18th August – If you know your history

120 years ago – 1891/92 was shaping up to be a pivotal season. The club had already made a huge impact on the game in Scotland, having contested a Scottish Cup Final in their inaugural season (losing to Third Lanark Rifle Volunteers in a replay (2-1) and achieved a 3rd place in the recently launched 90/91 League competition. At that time the Scottish. Cup remained the prized major trophy. Would the new bhoys from the East End of Glasgow become a Cinderella team… or step up and make their mark by winning one of the two majors?

On this day (Tuesday) the team are dusting themselves down after losing 3-1 to Hearts at Tynecastle in the opening game of the League season the previous Saturday (15th August, 1891)

As Celtic fans catch up on the newspaper reports of the game, they will note that the crowd at Tynecastle (8,000 – 10,000) was the biggest ever for a domestic game in the Capital. The “Irish contingent was large” and an interesting point to note was the Celtic forward McGhee, recently signed from Hibs, ran out to huge cheers. The usual Celtic forward McCallum, didn’t travel and presume injured? Wondering if the huge cheers for McGhee were from Hibs fans in the crowd…

Hearts were the Scottish Cup holders and clearly a strong team, scoring three goals without reply, until Madden squeezed a consolation in at the post on 90 minutes. Celtic fans must have harboured some concerns at losing their opening tie. …

Next up … Rangers!!


Fairbairn, Adams, Goodfellow, Begbie, Masterton, Hill, Taylor, Baird, Russell, Ross, Scott.

Goals:- Baird, Russell, Ross.

Celtic:- Duff; Reynolds & Doyle; Gallagher (sic), Kelly (captain) Dowds; Madden, McGhee, Brady, McMahon & Campbell.

Goal:- Madden (90) Final whistle.

Att:- 10,000. (Scotsman reported 8,000)

In other news:

A Hurricane hits Martinique, about 700 die

Nae French Fries or chips for four days…

90 years ago….. 1931 on this day (Tuesday) Celts are preparing to face the prospect of Hearts’ visit in tomorrow’s league match without injured striker Jimmy McGrory. Never fear, Linwood’s Peter Scarff is here and he turned in a Five Star performance with 2 goals, ably assisted by his near neighbour from Johnstone, Bertie Thomson. The wee winger providing regular service to the auxiliary Centre Forward.


J. Thomson, Cook, McGonagle, Wilson, McStay, Geatons, R. Thomson, A. Thomson, Scarff, Napier, Whitney.
Napier, Scarff, (2).

Harkness, Anderson, O’Neill, Massie, J. Johnston, Bennie, R. Johnstone, J. White, Battles, Smith, Murray.

Referee: J. Hudson (Glasgow).
Attendance: 20,000

In other news…

Floods had now reached their worst point when the Yangtze peaked. The flooding killed about 3.7 million people in total, perhaps the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.
A committee of bankers in Basel released a report recommending that credit be extended to Germany for another six months due to the country’s inability to meet its debt obligations.

30 years ago…. Apologies but we are back to 1991 FFS!!

A decent enough start to the season, the players enjoy a rest day having demolished Falkirk ….and Doug Baillie thinks …Aye!

In other news….

Clarence Hutchenrider, American jazz clarinetist (Casa Loma Orchestra), dies at 83

Rick Griffin, American artist and a leading designer of psychedelic posters in the 1960s (Grateful Dead), dies in a motorcycle accident on his Harley at 47

Vaughn Shoemaker, US cartoonist (John Q Public, Pulitzer), dies

Aberdeen’s mighty Shamen are enjoying 4 weeks at #1 of U.K. Independent charts with Move Any Mountain

General stuff….

1971 – Vietnam War: Australia and New Zealand decide to withdraw their troops from Vietnam

1976 -The Korean Axe Murder incident in Panmunjom results in the deaths of two US Army officers

1977 – Steve Biko is arrested at a police roadblock under the Terrorism Act No. 83 of 1967 in King William’s Town, South Africa. He later dies from injuries sustained during this arrest bringing attention to South Africa’s apartheid policies.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Sorry Mahe, but 120 years ago would have been 1901/1902 season. You don’t do Sevcos accounts by any chance ??

Big Audio Dynamite

Good stuff as per, Saltires!

Really exited at the thought of us getting Giakoumakis ..he looks brilliant.

Saltires en Sevilla

Chris well spotted buddy – that was my bad, hopefully one of the guys can fix it HH


s e S
I enjoy the historical ref points. Made my think of these lyrics:

September ’77
Port Elizabeth weather fine
It was business as usual
In police room 619

Gabriel’s fantastic protest song.


And the eyes of the world are watching now, watching now.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday.
Saltires en Sevilla – thanks for another well pulled together On This Day 😉


I’m in chester for the day, anyone know of any pubs that will have the game on?

bada bing1

PITYMEVIN- game only on CTV or PPV….😵



Might be a link here nearer the time.


Cheers Bada, but I’m in a hotel tonight and don’t think they will have the resources to purchase the game .

I will check the web and see what comes up.

I also like to watch the game with like minded people.

Probably need that link Bobby, but hate watching the game on phone.

Thanks anyhow


On a different note,

Just can’t get enough of Ange ball, its so refreshing to watch and entertaining. We must remember that football is entertainment and its been a long 3 years.

Here comes the sun, should be getting belted out from the stands, as its very appropriate.

saltires en Sevilla

Thanks lads

CFC – superb – saw him playing Amnesty gig at the oul” Nep Stadium in ’88

Springsteen et al…

Honved the following evening … less inspiring


s e S

That would have been a cracking gig.

Only saw him once at the ol Apollo. Around time of Biko.
The Simple Minds boys n he share a strong political affiliation and a stage on occasion.

Granny Macs Bhoy


Was at that Apollo gig think it was the PG3 tour and one of the times he played with the Minds was Wembley Mandela 70th gig.




I checked out the Apollo site- he played three times-‘77, ‘80 and ‘83

Would have been ‘80 for me. Tickets £3.50!

Thanks for footage. Remember it at the time.
Crikey 33 years ago.

Granny Macs Bhoy


Most welcome.

The 1980 gig programme I,m sure was a little red book based on the more famous Chairman Mao book. The ticket was £3.50 right enough I was in the stalls.

PG3 or melt as it is sometimes called was a great album, he had Paul Weller, Kate Bush and Phil Collins play on some of the tracks.

saltires en Sevilla

Granny Macs Bhoy

Melt-Dave Gregory XTC played on that album and Robert Fripp too.. I think


Games without Frontiers
I don’t remember ,
My early twenties revisited!!

Granny Macs Bhoy


Good shout I forgot Dave Gregory played on it and Fripp as well. The drum sound on the album at the time was excellent.

Big Audio Dynamite

“Football without fans is nothing” – Jock Stein

“Football with our fans is torture” – Steven Gerrard

Big Audio Dynamite

XTC? one of the first bands I heard live.

On your knees and pray, and while you’re down there, kiss your arse goodbye 🙂 https://youtu.be/NXJNMteWnPs



“Fans make us nervous “ or words to that effect
– Capt Tavpen

bada bing1

The Tory benches very quiet when the opposition politicians, getting in about Johnson…


Good Morning Celts, Grand Day For A Football Match…

Peter Gabriel is a phenomenal artist, don’t listen to music much these days but he is one of my favourites from early Genesis onwards.

Saw him quite a few times live, memorable ’79 when Phil Collins played drums and they sang the lamb lies down on Broadway. And Earls Court, where Kate Bush came on and they did Don’t Give Up.

Biko is a Tour De Force of a song but the English pop/folk classic Solsbury Hill remains my favorite for reasons unbeknown to me.

He was a great supporter of Amnesty International of course but did you know he started Womad? – I went to the first one in ’82 at Shepton Mallet.

An incredible array of talented artists many already mentioned, Simple Minds to Robert Fripp… Also Chinese Orchestras, dancers, the Chieftains and African drummers..

It wasn’t very well supported by music fans but changed British Music festivals forever…

Great memories…

Enjoy the game bhoys and girls, we are going to win.


Hail Hail



Re PG – never afraid to experiment, change tack, push boundaries. A musical hero of mine. And a positive influencer in many ways.
And a very humble guy-keeps a pretty low profile.

And yes, there is something special in Solsbury Hill- melody, lyrics, overall message:
“ Watched by empty silhouettes
Who Close their eyes but still can see “

saltires en Sevilla

BAD – Living thro’ another Cubaaaaaaa ba! Great you got to see them live – one of my biggest regrets missing them live. Fantastic band easily in my top 5 … at least they are today…

Chairbhoy – didn’t know about Gabriel and Womad. Did Steve Hackett join them on stage for The Lamb? I’m heading to see Steve in a Glasgow gig soon – it’s only taken me about 40 years to decide to go.

Garry Postecoglou

Josip Juranovic is heading to Glasgow for a Celtic medical on Friday. 💪🍀💚

saltires en Sevilla

Tonite hoping we score one more goal than them.

Take that to Netherlands and still in with a decent shout

3-2 Celtic only 16/1 on PP

saltires en Sevilla


Great news – Balkans players technical, tough and passionate!

Garry Postecoglou

Our friend Zbyszek who follows Legia Warsaw, rates JJ very highly. 👍


SFA announce officials for this weekend’s St Mirren fixture.
1-Cheat with whistle and eyes in back of his head.
2-Cheat with flag. Who has been told to flag color green as offside.
3-Cheat with flag.As above.
4-Cheat on sidelines with remit to report anything he can against Celtic.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, SALTIRES ,brilliant stuff as always, can you remember your first celtic european game, mine was on the 28th of september 1966 celtic 2 zurich o, think also that was my first night game, never forget seeing the floodlights for the first time can still feel the excitement even to this day, i was 13, also remember jimthetim53 lifting me over the turnstile😎 another true story😎


My choice in music is eclectic (nearly an anagram for a well known Glasgow football club) but talking of Augusts gone past I must have seen the following live from 1964 onwards.

1. Chuck Berry (Glasgow Odeon)
2. Rolling Stones
3. Brian Poole and Tremoloes
4.Manfred Mann
5. The Kinks (all the Barrowland)
6.Herman’s Hermits (Odeon)
(Could not get a ticket to see The Beatles)

7 A bit later Glen Campbell
8 Gilbert Sullivan (The Greens Playhouse)

9 Elkie Brooks Theatre Royal

10 Deacon Blue
11 Tina Turner
12. Jools Holland
13 Dave Edmund’s. All at the Armadillo.

The group I never saw live but date back to the early period and could claim to be my favourite in terms of LPs bought is The Moody Blues.

I was never an Elvis devotee but liked The Everly Brothers and along with my dad, who heard me play Walking to New Orleans on the Dansette in the lounge overlooking a Gallowgate pub (whose name escapes me at bottom of Charlotte St) where a Friday night was all right for fighting – literally, Fats Domino.

Those were the days my friends.

Garry Postecoglou

My first European game was against Boavista in 1975. I was 10. We won 3-1.
Would take that result tonight.


CFC @ 12:30 pm,

Yes, awesome stuff…

Just checked out some stuff and apparently they have found a film of Biko from that ’82 concert – had me welling up so it did!!!

Guess once a music fan…

Auldheid @ 8:51 PM,

Thanks for that, just one thing, the original email leak, goodies, baddies or person or persons unknown

Hail Hail


Afternoon all,


Thanks for the memories !!!!!

Off out to the big match shortly but a few sharpeners first. !!!

Would love to take a 2 goal cushion to second leg but any victory will do 👍

With defensive frailties, I can see 3-2 Celtic.


big packy

GARRY yes, that would do me as well👍


saltires en Sevilla @ 1:41 pm,

Yes, WOMAD nearly bankrupted him but I’m sure looking back he’s proud of it. Think Steve Hackett might well have been on, it rings an addled cell or two – he certainly was there and did an awesome solo-set, incredible guitarist.

He’s playing Oxford, tempted… Enjoy the concert,

Hail Hail


Google is amazing. The pub I referred to earlier was The Clyde Vaults where Friday and Saturday night viewing for windae hingers was guaranteed entertainment.

The one at the other end of the Charlotte St/ London Rd junction was The Oxford Tavern, a kind of rival channel to The Clyde Vaults in them late 50′ s early 60’s days before TV.



Goody for sure.

Garry Postecoglou

We’re on the road again! 🍀💚🇮🇪


Celtic Champs Elect

CCE do you want to go to the directors box tonight why of course I do COYBIG :-))



bada bing1

Lady Lade 5.20 York
Each way

Bet responsibly



Thanks for that link to Chuck and Bruce.

What a combination..

Loved it.

saltires en Sevilla


If Zbyszek likes it’s got to be a good shout. Great having links to folk who know about players and have first hand info, hope he is keeping well. Please pass on regard and HH


Is there any other subject that has as many dimensions as music? On the obvious level, it makes you move, forget yourself and enter another world. All of this without introducing powder or liquids into your body. Next it provokes nostalgia. You hear a song out of the blue and you are transported back to another time and place. Whiter Shade of Pale does that to me every time. Where are you now, lovely girl that I danced with in a stoned haze? Your hair was beautiful!

Additionally, music can make you wonder at the artistry and talent of the performer, or shudder at the lack of it. The Hitleresque pianist in Thunderclap Newman comes to mind on the latter. Mark Knoffler and Emmylou Harris on the former, both on a list too long to mention.

Then, of course, there is the emotion. That alone is worth the price of a tune! Gaberlunzie in Beith…..never to be forgotten…I, and others, were on top of the tables, ready to die for Scotland! The Strathclyde Police Pipe Band playing in the foyer of the Hotel Newfoundland in St Johns, Newfoundland brought uncontrolled floods of tears to both me and the Rebusette to the amusement of our Canadian friends. Ah, there are none so Scots as the Scots abroad!

Finally, before I weep, there is the entry into another Culture. The flamenco guitar of Paco Pena or of the Canadian, Jesse Cook takes you back to Spain, even during a pandemic. The gravelly power of El Barrios as he provides a modern twist to traditional Spanish themes, and, of course, the working class sadness and grief of Fado from Portugal. The surprising rendition of The Fields from a wedding party just outside Dublin brought history, identity and passion together in a lifetime experience.

Think of the tunes, the bands you listened to and it is a story of your life……furthermore, your collection is unique, personal to you.

Have a great day,


saltires en Sevilla

Big Packy – I’m reliably informed I saw Bobby Lennox score v Dynamo Kiev in 1967 when they beat us 2-1 but I don’t remember that as too young. I do remember Lemon was my first ever Celtic hero and still in my top 5

First European game I remember was Leeds United 1970. Remembered it so well my mum refused to allow me to go again until I was much older … my tales of being ‘lost’ twice in the crowd wasn’t clever … missed Inter ’72 and Atletic ’74 as a direct consequence.

Haud yer wheesht son …

big packy

SALTIRES, dont mention the leeds semi final at hampden, think you know the story😎

Big Audio Dynamite

Seems we are actually serious about taking back OUR league trophy.


Garry Postecoglou

I will pass on your kind regards to Zbyszek.
He is keeping well. 👍🍀🇵🇱

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