That’s the most important thing, being only three games from silverware at the conclusion. Silverware which Ange could do with around March to hopefully energize the troops as they approach that final hurdle.
The Jambo’s offered a good barometer and a nice scalp to collect enroute to the inevitable Glasgow derby cup clash. Their coach, who I had hopes for, totally let everyone down with an uber defensive set up. It could have been a different game, if he adopted his second half tactics from the off.
As a team I felt we played better the last few games, that it was a change too far. We are much better with our Japanese talent leading the line, Odsonne may have been a bit better than usual and actually displayed some hunger for a change, but for me it’s a natural winger on the left and Furuhashi leading the line, I hope for the gaffer also. In fairness he does tend to notice the same as the average onlooker, at least that’s my conclusion.
As usual this team provides a myriad of talking points but here’s my three post game take-aways to kickstart the discussion.
1,,,Leaders. They are starting to emerge from everywhere including the most unlikeliest of sources. The void was there post Scott Brown of course but holy guacamole up they step from front to back.
Hart, Welsh (one rush of blood away from being perfect),Turnbull, Calmac, and now our brand new toy Kyogo is already looking like one.
Soro and McCarthy await their chance to be one one as does Julienne, while both Talylor and Ralston are no shrinking violets and excelling under this coach and his system.
Teams full of leaders usually go on to do special things, so this is a fantastic omen which, given what’s at stake this year, bodes very well. Very very well indeed.
2,,,Taylor and Ralston.
It sounds like a leather shoe company or maybe the local travel agents, but this unlikeliest of dueys have actually changed my mind.
Before, if asked could we go through a season with them as first choice I would have automatically replied no.
Now though, I’m starting to think we could ‘get away with it’.

They’ve both discovered two key essentials in my humble opinion, and that is you give absolutely everything when lucky enough to be selected, and when it comes to tackling and standing up for yourself on the field of play both the support and the manager demand men full stop, there’s zero room for shrinking violets in this camp.
Both have fully grasped this, and at this point in time have given the manager a genuine quandary regarding whether they either individually or both deserve replacing asap.
Do you think they deserve to be replaced on current form? I’m not so sure. Those funds may be best spent elsewhere for now. A loaner right back and Montgomery covering left plus Shaw, that would do me if I were king.
3,,,Just for reassurance that we have chosen the correct path I would need two things. A resounding victory without the mercurial Furuhashi to show it’s the system that’s working, not just certain players making that system work.
And a Starfelt ‘solid as a rock’ game.
It’s no secret he hasn’t convinced, and maybe he won’t but then again maybe he will. The other recent buys have excelled, and to be fair he hasn’t had an absolute nightmare, he’s just been average which isn’t the worst of crimes. I recall it took Mickel Lustig a few games to come up to speed and was hoping for something similar but if it’s coming it hasn’t arrived yet.
Alkmaar and St.Mirren offer two excellent opportunities to prepare for a derby game the defender will be judged upon. In four games time most will have made their mind up regarding our new Swede, let’s hope we haven’t voted him a turnip.

A couple months ago I would have dreaded facing a decent Dutch team, now I’m not so sure, and that must be laid at the managers door. He’s getting a tune these days, much earlier than I expected fair play to the bloke.
It’s been a long time since I approached Celtic games thinking it’s not if we are gonna win, it’s just a question of how many, but domestically we are reaching that stage now. Then it’s a case of translating that play and confidence over into Europe.
Then, we look forward not to playing the likes of AZ Aalkmar, but to scalping them.
By Mahe.

Notify of

Cheers, Mahe. That’s the most upbeat leader for a while, and rightly so. We are moving forward. Hearts shat it and defended deep. This Celtic will break such teams down and score a couple.
Alkmaar will be a great test for us to measure our progress, both in terms of tactics and attitude. I expect a tough two games. See how our youngsters cope. Could be the makings of them.
I’m a bit edgy re Eddy. I’d prefer him to leave, and get a replacement. Better show yesterday, but he’s still not playing as he could. Can we trust him to try whilst he’s running down his contract? If we’re gonna take a bath on his fee, do it now. Squad harmony and stability are worth more than a few bob. Or is our board gonna display its “penny wise, pound foolish” mentality yet again?
If both AR & GT show up well v Alkmaar, then I’d defo agree that they’ve nailed their places in the team. Still need cover though.
I agree completely re Starfelt. Needs to settle, and he deserves a little time.
Ange’s tactical acumen will be tested. Good.
Overall, we’re way ahead of schedule, IMO, in our rehabilitation.
Yes, Mahe, the glass is definitely half full just now.


Our squad is still too thin.
Right and left backs are a priority- not necessarily to demote AR and GT but to offer sound competition.
We cannot rely on Bitton as a replacement CH so another is required.
AM looked fine when he appeared but at 19 will he be consistent enough, an upgrade on MJ?
A left winger is needed. Moi?

At least 4 new faces. 5 if Eddie goes. If 2/3 are loans , so be it.

Alkmaar beaten 1-0 in first competitive game back might be rusty.
A couple of goals to take to Holland would be handy.

Garry Postecoglou

When every player is told to run your Bollocks off for 90 minutes, or you are binned.
I think we have our Saviour.
Ange Postecoglou

Garry Postecoglou

Calmac is the most improved player in our team in this Ange system. Suits Calmac and Ryan perfectly. Calmac oor Capitano was immense today.


Surprised cheating beaton did’nt card Kyogo for this


ASWGL any chance you could make that the background picture

Big Audio Dynamite

My wee Bhoy just wants to enjoy Celtic (Like I did in my teens) I thought long & hard about never taking any part in this again! I really do hate what football here has become. Let’s be honest, it’s a charade, but my son’s happiness matters much more to me. I may be doing it through gritted teeeth, but we really are enjoying watching the team fly.

Outside of refereeing, yesterday was a thoroughly enjoyable game of football. If we BUY the correct reinforcements, I can’t see anyone else winning the league this year.

Now ffs Celtic, speak up and protect the players ..OUR players!! 2 league games, 2 shocking refereeing performances!

Big Audio Dynamite
St tams

I’ve not quite written off Starfelt yet. But he has shown nothing so far to suggest that he is the commanding centre half we have been looking for.
As fo fullbacks. We still need 2 in and not loans.

Andy Pandy 2

How many of us would have thought after the first league game and the CL qualifier we would feel like this after a few wins…..I certainly didn’t. As we’ve all said, it’s not just the results, it’s the football being played. It’s a joy to watch. Tougher tests to come, starting on Wednesday, but if this is still a work in progress I can’t wait for the finished article. We just need the backup added, and for God’s sake will someone at the club grow a pair and start calling out the referees…..our players need protection.


https://johnjamessite.com/ Reputational Damage – We Are The People



Our football in the last four games has been outstanding,our finishing and our defending sometimes less so. But that’s a minor quibble,as both are definitely an improvement on the last two years! And while I agree that GT and AR have definitely staked strong claims for the full back positions,I’d like to see them improving their defending.

As I said,a minor quibble. Joe Hart is already an improvement on our previous keepers and this has allowed the defence to do their job without the sense of panic that they had previously. This in turn has meant that our midfield can go forward with more confidence and boy do they move it a lot quicker!

And in Kyogo,we have an absolute ball of fire!


‘forget all the crap and the bulls*** that gets fed to fans.

I know when I left the club Dave King and his people went round to my investors and said: ‘Charles has lied to you. He stole the money,’.

He said he’d keep the company listed on the stock market. No.

When we bought the club, Douglas Park phoned me and said, ‘I’ll give you five hundred grand to step aside,’.

I mean, the man’s a lunatic. The legal bills were more than that’.



Thanks for link to John James piece.
A well written summary.

Gave up on him a couple of years ago when he went behind a paywall.
A strange one.
Wonder if he’s still in hiding? Does he also maintain that long running feud with Phil Mac?


Hun situation is a snapshot of the best wee country.
SLEEKIT to the core!
Now to my real interest.
Both Madden and Beaton have proven they cannot be trusted to officiate Celtic games fairly yet there will be no recriminations for either.
Our cowardly PLC will remain silent.
Starfelt looks rusty and has a tendency to overplay leaving himself wrong side.
Maybe he will settle down?
I think we needed a more physical central defender than he but it is still early days..
In our young team he’s trying too hard to show leadership qualities.
Once we settle defensively between midfield an back he will grow.
Gallagher of Well would have been a good squad addition as he takes no prisoners.
Of the two full backs both playing very well in an attacking sense.
Defensively still showing a lack of awareness when ball played behind them.
Teams have sussed this so we have to address.
Though Ed and JF scored yesterday both need to be better at adapting to a quicker more one touch style of football as both slowed us down at times.
Kyogo’s outside of foot pass to JF was world class and Jame’s subsequent pass for Ed to score was also very good.
James and Ed are more than capable of doing it as goal assist’s proved but like Calum a subtle change in body position and mindset will bring improvement.
Yesterday and in midweek we showed our capability of moving ball well in tight spaces but as our press lessened in second half in both games we gave those teams chance to play ball out.Our space became to large from back to front so lessons could be learned.
Was hoping to see McCarthy dictate more yesterday but he wasn’t on long enough and played safe on arrival.
The boy McCann at St Johnstone would be a good addition as would be a more physical forward like Henry the French guy we’re linked with.


I do love reading the posts and how we play football the Glasgow Celtic way.

The two touch football for the first goal was glorious and goes back to AP’s first training session.

Pass and move, create space and you are always part of the game, just because the ball is at the other end of the pitch doesn’t mean you are not part of the game.

Hail hail


Replay of the game on free view channel 422 at 2 bells

bada bing1

Yesterday’s game repeated on Freesports Sky 422 at 2pm

bada bing1

Oops 😁

bada bing1

Gawn So 4.45 Roscommon 5/1

Bet responsibly….

bada bing1


How desperate are these poor people…..abandoned….


A very balanced appraisal of where we are at.

However, the defensive concerns, re proceeding with journeymen who are playing at a very acceptable but near maximum level, is risky, especially, as their back ups are young boys or a failed CB like Nir Bitton. At the moment, the Ibrox club has a superior defence to ours and a back up back 4 that has more experience than ours.

So, I expect, probably 2 more signings though it could be more if Eddy gets a transfer. The trouble is buying wisely in the market. We bought a Swedish internationalist CB with experience in Russia and he looks worse than the unimposing Helander at Ibrox, though he obviously needs time to see his fuller potential.

The bigger story on here is the Charles Green interview and the lack of reaction to it in the Scottish Press.


Yes, we are justified to feel more optimistic. The performances lately have taken me by surprise, at least for the first 60-70 minutes. After that it gets a bit ropey. Why? Do we run out of steam? It is still early days in Ange’s fitness improvement regime so maybe time will fix it. In the meantime we need a plan B for the latter part of games. Get subs on earlier to replace tired legs but here again there is a problem…..lack of options. We must stop losing goals like Heart’s second if we want to perform in Europe!

Ralston is the biggest surprise. He is a threat going forward, especially in the box. It is not just effort now from him. There is skill and awareness as well. I am less convinced on the other side. Effort is definitely there but the final ball is often either weak or erratic. As for defence, well it is no coincidence that teams favour attacking down our left.

Edouard was better vs Hearts but he still is not 100% committed….too worried about injuries blocking his move. My understanding is that it is his wage demands that are stalling a move, not the fee. He has figured out what his payoff would be if he runs down his contract and receives a hefty signing on fee. He is demanding that this now be included in his weekly wage. He holds the cards. We might have to give him a lump sum to move on, or keep a half interested player as he runs his contract down.

Still optimism is justified and pleasantly surprising. For many players it is as if they are a coiled spring……compressed/suppressed for so long, and now they are bouncing back under the new system. It it a joy to behold, plus the bonus of seeing the emergence of a potential super star.

Enjoy your day,



bada bing 1
The desperation that has people running in front of and climbing onto a moving aircraft is heart wrenching.
A situation that has been a long time in the making.
Once the US and western powers decided in 2018 to abandon the Afghan people their time was up.
Now if only the UN was fit for purpose.


Bada 1232,

Yes, tragic! Notice it is all men. Where are the women? The new regime will be tough on them. What chance have they of getting out?


Garry Postecoglou

Totally agree with your summary.
Our left back yesterday was the glaring weakness in the Ange system. Poor defensively, and too slow in thought and movement. He was targeted by the opposition as our weak link.
Taylor really does need replaced in this team.
I think Montgomery could be the short term solution. Starfelt is improving with every game, and doing his best to cover Taylor’s arse.

Maestro Fan

We have momentum. If we win at Ibrox they will fold under the pressure. You can see the anxiety our performance level is generating in the wired tone of the MSM commentary.

We do need better cover at full back, even though both guys have been playing great.

I’m willing to be patient on Starfelt. Give the big guy a chance. We’re certainly defending crosses better. However, I am quite sure he’ll be sent off at Ibrox, probably for two non-bookings. It’s how they operate.

One significant aspect from yesterday that went largely uncommented on was the introduction of Montgomery whilst the game was still not done. Quite a vote of confidence in the young guy, but also a signal of the serious commitment to give our young lads a shot. Welsh has certainly taken his so far.


The PLC need to show bravery in handling the Ed situation.
They have to drop their risk aversion and do what’s best for team by adding players without his sale
Give Ange the signings he wants /needs and be confident that the bigger picture option will be the winner.
At this point Ed is holding us to ransom and has already cost us in Europe where we lost the chance of reaching group stages and his non effort was a huge reason for such.
If his wages are the stumbling block to selling sit him out as his wage demands won’t rise with a season on the sidelines.
We cannot and should not let one player dictate our fortune and circumstances.
We may take a short term loss with such but surely better than our constantly being personnel short in vital positions?
This strategy has reduced us to European cannon fodder/minnows.
Success will see increased revenue and player values rising which should more than make up for.

bada bing1

Fan- going by AP’s comments,I think we need to sell Eddy, even if it’s less money than we are looking for, we can’t keep any unhappy players, as we found out last season.


Is that knocking sound opportunity or is it simply my knees? Reports from the always reliable Scottish football media suggest that Jack the Ross of the other green and whites, Hibs is looking for a striker to replace the injured Doidge. Celtic and LG, here is opportunity knocking. Time to move on Leigh. We should offer him plus cash for Doig to the Edinburgh marauders. Worth a try.

Is life really a cycle? My first supported team was Raith Rovers, largely because I liked the name plus my grandpa’s hero, Willie McNaught played for them. Now Celtic will play them in the LC…….I cannot lose.

Time for a bath to scrape off bad ideas.



bada bing 1
A club with the support of our size should not be dependent on selling a player to bring in necessary recruits.
Need is not the word when talking about selling Ed or any other player.
Choice and constant risk aversion and all the negative consequences this strategy has cost the club.
The PLC’s failed strategy is the issue.

bada bing1

Fan- absolutely, AP sounded pissed off before the game re incoming players, back the guy ffs.The danger is the Board thinking that underperforming players have started playing, and the huns are shaking, so we only need 2 in,instead of 5…


Packy, do you reckon Dermot Desmond would settle for 2nd rate golf clubs in his bag with two missing?
“It’s OK I’m not looking to play at the Open!”



Excellent stuff. It’s great to not be dreading every game, unlike last season.

As far as Referees go, in my opinion, Bobby Madden is far from the worst. By all accounts, players like the guy’s on field persona. He has also given us some big decisions, against the Ibrox mob in the past. The two worst out and out bigots in my opinion, are the spawn of satan-Andrew Dallas-and Loyalist pub-goer, Cheatin’ Beaton.Note to the PLC:Call these corrupt swines out. Though, I guess it’s impossible for one shower of corrupt Huns, to call out another shower of corrupt Huns.

I think that we can all agree that the league is our top priority this season. For that reason alone, I would not be too disappointed if the Dutch narrowly beat us. I totally detest Thursday games. They are a distraction that we do not need. I obviously hope that the Huns get soundly beaten. I do not want them getting one more Euro from EUFA.

Hail Hail.

Craig 76

Shocking if we’ve not put an official bid in yet


Great leader Mahe. Encapsulates my thoughts exactly! I think we’re in for an exciting season. I hope Eddy stays and I wish I felt able to buy a ST! 👍

saltires en Sevilla


Love an upbeat Monday – superb!

30+ attempts at goal nets 3 goals suggests more match sharpness required and we can probably rely on this ratio improving. Lots to be positive about.

Hertz managed 2 goals from three maybe four attempts.

Now sense that we are going to have to get used to losing a lot more goals than usual…winning 3-1 in a cup-tie, we have our nominal LB Monty firing a header over their bar from 6yards out at 90 minutes

We are going to lose lots of goals, regardless of defensive personnel.

5-2; 4-3; 6-0; 3-3;4-4 etc.

General comments: Maybe we cut our Central Defence some slack…


If French Eddie continues to play mind games, and wishes to run down his contract, fair enough. In that case, bench him, and promote young Moffat from the B team. If Eddie does not wish to play for the jersey, I’m sure there are many that would gladly fill his shoes.

Hail Hail.

Craig 76

All 10 B Team goals


Bada Bing, Nae luck – 3rd! Well that’s £2 gone. LOL 🙂

big packy

JIM dont mention golf to me, the one and only time i hit a golf ball, well i didnt even hit it, put the ball on the tee, took a big swing the club went skywards out my hands, and broke 2 windows of the clubhouse,another true story😎😎


Packy, LOL. That’s probably exactly what I would do too! Think I’ll stick to the fun mini golf on holiday. 🙂

St tams

The thing about Eddy, is that there have been no offers for him.
So the club can’t do anything else , other than play him

big packy

JIM, think young kyogo has the touch of bobby lennox about him, and if he is half as good as bobby was, we are in for a lot of goals,👍

Craig 76

Did you not back The Pride of Derry aswell 😀

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
A wee true story for you.
Several years ago, my work organised a round of golf at the Grove in Watford. Lovely day out spoiled by having to hit a ball with a club. I’m an occasional golfer, but hadn’t played for years, but decided to give it a go.
All went ok until the first par 5 hole. I teed up, and hit the ball a cracker with the driver. Off it went, dead straight for a change, going like a bullet over the fairway. I was just enjoying a good shot when half a dozen geese flew across the grass, and my ball clattered one of them. Down it went, and so did the ball, about 100 yards from the tee.
When we got back in the clubhouse, there were prizes for lowest score, best score under par on a hole. A few players had the odd birdie, but no one else could claim a goose (and I had 2 witnesses).


Craig I laughed when I saw that result. I called myself a big eejit! 🙂

big packy

SOL, brilliant👍did you get the golden egg😎

Craig 76

JTT53 🤣

The boss on the treatment Kyogo got Sunday
“I think he can handle himself all right. You saw that he just gets on with it. If the opposition resort to those sorts of things to try and stop him then that just shows how much of a threat he is.


Packy, Nyogo looks really exciting. When there was talk about him signing I watched his goals on youtube. He looked great. He’s playing up to that standard already. I just hope he can stay safe with all the cloggers in Scottish football.