Night And Day


Last night’s result might have looked,at first glance,as a somewhat perfunctory one-given that we were two up from the first leg. Don’t be fooled. This was a very good team that we were up against,as witnessed by the fact that even when they were five goals behind on aggregate,they never gave up.

They certainly caused us a few problems on the night,and if we think back a year,we would probably have conceded two or three and almost certainly wouldn’t have got the goals that we did.

Truly it was like night and day.

For the first time since 7/03/20,almost eighteen months,we had a full house in the stadium. That day we beat a decent St Mirren side 7-0-which would have been a lot more were it not for their goalkeeper. Coincidentally,he is a Czech too! Last night,we could easily have doubled our tally-but also lost a few too!

While David Turnbull probably deserved his MOTM award,given his two goals,I thought that CalMac was in outstanding form. Tom Rogic too looked back to his best-those two players in particular really struggled under Neil Lennon-and Greg Taylor on the left was always available,always covering,whichever was required.

Our central defenders? I think we have a partnership there already. Welsh has impressed me from Day One-though he wasn’t being compared to much at the time! Starfelt really looks the part too,and I’m confident that these two can provide the stability at the back that the midfield needs in order to concentrate on a more offensive role.

And in Joe Hart-who made a couple of tremendous saves-there is a confidence that a shot on goal,or even a cross into the box,will not be a goal.

As I said,night and day.

Yes,it was 3-0 on the night and 7-2 on aggregate. That hides the simple fact that Jablonec are clearly a very good team. We can take a lot of encouragement from the ease with which we dispatched them,and we can  take a lot of encouragement too from the performances over the last week or so. These players now look as though they are footballers,and hungry for success. The difference in their performance compared to last year is to their credit-but more so to AP.


But yet-I don’t think AP will be happy!

When he IS happy,we are in for a real treat!!!


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If your 846 remark is aimed at me then it is both inaccurate and offensive.


bada bing1





No – that is what you are saying I’m saying.

I am not saying Celtic colluded at all . I’m saying Rangers lied to get a UEFA licence in 2011.

PL told me personally that he needed evidence of the type that occured when Dallas and Dougie McDonald collaborated to keep the truth hidden after the Tannadice game which Celtic used to question the SFA ie leverage.

He was given it but did not use it.

He was provided with more and more as more information emerged and still did not use it, going as far as to hide the central issue of the circumstances the licence was granted in his justification for voting against the later Res12 of the 2019 AGM. He also directed requisitioners down what turned out to be a 5WA cul de sac, an Agreement he accepted.

I am not suggesting that resistance to the facts presented , and I assumed a level of competence on his part on receiving the e mail of Jan 2018, meant he had colluded with Rangers as in a secret Agreement existed between both, I’m saying why would he do all that he could to make sure what happened in 2011 was never investigated?

I think that a reasonable question in the circumstances, you seem unprepared to ask it , but that’s your song and your dance , just dont try putting your lyrics into my mouth.


Rebus67 @ 9:07 PM,

Yes, Auldheid has done a phenomenal amount of work on this and it is very impressive, so you may deduce that if a smoking gun was there, he would have found it.

Yet deceit by its very nature can be complex and elusive.

There maybe alternative explanations but the one that works for me and ties up the loose ends is this.

The major shareholders and by by extension the Celtic PLC Board’s aim is to get Celtic FC in a higher echelon.


The European Super League

Or, all else failing

The Atlantic League

How actively they are pursuing any particular one at any particular time seems to vary.

But to have Celtic FC readied for the call seems the ultimate driving force of all the PLC decision making.

For me the old firm would feature highly in any move and that’s why a relatively competitive Rangers is necessary.

Do I have proof, well executives I believe have made it clear it’s a desire but does that mean a controlling driver that dominates decision making.

Again that’s circumstantial…

Yet we can ask ourselves why did Celtic hoard so much money, when good practice in both football clubs and PLC businesses demand capital is put to work?

Why did we spend so much time looking at upgrading Barrowfield, the stadium and environs when little of this was done? Planning a museum, a hotel, making Celtic Park a destination. Not for the STHs, they don’t even get hot water.

Why did we pay a huge salary and bonuses to a CEO, who was jet-setting with the ECA, Uefa, planning stadium upgrades, hoarding away capital despite saying every penny will go back to the club. Risk averse to the pint of thwarting away ambition, dampening success, failing and seemingly incompetent in his day to day role?

Why was the old firm model so important to Celtic PLC? Despite all that is said, everything was done outwith the BR tenure to ensure competition – for all we’ve discussed, actions speak louder than words.

The strong Celtic business fundamentals and cash rich, it was set up in such a way that should they be called on, they could have gone from a 100m SPL club to a 200m fledgling Euro League club to an established 400m Euro league club in three seasons.

The value of the PLC would have soared and the ROI would be huge for shareholders.

It is my strong belief this has been Celtic PLC Boards raison d’etre for the last fifteen years and explains much of the supporters headscratching and the Board’s double talk.

Now you are obviously a free thinker who requires evidence. Yet above and beyond reason I can’t give you that but great to chat and all the best.

Hail Hail


So that’s the Huns back in business then, 5-0. Ah well.

I sure as heck would take that result tonight, rather than last Tuesday.

It’s coming down the road… LIQUIDATION that is. 😀😀😀😀

Hail Hail.



Then why oh why did you respond to my alternative suggestion???

Of course Rangers lied. You proved it. My original post had nothing, nothing to do with the licence/tax issue. It was about the old firm model and the implication that Celtic colluded to maintain it.

Have a nice evening. I am about to sample a Baco Noir and a new recipe for Tikka Marsalla. Smells great, don’t you think?




I am a Statistician so I write poetry about the inference—-evidence——-type I error—- all the time.

I do, however, worry about how flawed conclusions diffuse across social media.


Margaret McGill

I am so tired listening to the res12’rs defend themselves from TIMS for 10 years!
From a rigid belief system, where Celtic sit to the left of the pope, that won’t allow many Tims to make the conceptual leap that Celtic PLC are just a bunch of Tory cnuts colluding with another bunch of Tory cnuts to make money. Lying their fucking arses off and feeding the supporters a line of shite that they gobble up every year for 18 years!


Mags, Do you propose to be present at the Celtic AGM? Have you put forward a ‘questioning proposal’ to the Board?
What’s your plan?

Margaret McGill

The plan is dont give them your money.
If you do then fuck any plans.
Waste of time…ad infintum


Mags I have stopped giving them money.
But I bought shares.
I joined CST.
I back Auldheid’s proposals.

I repeat. What is your alternative plan of action?

I will join if I think it’s a goer!



I responded to clarify points both you and Chairbhoy raised based on the Tweets I copied over to SC.

(Memo to self: Tweets confined to 256 characters not within the context of the Tweet thread dont always articulate over well)

Looks like I made a poor job of it in your case or misread your points but it has allowed me to add a bit of the narrative the repository lacks, I must write a book to do that.

Chairbhoy re your thesis on joining EPL there is a record of a piece of joint work between Martin Bain and Peter Lawwell where they are trying to sell the Old Firm to the EPL. I must search for it now and link to it.

It is quite revealing of itself but the date might mean a lot or nothing.

It was dated Feb 2011 a month before Rangers submission for a UEFA licence was lodged.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Rangers perilous financial position was known by Celtic and joining the EPL would be a solution that suited both completely.

Speculation of course but when you see both CEOs working together to save their club’s futures, you do wonder what was known by both at that time.

The alternative to keep the wolf from the Ibrox door was CL money and had Rangers beaten Malmo then the imminent danger of insolvency would have been averted.

Of course had that happened , it is possible that within 7 days of Malmo losing, the arrival of Sherriff Offcers at Ibrox might have got members of Malmo FC embarking on whatever the Swedish is for :” Resolution 12″ 🙂

Margaret McGill

I bought shares years ago. In retrospect it was charity.
There is no plan or alternative plan.
Dont give them your money.
Spread the word


Mags, The General Strike in 1926 would have won the day if everyone had joined in and it had lasted longer. The miners lasted longer than most.

The Celtic boycott in 1994? There was still thousands attending.

Nothing’s changed – your an idealist if you think 100% are going to withhold their money.

Margaret McGill

Yes you are right.
I am an idealist.
My contrary argument therefore is this (“you” in the collective sense):
“Quit whining about the fuckin huns then. You get what you deserve.
Maybe you get what you wanted anyway 🙂 “



I’ll give you that Tim’s have been the ones putting up resistance. That came as a bit of a shocker to be honest.

However I think that resistance has been overcome and one aim of Res12 might be achieved, which is introducing the idea of accountability to the Board and with it killing the idea that the Board are invulnerable so what is the point?

For what it’s worth I think it can only be to everyones benefit if we are all pulling in one direction, support and Board but it’s a huge elephant that can only be eaten a bit of a time.

Resistance is futile if you have the patience to make it so.

I must chat with H.

Margaret McGill

Your perseverance is absolutely phenomenal and erudite to boot. I salute you.


Mags, you’re not the worst! 🙂


There’s no lead vocalist in this song.
There’s no strings.
No brass or woodwind.
No guitars.

It’s all percussion – tuned, including piano, drums of allsorts. And backing vocals like – phenomenal!

And I love the Lisbon Lion in it!

Margaret McGill

North Lanarkshire Catholic schoolboy
Labour Party funded education.
Whats your idea of worst?


Mags, you sound like my kind of person! But I love protestants and folk of every or no religion too! All my life.



The Celtic board knew about Rangers financial problems long before 2011. Brian Quinn specifically warned Murray about his use of tax avoidance/evasion tactics in 2003,and made sure that the Juninho deal was cleared and above board.

And a year later,when Murray launched his failed £50m share issue,it was clear for everyone to see that they were mortally wounded.

Of course,it was at that time that Lawwell darkened our doorstep. What a bliddy coincidence,eh?


Sorry but I was not finished.
The moral of this video is that the wild animals stopped fighting each other and helped each other to the life saving water!

It’s what I loved about the Olympics, Countries coming together. Despite differences. Not all ‘friends’ on a global sense. But when you see the sportsmen and women competing against each other, then, hugging, smiling, talking with each other, congratulating, consoling after an event it gives you joy.


Just had a quick shifty there and see postings re HUNS DEBT, all very interesting but, can anyone remember their players deferring 3 months wages? Now, that would be a tidy sum.

Has this been paid?

Is this why they’ve lost 3 in a row?



JTT The Brits turned the Olympics into a ‘Team GB’ nationalistic flag waving event that had nothing to do with sport and everything to do with Brexit. Glad the whole sham is over HH



Hmmm,good point. Add another £10m to the debt then.


Is it beyond the realms of possibility that sane minded people could organise a mass protest to the bigoted Orange fest in September 🤔



I didn’t watch a single event at The Olympics,for pretty much the same reason. I’m happy for each individual,of course-they’ve worked really hard for their achievements-but the flag waving is a turn off.


Gordon, I just loved watching the events in the Olympics. I’m sure you’ve watched football on the telly and only paid lip service to the presenters & commentators.


JTT I watched the Olympics on Eurosport not the British Biased Corporation 😜


Commentators are handy for identifying players etc



There was a big press hullabaloo re hun players giving up 3 x months wages.

If, big if, they paid the players back, it would have been screamed from the roof at Pacific Quay (BBC)



The Irish diaspora population in Scotland needs to grow a pair and say enough is enough. After the anti-Irish riot in George Square in May there should be no more sectarian marches in Glasgow HH


Here’s a thought. Supposing it’s correct that they have the right to take to the streets. But surely they don’t have the right to close streets? To traffic for instance. So they are only allowed to use a half of the road. Meanwhile traffic can pass by on the other side of the road. Put them in their place a bit.
Go on Nicola!
it would be a start!



If you or I tried to walk along the road at the hoot in a fortnight,we would get lifted. Rightly so,too.


The Irish Catholic assimilation into Scottish culture has went to the extreme that those in positions of influence report others sympathetic to revolutionary causes who they deem to be unruly or subversive ie TGB to the authorities 🤔


Bobby, that’s why you bundle me into a taxi!


For many reasons the Irish Catholic Diaspora in Scotland is without doubt the most cowed and timid in the entire world 🇮🇪

Garry Postecoglou

Maybe Glaswegians should do what they did in West Dunbartonshire.



J’accuse! I feel used and I think I am not the only one. I have noticed that your responses often include links to articles/materials that you have previously posted or published, or to your website.

The issue of a post seems less important to you than spreading your message or agenda. So I perceive that my posts, offered honestly, were used as a means of spreading your POV and agenda. My posts were never about Rangers lying and you know it. Like all posters, I object to being a vector to deliver your message a la Res12 or your views on football governance. Of course you are free to dance your dance or move in and out of your cave but do not do it on the backs of our posters debating other issues.

Solution: I have no intention of engaging with your posts in the future. I suggest that you ignore my ramblings as well.

Good luck,



GP 👍 The younger generation know the score 🇮🇪 HH


Gordon, how many catholic families nowadays don’t have protestant members. Or protestant families without catholics? We are becoming very mixed. The new generation of kids from these mixed marriages & partnerships are mostly non religious it seems to me when I speak with them.

It only rears it’s ugly head when it comes to the old firm thinking and orange walks.

What will it be like in 100 years time? Dead I think. it won’t be an issue.

It would help of course if rangers was dead! LOL 🙂

Garry Postecoglou

As far as I know.
Clydebank and Dumbarton are the only towns in Scotland where the Orange Walk is banned.


Our Freedoms are being taken away – Thursday Night was Amazing.

Celtic played with Freedom.


GP We’ve been conditioned to believe that the OO should not be challenged. Its a blatant racist anti Irish organisation that is allowed to march through our streets with Police protection. Would the KKK be allowed to march anywhere else in the world 🤔



I think UBER poured you into the last one! While I was buying you a ticket tae Shotts,I might add…

Then we went round to The Horseshoe for a few pintsa Guinness.

Garry Postecoglou

Our civil liberties are being eroded by the day.
I may never be able to travel abroad, attend a concert, go to a football match again.
It is why I have attended 3 Celtic matches so far this season. The atmosphere in that stadium on Thursday was electric.


Oops Bobby, sounds like I owe you a pint!



Good point. It’s not just because my mates back home support the other mob that i tend to be somewhat more tolerant of them-try telling them that when I’m giving them both barrels!-but also one half of my family too.

I’ll judge people as I find them,and hope that they do the same. They’re a fairly tolerant lot actually,considering!!!