Night And Day


Last night’s result might have looked,at first glance,as a somewhat perfunctory one-given that we were two up from the first leg. Don’t be fooled. This was a very good team that we were up against,as witnessed by the fact that even when they were five goals behind on aggregate,they never gave up.

They certainly caused us a few problems on the night,and if we think back a year,we would probably have conceded two or three and almost certainly wouldn’t have got the goals that we did.

Truly it was like night and day.

For the first time since 7/03/20,almost eighteen months,we had a full house in the stadium. That day we beat a decent St Mirren side 7-0-which would have been a lot more were it not for their goalkeeper. Coincidentally,he is a Czech too! Last night,we could easily have doubled our tally-but also lost a few too!

While David Turnbull probably deserved his MOTM award,given his two goals,I thought that CalMac was in outstanding form. Tom Rogic too looked back to his best-those two players in particular really struggled under Neil Lennon-and Greg Taylor on the left was always available,always covering,whichever was required.

Our central defenders? I think we have a partnership there already. Welsh has impressed me from Day One-though he wasn’t being compared to much at the time! Starfelt really looks the part too,and I’m confident that these two can provide the stability at the back that the midfield needs in order to concentrate on a more offensive role.

And in Joe Hart-who made a couple of tremendous saves-there is a confidence that a shot on goal,or even a cross into the box,will not be a goal.

As I said,night and day.

Yes,it was 3-0 on the night and 7-2 on aggregate. That hides the simple fact that Jablonec are clearly a very good team. We can take a lot of encouragement from the ease with which we dispatched them,and we can  take a lot of encouragement too from the performances over the last week or so. These players now look as though they are footballers,and hungry for success. The difference in their performance compared to last year is to their credit-but more so to AP.


But yet-I don’t think AP will be happy!

When he IS happy,we are in for a real treat!!!


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Jobo, good bit of homework there. 10/10. 🙂

Jobo Baldie

To round everything off, if we did end up in the Conference, the prize money for winning each subsequent round would be as follows – Play off round €300K, Round of 16 €600K, Quarter final €1M, Semi final €2M, Losing finalist €3M, Winner €5M (plus, I think, automatic entry to following seasons Europa League group stages)
Similarly for the Europa the details are – Round of 32 €500K, Round of 16 €1.2M, Quarter final €1.8M, Semi final €2.8M, Losing finalist €4.6M, Winner €8.6M (plus, I think, automatic entry to following seasons Champions league group stages).
A dark room now awaits…. 😉


Friday 13th. Unlucky for some? mmmmhh!!

big packy

just come on to say thoroughly enjoyed last nights game, everyone played their part, thought turnbulls goals were excellent, bring on the edinburgh huns. H.H.


Noticed you were missing last night Packy, I hope you had a good excuse!


btw Packy, in response to your post yesterday – I was out the house at the time you posted it – with the supporter’s bus I used to use they would wait about quarter of an hour for stragglers, after that they were off. You were left! There was no searching pubs for folk. 🙂


Jobo Baldie @ 2:13 pm,

Thanks for the data – it seems outwith the snobbish aspect the Europa and Conference is much of a muchness.

Of course I hope we beat AZ but for me the conference is winnable, I’d love that, we are a great Cup side and getting a bit of guile and confidence going I could see us going far.

Hail Hail


If the huns were the first club to win the Europa Conference league, a public holiday would be declared by the Scottish government!

big packy

HI JIM was teaching a pupil, i say pupil he is in his 50s, he has always wanted to play all right now by the band free, for about 40 years never managed it, i taught him how to play it in 2 hours, he was over the moon👍


Well done Packy!


The pub is calling TTFN


Its friday and I am in the bath. Personally, after a certain age, I suggest that you avoid baths in favour of showers! You do not have to look at your body to the same extent, or, indeed, its full extent!

Now it is early in the season and in the Era of Ange, but already some of my assertions are becoming frayed.

1. Would Ange’s system work? Did he even have a system?

Too early to answer the first but it seems, at worst, it will work against some teams. AZ will be a good robust early test. The answer to the second part is clearly, “Yes.”

2. Ralston and Taylor will not do. Initially, I thought Ralston the weaker of the two but no longer. Firstly, as I have said before, neither can faulted on effort. If others put that level of commitment in, we would be a better team, viz, Edouard and until last night Rogic.

Taylor, unfortunately, gets rag dolled too easily. This is his biggest flaw and most difficult to overcome. If he finds a way then he will be a much better prospect. Crossing and game intelligence can come with practice and experience.

Ralston…..I refuse to be drawn! Can he keep it up? Should he be played as an auxiliary striker? Where did that come from?

3 Hart and McCarthy are lazy, poor signings.

We have not seen the latter so I am spot on so far. Rather as the man falling from the 10th floor, as he passes the 6th floor, he mutters so far so good.

I thought Hart could have done better with at least one of the Jab goals, but he was drafted in quickly a la Inge Berget. His kicking out initially was canonballs at the opposing keeper, but now we see him embedding in Postie’s ball game. Still he is only one big gaff away from being mortal.

In the round, I might be wrong re Hart, but only mibbee. For the record I hope I am. As an extra, at no additional charge, the new guys seem to have integrated into the squad. There seems to be a good spirit in the group.

OK, here is a bonus since it is friday. What former Celtic players would be ideal for Ange ball?

My answer? Zurawski as he understood channels but few in his team did.

The Blob


Random thinking as I leave the bath, what happened to that CQN poster who was in a future time zone and claimed to be travelling back to our time? No it is not a joke but a question?




IIRC,he called himself John Titor. Dunno who he was or what happened to him.

The original John Titor was an elaborate but obvious hoax from about twenty years ago.

saltires en Sevilla

Bada. – it seems they will accept guarantees from directors and we should all just move along

Jobo – great work – was wondering what the difference in payments might be but couldn’t be ersed. so, thanks for that.

McCaff – agree its got to be Europe First ( hope this not tooo neo…) as good performances there take care of domestic results by default.

Garry – winning that would beat winning the SPFL

Auldheid/Rebus/Chairboy – we know we may never prove the motives behind Board decisions over old Rangers and the ongoing turning a blind eye to whatever they became or will become. What is without doubt is the systematic reduction in performance and results in Europe then at ‘home’. With the structural advantages we hold, the view that this was beyond incompetence holds fast! Unfortunately, not enough folk GAF. So, they remain in place to continue doing whatever they choose.

Last nite I finally gave in and paid money to Celtic ( via their partners) for PPv Game for the first time in about 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. like many here I’ll pick and choose my games and pay at the ‘gate’ and won’t front load or commit to a longer term plan as this seems to encourage them to downsize the quality on the pitch and management team/staff.

Despite the enjoyment – it is tinged with regret in the knowledge that the Board will consider our team is now good enough to compete at a functional level and turn off any significant investment in the team.

The team isn’t good enough to compete in Europe beyond a basic level of opposition ( 3rd in Czech is about our limit ATM) and will struggle defensively Against Az Alkmaar and in our domestic games in key fixtures. Albeit, I see us winning games 4-3 and 5-3 this season and would take the odd reverse if the football is as engrossing as the previous three games.

An early test on intentions of this version of the Board: Ange is asking for more players to complete his plan. We have all discussed the obvious gaps. The feeling that he won’t get what he wants, or even what he needs, is overpowering.

I’ll be first to hold my hand up if the players do arrive before the windows ‘slams’ shut!



Inresting stuff indeed from RTC. From what I’ve heard,their outstanding overdue to Hector is around £12m.



I responded to you both at and I hope I clarified my position there..

In terms of Rebus later point ” My post on an alternative to collusion was simply to iterate that we should not be led around by the nose just because some people believe something to be true, and say it over and over again on blogs.”

I think folk who have taken the time to read the wealth of evidence provided at have been provided with more than enough justification for concluding what they think to be true is true.

What is missing from that timeline is reference to a conversation I had with PL in May 2013 about the SFA. We both agreed they were unprofessional and required reform but he said he required a “Dougie Dougie” moment and it was on that basis I contacted him in June 2013 with the stuff Charlotte Fakeovers was making public, some of it with reference to the UEFA licence to Rangers in 2011. For me this was the Dougie Dougie moment and when I contacted him with the material that questioned the licensing process such as it was understood at the time, he asked to be kept informed. So thinking the info would be used for SFA reform purposes I provided it, with an analysis based on my understanding at the time of the process (which increased layer ) that suggested an overdue payable did exist in 2011 , certainly at the monitoring point although later findings moved focus to the grant period. In which case how was a licence granted to Rangers?

Separately Canalamar on CQN looked into the role of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body and discovered it was their important task of overseeing the application of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations. That became the genesis of Resolution 12 which focused on the licensing process in 2011 as it was the one on which Celtic shareholders had locus to question The Board at an AGM.

So Celtic have evidence that suggests skulduggery by end of June 2011 as requested, Res12 gets on the agenda thanks to Canalamar and Morrisey 123 and Celtic’s response is awaited with interest.
When no reference was made to the material provided in AGM papers and they said the resolution was unnecessary (because the SFA had assured them by letter in December 2011 that everything was tickity boo,) then someone was either incompetent or made a decision the issue was one it was not in the Company’s interests to pursue (although why not has never been explained). It goes back to my point if you cannot prove something was deliberate then you can fall back on a claim of incompetency/negligence.

With reference to Chairbhoy’s point about the exchange between Regan and Lawwell after the CW trial in Sept 2017 , Regan did suggest to PL that the SPL approach LNS himself with Sir David Murray’s testimony at the CW trial re the competitive advantage Rangers obtained by using ebts.

This prompted this e mail to PL on Jan 2018

that suggested in addition to SDM’s testimony the SPL/PL take the HMRC correspondence of Feb/May 2011 to LNS that contains information that would blow away the core justifications for the Decision’s LNS reached.

If LNS was approached I think it would have come out long before now and no reply to the e mail was received. (BTW the then Celtic Director Eric Riley had been provided with that same HMRC correspondence in Feb 2014 in his role as a member of the SPL Board and that may have influenced the SFA decision in July 2017 not to revisit the LNS Commission taken when the Supreme Court deemed the way Rangers used the ebts was to unlawfully avoid tax.)

It is certainly true that repeating the idea of collusion because of a belief folk hold does not make it true, but when you look at all the evidence, in particular that events were set in train in May 2013 based on an indication from PL that Celtic were unhappy with the SFA then look at what has happened since in terms of thwarting any investigation, then it s no surprise if some folk conclude Celtic have something to hide and that might be there had been collusion. It is a conclusion I do not hold as there is no actual proof , but I was unwilling to conclude Celtic had any part in the 5WA (although it was inconceivable to me that they hadn’t) until proof turned up.


Enjoyed the game last night,but kept thinking Abada would have gave us an added dimension

Craig 76

How much is this gonna end up costing the Scottish tax payer

Craig 76
Craig 76

I give you the unique angle footage you’ve been waiting for enjoy 😀😀

Garry Postecoglou

Reckon I will stay in Clydebank that weekend.
Glasgow a no go area.


GP We’re away to Livi that day 🙏


Text from Celtic re AZ tickets for ST holders on HTS unhelpful 🤔

The Real McCoy

September 18 Ministry of Funny Walks coincides with fleg day At Poundland.
( I know of the threats/intentions to re-arrange)

Gordon64 Derry Girls | Surrounded By The Orange Order

Gordon64 Frankie Boyle On The Orange Order/Walk

Margaret McGill


I think you res12’rs have overlooked the Collusion Damage Waiver thats included whenever you rent from OldFirm Inc.


Sevco to make 6000 mile round trip to Armenia 3 days prior to game against us. Just getting their excuses in early 😜



I hope you did not think my “by the nose” remark was aimed at you. It was not.



E-Tims Retweeted
Ange comes from a land down under
He takes no shite and loves his jumper
Can you hear, can you hear his thunder
You better watch, you better take cover
#AngePostecoglou #Celtic Four leaf clover

Garry Postecoglou

Peter Grant could really make my week.
Mon the Fifers!


The new Celtic fan song paying tribute to Ange, Abada and Kyogo that got an airing last night

We’ve got Abada, he’s on the wing,
We’ve got Kyogo, he’s doing his thing,
Ange is the leader,
We’ll follow the Celtic all over the world.

It’s set to “Jumping All Over The World” by Scooter [YouTube]


Ajer starts for Brentford against KTs Arsenal



We suggested months ago on here that the bill would be in excess of £100m. The new threat doubles that!

Yet,the malicious prosecutions are seen by some as an attack on Rangers (past and present) despite the clear and obvious evidence that some people in authority were after the blood of those they held responsible for their downfall!



The more you dig,the deeper you get. That is true whether you are looking for evidence-as you guys have done-or whether you have something to hide.

Sadly,the more we read the evidence provided by yourselves,the more we have to apply Occam’s Razor.


Auldheid @ 5:31 pm,

That was an excellent e-mail you sent to Peter Lawwell – if he was so keen to have the material reviewed why didn’t he act accordingly? Yet not even a reply.

The “p.s.” you include is interesting, before his work for the SPL, LNS was, as you state, asked by the SFA to investigate the Craig Whyte tenure at Rangers. He created a report, that report has never seen the light of day, in fact the Judicial Panel that fined Craig Whyte never even saw it.

If Celtic were keen to get to the bottom of this why didn’t they ask the SFA to make the report public or at least accessible it must have contained vital findings on the WTC.

Of course the obvious conclusion was, despite their protestations – Peter Lawwell and Neil Doncaster were as keen as Stewart Regan to ensure no coals were raked over.

On the current Rangers’ Financials, of course there is little indication that things have changed at Ibrox, the scale is very different though.

I see RTC is putting things out there so perhaps it’s more dire than I thought.

However after the Covid “amnesty” the FFP charge looks premature. My feelings are that some, including myself bought into scare tactics and deflection – we must keep our eye on the ball this time however your assertion “….from a Celtic business perspective they need watching” is spot on.

The very fact we have 3 experienced players in tonight’s team who only arrived in the past month suggest that with PL out the door and his boss realising what a clusterfup he had allowed to happen by concentrating on the bottom line being the key kpi for PL , that a lesson I hope has been learned but it is a pity it took a total collapse to point out the folly of putting return on investment before putting strong experienced footballers on the park. Taking nothing from Ange, he looks like just what we need but the majority of Celtic social media contributors knew what was needed 4 years ago.

My reason for suggesting it looked deliberate with no proof was simply observing the failure of Celtic to reduce the risks of not qualifying for Europe.

Again in total agreement – it seems lesson’s have been learnt and we are concentrating on the pitch. With the Green shoots of recovery being apparent and Rangers wobbling, the actions of the last few weeks of this transfer window will let us know just how much things have changed.

Hail Hail

Craig 76

That muppet Murdo Fraser was basically blaming the SNP, and their hatred of the Huns for the amount of money wasted.
He knows full well it was Huns with badges that caused all of it, trying to pin the blame on someone


Craig Were the payouts made to Green et al compensation or bonuses for a job well done 🤔


Margaret McGill

I think you res12’rs have overlooked the Collusion Damage Waiver thats included whenever you rent from OldFirm Inc.
I set them up Mags, you knock them over 🙂 🙂

Craig 76

If they are handing out bonuses then I expect PL will be in line for 1 😀


Brentford taking the ‘high press’ to a new level



I hope you did not think my “by the nose” remark was aimed at you. It was not.

Even if it was Rebus I’d turn it into an opportunity to inform all readers of what went on.

Its my sing my song, dance my dance thingy, so not taken personally and now I think about it my thanks for providing the opportunity is part of that dance. 🙂

You had a point about a conclusion of collusion because when chatting to guys interested, at the end of it all, the question they asked me was: ” are Celtic complicit?”

To which I say I don’t know but whatever the reason for ploughing the path Celtic chose, it must be hugely important to those involved.

Chairbhoy’s summing up of his journey from happy clapper to mineshafter is one I took myself , but can you imagine how hard it was for me to accept what events were telling me as they emerged? Talk about peeling a pungent onion!

I’m thinking then that I’m heading into tin foil on the head territory, I’ll sound like a crank.. A description I believe has been applied to me by those not supporting Res12.

I’m hoping there will be an acceptable form of closure by the Celtic AGM, a proper base everyone can move on from. That is in progress.

Margaret McGill

The Duff and Phelps malicious prosecutions case is what I call the Hun Jock Stein syndrome.
In the same way as Minty tried to obliterate the memory of Jock Stein with a financially doped rangers, Duff and Phelps are making sure that the public purse owes more to the Craig Whyte Rangers “team” than HRMC could ever prove in court that they tax dodged. In both scenarios the Scottish people are the big losers.

Margaret McGill

Tims who dont believe that Celtic PLC colluded in the 5WA are liars in the same sense that anti vaxxers get vaccinated.


Auldheid and Chairbhoy,

Auldheid you suggest that your website contains material that convinces people that there was collusion between Celtic represented by PL and Oldco, (perhaps Sevco?) i have been to your site several times and it is certainly an impressive archive. However, I wonder how many people have actually read it all, given the level of detail and the length of it. Similarly, I wonder how many will follow the detail of your email to PL. I see much about EBTs, Ranger’s various tax cases, LNS and the licence issue, plus more. If you could through a framework over it all, it would be the meat of a doctoral thesis.

However, at the end of the day, it requires an inference that I cannot support. Namely, that Celtic/Rangers/Sevco deliberately collude in order to maintain the old firm model. A mixture of wishing to avoid the licence issue, personal ambition and incompetence is an alternative explanation for what transpired.

Note I am not saying that what transpired was acceptable. It was and is a scandal amongst scandals but causality has not been established in my view.

Have a nice weekend,



A wee song for the Gooners…