One Swallow, Three Little Birds, And Time


After the general gloom of the last two years or so as we witnessed a spiral into mediocrity,few of us were optimistic heading into the new season. Most were happy to give AP and Dom time to get things right,as we knew from the evidence witnessed by our own eyes how much of a turnaround was required.

The fact that AP and Dom weren’t able to take up position until around the start of July added to the gloom,as did our failure to win any of our first three games-including two which saw us binned from the Champions League at the first hurdle.

Some signings were made,including the thankful addition of an experienced spine including Hart,Starfelt,McCarthy and Kyogo-but we were miles behind,miles off the pace,certainly not fair to expect the newbies to make the difference overnight.

Give them time to get used to their surroundings,their new colleagues,the particular “demands” of football in Scotland. Muddle through this season,make sure we are ready for the one to follow. That was certainly my thinking,and I don’t think for a second that I was alone.

And then,two terrific performances on Thursday and Sunday bring out my inner Celt-the irrational optimist! 4-2 away from home to the team who finished third to the two teams in Czechia who knocked us and the huns out of Europe was certainly a fantastic result and performance.

Sunday,on the other hand,was as good as I’ve seen for some considerable time! Twelve would hardly have flattered us,and I’d had done it simply as a GIRUY to certain pundits and the ref who handled the match with a typical “lenient” and laissez-faire approach.

That Ryan Christie engineered three assists from nothing and still didn’t win MOTM seems harsh. For David Turnbull to barely rate a mention,despite having a major hand in three of them,sounds ungrateful. CalMac ran the show,an outstanding midfield performance,such as we have been missing for some time. Nary a word.

The kudos were for Kyogo,our new Japanese striker-and deservedly so! Not only a hat trick in his first game at Celtic Park-I’ve trawled the record books for the last person to achieve that,and I’ve come up blank-but also the most humble yet appreciative acknowledgement I can recall of the announcement that he was,indeed,MOTM.

This lad’s finishing for his hat trick was terrific. The chances that didn’t go in-including missing by a whisker,having sent the keeper the wrong way-showed his willingness. He never hid,his running on and off the ball,the ability to find space,peel off,nail it-well,they kinda reminded me of someone.

But one swallow doesn’t make a summer! Any team can get a result in a one-off match,and if I’m honest,I think we will play a few teams better than Dundee in the season to come. However,no Celtic fan who witnessed that on Sunday could possibly still be in the dark place we have been for so long.

As Bob told us,Don’t worry ‘bout a t’ing-cos everyt’ing gonna be all right!

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds (Official Video) – Bing video


Minor complaint though relates to the potential loan deal for Ben Davies. The fabled left-sided centre back-and Halleluia indeed! Loan deal with a £3m option to buy,which sounds decent enough-except…

We could have got him for nothing in January. He was desperate to sign from Preston,but apparently grew tired of the haggling over personal terms as a certain smartest guy in the room played his usual hardball. Chiselling over a few quid a week. Let’s say he offered £10k over four years,and Davies wanted £15k.  A million quid of a difference over the length of his contract.

I very much doubt he will join permanently for less than £25k,and we will have to pay the £3m plus a loan fee to sign him.

Smartest guy in the room has just cost us another eight million quid overall if we sign him. Yet certain sites/posters still fawn over him. Sure beats the f..k outa me,that one.

Above article by BMCUWP

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That might not be your best ever leader, but it is probably the best you have been feeling about writing a leader in a along time,I hope there is many more like it

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
You’re right Bobby, Kyogo’s home debut ws up there with the best. he could have scored 5 on Sunday. And remember there was that miss from 4 feet last Thursday when he blasted over the bar. He only played 11 minutes against Hearts, 65 against Jablonec and 69 against Dundee. A goal every 36 minutes is some start!
In other news, Happy Malmo Day 😉 The genie is slowly emerging from the bottle in terms of the necessity of Triggers Broom FC to get Champions League money. Losing a goal in the first 10 minutes tonight would give a chance to their fans to show how supportive they really are. Not 😉
Aff oot to get my car fixed….

Big Audio Dynamite

What does John Dahl Tomasson know? 😳😝


Morning all,

Emotional article Bobby and very well said 👏👏👏

He knows what we all know, “ They’re Skint” and lose today;

“There may be trouble ahead 🎵🎵🎵”.

Gon the Malmö 👍👍👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, the last guy to score a HT on home debut …in 1924! Mr William Fleming 🍀🍀



Kyogo can miss as many as he likes as long as he’s scoring two a game, on average.

Intelligence and instinct, and invariably in the right place, right time – what’s not to like?

Big Audio Dynamite

Just realised that’s the John Dahl Tomasson who Dalglish signed for Newcastle. They held the signing press conference in bar 67 in the Gallowgate, and that’s how JDT knows about the Huns finances, wee Mick fae the Calton told him 😜


Good morning all & Packy. Sounds like that was an enjoyable task writing the article today Bobby. I haven’t envied you your job on a lot of occasions in the past year.
It could have been much more against Dundee.

It’s part of being a striker of course, even the best of them, will miss some shots 🙂
Think of the poor goalies however, every save missed is a disaster! 🙁


Naughty, naughty, but I like the cut o’ yer jib…😉🤣

Garry Postecoglou

So happy that my 10 year old grandson was at the game with me on Sunday. He witnessed the best Celtic Park debut ever, by any player.
Kyogo is Lewis’ hero. Mine too 😊👍🍀💚


Ange’s tactical variations will be key this season.
The blood and snotters coaches in SPL will already be planning to use refereeing leniency/bias and hobble Abada and Kyogo early without being penalized.
Our PLC huns will do nothing to protect our players.
Would love a Bobo type character signed for the implied retribution.
McCarthy should put some steel in the midfield and this guy Henry we are supposedly chasing looks like a big bruiser for a different approach up front
Now if only we could find a Bertie Auld type?



If Kyogo performs like Lubo( debut v Dundee 6-1, courtesy of Celtic Wiki) we will be blessed with another gift.


I said the other night that Kyogo’s goal against Jablonec was Lubo-esque!



I’m fairly confident that AP is on the ball re the tackles and the refs. And that,for instance,Halliday and Madden do a podcast together!!!

Also I think he will be quietly compiling the evidence-and he should have a look at last season too.

He’ll “drop the bomb” when the time is right.


Thomas Henry:

He said: “I didn’t expect to score 21 goals last season – no one expected me to score that amount. But we had a great season where we beat the likes of Anderlecht, Brugge and Standard Liege.

“I was top scorer in the second division and I had a lot of doubters because they said it was a lesser standard. So it was important for me to prove them wrong.”
I like this guy’s attitude!


An exceptional talent in our midst.
With others who are on his wavelength.
Augurs well.



Henry will be reasonably familiar with,and comfortable in,our Glorious Hoooops.


Had a laugh at this browsing in the Archives – 3 October 2018 (my birthday!)

Bobby was replying to ‘Gold’:

“We have net cash at bank of £60m,with the money from Moussa still to come.

Despite that,Brendan didn’t get his targets. We lost out on our CL bonanza.

Under Neil,we squandered tens of millions on bad signings. And lost out on our CL bonanza.

That’s not risk-averse,that’s not financial prudence. It’s rank incompetence.

Keep ’em coming,though-and I’m not being facetious! It would be damn boring if we all agreed!!!”
Well said Bobby! And it was prophetic of Neil’s future signings in his second spell too.



I hope stories of Thomas Henry are true.

Just what Celtic need, a big Centre Forward who can win headers /hold up play and bring others into the game.

Kyogo would have a field day if the guy is half as good as Sutton/Harrison and others such as Christie ( If he stays, and I hope so ) would also benefit.

Plus he also seems to know where the net is 😜

Sign him with another CB, 2 fullbacks and we could well be just about there !!!!!!!

Glass3/4fullCSC 🍀🍀🍀


H H Bhoys.
Just put a wee cheeky £5 on Malmo to win tonight @ 5/1,Wish me luck. JG. (ladbrokes)


junglegerry, advice taken, although only £2 ! I only got 9/2 on Paddy Power. Still an £11 return would add to my delight 🙂


I put it on with laddies as they gave me a bet boost from 9/2 to 5/1.JG.



Hmmm,I don’t think I’m likely to be invited to break bread with PL anytime soon.

More likely necks and legs!

But the comment from three years ago-plus the footnote to today’s article-is entirely consistent with my thoughts and comments from when I first posted on CQN in 2008.



I did an acca tonight which included Malmo. Definitely overpriced at 5/1.

Though maybe not,when I look at the results in the morning!



I’ve been telling ATHINGOFBEAUTY for a while that we need a big rummel-them-up scary centre forward,old school style.

Here’s a thing-one player I would have loved to do that role in his prime was Mick Harford. One scary bastert and a damn good striker too.

Of the ball or an opponent,it didn’t matter to him!


Yes Bobby, although Lenny was attributed to the signings in his tenure everyone and their dug knows who the power behind the transfers was. Neil would just give a compliant nod I reckon. Maybe got a few of his own choices if they were cheap enough and probably projects.
Hopefully those days are well & truly gone now.


Bobby H H.
I think 5/1 is a fair price in a two horse race, Two quite evenly matched sides but i have a wee sneeky feeling Malmo will edge it. JG.


Also der hun wont have the likes of a brother bobby or a cheetin beaton to help them tonight. JG.


Talking about masonic refs. I’m puzzled. Jock Stein was a Mason but didn’t get any favours. Some of our board come across as masonic but again we don’t get any favours.

maybe the Scottish refs are more Orange inclined?

Regardless, they are useless and biased. No doubts about that. The huns won’t get their favours tonight hopefully.


Too True Jim, some of the tackles that dundee got away with on sunday were industrial at the least.
If thats what teams are getting away with in an early in the season league game, I dread to think what will happen in the games that have some importance to them.
Maybe big Ange will sort it out early doors, I really hope so.JG.

Squire Danaher

Bobby H H.
I think 5/1 is a fair price in a two horse race, Two quite evenly matched sides but i have a wee sneeky feeling Malmo will edge it. JG.


It’s a 3-horse race.

The 90m draw can beat you.


Squire D.
True that,but thems the joys of taking on the bookie.JG.

Squire Danaher

Best price I can currently see for Malmö in the 2-option ‘to qualify’ market is Evens with Skybet.


Any updates on the Thomas Henry deal, he looks like a big unit, the sort of player to lead the line.JG.



Quite right. You don’t worry about losing if you only bet with what you can afford to lose.

The pleasure is in winning from “a throwaway coin” and especially when yer bet includes the huns getting beat!



“Frank McAvennie in Rangers dig as Celtic hero claims Ibrox board have ‘already spent’ Champions League money”



Is it just me, but why oh why, are we still using Parks of Hamilton buses. ????

Surely time Dom puts his foot down and stops giving money “ To our Rivals “ ie The Fat Tosser Park !!!

Grow a pair and kick that contract into touch 🏈



Leggy, I could just imagine PL & Parks being close business friends. Two halfs of an old firm you might say. I wonder how long the contract has to run.
I would bet we pay very handsomely for the hire of those coaches. Parks’ best customer!

Squire Danaher



I see the other place is banging on today about Hun skullduggery re: Cinch deal.

I’m taking no lectures in morality regarding Hun skullduggery (do they do anything else BUT skullduggery) while our club continues to pump money hand over fist into Hun directors’ businesses.

Is there nowhere else does bus hire?



Your probably correct.

But what a coup if Dom went “ forget it Chaps !!”

New sponsor announced.

In one fell swoop, he would have Celtic fans eating out of his hands!!

But is PL still calling the shots ????!

ConspiracyCSC 🍀🍀


Other Bus companys ?
Ulster Bus.
Awe Naw.
Noo that would cause a riot.


JG, Ulster Bus?
Apologies to the good people in Ulster!


Or Mcgills, Are the Easedales still the owners of that bus company ?


The Easdales? that would be a laugh. They were hated by the time they left Ibrox.

saltires en Sevilla

Malmo manager has a good line on wind-ups!

Garry Postecoglou

Tenner on Malmo at 5/1 Ladbrokes Ayr. 🤞


£6.9 mill for chuckles Green from the crown office.


Go on Charlie G stick yer £6.9 mill on Malmo. You know it makes sense.LOL.JG.

Garry Postecoglou

I was told a few years ago, that Park supplies us with coaches free of charge. No idea if true.


i would be dumbfounded if that were true Garry!

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