Rebuilding? No, Rejuvenation!

I’m very suspicious when senior players with zero sell on value publicly announce an allegiance to the club.
Of course most tend to be Scottish and Irish, though there is the occasional outlier.
But as soon as we are linked with an aging star/name the first thought is always does he still have it?
And then of course you’re caught in the trap of playing him to find out, whether to the teams detriment or benefit.


I should probably point out that this article is heavily biased.
Look, I knew, just knew, Ian Wright was over the hill.
We had just watched a stream of has beens waltz through like a pre retirement final dance, and all had flopped.


Tommy Graveson must have been one of the most drawn out, then celebrated signings of my supporting life.
And he was soon benched.
So was Kasim Richards, and Carlton Cole.
Across the city many fell for Joey Barton’s ‘watch me boss the league’ bullshit until he was embarrassed into walking away.


The Scottish Premiership is not a retirement home, is not the relaxing nirvana that some footballers crave. I witnessed Ian Wright accept a swansong cameo, and he was useless. Didn’t need the money, wrong system, plain and simple EPL fodder as me mate Maggie Mc Gill often states.
The exception to the rule, as far as I know, was Keano saying sorry nothing to offer you that’s acceptable to me, so let’s just tear that agreement up and shake hands.
That stint wasn’t a top up, but a true case of ‘let’s match up while we can’.


And now we have EPL experienced stars Hart and Mc Carthy in.
Are they EPL fodder as so many others have been or actually signings we should celebrate?
Only time shall tell.


Our clubs history is littered with ‘later on’ players, Lubo being perhaps the most popular of recent times. It’s not the creed that counts as usual, but how they respond to the new surroundings, the new demands, the big club feel that accompanies signing for Celtic.
The hit rate on aging stars isnt good,,
Yes Lubo stands out but there’s many failures to cancel him out.


Hart and McCarthy sounds like a divorce attorney team, but may just become the spine of our team. One might ask why not earlier but that’s spilt milk once they sign, and welcome reinforcements they are.
Joe Hart will have a kid in front of him, almost certainly, so he should come in with instructions to vocally instruct that defensive line back and be fully commanding in rear guard situations.


While I don’t necessarily like these signings I understand them. Joe brings vital experience along and has had some Heartbreak pardon the pun along the way.
I’m sure a giant club at this stage feels unexpected, and may just be the shot in the arm he’s looking for. Let’s face it he thought he was on his way out, not up.
A fresh unexpected challenge later on in life is one you can fully throw yourself into, or just avoid if you want the easy life, and no doubt he had the cash to live the easy life.
Joe Hart has taken on a challenge, he didn’t need to, and he’s rich, so if he accepted a challenge it’s clearly because he wanted one.
Win win? Let’s hope so.


McCarthy could become our own Steven Davis. I swear he’s the most important signing they have made recently, his on-field knowledge invaluable and his body rarely injured through circumstances mysterious and otherwise. Our post Scott Brown lynchpin had been Soro, who has his detractors but deserves a starting slot to these eyes.
Ange looks like a horses for courses type of manager so in the bigger games shall we witness Mc Carthy with Soro alongside to provide the double screen? Makes sense to me though leaves only one slot for both Turnbull and Captain Calmac, both of whom are nigh on unstoppable these days.
That’s Big Ange’s problem now, and why he gets the big bucks presumably.


The pieces of the puzzle continue to be assembled, by whom is anyone’s guess, but certain dressing rooms need a few been there, seen it, done it and have the t-shirt types to talk them through the campaign, to help prepare each time they are lucky enough to pull on the jersey.
It’s early of course it’s clear Joe and James are here for the rejuvenation aspect, and not relaxation as it’s the wrong manager and system for that altogether
Our size and passion can help rejuvenate the men, while they themselves have helped rejuvenate our title aspirations alongside the hopes and dreams of millions.
Somehow the boss has managed to turn a bunch of ragtags entering a period of rebuilding into a rejuvenated unit whose attack has the ability to terrorize defences.
And now the crowd have returned in full to bear witness to new hungrier players taking the place of the old guard, which will help rejuvenate the supporters’ passion and subsequently urge the players to fight all the way for this year’s title, which is truly there to be taken.


Glasgow Celtic are looking very much rejuvenated, are building up a head of steam, and at this pace shall head into the final game of the month looking forward to the match and the opportunity to lay down a huge marker.
It took a grand total of three victories and two defeats (for others) but the momentum has turned and is clearly with us as opposed to the existing Champions who many felt would romp the league. The bookies keep on dropping our title odds, our rivals keep looking up at us instead of down, and our players just grow better and better with true coaching and belief not only in themselves but also the quality surrounding them on the field of play.


We aren’t a shambles and we’re certainly not afraid of going toe to toe with any team in the land right now.
We’re on the march, playing football the Celtic way,
and we want our trophy back!

Above article by MAHE

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Craig 76

I concur JTT53 well said 🤣🤣

saltires en Sevilla


The team needed a few ballsy experienced heads down the spine – say what you will about Callum and Jamesy, they would still be in my team, but are they really going to get in the faces of Huns and referees??

You make a good point about looking up to see what’s around you on a fitba pitch. It’s always obvious where trust can be placed and where more cover is needed. Good players know good players. The real concern now would be that this team has gaps and the manager has asked for players to plug the gaps, and he might not get them?

Now that is something we will know the answer to, very soon.

We are not out the woods yet, not by a long chalk.

saltires en Sevilla

Aye ….great point and already post of the day JTT53 … 🤣😂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, from a rather grey, wet and blustery East Kilbride. Hoooowwwwweeevvvvvver…………. today is the return of ParkRun across Scotland this morning. So looking forward to my 9.30am 5K plod at Strathclyde Park for the first time in over 18 months. Hoping, perhaps opTIMistically to beat 25 minutes.


Just logged in and the first post from jimthetim53 is blank?
Talking about old players coming to Celtic to wind down I thought about Joe Hart , Ronnie Simpson came in late in his career and did very well, Craig Gordon also came in after a bad injury and did very well , let’s hope Joe becomes part of our folklore
Watching the game the other night I noticed Ryan Christie was not having a lot of success against the right back and was hoping Ange would switch Ryan and J Forest for the last 20 mins of the first half. The other thing that bothered me is how many players tackle with the wrong foot, it causes silly free kicks


JMcC is 30, hardly hasbeen territory. The bigger issue is his fitness record- 50 games in last two seasons for club and country.
Joe Hart, in goal keeping terms, is in the autumn of his career, at 34 a year older than the much vaunted FF and 5 years younger than the Huns despicable McGregor. So hardly past it.

Neither has won anything in the last half dozen years – in JMcC’s case has he won anything at all?
Motivation enough to play with desire, commitment and skill.
And for all their experiences neither will have played in an atmosphere like Thursday evening.
Another reason to perform.

I’d rather say we have brought in much needed experience to compliment an existing array of previously poorly coached players who need direction on the training ground and on the pitch.

Can we not keep the positive mood surrounding our club going without needless “mineshafting” ?


On re reading strike my last sentence- unnecessary tone to a balanced leader.

saltires en Sevilla


Aye good shout buddy. I’ll admit you had me a wee puzzled there. 😊

The blog has been really/mainly positive over the last week or so, and that away performance in Czech was a tonic after previous outings.

The failings are still evident tho’, if less pronounced due to better organisation and good transfers in. The AZ Alkmaar games will tell us a lot about where we are. Really looking forward to those games.

Let’s hope Ange can get that wee bit extra, in terms of quality, in and we could be in for a decent go at it this season. I’d still accept a closing of the gap as we continue the building process and evidence of strong progress. Most of all I’d love to see him unearth a gem or two, I’m a bit greedy, from our peripheral players or development squad. That would be absolutely wonderful!


Maestro Fan

Agree, feels good to have some hope restored. The toxic combo of Lawwell and Lennon removed. I have real optimism around the shift in strategy from projects to first team ready. We used to have a few foreign internationals at major tournaments. Contrast with the recent – expanded – euros. Virtually nada. That was on Lawwell.

I don’t want to get carried away with Ange, because I want to see how we cope with adversity. Can we recover from going behind to an Alkmaar or Hun? But the positive impact he’s had is way ahead of what I expected so soon and the recruitment looks much improved.

The Hun defeat to Malmö also feels like a game-changer.


s e S

Yip , hands up – arguing with myself there!😀

Alkmaar will be our sternest test yet.
Finished a point behind PSV who dispatched the Danes easily enough. They play their first competitive game today, I think , so hopefully we catch them cold at cauldron Celtic Park.

A heid the ba’ centre half and cover/ first team ready full backs a priority.

I think we should set phasers to Malky and let the Huns know we are well and truly back. Continuing tomorrow with a dismantling of their cousins. We owe them one.

Sol Kitts

A man of few words… least your opening post wasn’t pointless. I came to a full stop when I read it. 😂

St tams

Mahe good article.
Regarding the 2 experienced recruitments. I would now like to see us recruit an experienced centre half , like Gary Cahill for example.
I know it’s early, but not convinced with Starfelt, especially on the left hand side.


s e S

Should have added- “unearth a gem or two” ,

It could be argued that the improving game on game Tony Ralston comes into that category.



Little doubt that Ralston has very much surprised a lot of people this season. He is in possession of the jersey and deserves to keep it while he is in this form.



Agreed. Another right back is a necessity, not to immediately demote AR but to offer serious competition. GT on the other side has his vocal detractors and same is required there.
We are still very light in central defence. We must not look to Bitton ever again in that position.
If Starfelt is a replacement for KA , we still need to replace the mega disappointment that was Shane Duffy.



I said in the close season that we needed ten players who were able to step into the first team,either as cover or as first choice. We have so far signed four.

Of the remining six,I expect three to be short term loans. That isn’t so bad really,as it reduces the chance of contracts all running out at the same time in a few years and giving us the same rebuilding headaches as before.

Actually,it’s five signings-I forgot about James McCarthy! Plus we have a number of younger “projects” signed up-but we still need a good few through the door. Just over two weeks of the transfer window open too.


Don’t disagree.
Three defenders, another wing man on left as MJ May or may not remain fit enough, and a CF when OE goes.

Ideally, money being no obstacle, another CM – a tough no nonsense type. We have enough “creatives”.

I’d take Moi back if he’s a squad filler wherever he currently is. Think he’d thrive in AP environment.

Craig 76
bada bing1

If we’re pi$$ing about with transfers yet again, I wouldn’t be surprised if AP walks if he doesn’t get the backing, he walked out on Australia, after getting them to the World Cup.



I’m fairly confident that manager and CEO are singing from the same hymn sheet!




Sol Kitts

I saw this, expecting it to be young lads, but there were a fair few of them old enough to know better.

Big Audio Dynamite

BB 12.14

Ah well, was good while it lasted!

Craig 76

Sol Kitts
Aye its no youngsters scrapping, 10/10 to the guy using the bin 🤣🤣



Pretty nippy on their feet given their age. Not a Zimmer frame in sight!

Craig 76

Sol Kitts/BMCUWP
Looked like a phone got dropped in the scrap, so he’ll be getting a chap from the coppers in the morning

Garry Postecoglou

Good first half at Old Trafford. Two really good fitba teams to watch.
Ange Postecoglou is cut off the same cloth as Marcelo Bielsa. We are in for a great season of exciting fast forward fitba. Cannae wait till tomorrow inside Celtic Park. Been years since I felt so optimistic about Celtic.
The Ange Postecoglou effect. 💪🍀💚


10 mins after equalising Leeds have collapsed 4-1 Man Utd


Man Utd running amok 5-1 now. !!!!

Garry Postecoglou

Wow. Man United are some team. Sancho and Martial on the bench too.


Haiti hit by another huge earthquake. Just what that country needs. There’s certainly someone somewhere who has it in for them.

Gordon64 Rangers 2 Celtic 4 – 1983



Seems that every regular attender at the hoots was in the enclosure at ibrox that day!

SOLKITTS even managed to find an old newspaper photo with us in it.

And I hate getting my photo taken!!!


We know that Ange needs a few more additions to complete his team.
But will this board follow their well worn practice of leaving us short?
The recent performances have eased pressure on them and as we know complacency is one of their behavioral traits.
We have spent a lot less than we’ve received which fits their modus operandi and unless Ed is sold i can see us having to use the loan route again.
If Ed does not get sold it could all turn ugly.
If he decides to see out his contract he should be dropped and kept away from first team squad as his negativity when he’s played has impacted our performance so far.



Seems that every regular attender at the hoots was in the enclosure at ibrox that day!
Not me Bobby …I was in the broomloan rd :O) hh



I too hope that Hart and McCarthy do the business for us. Only time will tell…

Regards last night’s discussion on Orange Walks. There is a fairly simple remedy for reducing the number of these offensive walks…if only councils in Alba were willing.

Just as fitba clubs are responsible for all policing costs, Grand Lodge of Scotland-and that’s not the PLC board I’m referring to-has to be held accountable for the policing costs of EVERY march held…and that is just the start. They should also be held responsible for the costs of any clean-up operation whenever Loyalist thugs decide to leave a hail of destruction behind them. Business owners should be taking legal action citing loss of business. Paramedics should refuse to provide cover at marches, due to the disgraceful assaults against them in the spring. Bus companies should be taking legal action citing disruption of business. That’s all I’ve got. Mibbee fellow Sentinels can come up with more suggestions.

Hail Hail

Gordon64 Celtic 3 Rangers 2 – 1982



We couldnae afford the posh seats!

Did you see my comment overnight about our mutual Ross County pal and his son?

Very proud of you for doing that,big fella. They would have been like a fish out of water otherwise.


Magua I would happily contribute to the cost of a water cannon during a Tangerine walk 😜


Bobby (M) I was glad to ,Al’s a gem and his boy is no bad :O) hh


ST holders on the HTS have to apply on line for AZ tickets which will be posted out 🤔


VP Hopefully your act of kindness will be reciprocated one day when we visit Dingwall 👍🍀



An excellent suggestion. I fear however, that the polis may be a wee bit miffed, if we gave them feckers the soaking they so richly deserve. 😀😀


I was in the Broomy that day. Will never forget YNWA at halftime.

Hail Hail.



That YNWA is the stuff of legend!!!


Magua I would happily contribute to the cost of a water cannon during a Tangerine walk 😜

Gordon, I’ll pay for the soap. 👍


Fuxake,Ipswich done me for £4280 for a fiver.



The lead article about the role of experience in the squad got me thinking about our next European opponents, Alkmaar. How are they fixed for experience?

Firstly, they have had a significant loss of quality since last season. They have lost their striker, Boadu for 17 million euros; their first choice RW, Stenge for 15 million, and their keeper, Bizot for 5 million. That is 37 million euros of talent gone. Replacements, a la Celtic, have been more modest. An experienced CB, Indi has been acquired valued at less than 3 million. Pavlidis, a striker, has arrived for 2.5 million and another CB for under a million.

We have a larger first team squad than AZ….33 versus 26. Of their 26, five can be classed as experienced(28 years+). Celtic have 9 players in that category. You could argue that we have a more experienced squad but is that really true? What matters is who plays, not who is in the squad. Remember, Compper!

Currently, AZ sit second in the Dutch league behind Ajax. The main reasons for that are J and L. No games have been played in the Dutch league!

AK’s last game, which they won, was vs Torino suggets that they will play all five of their senior players, at least initially. This experience is down the spine of team, from midfield to Goals…..their keeper, the two CBs and central midfield. They tend to play a 433 and the front three are young, consisting of two 21 year olds and one 24 year old. Their new CF, Pavlidis is 22 and should also figure as an option in the front three.

Celtic are likely to feature three experienced players(28+)….Hart, Calmac, and Forrest. Rogic may appear at some point to add to that.

Without deep thought, the biggest difference in where experience is located resides in defence, particularly central defence. However, there is the caveat that, like Celtic, there are new additions in there for AZ.

AZ have beaten good teams in friendlies over the last month but, as we know, competitive matches are different. Let’s hope we catch them cold and still trying to gel. They will be thinking the same.


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