3rd August – If you know your history

130 years ago… 1891 we prepare for a momentous season for the ‘new’ club. Tomorrow (4th) will see a visit to Greenock for a pre-season ‘friendly’ against Morton at Cappielow. (Att. 4000) The teams and scorers are not recorded, but we know Celts ran out 5-2 winners and Neil McCallum missed Celts’ first (and last …) ever penalty.

The team are now ready to open their 1891/92 League campaign with trip to Tynecastle…

In other news..

The British Lions on tour in South Africa resplendent in their Hoops, preparing for their trouncing of King William’s Town (0-18) tomorrow… Their Scottish Captain led the team in a rousing chorus of Hail Hail in the tunnel…mebbes aye!

80 years ago …1941.. during WW11 there were restrictions on playing organised football, and all senior football was summarily cancelled in 1939. By 1940 There was a softening on restrictions and an East & West league was established, followed by North and South leagues (Celtic played in South league). Strange goings on with allegations of draft-dodging printed in the press and subsequently sued and counter-sued. The ever excellent Celtic Wiki covering all the details:

For those with less leisure time, it’s worth noting that clubs were permitted to ‘sign’ players stationed nearby, and it remains a mystery why Celtic steadfastly refused to ask Stanley Matthews, who was stationed at Greenock, to play some games. More surprising was why Liverpool star Matt Busby wasn’t asked to play, despite being stationed nearby for 3 seasons! Matt is quoted as being “very disappointed”.

Perhaps the Celtic directors, aware how heavily the odds had been stacked against them, declined to field genuine superstars on an unreliable/random basis. In the full knowledge that legitimacy of trophies ‘won’ in that period, may be seen to be… valid… ahem!

Perhaps some of our ‘veteran’ Sentinels can add some more informed insights?

In other news…

August 3, 1941 (Sunday)

The German Catholic Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen gave a sermon condemning the Nazi practice of euthanasia. Thousands of copies of the sermon were distributed throughout Germany, breaking the secrecy that surrounded the euthanasia programme known as Aktion T4.

Gas (petroleum) sales limited in US

German troops conquer Roslavl, USSR

20 years ago…2001 it’s the eve of the 2001/2 Season and Martin O’Neill has further strengthened his Treble Winning Team with John Hartson. In midweek the team had travelled to a Testimonial match in Manchester returning with a 4-3 win. The least said about the recipient of those gate receipts the better!!

The team prepared to travel to Kilmarnock tomorrow for the opening match in defence of their League Flag. Not firing on all cylinders, but it was good to see new signing make his debut and join the fray, replacing Bobby Petta (hamstring) early in the first half. When we consider the already potent strike force, it’s a sad indictment on our leaders of the present day and lament how much has changed. Henke opened his Competitive Celtic account for the season in ’76 minutes to secure the points. Big Bad John didn’t make the scoresheet, but little did we know then how many ‘deciders’ he would contribute by way of vital goals in an astonishingly successful hoops career.

Look at the team below… (sigh..)


Marshall, Hessey, Dindeleux, Innes, Canero, Mahood, Sanjuan (McLaren 31), Mitchell, Hay, Cocard (Di Giacomo 71), Ngonge (Calderon 78). Subs Not Used: Meldrum, Fowler.
Booked: Hessey, Mitchell.

Douglas, Mjallby, Tebily (Crainey 86), Valgaeren, Agathe, Lennon, Lambert, Thompson (McNamara 67), Petta (Hartson 19), Sutton, Larsson.
Subs Not Used: Kharine, Maloney.
Booked: Sutton, Valgaeren, Agathe.
Goals: Larsson 76.

Att: 13,201
Ref: S Dougal (Scotland).

04/08/01 SPLKILMARNOCK v CELTICNew Celtic striker John Hartson (right) shows his strength as he powers past Alan Mahood.

In other news…

Atomic Kitten -Eternal Flame (2wks) #1 in U.K. singles charts – sorry Dougie Ross..not a chance!

alternatively, here’s some great Welsh lads who will have a U.K. Number #1 Album as of tomorrow…Rings Around The World

General stuff:

1492 Columbus’s first transatlantic voyage begun

Hoping to find a westward route to India, set sail on his first transatlantic voyage, departing from Palos, Spain, with three small ships—the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María.

1829 Gioachino Rossini’s last and greatest opera “Guillaume Tell” (William Tell) premieres at Salle Le Peletier in Paris

1833 HMS Beagle reaches river mouth of Rio Negro

1852 America’s first intercollegiate sporting event takes place as the Harvard heavyweight rowing crew beats Yale by 2 lengths over 2 miles on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

1972 British premier Edward Heath proclaims emergency crisis due to dock strike

1990 98.8°F (37.1°C) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (UK records highest ever friction heat as BMCUW tears up used slips ..)

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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saltires en Sevilla

Oh dear

saltires en Sevilla

Volume up again


Oh Dear Dear

Prestonpans bhoys

The stream I gave on hesgoal is in Swedish👍👏

Prestonpans bhoys

And 2:0 to the Swede s😂😂

Sol Kitts

Premier Sports running the strap line of “Rangers return to the Champions League for the first time in a decade.” I intend to let them know that you can’t return to somewhere you’ve never been to before, and the last 3 words in their strap line are nonsense.

bada bing1

PSV 3 up

bada bing1

Malmo team shape has been excellent,

Sol Kitts

10 years ago Malmö set Rangers on the road to liquidation. How poetic if they do the same to Sevco tonight.


Saltires good stuff on the memory lane article, love these 👍
I’d love to see a wee addition, fex: An average family car in 1972 cost, A loaf of bread in 1972 or whatever year cost.

I remember as a kid, my mother giving me a pound note, and I’d go down to the shops and get, potatoes, milk, bread, biscuits, cake, ginger, and a toy for me and my brother. You can’t do that nowadays though, too many bloody security cameras. 😄

Nice to see the new club are 2-0 down, mon the swedes.

bada bing1

Midtjylland seemingly played a banned player against us.

saltires en Sevilla


Aye- that’s an idea!

Thanks for comments guys. Any suggestions appreciated…

saltires en Sevilla


That’s interesting – too late now eh?

Sol Kitts

He was only imperfectly banned, and offered no sporting advantage.





Some of the inflation rates are frightening,especially to kids used to low inflation/interest rates.

I think the average wage in the UK in 72 was around £35,and a few years later inflation hit 25% with interest rates of 18% a few years after that-1979,IIRC.

Try paying a mortgage and bringing up a family on that!


Bloody hell. Deep into injury time,lifeline.

Prestonpans bhoys

That was their only shot in the game btw with two seconds left😈

bada bing1

Where did 5 added minutes come from…

Sol Kitts

Just sent this to Premier Sports.

Just saw the strap line you ran for the Malmö v Rangers match, in which you stated that “Rangers return to the Champions League for the first time in a decade.”
Can you confirm that your organisation is aware that Rangers was liquidated due to unpaid debts of over £50 million and that a new club was founded in 2012?
This fact makes your statement untenable. The current iteration of “Rangers” has never taken part in the Champions League. Only the liquidated club achieved this feat.
Could you advise why this inaccurate and misleading statement was used?
Looking forward to your response.

Anyone else who wishes to raise this with them, should email them at enquiries@premiersports.com

bada bing1

Sol K- excellent

Awe Naw



Celtic Champs Elect

Awe Naw great to see you posting again that piece by That hun should be pinned to our dressing room wall

bada bing1

Olympiakos 0

Ludogorets 1

Is it falling into place for these fuds?

Guess who the referee is?

Jobo Baldie

Sol Kitts –
Always looking for wee ideas to kill time during my current period of self isolation so I’ve also just fired an email off to Premier Sports, as follows,

“Good evening,

I enjoyed tonight’s live coverage of the Malmo v The Rangers Champions league qualifying round game except for one thing – the commentator’s regular mention of the current Scottish Champions looking to return to the Group Stages (and I quote) “for the first time in a decade2. That is factually incorrect. Had the commentator stopped at the word ‘time’ that would have been more accurate.

The current team playing out of Ibrox was formed in 2012. The previous incarnation entered firstly Administration in February 2012 and then ultimately Liquidation. Indeed the Liquidation process is still an ongoing live process.

The new club was admitted to the bottom tier of the Scottish senior leagues, just in time for the start of the 2012-13 season and eventually worked its way up to the top division. The fact that such a young club has managed to win Scotland’s top football competition is certainly a notable achievement. Were they to go on and qualify for the Champions League Group Stages just 9 years after the club was founded I would expect that fact to be regularly mentioned during your coverage of their games. Why do you ignore that fact and instead continue the myth that the former, long since dead club has somehow come back to life?

Aren’t facts important to Premier Sports?”

Sol Kitts

I doff my cap to you, beats my email by a country mile. Chapeau.
I get thoroughly pissed off when people and organisations who should know better continue to pander to the hordes with the continuation myth. As a group of supporters we need to call them out every time we see it, and ridicule the inevitable response.



The letter from Traverso Head of UEFA Club Licensing states the current club applying for a UEFA Licence are only able to play in UEFA competition because they are new club as UEFA define a club and NOT the club who did so prior to 2012.


when it comes to UEFA Competitions UEFA are the authority on who has been granted a licence to play in Europe this year and it wasnt Rangers FC PLC in liquidation.

If you want to you could add that the definition of a club applying for a licence is in Article 12 of UEFA FFP with a heading that says this is how UEFA define who is a an applicant for a licence.

Article 12 – Definition of licence applicant
1 A licence applicant may ONLY BE A FOOTBALL CLUB, i.e. a legal entity fully responsible
for a football team participating in national and international competitions which
a) is a registered member of a UEFA member association and/or its affiliated
league (hereinafter: registered member); or
b) has a contractual relationship with a registered member (hereinafter: football

2 The membership and the contractual relationship (if any) must have lasted – at
the start of the licence season – for at least three consecutive years. Any
alteration to the club’s legal form or company structure (including, for example,
changing its headquarters, name or club colours, or transferring stakeholdings
between different clubs) during this period in order to facilitate its qualification on
sporting merit and/or its receipt of a licence to the detriment of the integrity of a
competition is deemed as an interruption of membership or contractual
relationship (if any) within the meaning of this provision.

The contractual relationship at b) has to be in writing under Article 45 and if the football company goes bust it does not pass back to the football club that the Company has a contract with and that means if you haven’t a licence to play football you cannot be a football club that UEFA recognise.

Sol Kitts

Thanks for the link. I’m saving the Traverso letter for any reply I receive from Premier Sports.
Lobbing stones into the pond and watching the ripples is a progressive game, no point throwing in the hand grenade too soon.


BMCUWPS @ August 2, 2:36 PM,

With that kind of convoluted thinking,you and I are gonna have a ball in Reading-when we finally get the chance!

Plus,a couple of posts from HARVEY suggests that he has his ancestral fire burning in his belly.

I might have to wear the good trainers,quick getaway stuff.

Back to your point though,the club needs to make these things public. No pussyfooting about with back door channels-they’ve worked well in the past,eh?-and no worries about how the SMSM or Sky deal with it.

Raise the issue,bring it out into the open. Do it every time. Expose them for the cheating basterts that they are.

If we give them an inch,they will take a liberty. If we lie down to them,they will walk all over us.

We need men on the pitch,yes. But we need men off it too.

Yes, a wee bit of fuzzy logic there but cheated we are… Yes the aul back door channels, bulging files etc… what happened to those threats!? Of course the source of such nonsense and a stream of other such bulletins, that allowed Celtic to sit on their hands, has been completely discredited, so large pinch of salt needed to swallow that propoganda…


Maybe they have bulging file of their own, you know the one that had the PL five way agreement e-mail inside… Now he and Co-conspirator Eric the none Viking have semi retired to Directorship of the Celtic Football & Athletic Coy, we need someone to step up and tell it how it is!!

Do you remember “You Are The Ref” from Shoot?

When you predict the Celtic score you must apply this logic… “You Are The Ref”, you are playing away at Celtic Park with Dundee, how do you stop Celtic taking all three points?

Yes saw Harvey’s return – you were brave to mention Reading, normally everytime you do that the dreaded… Lockdown thing follows.

Not this time eh!?

Looking forward to it, will be a Grand day.

Hail Hail

Rangers FC will never die so long as their old firm rivals supporters continue to line up behind and ‘financially’ stand shoulder to shoulder with the Celtic board who for 9 years have refused to call out the Rangers same club scandal. Indeed our immediate response to the vote by Celtic ticket holders that they’d boycott if Rangers were kept in the SPL in 2012, PL said “Rangers out the top league will cost Celtic FC £10 million per season.”

Instead of demanding trophy stripping and HMRC being paid back after tens of £millions was stolen through EBTs all of it used to cheat Celtic managers players and supporters out of 20+ trophies, yet PL was only interested in the balance sheet which was thoroughly disrespectful to Celtic’s cheated supporters, and signified the PLC disinterestedness in getting justice, maybe even financial compensation for the fans.

Celtic did nothing re: the same club issue apart from posting nameless mealymouthed bland statements of reference to the issue.

The PLC got away with being in effect, not even on the pitch, in their response to this, the greatest sporting scandal, some would say.

Others would say that, Celtic fans must’ve known that they were being ignored by the PLC, and if they didn’t then that is even worse.

The treatment of Res:12 by the PLC and the FACt that Celtic fans continued to back the board with money, after that, tells us that the board isn’t the only area that is corrupting the club, weak lazy confused leaderless fans, spell’s trouble ahead for some time to come for Celtic, and as long as this malaise continues to fester among fans and weakening the fans as a unit, then we won’t have any cohesion at any level within the club, which of course means that Rangers FC will still be viewed as the same club, (despite what it says on a legal document locked in some masonic safe somewhere) until a Celtic FC emerges with the differing sectors of the club all on the same page, being seen by all as a, formidable unstoppable force, it’ll be then, and only then, that we’ll have a Celtic FC with the integrity to properly address the Rangers / SFA corruption situation with unflinching courage of our convictions, properly smashing the SMSM and all of their fake news liars, for their part in the cover up of the same club issue, along with the corrupt to the core ScotGov and their part in the same club cover up, spending hundreds of £millions of tax payers money to maliciously prosecute a series of squirrels whilst not a single glove has landed on David Murray, and also their hate filled OBAFA.

So, Rangers FC will brass it out as the same club until there’s a Celtic FC as described above to put the truth on the table.

No outfit has been truthful about this, including Celtic FC, so until the above happens, there are plenty of discarded truth bullets lying around that will not be fired until Celtic fans sort out our own club, then we can address the same club issue, but all of those Celtic fans who’ve continued to give the board money whilst the same board back stabbed any seekers of truth, then its on those Celtic fans to sort their club out. Or nothing will change at all.

If you send an email to Premier Sports bleating about the PS treating Rangers FC as the same club. What will you say if they PS reply with….”What? You Celtic fans said bugger all about a different club when you paid old firm prices for tickets in 2016 when Brendan Rodgers entered Scottish football, and Rangers FC returned to the top league in 2016 after being relegated, just like your owner DD said that Rangers were relegated, so how are they a new club? Same club, same price of old firm ticket that your fellow fans bought in 2016, what are you talking about mate? Your club Celtic has never said that Rangers are a new club! So what are you on about mate?”

What then? Hmmmm


John Boyle ,
Massive welcome, take your shoes off, sit down and relax. Looking forward to your take on things.

Hail Hail


Why all the subservience?

There have been developments with the CST that truly democratise them and some of the issues you present are now on record in a form that brings them out.

There is a blog with Mahe and BMCUW on The Importance of Being Resolute to be published on Sentinel Celts that hopes to dispel the idea the The Board are untouchable. The most damaging idea that stops the support uniting.

I sense from comments in the new private Forum for CST Members at their web site that the wind of change is gathering pace. Questions are being asked not so much about the objectives but the means. Small shoots but very encouraging.

Prestonpans bhoys


Look forward to that, my greatest concern is the invincibility of this board👍 and how to counteract it

Garry Postecoglou

So glad to get decent experienced players in Hart and McCarthy signed.
At last we are not signing loan players or projects. Added to Starfelt, Kyogo and Abada, that is 5 first team ready starters every week.
Team taking shape. 👍🍀💚

bada bing1


Joe Hart interview


SES, many many thanks as usual.
Britain in the Hoops could have some type of song or chant made me thinks. That’s incredible. What coulour hoops though?

Also gas prices raised in USA!!! Woah woah woah. Now that would be too much for some here. Governor’s get voted out for such issues.
I was talking to a Yankee said to me the way to wean America off gasoline is raise the price to five a gallon across the board.
It’s around 7/8 elsewhere, but he thinks five would make a huge difference here. It wouldnt.
And this impatient self entitled country isn’t ready to wait at the electric pumps, they’ve no idea the road rage that will be unleashed at them.
First responders get priority access at any time which means as you are about to fill someone pulls rank. That goes very wrong in this country because many egos and many firearms.
Race also becomes involved,,,,many don’t liked to be bumped, as this is the land of chiefs and very few Indians pardon the pun.
They love a title, I mean love it, and flex that title to the max. I remember saying to one okay you’re a chief not an Indian I get it, and he didn’t appreciate the bluntness.
Many here dont, it’s a very beat around the bush country, and directness can shock those who are used to their way and or their version of diplomacy working.
Ironically my old teacher wanted me to conquer one more language and become a translator for the EU. If that language wasnt French I might have went for it.
In saying that I’m glad I didn’t, not being one for pussyfoot around, translating for someone who did would be soul destroying.
Thanks again.

Hail Hail


That’s my opinion also. Great experience to bring in.

Hail Hail


H H.
Has Stevie g thrown his players under a bus yet ?
Only asking for a pal.JG.

Garry Postecoglou

Your typo of my name, made me think of this wee class track. 😊👍


r assigned


I think we will be okay with Joe.




Garry Postecoglou

Seemingly the Midges played an ineligible player against us.
Another Legia Warsaw moment?



Strange moniker!



Absolute no idea why that came up. 🙂



Difficult one for UEFA,as they can’t reinstate us now. I think they will get a large fine,and possibly thrown out of the competition with PSV given a bye.

Garry Postecoglou

Sorry Bada.
Just read back your earlier post regarding the ineligible Dane.

Garry Postecoglou

Aye, probably too late.
Hope Dom tries though with UEFA.


The ‘bad’ player was the rumour on the night.
Been weeks, and nada.
BS me thinks.
Even if not, it would just piss me off as we wouldn’t deserve it.
No matter what we are getting pumped in Europe though, it’s a question of when and by who.



Rules are rules,but it is too late to reinstate us anyway.