catholic Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen gave a sermon condemning the Nazi practice of euthanasia. Thousands of copies of the sermon were distributed throughout Germany, breaking the secrecy that surrounded the euthanasia programme known as Aktion T4.

Gas (petroleum) sales limited in US

German troops conquer Roslavl, USSR

20 years ago…2001 it’s the eve of the 2001/2 Season and Martin O’Neill has further strengthened his Treble Winning Team with John Hartson. In midweek the team had travelled to a Testimonial match in Manchester returning with a 4-3 win. The least said about the recipient of those gate receipts the better!!

The team prepared to travel to Kilmarnock tomorrow for the opening match in defence of their League Flag. Not firing on all cylinders, but it was good to see new signing make his debut and join the fray, replacing Bobby Petta (hamstring) early in the first half. When we consider the already potent strike force, it’s a sad indictment on our leaders of the present day and lament how much has changed. Henke opened his Competitive Celtic account for the season in ’76 minutes to secure the points. Big Bad John didn’t make the scoresheet, but little did we know then how many ‘deciders’ he would contribute by way of vital goals in an astonishingly successful hoops career.

Look at the team below… (sigh..)


Marshall, Hessey, Dindeleux, Innes, Canero, Mahood, Sanjuan (McLaren 31), Mitchell, Hay, Cocard (Di Giacomo 71), Ngonge (Calderon 78). Subs Not Used: Meldrum, Fowler.
Booked: Hessey, Mitchell.

Douglas, Mjallby, Tebily (Crainey 86), Valgaeren, Agathe, Lennon, Lambert, Thompson (McNamara 67), Petta (Hartson 19), Sutton, Larsson.
Subs Not Used: Kharine, Maloney.
Booked: Sutton, Valgaeren, Agathe.
Goals: Larsson 76.

Att: 13,201
Ref: S Dougal (Scotland).

04/08/01 SPLKILMARNOCK v CELTICNew Celtic striker John Hartson (right) shows his strength as he powers past Alan Mahood.

In other news…

Atomic Kitten -Eternal Flame (2wks) #1 in U.K. singles charts – sorry Dougie Ross..not a chance!

alternatively, here’s some great Welsh lads who will have a U.K. Number #1 Album as of tomorrow…Rings Around The World

General stuff:

1492 Columbus’s first transatlantic voyage begun

Hoping to find a westward route to India, set sail on his first transatlantic voyage, departing from Palos, Spain, with three small ships—the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María.

1829 Gioachino Rossini’s last and greatest opera “Guillaume Tell” (William Tell) premieres at Salle Le Peletier in Paris

1833 HMS Beagle reaches river mouth of Rio Negro

1852 America’s first intercollegiate sporting event takes place as the Harvard heavyweight rowing crew beats Yale by 2 lengths over 2 miles on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

1972 British premier Edward Heath proclaims emergency crisis due to dock strike

1990 98.8°F (37.1°C) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (UK records highest ever friction heat as BMCUW tears up used slips ..)

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Garry Postecoglou

Rings Around The World.
One of my favourite ever albums. 👍

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Thanks again, Saltires, for your latest ‘on this day’. Always an entertaining breakfast read.


Morning all…great wee read again, SES! Keep plugging the Celtic Wiki, a mountain of fabulous information.
In other news… Atomic Kitten’s embarrassment at being linked with Douglas Ross MP/MSP/REF/DOB has seen them shun the glamour of British Pop to live in relative obscurity in an unnamed Eastern European destination.


Morning all,

Great read again SES. Fine start to the day 👍

Got to say there has been a lot of negativity about the Joe Hart signing ( If it happens !!).

Well for me it can only be a positive. We need a Goalie to save shots, which clearly Barkas and Bain can’t do.

Forget distribution for now,just start making saves and that in turn might give our defence a bit of encouragement. In Joe I trust 👍

This is Leggy reporting from a remote,rather grimly lit Isolation Bunker, somewhere deep below darkest East Kilbride.


Saltites en Sevilla
Fantastic read once again.
Keep em coming

Don’t let the isolation get you down.
Stick on Rasputin by Boney M on your 8 track and dress up in your old spandex disco pants and get yir blood pumping!
You could even do a Zoom session with Big Packy.

bada bing1

Mexico v Brazil Eurosport red button Sky 410

bada bing1

Can we follow ‘ this day in history ‘ ,with a Simon Bates ‘our tune’ ?😁

bada bing1

We should be looking in the Greek market for a RB/LB/CB/Striker, and throw Barkas into any deal, he’s finished at CP,and will only be a drain on resources from now on.

St tams

Great read again.
Every day is a school day

Angel Gabriel

Excellent reading again . Cheers

bada bing1

Japan v Spain on Eurosport red button, Japan CB from Man City, we’ve been linked with starts…

bada bing1

The Japanese No 10,Doan looks a player, doesn’t look like he gets a game with PSV…

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the read. The pic of big hartson is fascinating. He wouldn’t get a game of rugby in the present day.
As for Joe Hart, I am mystified by this signing. Of all his attributes, playing from the back is the least. My understanding is for Ange’s philosophy to be fully implemented you need a sweeper keeper. So NOT Joe Hart. Combine this with full backs who don’t fit the system either and we are in for a tanking in Europe and at ibrox. If we ship less than three goals in each game I’ll be astounded. Wtf is going on at Celtic. It’s a disgrace.

Craig 76

15 k a week if he can give the defence some confidence, it might not be that bad a bit of business

Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) Tweeted: Done deal and here-we-go. Joe Hart joins Celtic on a permanent deal from Tottenham, £15k per week as salary. Medical and official announcement this week. ⚪️🟢 #Celtic #THFC

Confirmed as advanced one week ago… and Celtic are still working on Buta as new fullback option 👇🏻 https://twitter.com/FabrizioRomano/status/1422297380435673089?s=20

Hot Smoked

Sevco were 1/2 to win the League. After ONE game, they are now 1/4. Are we that bad or does William Hill not rate Joe hart very highly?
Incidentally, had both us and our opponents taken their respective chances in the last two games, we would have progressed in Europe and got three points in the League. People can go on ad infinitum about the shambles that we are but we, over the two games, were better than the Danes and certainly better than the Jambos.


I think Joe Hart is an average goalie, who is not a sweeper. Has Ange been told to bin his football philosophy? Are we to expect similar calibre signings for the other positions?
I can’t see us challenging for the most vital league race for decades.

Squire Danaher

Hot Smoked
Sevco were 1/2 to win the League. After ONE game, they are now 1/4. Are we that bad or does William Hill not rate Joe hart very highly?


I think you’ll find the Huns are 3 ahead justifying a price cut from 1/2 at levels to 1/4 with a 3-pt lead.

bada bing1

McCarthy incoming

Hot Smoked
Can’t see where you get the idea we were better in those three games?
The results did not surprise.
If you mean we were better at non threatening possession then i agree.
Both teams looked to have a more complete game plan than us.
Too much running about aimlessly by us.
Claiming bad luck is not a solution.
To fix a problem we have to recognize it first.

A thing of beauty

Hot smoked,
You are correct that if we had taken our chances and had the players to stop the other teams scoring we would be in the Europa league and have three points more.
The fact that we don’t have a striker worthy of the name and a defence and goalkeeper that are unfit for purpose 3 Competitive games into the season is exactly why we are a shambles.

Jobo Baldie

fan – I’m with Hot Smoked on that one. Watching the last 2 games, throughout the first hour of each I was reasonably happy in how we were playing although admittedly we weren’t creating too many chances. But I still felt “the goals will come”. The Midjytland (sorry for spelling) game changed in the space of 60 seconds – Forrest should have put us 2-0 ahead, they broke and made it 1-1. Against Hearts we had a perfectly good goal disallowed and had that stood I feel we’d have been more likely to add another rather than concede.
Results have been very disappointing. But there have been some pleasing aspects in both games.
Having said all that I wouldn’t be disappointed to book airport taxis for Edouard Bitton, Ajeti, Griffiths and pick up 4 replacements from any incoming flight!

Jobo Baldie
Not sure why you felt goals will come in either game when we played without a striker?
In that i mean Ed who was clearly uninterested in taking part in both games.
Gordon only needed to show in the last few minutes for Hearts when we threw caution to the wind and forced him to make 2 great saves.
The Midjytland keeper had nothing to do once we went behind and little before that.

At the risk of sounding crude that’s the old -If your aunty had balls she’d be your uncle-analogy.



Great stuff! I’ve never understood why the club didn’t take advantage of the wartime “guest player” policy,when you consider the talent that was available. The fans would have lapped it up!!!



I hope you are feeling better each day. I got the all clear within 24hrs of notification to testing to result, impressive. My word barrier being as effective as any mask. You cannot breath the virus in when you are always breathing out.

On Hart I’m in your camp. The only philosophy worth adopting is the one that works, and the chances of that increase if we have a big strong CF that wins more goalie punts up the park to hold up the ball than the opposition CF does.

We badly need that choice to counter the press the opposition can deploy because we have no alternative long ball philosophy, the one Hearts used to beat us.

john boyle

1st time poster, tho’ been a watcher for a wee while. My question is why aren’t we signing someone who can score goals and do we have to sell Eddie to have the money? Surely not. If and probably when he does go
I don’t want to see a long period of time when all we have is ajetti and Griffiths. Scoring goals has been a major problem for quite some time now – we could’ve been 3 up on Saturday before hearts got even 1 chance. We’ve been squandering good chances aplenty and I’d like to see us getting some early goals … and confidence … into the team.

bada bing1


If you want to post under something other than your own name,type that into the box marked “name”. Meanwhile,welcome aboard.

We have real problems up front,that’s for sure. The prospect of Ajeti leading the line is as appalling as his attitude. Frankly,the same goes for Griff.


My youngest son visited from the UK so I decided to watch the second half of the Hearts game with him. I enjoyed the company but not the game!

Here are some observations on our current state. All opinions of course. Expectations need to be set low for this season. I am afraid it has to be a transition year. Here is why. Firstly, there are simply not enough first team ready players at the club to mount a challenge. A couple of injuries and we shall struggle….and there will be injuries! Secondly, for good or ill, we are changing our system of play. GK is a weakness, none can keep the ball out of the net far less play as a sweeper keeper. Both FBs are not suitable to play as wingbacks. This is not to say that they are not trying but neither can put a telling ball into the area consistently. They are both defensive backs at best. Taylor is too small to back up weaknesses in the air from the CBs. Starfelt will come good as he has an eye for a pass but was clearly rusty versus Hearts. Let’s give him a chance. Bitton is not suitable for Ange’s style of play either at CB nor in midfield. He is simply not fast enough, nor can he tackle. The good news is that Calmac is perfect for the new system if he sees his role as keeping the ball moving. Soro might fill the bill but he needs time to grow into it. Turnbull is a creative player but does he have the stamina to play 90 minutes in a high pressing role? The jury is still out on how he will fare in Ange’s system. He will need to release the ball quicker or he will become Rogic.

So, in summary, neither the keeper, nor the FBs, nor one of the CBs is capable of implementing Ange’s system. The midfield is better positioned to implement the system but even here there are unknowns.

Turning to the attack, and there is some good news. Both wings, Forrest and Abada can both beat a man and cross. Both can score. The problem is that there is nobody in the middle to convert the crosses. Edouard is not really a front man. He is either a left sided attacker or a second striker. Whatever he is, no longer matters because he is working his ticket. He no longer attacks the ball nor does he compete physically to win it. He either needs dropped or moved on.

So, no part of the team is fit to play Ange’s system. Speaking of fitness, many in the team are not fit to play a high pressing game. They are done by 70 minutes. This is the price to be paid for holiday camp Lennon/Kennedy. We lost late goals to Hearts and the Danes as proof.

Conversion to Ange’s system will take both time and new playing resources and that is assuming that it is workable in the first place.

A known unknown is how many of the projects can step up to fill the holes. It seems that none of the keepers can plug the gap. There is no project striker other than Afolabi, who could be risked. If we buy a CB, could Welsh be moved to RB? Is Henderson’s physique sufficient to have him play a pressing role alongside Soro? Could Shaw fulfill that task? To me, Urhogide seems too undisciplined to succeed at Celtic. O’Connell and Connor appear either too small or too slow to fit into the plan.

There are simply too many problems for it all to come together soon enough to win the league. Maybe a cup.




H H.
At last a couple of decent signings, And a bit of good news for the fans, Just what we need after the last two results we have had on the pitch.


McCarthy a four year deal is too much,he is injury prone.



Delighted to know you had a family visit,that will have cheered yourself and J no end. Pass on my regards,please. My own family visit is in two weeks,and can’t come soon enough.

As for your analysis,yes. We are f….d this season bar a miracle. Mainly for the reasons you point out. Our two signings today are definitely a positive,but until we can sign a battering ram Sutton/Hartson type up front,I fear we will struggle.

And remember,both Sutton and Hartson cost £6m twenty years ago. Football inflation has rocketed,so we can forget about that. We really are in as bad a place as we were thirty years ago,which is absolutely ridiculous when you consider where we were only three years ago.

As has been said before,we know where the blame lies.


H H.
I know big Joe Hart wont be everybodys cup of tea but he cant be any worse than who we have had between the sticks recently, 70 odd caps for england, heres hoping that he makes a difference.JG.


On McCarthy. We all agree we need experience in midfield and generally.

With experience comes injury. An experienced player who was not afraid to get injured is going to be of more use to us than an experienced player who is.

Sure there is a risk, that is the market we shop in, but we cannot have it all ways.



I agree. Hart was kept out of the Spurs team by the French captain,and from the Burnley team by England’s back-up keeper. We signed Forster two years ago when his career was in the doldrums,that worked out not too bad!

Hot Smoked

Hot Smoked
Can’t see where you get the idea we were better in those three games?”

My view was based on good chances created but not taken. Had both ourselves and our opponents taken their chances, I believe we would have won comfortably at Celtic Park, narrowly in Denmark and likewise at Tynecastle. In the case of the latter, had our offside goal been allowed and Halliday sent off, then that imagined victory might not have been so narrow.
Regardless, it is all in the past now and only the next games count but I suppose my perception of the previous two games gives me greater hope for the next two !
Nice chatting.


Yes, got to agree that a 4 year contract for McCarthy seems a little excessive considering his injury problems.

But was John Harrison not a risk with his problems and that turned out not too bad. !!!!!




McCarthy is a fella who has made a few quid from the game,still has ambitions-and one of them is to play for us!

I’m not so sure that he is injury prone,more that he has recently had injury problems. Slight difference,I know.

What IS a difference is hat the club have signed a number of players in the last few weeks who are first team ready-just as we’ve all been crying out for on here. Granted,there are also a few “projects” too,but in the main I think we can be happy with events.

So far!

Now,of course,we need to see some major improvement on the pitch. Which would be more likely with a decent strike force.



Your spot on. We need a couple of strikers badly.

Preferably a bigger target man and a fast “play on the shoulder of last defender “ type.

Don’t know who is available but Ajeti is neither of the above. I won’t mention Griffiths as he should be nowhere near the team 👎

Here’shopingCSC 🍀🍀

bada bing1

Our old friend Jo Inge Berget starts for Malmo 🤞



If I ever see Ajeti in a Celtic strip again,it will be too soon. As for Griff,naw. Not anymore. His latest just shamed the club.

bada bing1

Re length of contracts, agents know we are in a desperate situation, and their exploitation, is of our own making

bada bing1

Thursday’s game is live on BBC Scotland



I get where you are coming from,that we were unlucky.

Problem is that we aren’t good enough to overcome that bad luck. Not yet,anyway.

bada bing1

Malmo shape causing Sevco problems

bada bing1

Be interesting to see what kind of reception Republic of Ireland international James McCarthy will get in Scotland and if there will public outrage.

bada bing1

BBC Scotland shows 10 seconds of McCarthy…..taking out Milner from Liverpool….

Jobo Baldie

Don’t be put off by the most biased, one-sided, blue tinted commentary and, particularly, co-commentary you will ever here, Malmo were the better team in that 1st half. Unfortunately, a bit like us, they aren’t creating much in the final third.

saltires en Sevilla

jobo -( true -just realised this I not TRTV…volume doon