Sunshine on a rainy day

First of all I thank each and everyone of the hardy souls who braved the elements to attend the fan protest. The weather never dampened their spirits, the speeches were still delivered rain or not.
Celtic fans coming together for the betterment of the club is always a good thing, long may it continue and in bigger numbers.

As for the match I’m still not sure what came as the bigger surprise, the performance itself or Anthony Ralston’s second striker-esque goal in three games!
If both are the new normal, I’ll enjoy this.


To witness Celtic fully click and play football the proper way had an almost universal affect across every Celtic medium yesterday, a mass outpouring of relief.
Relief that we are, well and truly, back.
It had been years since we witnessed such play, Brendan’s second season perhaps, and such a performance would have been almost impossible under a conservative Lenny happy to bore the rest of the game out at two nil with a few defensive subs.


Ange played his cards very well yesterday. I blogged last week the knowledge he sees what we see and is on the same page would be most reassuring, and that he needs to pick Starfelts partner now and keep playing him. Done, and a clean sheet to boot. A little victory that will give him more confidence in making his next big decision. If those two are going to be our first choice pairing for a while, it was a good time to start the partnership, and should be a little booster to both, another little win and it comes across as good management.


Knowing the stadium would have a sizable crowd and that presumably his troops were up for it against a weaker opponent, Ange went attack minded with orders to never let up expecting the entertainment to follow, and follow it did.
He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rack up a statement victory raising the team and supporters spirits, clever on his behalf and a little brave but he clearly believed we would outscore them, correctly as it were.
Our ‘new’ right back helped in that department and given his clear positive attitude on the pitch allied with a fantastic workrate, one wonders could he keep the shirt for the season? At this moment in time, most would accept that, so the onus is now on the ‘kid’ to keep grabbing his big chance with both hands and make himself unstoppable. Ange would surely have told him this, and now he’s on my must watch list each game knowing he will burst a gut.


I incorrectly assumed a Soro – McCarthy axis would sit in front of our freshly assembled back five, and while I do think we shall see that one day yesterday it simply wasn’t needed and the gaffer wanted the buzz of a good victory. While there are much better analysts than myself on here I felt one reason we played so well was the lack of a lazy pass.
No Scott Brown on the edge of our final third to slide it sideways and slow the play, no languid Eddy to drop deep, return ball to passer and just about plod back into their final third, no Nir or Soro to constantly sit behind the play.
Calmac was the deepest of the trio with instructions to get it forward quickly, and then move himself.
No more lazy backwards and sideways was very pleasing after it became our bread and butter for too long.
It worked a treat on the day, though against a lesser opposition it must be said, and one can’t imagine that same midfield starting the derby game.
He was buying goodwill and gaining momentum, not fixing our issues. That should start against this weekends opponents.


And speaking of clever who but the Greek Australian knew we had our left wing men in the building all along. From a hit and miss Moi and a miss Mikey J, we were all wondering would we buy a new left winger?
No,, option one is buy a right winger and put your existing right winger out there and option two is put a pacey right footed attacking player out there with instructions to exploit space quickly and either shoot or set up.
Both options tried, both worked.
Very impressive by the boss.


But the day belonged to Kyogo Furuhashi. We’ve found ourselves a new hero folks, a star was born, and he is putting a certain Frenchman to shame with his aggressive movement and sheer will to score. He wanted those goals badly, worked his socks off for them, and is ready right here and now to lead the line in his own way.
He’s a breath of fresh air we can all rally behind, I hope the Scottish refs afford him the protection (and respect) he deserves, but that’s not on him that’s on everyone involved in the game.


My respect for Ange grows and grows. From his media handling to calling out the board he’s been his own man from day one and we are now witnessing ‘the walk’ to backup ‘the talk’.
Humble enough to recognize his mistakes, then courageous enough to act, he played the crowd to his advantage today but Calmacs postmatch huddle tells me he has also been a massive hit with the players.
That huddle looked everybit like Captain Calmac telling the players we are ready now and we will fight for this title.
Who do you think told him that?
Yep, they’ve played out on the field what they are saying to each other away from the field of play, we want that league title back.
Did anyone think Calmac was going to be a post game huddle inspirational speech type of Captain,,,me neither.
Who kindled that fire?
Yep that’s right, the man behind it all.

It’s took a lot less than many expected but Ange has already made his imprint on this team and it very much looks like silverware is the ultimate aim.
We now know it, Scotland now knows it, ‘they’ now know it, the refs now know it, Hearts will know it for sure.
That football the Glasgow Celtic way is a coming.

By Mahe.

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When the team was announced pre ko, my immediate thought was a very offensive midfield.
It may well be a horses for courses approach by AP, home game so go for it by burning the opposition.
If AP is the coach we all hope he is ( adventurous pragmatic and proactive) I suspect we will not see a similar midfield versus better quality opposition, particularly away from home.
I expect to see Soro/ McCarthy at the expense of TR at Ibrox and in Europe.


Good morning, fresh verdant morning in the Chilterns…

Good article Mahe, great to be so positive.

Just watched the highlights of our goals, sublime is all I can say.

SFtBs @ 9:19 PM,

Thanks for the clarification. I’m no wiser though.

It’s a long time since Saturday night inebriation was a thing for me, so that’s out and of course sleep surfing may be a thing but it is a new one on me, so we can rule that out.

Also you seem, by omission, to rule out the default picks, I did the same, it seems highly unlikely given your description of how the system assigns these that this happened.

As no one else has come forward with a similar “glitch” on their picks, that too seems unlikely at this stage.

Just to confirm, I did get a confirmation e-mail when I made my initial picks on Saturday morning and did not receive any further e-mails.

So the thing is just bizarre.

Has anyone changed their picks? If so do you get a confirmation email on these changes?

Anyway, I’ll wait until superbru gets back to me – obviously I’ll keep you in the loop.

Hail Hail

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. An article to lift the spirits, thanks for that Mahe. Can’t wait for our next couple of games now. Hopefully Malmo will be a decent support act 😉


Good Morning all. The dreich outlook over the not so silvery Tay this Monday cannot dampen the mood after a Beautiful Sunday (c. Dundee Utd 😉). What a performance, it brought joy to my heart, and here’s to many more days like that. I thought that Calmac was the beating heart of the engine room, and his play was instrumental in driving the team forward – an inspirational display, imo of course. Also thought that playing out from the back, between goalie and defence, was better, although still room for improvement there. But, let’s not be too churlish on that point and enjoy the moment. Onwards and upwards.



I am amazed that options are appearing already! Good to know there are defensive options available. Let’s hope McCarthy stays fit. Some of Dundee’s tackling, if replicated, would be a worry.



Morning all & Packy.

Mahe, A great article to read on a Monday morning. cheers!
Looking forward to Thursday night’s game and it won’t be a Scottish referee to spoil it. 🙂


Morning all,

Great feeling this morning after watching a superb team performance yesterday.

Everyone played their part and here’s hoping we can continue it on Thursday night,

I know one swallow etc, but it’s a great homecoming for the Bhoys.

Onwards and Upwards.

FeelingchirpyCSC 🍀🍀


Jock Stein always stiffened up the team when he thought things may have gotten rough. Drop Jinky and play Hay, Brogan, Auld, Murdoch with Yogi up front. Aye, loads of skill, but very steely.
Ange will be the same. Hey, we didn’t expect Kyogo to actually live up to (maybe even surpass) his You Tube video. Yeehah!!!


A very positive article Mahe. Just what we needed after months of gloom all round. Even the rain couldn’t dampen spirits yesterday. Our Japanese boy looks special and his work rate is phenomenal. The look of joy on his face when he was named MOTM lit up Paradise. A few weeks ago most Celtic fans would have gladly seen the back of Ryan Christie believing that he has only upped his game as he angles for a move away. But maybe Ange’s influence has changed his attitude and certainly he was excellent yesterday. I hope that it can be resolved and he stays, as he has the attributes to fit Ange’s style of play.

I hope that Ange is keeping his powder dry regarding the MIBs. We have witnessed some shocking tackles with impunity. We could easily have lost 3 or more key players to serious injury. This could be a major issue for us if it is not addressed. Ange will not let this go on much longer, I’m sure.


The time to call out the cheats with whistle and flag is after a win- a drubbing like yesterday or otherwise.
Cold, hard, factual observation without the obvious counter of sour grapes cos we have just lost.
We know the media will not be on our side on that discussion.

saltires en Sevilla


It must feel great to relate a positive tale and your analysis of the game does the bhoys justice.

Good news on a Monday morning is always welcome.

Remember, that ‘Dundee’ team were playing their second game in 48 hours…

Our strike force was ably supported by quick movement and passing by midfielders. Long may that continue.

On the downside, Celtic must take the refereeing to task. Players can and will sort out thugs but can only do so much to protect themselves on the pitch before they risk sanctions. Hardy Choice…

The club must ask for an explanation from the referee and the match supervisor should come under very close scrutiny. Stuff this back-channel bollox. Focus on their own process and demand answers from the Match Supervisors and challenge the wording/ratings on each game. Get this sorted quickly or pay the price, as players eventually back out of challenges… we all know how that works. Or worse, one of our players suffers a career ending injury.

Right now it would be helpful if an International angle can be found on the standard of refereeing, there must be an objective independent voice in both Oz and Japan to raise the issue. It’s a different standard to what they see normally. Ange is an experienced guy with good contacts. Leverage needed.

On Christie – what looks like a ‘re-birth’ doesn’t wash! He is a selfish player and not a good teammate – he falls into the Eddy category and his efforts yesterday were focused on achieving a move to bigger bucks. Get the ££££ in and recycle to fresh talent.

Ange and Dom should Focus only on players who commit to the club.

Overall, the signs are very encouraging. With a lot of important work still to be done.


The tackles going in just now are as brutal as anything I’ve seen. Somebody is gonna get a bad injury. Nothing will be done unless it’s a Hun who gets it.


From previous article.
( What I mean re T’bull is that, oft, when he receives the ball he cycles round in a pirouette doing a few unnecessary turns while he scouts where to put it. He is a young, gifted player and I have confidence that he will adapt.)
The Turnbull pirouette story first appeared on this blog courtesy of ATOB.
It’s in danger of becoming an urban myth.
Yes he does do such but when necessary and often was due to having to take ball in crowded area and create space.He is best in the team at doing this and changing the slow crossfield drudgery we witnessed last few seasons and changing the direction of our play.
Yesterday he finally had the movement ahead of him to show his passing skills when he was involved in 3 of the goals.
McGregor was put forward by many on here as man of the match yet i don’t remember him being involved in any of the goals?
He had one of his best games in a long time and his movement was very good.
But i still think if he adjusted his body position to a more positive stance when receiving a pass he would be the player fans describe.


s e S

Small point of order- It was worse for Dundee , second game in 24 hours!!😀

We all know there will be claims of us wanting “special treatment “ of our player when we eventually do go public. The usual suspects will spout traditional tripe that it’s same for other teams.
Be helpful if another manager voiced similar in support.

saltires en Sevilla


Aye… 24 hours indeed 😄

Good point on how usual suspects will marginalise our club for raising the issue of thuggery and not to forget ongoing cheating/dodgy decisions. Another manager, or more… calling this out would add to the pressure on Refs to clean it up.

Does anyone know if Match Supervisor reports are published?

bada bing1

Southampton sign a striker, so Eddy won’t be going there


Saltires en Sevilla
I agree on Christie.
He has some skill but requires coaching to give him team responsibility.
That he now has but like you i feel he has finally twigged that effort and performance is required to get his big money move.
He was excellent yesterday and probably garnered more interest.
Wonder if Ed will ever realize such?

saltires en Sevilla


Looking increasingly likely that Ed will hang around for a Bosman – free to negotiate and conclude in January.

Doubt he is receiving smart advice.


Have we got a song for Furuhashi yet?

saltires en Sevilla


I had intended to acknowledge the excellent points you were making on this subject over the last few days. Well done buddy!

It seems Ed is a complex lad. What a wonderful footballer and hope he can get it sorted soon. Really unlikely to be in our Hoops.



Jim Goodwin is a forceful character and the new guys at United and Aberdeen ( the Broony influence?) would hopefully see the merit.
They seem like decent football men.

Who wouldn’t want to clean up the game up here?
Silly question, I know.

saltires en Sevilla

The Wild Goose

Furuhashi is unco classy…

He’s our Japanese Bhoy 🎶

Nevermind that the Ten has gone…

He’s our Japanese Bhoy 🎶


The only other manager I can remember calling out the referees for bias in favour of the huns was Craig Levein when he was manager at Dundee Utd. He was fined £5k. However the SFA gave him the Scotland manager’s job the following year.
That was one way of shutting him up! 🙂


Japanese Bhoy –

Did you know,
This sold 5million worldwide but was not a hit in Japan because the melody is Chinese!

Big Audio Dynamite

Nothing can raise the spirits higher than Celtic showing the Huns Of Scotland how to actually play football. Only one team in Scotland attempts to play football! The rest? Haven’t a clue what you call that!

Again, why should we put up with being treated different to all others??

Aaaand …according to that bastion of honesty, the Record, Aberdeen could pop CELTIC to second place!

Jesus wept, grow a fucking pair, Celtic!!


McGregor kept the ball moving quickly behind Turnbull, dragging Dundee mids and defenders all over the place. Christie and Rogic had space to play too. McGregor’s play enabled the others.


oops, sorry Saltires just noticed you beat me to it!


If Celtic want to change the dishonest environment they face in the best wee country they have to take it beyond these borders.
Japan and Australia to start with.
In this digital age many corporations use viral marketing to spread the message further than they actually paid for.
I used to work on commercials for a huge corporation and the usage rights for models was always an issue as they would pay for US usage rights but then those commercials would appear on You-tube and many other social media platforms world wide.
There are many companies available that can virally market worldwide.
Look up the top football bloggers worldwide and supply them with the video evidence of cheating to share with their large followings. Controversy is great for an audience.
Pay them through back channels as necessary so it can’t be traced directly to club and leave the SFA powerless to apply their usual uneven Draconian punishment.
The best wee country is terrified of exposing it’s sectarian ism and anti-Irish racism hence the supposed loss of hate crime figures which clearly showed such.
The modern weaponry is there in this digital age to fight back against the cheats.
Time for Celtic to give this some serious thought.

saltires en Sevilla


That’s really interesting on the Chinese melody – 5 million copies tho’ – a serious hit by any standard.

Hope his Japanese fans have a good tune we can adopt/adapt.


I said he played well and will get better playing further forward under Ange’s tutelage.
I’m pretty sure others also moved opponents and the ball around well.
But goals win games and Turnbull who had direct involvement in 3 goals was rated less by many fans.
Goals win games.

Big Audio Dynamite

Looks like our new Hat-trick hero has picked up a few tricks from playing alongside guys like Podolski & Villa, not least how to find space in a crowded box. Also hard not to notice his attitude …The new standard for strikers at the club! Compare Griffith’ contribution over the last couple of years (Sorry Lee, but it’s true). In 90mins yesterday, Kyogo put in more effort- Off the ball- than both Eddy and Griff have in the last 18months!

All forwards at the club will have to raise their game, if they want to even get in the side. Exactly how it should be!



An interesting MO but do you believe our power brokers have an interest let alone an appetite for such?
Recent skullduggery suggests they are more than happy with the status quo.

Hot Smoked

Wild Goose

Some of the guys on the Arbroath Emerald bus were singing:
Wake me up
Before you go-go
Who needs Kent
When we`ve got Kyogo.

saltires en Sevilla

Fan 10.50

Great point there.

Suspect that there are so many internecine disputes around the globe, that the WW impacts of our local disputes pale into insignificance… but it’s worth a go.

Can you imagine what goes on in Balkans and Turkey, Greece, etc…

General fear that the SFA rely on ‘ local disputes/handled locally’ and cover up their work to suit their own agenda.

Definitely reaching out to International Bloggers of repute with the story would be a valuable option.

Hot Smoked

A few seasons back, Broonie was out for about a month or so and Calmac was even better than normal.I wondered if Broonies absence would mean Calmac would again play to that very high standard. So far this season, I would say that that is the case.He was magnificent yesterday. I hope Joe Hart does not mention it to any of his friends in England !

One more point which wont be popular.
There were three occasions where the support were roundly booing the Ref for failing to take action on what looked like bad fouls. I saw two of them clearly and thought the ref was right.The third looked bad but I did not have a great view.I thought he was much fairer than many I have seen at Celtic Park.
Anyway, as good a performance as I have seen from Celtic for quite some time. Great to watch. Let`s hope it continues.
Golf call so cheerio for now.

Garry Postecoglou

Great match summary Mahe.
I thought Calmac had his best game ever for Celtic yesterday.
This team with a couple of improvements, are going places under Ange Postecoglou.
Yesterday was the best we have played as a team, since Brendan’s invincible season.
Truly was a joy to watch from high in the Lisbon Lions stand. Will be buying a ticket for every Celtic game I can this season. Magic 💪🍀💚

Big Audio Dynamite

The time to call out Mr Anderson is now!

Why, Euan?

Garry Postecoglou

Hot Smoked
Totally disagree sir.
I thought Anderson was a durty orange cheating bastard yesterday. Like all his colleagues in Scotland are.

Craig 76

Even with only 24500 fans it still sounds great

Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: 🎶 That #YNWA feeling 💚

It was amazing to #WelcomeHome more of you today Celts, we can’t wait for a packed Paradise! 🍀⚪️

St tams

Mahe. Can’t disagree with any of that.
The best game I have enjoyed for years.
Can’t wait for Thursday.

If you’re trying pick any negatives from yesterday.
They were that I’m still not sure about the centre backs and I know Rogic scored , I don’t see him being a fixture in the team. Everyone else were immense.


Stunning performance yesterday. Well pleased,indeed.

Two games into the season,and three red card tackles on our players. Result? One yellow card,two free kicks and one against!

I hope AP is keeping these on “video” for future reference.

Garry Postecoglou

I can’t wait to see James McCarthy in this team. He will fit like a glove in this Ange system.
Great signing. 👍🍀💚


Saltires in Sevilla and Hot Smoked, love it guys . 👏👏👏👏



bada bing1

Ralston’s excellent attitude is what’s needed to create a competitive squad, we will buy a RB,but he needs to earn it from the guy in possession of it.Great to see more energy and better fitness levels yesterday too.


Bada Bing 1
I think while fitness has definitely gone up not running around like headless chickens under previous coach helps.
Being positionally sound means wasting less energy and having plenty in reserve for better off ball movement when required.
Sports science will also help when we can be more specific on individual’s and we can personalize their need’s.

Big Audio Dynamite

Lee? Whozat, B.A.D? 😜

Craig 76

Any update on the bed ?
Is it still standing 😀

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, with all this talk about brighton and southampton as regards eddy, little true story, jim will like this, top of the,A23 enroute to brighton, gatwick airport on your left, half way down towards brighton, haywards heath, my first delivery and collection, across the road from haywards heath was hicksted show jumping ground, remember harvey smith, as you got close to brighton, you could see all the houses were painted white, now i delivered there umpteen times its not a football town, now go along the A27 coast road towards portsmouth and southampton, they are football towns, now this is for jim or anybody really, half way along the A27 you cant help but notice these huge buildings high up, one is arundel castle and one is arundel cathedral ,arundel cathedral is the only roman catholic cathedral in that part of the world, been in both the castle and the cathedral definitely worth a look, you might even see bognor bhoy from cqn, its his neck of the woods,


Bada Bing H H.
Totally agree with you on Tony Ralston, Watched the goals hilights on youtube and when T R scored his exellent goal the great big smile on his face spoke a million words. He looks like he is really enjoying playing in this team and is learning how to be better every game he plays in. JG.

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