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The writing has been on the wall for a long time but this week finally announced it, this current iteration of the beautiful game is a failed model.
Just like post Covid-19 life, football must enter a different phase, the new normal as it were.
One need not look any further than to three of the globes biggest right now, to their recent business, to see how flawed a model the sport really has become.
The obvious one is the biggest club in the world not being able to afford to keep the games biggest star due to financial fair play type statutes in Spain.
They genuinely tried but their for sale stars didnt get any takers so Messi shall hit the road. Their debts are huge, around half a billion with one hundred million lost last year alone, and now they’ve little to sell with naming rights to the iconic Camp Nou up for grabs.
Genuinely more than a club they reached the top spot, and have now for all intensive purposes blew it.
Unable to help themselves and failed by the games financial police, now all in the sport shall suffer a little without their special brand of football delivered by special footballers. A period of mediocrity awaits, and Athletico under a fantastic coach with numerous valuable assets will be rubbing their hands with glee.
The mighty Barca, humbled by the root of all evil.
Meanwhile a certain French club are going all out to create footballs version of the Harlem Globetrotters.
Their squad is truly frightening, already one of the best, and with some of the names just added will hit new heights.
There’s almost two top elevens in that total squad, they have a good manager, and will truly compete for the globes biggest trophies from Paris.
And now they are favourites to sign Leo.
Across the channel the blue half of Manchester have just spent nine figures on a good player, and are serious about spending another nine figures for ‘Arry Kane to add to their fabulous collection of stars who were one victory away from doing the league and big cup double. And now they may enter the bidding for Leo, second favourites according to the bookies.
Three clubs in three different leagues, yes, but only one true giant among them, the other two being playthings who covet top spot.
Yet somehow it’s only the true giant club to suffer real world effects of some type of financial fair play introduced, and by hurting that club they have probably just strengthened a financially doped up rival.
The games biggest name can’t sign a player on a free contract, whilst the others can splurge the guts of half a billion on fees and wages in one transfer window, approximately the size of Barcas debts at the snap of a finger.
These are manufactured clubs with very little if any elite history in the game until a sheik spun the dice and they got the nod. Outspending the mighty Barca by two or three country miles year on year despite the fact they don’t have as much tv money, stadium size or global appeal.
And they arent done. Star after star will arrive until it’s a procession to the later stages of the biggest cups, with the astronomical wage levels increasing year on year.
How? It might be legal somehow, perhaps a loophole that allows such extravagance to be assembled by smaller clubs with rich owners. But on every single level it’s wrong, totally morally bankrupt and against the spirit of the sport.
It makes a mockery of what FFP was supposed to do, it displays the differing national attitudes towards ‘their’ football clubs financial activities, and it shows the game really hasn’t learned a thing at all,, you can still buy the title or cup after all these years despite being told that was a thing of the past.
Of the three nations involved the French teams TV rights deal would be smallest, they have the smallest stadium of the trio, and certainly wouldn’t sell more shirts than Barca.
But somehow they are the financial bullies of the three despite rarely turning a profit in their existence, assembling the highest wage bill in the sport with room still for its biggest star. That nations football authorities are clearly not going to FFP them ala Barca, they are probably enjoying their time in the spotlight for a change.
Messi moving to Paris would elevate their stature, and bring serious merchandise revenue plus more international media interest than usual, but that’s probably the plan.
As for City their latest turnover was slightly over a quarter billion, and it’s hard to see how it gets higher without profitable player trading but that’s not the market they are in. With domestic tv rights sitting around 100 million and later stages of Europe bringing in 60 or 70, the majority of their income is television revenue. That in itself is an unstable market, constantly in flux, and there’s no worldwide body of fans to market to unlike their city neighbours.
Grealish and Kane will cost their entire years turnover, then there’s the wages to find and that usually means a few pay rises across the board to keep the Captain etc sweet.
How is splurging a year’s turnover in one window allowed?
Yet they might be tempted to go further and land the biggest fish on the biggest wages anyway?
The English Premier league have failed all their clubs if they allow such recklessness.
We’ve got the globes biggest toppling from the podium in a state of disarray hoping to get it’s house in order, then return to the top in good overall health as a club.
They dug a hole for themselves, are at least trying to get out of it, but it’s going to cost years of hurt and pain, years of falling behind the new leaders.
The new leaders being sportswashing juggernauts that swagger around the game fearlessly after ‘the big boss’ got his ass handed to him on a plate by their fancy lawyers.
The owners are not Europeans, but the continent’s elite competition is now their personal plaything, with no one prepared to stand up to them.
The big boss ie UEFA won’t tackle the superclubs, indeed is little more than a figurehead now, pretending to be in charge of the biggest show on earth.
And here comes the biggest free agent in history to start a fresh bout of genital measuring between clubs that shouldnt afford him, but will if they so choose.
For once the Government was right. They best step in quickly before football actually does eat itself.
By Mahe.

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Puff puff

Good read mahe .

Puff puff

Over the moon for the Canadian woman gold medal won today … stand up for the world soccer champions .


Well said Mahe, spot on entirely with your analysis. “The baw is burst…”. Sadly.

St tams

Great read Mahe.
You hit the nail on the head with this.
“Β£100m for Grealish, a good player” , that’s all he is and in my eyes don’t ever think he will be great.

Jobo Baldie

A good, sobering read Mahe, thank you. Oh and good morning, friends. Hope you’ve all got your predictions in – Mon The Arabs πŸ˜‰


Football was burst long long time ago in Scotland where both Celtic and rangers decided to dominate the other teams in terms of affiliation with Irish background therefore having that huge fanbase in Celtics favour.
I recommend Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell dealing with the two brothers and two friends who innocently wanted to start up a team.
Very strange things happened to these guys. Then you had the loan from Harland Wolff and bringing good Ulster men to work in yards and support their team.
Even then Ibrox accounts were unknown and a very closed shop.

How Those who run Celtic could even contemplate getting your business to go downhill so rapidly and wasting Β£15 last summer is beyond me.
Anybody know anything about this guy called Keane no relation to other Keane he seems to have more shares than Lindsall Train



Grealish created more chances and ran further with the ball at his feet than any other player in the EPL. City obviously think he can do more in a better team.

Those stats surprised me too,btw!


Thanks Bobby, just thought I would look up companies House and noticed his name. He did have something to do with roadside posters but sold that. Just wondering when he popped up


2 Hours for Cosy Corner Bhoy and Knoxy to get their Predictor scores in, if they want to catch all 5 SPFL games, 4 hours if they only want 5 predictions this week. The last two to the Party

Jobo Baldie

SFTB – been there, done it. Back in the day with the ole Last Man Standing and/or Goals For Shay we were forever chasing up folk to get their choices in. But in this latest competition, if someone forgets it’s not as if they’re oot! They’ll be allocated predictions automatically so not the end of the world. In fact, for any folk that do forget to put in their own predictions it might be interesting to see what “the computer” allocates to them?
Is it too late for another entry to join? Was thinking, for a bit of fun if someone who’s not yet in could volunteer to join and then never make any predictions – just to see how the Pools Panel predictions would pan out.
I’ve been cooked up inside too long πŸ˜‰


Not at all too late Bobo- you will be a week’s scores behind but that is easily caught up over the course of a season- get the application in quick- I will approve it before the Sevco game

Jobo Baldie

SFTB – No, I’m already in the competition so I was suggestion or wondering if it was possible to set up a ‘dummy’ participant and see what scores were allocated each week. Probably best to forget it, ha ha. I did think about applying to join under my now defunct CQNPOTY email addy but that’d confuse me as I only have one PC so would need to constantly log in and out on my PC.
So, on reflection a daft idea but hey ho.
If I’m THAT curious and if I fall well out of contention I might deliberately not pick on one of the weeks and see what the system allocates for my scores. Or I might not… πŸ˜‰


Grealish is the English version of the huns Laudrup with his ability to push ball one way and dangle leg to gain debatable fouls in his favor.
He has perfected this.
He like Kane is an English international so the msm conveniently ignore their cheating.
Defenders have to alter their game to try and defend either and are therefor less effective increasing Grealish and Kane’s potency.

Maestro Fan

It must crumble at some point, surely?


Acording to Superbru- Default picks work as described below. We will see soon enough when I stop issuing reminders:-

Default Picks

If you miss a pick, you will be eligible for a default pick, up to a maximum of 7 default picks.
This tournament uses community defaults. Instead of our old system where you would be allocated the home team in a default pick, you will instead receive the team which the community as a whole expects to win, based on the entire field of picks at kick-off.
Community defaults more accurately capture the purpose of defaults, which is to anticipate what a player might have picked had they been able to make their pick. The former home team system felt unfair when a weak team unexpectedly won at home against a strong team – in a pool the person who received a default would score a point while everyone else, who picked the strong team, would not score points.
Default picks do not have margins, and can thus only earn Win Points (if the default team does in fact win). No Margin Points or Bonus Points can be won with a default pick, and a player who defaults on one or more games in a round is disqualified from Grand Slam Points.
A default pick is not an automatic point. It is only awarded if the default team wins, and all it tries to do is guess what you would have picked if you had been able to make the pick.
Do defaults apply in knockout rounds?
If this tournament has knockout rounds towards its final stages (e.g. playoffs, quarter-finals, semi-finals or a final), defaults will not apply to these rounds.
Why does Superbru have default picks?
We use the default pick system because we don’t want people who miss a game or two to feel like they’ve fallen behind and that there’s not much point in continuing. We think the default safety net is reasonable, especially because it’s tightly controlled by only a few defaults being available for each tournament. Long-term defaulting gets you nowhere.
Rules for this tournament
You are eligible for 7 default picks.

saltires en Sevilla


a right good reminder of just far we have plummeted into the depths of avarice.. in the name of a beautiful game.

It was probably always about the money and some of us just never realised…


Jobo Baldie

SFTB – thanks. I see you only get up to 7 default picks over the whole season so my original thinking would have been a waste of time! Anyway, my picks are in.

Garry Postecoglou

Grealish, Kane and Sterling are 3 of the biggest cheats and divers in the game.
They are probably the three highest paid English players in the game.
I despise all 3.

bada bing1

Butcher Dundee United red card, 33/1,bet responsibility


There is a link between Mahe’s excellent article to something closer to home.

A reason a domestic version of FFP has not been introduced in Scotland is it would put limits on Rangers ability to be ahem competitive.

They owe so much they had to seek Β£3m+ from the Scottish Government Β£25m loan scheme to clubs to help survive Covid. Celtic didnt apply.

However here is the thing, buried in the DRs report was the news that a condition of loan to all clubs was to provide regular financial forecasts with the sensible aim of warning the SG they might not get their money back.

How diligently that will be policed and how honest the forecast might be from a club with a history of cheating is a matter of the future or “we’ll see”, but it introduces an element of financial control from the government and if Tracy Crouch’s recommendation for external oversight of FA is adopted in Scotland, and MSPs are aware of it, then perhaps the need to tell the SG of the financial state of play , that does not apply to Celtic, might be the trail blazer to blaze the blazers at Hampden.


Jobo Balde

Settle down lad. Only one more day to

It’s a pity woad isnt green.

Prestonpans bhoys

Thing’s not going for the huns, when’s the inevitable penalty😱

cosy corner bhoy

SFTB Picks sent some time ago but after your last nudge
Don’t know how to find if successful!



Seems The Guardian agrees with you!

β€œ And now, of course, Pep and his employers plan to engage Jack Grealish and Harry Kane, leading opponents to fear that if that crafty pair link up with their fellow England star Raheem Sterling, Manchester City could win the Premier League by a record number of free-kicks and penalties”



You should have an e-mail from Suberbru

bada bing1

Lundstram ‘ we’ve had a few Covid cases…’ eh?


Watched huns first half.Their confidence comes from knowing the ref is there if needed.
What is a foul by their opponents is not a foul when they make same challenges.
Their centre half Goldstones and Helander just plough into the back of people with impunity.
A good coach would recognize this and tell midfielders to gamble attacking space between them.
The scowling fatty is back today so obviously they have no bids for him.
Aribo is their best player.

St tams

I heard Danny Murphy talking about this on 5 live last season.
He told the interviewer that the reason Grealish is the most fouled player in EPL. Is that he plays for them all the time. He said that he leans into the defender looking for free kicks instead of trying to go by them.


I had the Dundee Utd game as 1 1. Hope I’m wrong.

Craig 76

Dundee United don’t throw away the 3pts as I need the 3pts πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

bada bing1

Mulgrew outstanding

Prestonpans bhoys

Oh their goes the ‘invincible’ tag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Craig 76

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Well done Dundee United


bada bing1
Mulgrew outstanding
Agree mate,fantastic.


Even the SFA with their mythical 5 minutes extra time failed to help the huns.
Dundee utd 1 Huns 0

Prestonpans bhoys

There. Even!


I was wrong πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Yippee !!!!!!!

Gon the Arabs. 😜😜😜


Look at Fatty Boyd’s face !!!

Priceless 😩😩😩


jamie robson and charlie mulgrew where brilliant today.

Craig 76

Bet you’re happy to lose points with that result πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

saltires en Sevilla

5 added minutes is hilarious

Hope someone is going to attempt to justify that… should be DU who ask the Q?!


Most of the huns attack is predicated on a diagonal ball from full back to wide man on other side followed by quick ball into box.
Close down their full backs and they have little creativity.
Running at their central defenders will also cause them problems.
They are no more than a well organized team.



Could you send that sound advice to the Malmo coach for the return leg.



You better believe it 😜😜😜😜

Well done you Sir πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘



They are well drilled but have little creativity.
They will still cause us major problems via high balls.
Mulgrew cleared just about every high ball.
I don’t see that aerial ability in our squad.


Malmo after a plethora of subs the other night became too narrow allowing the huns to bombard their box with crosses from wide areas.
The goal came from a cross and knockdown.
Hopefully the coach will have learned from that.

Hot Smoked

A lovely, sunny day in Arbroath has just got even better πŸ™‚
I wonder if they heard the roar from Arbroath at Tannadice ?


They have that advantage over us and even if we press their full backs to stop crosses the ref will supply them with plenty free kicks for their main weapon.
If we genuinely learn to press i think they will struggle to move ball upfield.
And Abada and Furuhashi’s pace will terrify them.
Barisic is terrible defensively and Abada should have his number.
Furuhashi hitting the space between Goldsten and Helander will also cause them problems though i expect the linesman to come to their aid.
I think Aberdeen will cause the huns problems this season.

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