Night And Day


Last night’s result might have looked,at first glance,as a somewhat perfunctory one-given that we were two up from the first leg. Don’t be fooled. This was a very good team that we were up against,as witnessed by the fact that even when they were five goals behind on aggregate,they never gave up.

They certainly caused us a few problems on the night,and if we think back a year,we would probably have conceded two or three and almost certainly wouldn’t have got the goals that we did.

Truly it was like night and day.

For the first time since 7/03/20,almost eighteen months,we had a full house in the stadium. That day we beat a decent St Mirren side 7-0-which would have been a lot more were it not for their goalkeeper. Coincidentally,he is a Czech too! Last night,we could easily have doubled our tally-but also lost a few too!

While David Turnbull probably deserved his MOTM award,given his two goals,I thought that CalMac was in outstanding form. Tom Rogic too looked back to his best-those two players in particular really struggled under Neil Lennon-and Greg Taylor on the left was always available,always covering,whichever was required.

Our central defenders? I think we have a partnership there already. Welsh has impressed me from Day One-though he wasn’t being compared to much at the time! Starfelt really looks the part too,and I’m confident that these two can provide the stability at the back that the midfield needs in order to concentrate on a more offensive role.

And in Joe Hart-who made a couple of tremendous saves-there is a confidence that a shot on goal,or even a cross into the box,will not be a goal.

As I said,night and day.

Yes,it was 3-0 on the night and 7-2 on aggregate. That hides the simple fact that Jablonec are clearly a very good team. We can take a lot of encouragement from the ease with which we dispatched them,and we can  take a lot of encouragement too from the performances over the last week or so. These players now look as though they are footballers,and hungry for success. The difference in their performance compared to last year is to their credit-but more so to AP.


But yet-I don’t think AP will be happy!

When he IS happy,we are in for a real treat!!!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Love it .


Not far to Windermere, 2 and a half/3 hours. Easy drive but my wee girl was following me down so it was a bit slower. Even worse coming back the rain was torrential at times, she was sticking to 40 or 50 mph on the duals and motorway so it was a long drive home! Good experience for her though but I could’ve been home an hour earlier!

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Aww poor wee thing was exhausted after that …new driver anaw

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A bit worried about Nana …


She’s been driving 18 months. Her car has a black box fitted so she’s got to stick to the speed limits everywhere, she’s not happy about it but I am. She drove to Rassay, an island off the Isle of Skye, a few weeks ago with her pal and her parents. She was following them. It’s a 6 hour drive up to Fort William then across to Skye then a ferry to Rassay. They got to the roundabout at Balloch, her pal’s dad pulled out the stopped, she was looking at the traffic coming round the roundabout and didn’t realise he had stopped! Shunted him onto the roundabout!! No damage to either car but she was mortified she’d done it to his car. All the way up the road her pal was pissing herself laughing at her…


Yeah, I was talking about Nana while we were away because the gigs are starting up again soon. His niece is in this band…

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Part of the gig .. we all make mistakes especially when a new driver … I had a couple and still do .

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He loved when you put that on .
It was a night shift top ten.

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Afghan big heed melon … hope your well man .


This is what got us talking about him…

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Brilliant tune …but I feel a bit uncomfortable watching …. reminds me of the Kkk and the huns ….

Old dirty

This is dedicated to the huns.

Old dirty

Hehehe Hehehe Hehehe

Old dirty

Aww feck that’s brilliant.


Right Puff I’m off to my scratcher, maybe catch u tomorrow night! Good chatting tonight. Here’s a wee tune for you…

Old dirty

Good night brother …enjoyed the company as always ..hail hail.

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Fantastic man … no a bad tune will get it on ma play list tommorrow .

Craig 76

Game on Wed 18th as Huns at home on the Thursday

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Friday from a wet and windy East Kilbride.

Hot Smoked

If I have read it correctly, the Huns play a team 2,400 miles away just three days before they meet us at Ibrox. A near 5,000 miles round trip! I felt this nearly always happened to us. Maybe the Times are, indeed, a-changin’.


I have been saying for a long time just a slight shift in body positioning when giving and receiving a pass would see us improve.
The impact is clear.

St Tams

As much as both Taylor and Ralston have improved under Ange, long term they are not the answer.
I am also not convinced with Starfelt yet, especially playing on the left hand side.
Still need 2 full backs and another centre half and no loan signings , unless they have option to buy.

Big Audio Dynamite

Superb little Aussie doc, looking at how Ange operates. If this guy is backed (Properly), I believe he can take us places.

bada bing1

We are also delighted to confirm that ticket prices for next week’s play-off match v AZ Alkmaar will be frozen for Adult and Concession Season Ticket holders too, meaning supporters will be able to buy a ticket for the play-off round priced £19 and £12 respectively.
We want you back with us to keep Paradise rocking.
Tickets for next week’s play-off match at Celtic Park will go on sale later today – keep checking for details.

bada bing1

loan players smacks of short termism, lack of scouting, no loans unless we have a realistic price to buy. There are good players everywhere, the Jablonec RB was excellent, we should be looking at the Czech, Croatian, Serbia leagues for value and better quality than SPFL fodder,the Legia Warsaw RB looks good,£2.5-3 million quoted, good CV ,go get him.If we have 3 or 4 loan players, we will have to try and plug the same gaps,this time next season


Bada Bing1
The loan route ruins continuity which is vital to building long term..
It also diminishes youth growth.
As Kyogo and Abada have proven there are good players to be found at affordable prices with proper scouting.
Our previous head scout and emperor Lawwell was just not good at his self appointed jobs,


H H.
just a happy wee tim.JG.


Good debate yesterday, I think that it says much of Sentinel Celts, which is regarded as a more cynical forum, that we can still ask the pertinent questions and give the Board the benefit of the doubt and reexamine our conclusions…

Auldheid, Rebus67, Squire Danaher,

Well Rebus, that was certainly a thought provoking comment and I did not get back last night as it definitely gave pause for thought, then there was the little matter of a fitbaw game.

However, my conclusions for the Celtic Board in general and Peter Lawwell in particular was not an epiphany, it was a drawn out process.

On the oldco demise I was a strong advocate of the position Squire Danaher points out. For me the last thing we needed and the main thing Rangers supporters and apparatchiks wanted was to make this an old firm thing.

Yes, in one way we all wanted Celtic to be shouting for justice and condemning the cheats but “the never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake” mantra seduced me, I believed that keeping their head low and being pragmatic was the best approach for Celtic.

It was one of a series of doubts that I gave them the benefit of. The fact remains while it was “the never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake”, “keeping your powder dry”, “well heeled Celts” have got it covered or whatever the excuse was, it always turned out as just that – an excuse.

So disappointing as that was, keeping our noses out of it may not have been the worst strategy but of course that wasn’t the end of it.

As details of the WTC, the 5WA, the LNS Commision et al came to the fore the depth and scale of the cover up became apparent. Maybe the smoking gun of collusion couldn’t be found but if Celtic weren’t in on it, we had the smartest guys in the room ragdolled.

I read a lot of the material on this stuff – the Craig Whyte SFA JPT, the LNS Commision findings, the draft five way agreement etc, etc sad yes but illuminating none the less.

Now if I found a tit bit that might be of interest I made Auldheid aware of it, often this stuff was hidden in plain sight.

Now Peter Lawwell had a public spate with the SFA’s Stewart Regan, he and Neil Doncaster were asking for an SFA review of oldco, newco events.

Anyways the upshot was that PL asked for the letter correspondence between SR and himself to be made public. SR agreed and the contents seemed to justify PL’s position.

Peter Lawwell had wrote and asked Stewart Regan to look into the LNS Commision findings, he seemed annoyed, challenging and assertive. Neil Doncaster had echoed this plea.

Yet consider this, the LNS Commision was not an SFA Commision, rather a SPL commission (further in my opinion, one that was “fixed” by the SPL). Yes the SFA were the appellate body for it but that was all and as no appeal was made it wasn’t in the SFA remit.

Stewart Regan pointed this out in his reply, now if you read the correspondence you could, and most did, interpret this as PL being assertive and SR being sloping shouldered.

The fact remains though that Neil Doncaster had the power to order a review of the commission, he could have got the SPL Board together to reconsider their decision not to appeal (a very controversial and manipulated process).

Now, I’ve gone around the houses but it gives an insight into how Peter Lawwell operates.

Rather than put pressure on his buddy Neil Doncaster to sort of the mess that was the LNS Commision and its flawed findings Peter Lawwell deflected it onto Stewart Regan – classic misdirection.

So you see when you have a greater understanding of how these guys operate you find it difficult to give the benefit of the doubt.

The ruthless nature Jackie McNamara was dealt with, his name blackened with Celtic after his testimonial.

Yet we had Baldo Baldie, Lustig, Jonny Hayes any amount of players dealt with in such high handed manner.

We have Big Pedro the great negotiator, yet James Mccarthy, John McGinn, Castagne, Tonev – and many we don’t know about I’m sure, evidence that his negotiating skills were poor.

We have the retail succeses bringing everything in house, making more profit, yet the retail arm was developed by Fergus and the current e-commerce experience is poor add to that Adidas insisting on bringing in JD Sports as a partner.

Rebus you mention recruitment but look at PL’s managers, Tony Mowbray, Lenny, Ronny. Now compare that to DD’s choice Brendan Rodgers and his backroom staff, the recruitment process was outsourced to a recruitment consultant specialist. Why, if DD had so much confidence in PL was BR’s recruitment outsourced?

No, we can go back and try to give the benefit of the doubt but if you look beyond the excuses (and why folk on a seven figure salary needs a list of excuses for failure I’ll never know) you will find myth and legend, smoke and mirrors in the place of the hyped morality and excellence.

As we know Auldheid can speak for himself but I believe he found this in his dealings with Celtic – it is imo the truth of the matter.

Auldheid, totally agree on Rangers…

A week ago I was at a funeral and at the gathering afterwards was socialising with a friend of mine – a fine man and a staunch bear.

Now as we were supping our beer I noticed the cricket on the TV, the sponsor emblazoned on their cream jumpers – CINCH, I couldn’t help myself….

What’s that about?

It’s Parks of Hamilton!!

I know but what’s it got to do with Rangers

Look Chairbhoy – the SPL were told, don’t sign the agreement, they went ahead and signed it anyway…

So there you go, they were telt.

The scorpion is what he is…

Hail Hail

St tams

Thought the Midgieland right back was also very good.
Still think our scouting network is nonexistent.


Hungover, As the Travelling wilburys say.Handle with care.JG.

bada bing1

What is the point in the home cup ticket scheme if you dont use it for cup games?


Celtic FC SLO




Too short a timescale to comply with DD Guarantee, need to provide 10 days notice as far as I’m aware, would be much easier all round if it could have been used for Wed

bada bing1

If we end up in Europa Conference, submit the Development Squad, waste of time, concentrate on the league.


A wee Dunfermline lass singing about St. Bernadette.

Maybe Bernadette will return the compliment and pray for Dunfermline tonight! 🙂

Garry Postecoglou

There is a fair bit of money to be made in Conference. Full crowds and participation and win bonuses for the club.
This would be lost if we played the B team.
Money talks.

Garry Postecoglou

Beautiful by the wee Fife chanter Barbara 👍💚

bada bing1

Garry- I have said I would pass on European football this year, so play a Europa Conference game in Astana on a Thursday night, and play at Poundland on Sunday at midday, for the Europa Conference? Not for me….

Garry Postecoglou

There is also a chance that we could become the first winners of the Europa Conference League.
I would take that.
We are in Holland 3 days before Ibrox anyway.



Thank you for the detailed reply. My post on an alternative to collusion was simply to iterate that we should not be led around by the nose just because some people believe something to be true, and say it over and over again on blogs.

I had no intention of defending PL. To be clear, I think he was a poor CEO for much of his reign. The clearest evidence of that is the shambles that he left behind, both in organisational structure and in the squad. It is quite damning!

I also believe that there is no love for Celtic within the SFA and the SPFL. Last season, there is clear evidence of bias towards Sevco from the refs. Just looking at the # penalties awarded against them is one indicator.

I also believe that the Res12 guys were treated shamefully by PL. He probably decided, early doors, that this was not a situation that would benefit either him or the club. The aggro of pursuing this as a Celtic led initiative could yield little to nothing financially(Rangers were dead) unless the SFA was pursued. To do so would create a long term toxic environment for the club,win or lose. Yes, there was a principle involved but that fight was lost when it became exclusively a Celtic issue rather than one for the premier league clubs. I could see PL being involved in such an initiative if backed by at least some of the premier clubs.

I also believe that Celtic do not need a Sevco in order to survive. I am less sure of the reverse! There is so much hate over there, that much of their support needs a focus for it. I can see the “old firm” model as a creature of the Sevco side but fail to see a rationale for it from the Celtic side. Without a Sevco, Celtic would be almost guaranteed a crack at the CL group stages. Entry to that just once in three attempts would more than compensate for lost revenue from Sevco games, and there is always the Europa funds if we fail to qualify. In any case, Europe should be the Celtic benchmark not Sevco.

We seem to live in a world where if we do not understand something, we suspect a conspiracy. The resistance in some quarters to the vaccine is a contemporary example. Namely, the vaccine is a mechanism for government to interfere in our lives etc etc.

Got to go get some breakfast.


bada bing1

Garry- a flight of less than 2 hours v a flight of 10 hours…..the Petrofac Cup of Europe is not for me


“I also believe that Celtic do not need a Sevco in order to survive. I am less sure of the reverse! There is so much hate over there, that much of their support needs a focus for it.” (Rebus)

So true. In contrast I often think when Parkhead is at full voice singing YNWA, it’s all about LOVE.

Garry Postecoglou

We can make almost as much money participating in the Conference as we can in Europa league. More if we win it.
Money that our board won’t write off.

Garry Postecoglou

Very true. Whilst the favourite anthem from Ibrox is about being up to their knees in our blood.


Comment of the Day…”In any case, Europe should be the Celtic benchmark not Sevco.”
This has been my belief for as long as I’ve watched Celtic! At the start of EVERY season my hope lies in Celtic being the best they can be. If our Custodians had invested in this principle as faithfully and as honestly as the fans last year’s diabolical season would never have happened, and the same could be said for any year going back to ’67. As a Club we have historically rested on our laurels until it’s too late and ended up playing catch up. At what point do we become a proactive Club to ensure continual success?

bada bing1

Garry- we’re still waiting for the Board to spend money on the players we need now….2 FBs,a striker, a CB,maybe another winger….are the Board thinking, after a couple of good results, we don’t need as many? I hope not…HH

Jobo Baldie

Based on a wee bit of Googling, here’s what I think is the prize money for the 3 European competitions (caveat – there are other payments like TV money, advertising, ticket sales, etc etc)

The 3 amounts shown relate to the Champions league, Europa League and Europa Conference.

Qualifying for group stage – €15.25M, €3.63M, €2.94M
Each win in the group stage – €2.7M, €630K, €500K
Each draw in the group stage – €900K. €210K, €166K
Winning your group – €NIL, €1.1M, €650K
2nd in your group – €NIL, €550K, €325K
Qualify for round of 32 – N/A, €500K, €300K
Qualify for last 16 – €9.6M, €1.2M, €600K
Qualify for quarter finals – €10.6M, €1.8M, €1M

Let’s assume that if Celtic had reached the Champions league they’d maybe manage, at best, 1 win and 3 draws. In the Europa it might be 2 wins and 2 draws (finishing 2nd) and in the Conference 4 wins and a draw (winning the group)
On that basis, by the end of the group stages the prize money from participating in the Champions League would have been €20.65M, in the Europa €5.86M, in the Conference €5.75M

So there’s still a big difference between the Champions League and the other 2, but not so much of a difference between the Europa and the Conference, especially as there might be abetter chance of progressing in the Conference?

No anoraks were harmed whilst compiling this post! 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Once our mids are on the same wavelength as Kyogo …goals galore! Once the passes into the chanels are released a split-second quicker, the wee man will get 5/6 great chances most games. Once it clicks properly, someone is going to take an absolute pasting.

Celtic WILL score 10 in a game this season 😁

Garry Postecoglou

I agree with that, but it is a different argument.
Thanks for Mr Anorak fae EK for the figures that back up my argument.
I would love to be the first ever winners of the Europa Conference League. It is a very Celtic thing to do. 😁👍🍀💚


Rebus67 @ 1:26 pm,

Yes, apologies if it sounded like the debate was you defending PL. I understood you were playing devil’s advocate and really appreciate we need to take alternate possibilities on board.

What I attempted to do was highlight the process I went through to go from, for want of better terms, happy clapper to mineshafter.

It is important to exam our beliefs and ask ourselves some questions.

Let me say, I have no issue personally with Peter Lawwell. When he and I were young men at school the Tories called out Tiny Rowland as “the unacceptable face of capitalism”.

By the time PL was a qualified and chartered accountant “Tiny” would have been the typical face of capitalism.

It was what it was and over my career I’ve rubbed shoulders with a lot worse than Peter.

Yet as you say his competence became more of an issue and as his shortcomings were further exposed the myth and legend increased, the excuses became more frequent and something that to me is intolerable the patsys and fall guys fell victims, always the blame game – Brendan Fraudgers the ultimate in betrayal as far as I’m concerned.

Conspiricies are fraught but they do happen and we know people conspired to ensure that Rangers FC was not confined to the annals of history where it rightly should be and I agree, we would be better off without them and looking at our peer group in Europe as our bench mark.

So where was Celtic in the Newco oldco conspiracy? Duped? Innocent bystander? In collusion? Conspirator?

You pays your money, you take your choice

Yes, we can meld the conspiracy to fit our world view, but seeking facts and finding truths are still possible.

As far as Covid goes, do I believe people are conspiring to put chips in us? No.

Do I believe that people are conspiring to maximise their profit from pestilence? I’m afraid I do…

Enjoy your breakfast.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Pub quiz question:

Has any club entered the European cup and won it, at the first time of asking?

Don’t all shout at once! 😜