Buzz bomb !

A real goal scoring machine, in a Celtic career spanning the best part of 20 years.

Quiet shy and never seeking the limelight, Bobby Lennox was a tremendous player who is overlooked by many, because he was never one to bang his own drum, but what a noise it would create if he ever decided to give it a good old wallop.

The reason Bobby was sometimes overlooked, but certainly should not have been, is he was the professional football player, who never sought attention, and only appeared on the back pages of a newspaper, never the front pages. While many superstars would and sometimes did, bask in the limelight, and visit pubs or nightclubs after games, Bobby would return to his hometown of Saltcoats and have a quiet night in a cafe with a vimto, or a night at the movies with his childhood sweetheart Kathryn.

Without doubt in footballing terms, he is one of Celtic and Scotlands greatest sons. Some of whom have been fortunate or skillful enough to be either a Lisbon Lion, or a Wembley Wizard, but buzz-bomb Bobby Lennox was both.

While still a teenager Bobby was invited down to Chelsea, other English clubs were interested in me too, and he says, “Ach, I stood in the middle of the Kings Road wishing I was back in Saltcoats, it wasn’t for me.” Bobby would go on to make 571 appearances for the Hoops and score 273 goals, over 300 goals in all competitions. Played in two European Cup finals. Scored in the famous Scotland Wembley Wizards 3-2 win over then World Cup holders England. Throughout all of this he remained wee Bobby fae Saltcoats.

Bobby was signed by Celtic from Junior team Ardeer Recreation in 1961 aged 17, for a while he was nicknamed Lemon, as a newspaper article had miss-spelled his surname, and it became a joke within the Celtic dressing room, it caught on and big Jock would sometimes call him lemon too, as would some Celtic fans in an endearing way.

Bobby’s greatest asset was his speed, he had an uncanny acceleration of speed, and it helped him terrorise defenders. Bobby really flourished under big Jock after a slow start with Celtic, but when Jock appeared things really took off, and buzz bomb became an accomplished striker, and first class finisher.

Bobby’s speed could sometimes go against him, as he was many times called offside when he never was. In one game against Dundee United an over eager (let’s just say) linesman waved him offside a few times, he later in the game pretended to run from inside his own half and before he got over the halfway line he stopped, and the linesman put his flag up, Bobby just looked at him with contempt, knowing it’s impossible to be offside from your own half. The linesman got dogs abuse for the remainder of the game from the traveling Celtic support

Bobby says the tour of North America was the turning point. Five and a half weeks in North America, starting off in Bermuda, Bobby remembers that big Jock was experimenting with the team all the time, in their first game of the tour, as crazy as it sounds now, Jock played Tommy Gemmell as a striker, he actually scored two goals in a 10-1 rout of the Bermuda Select. Bobby would return from the tour, unsurprisingly, as Celtics top goal scorer

This tour laid the foundations for the success that Celtic were about to have, as they had now made permanent bonds as a unit, they would win every competition that they entered, including the Big Cup. Bobby admits that they had not realised the incredible feat that they had achieved after beating Inter Milan 2-1 in the 1967 European Cup Final, until they returned to Glasgow and around 60,000 people were lining the streets of Glasgow up to Parkhead.

In season 1967-68 Bobby won the bronze in the Golden boot award (top european goal scorer), he scored an incredible 32 league goals in 28 games, quite an achievement, but the old Celtic board did not tell him, instead they sent a board member representative to the lavish award ceremony, where the representative wined and dined before collecting Bobby’s award and gave it to him later on, this was a shameful way to treat a great Celtic servant.

Bobby says it surprises him, still to this day why so many Lisbon Lions got so few Scotland caps. “I would still like to think I deserved more than the 10 caps I got, scoring three goals in six wins, three draws and only one defeat. It wasn’t a bad record but maybe I was a victim of the times.” Personally I think the Lions were all victims, and treated with contempt by the Scottish FA.

Of the Wembley Wizards game Bobby recalls, Dennis Law scored the first then a short time after I got battered by big Jack Charlton. “He really clattered me and snapped a stud on my knee. The stud went up into his boot and it broke one of his toes. My knee wouldn’t stop bleeding for a couple of days. It bled through a grey suit that i wore. In those days, there were no substitutes allowed, but I wasn’t about to come off, no way.”

Just as well because in the 78th minute wee Bobby hit a shot past England keeper Gordon Banks, he recalls thinking “Don’t even bother diving Banksy, you’re beat”, and smiled.

Bobby had a great record against his old rivals Rangers(IL) once scoring a hat trick at Ibrox in 1966, but he is probably best remembered for scoring the only goal of the game in the De Stefano testimonial against Real Madrid, where wee Jimmy had the game of his life. A pivotal part in Celtic’s first nine-in-a-row, Bobby had the knack of scoring many important goals in very important games, he showed vast determination and real grit. In a later game in 1976 against Rangers(IL) Bobby had his leg broken by John Greig after only 12 minutes, in a horrific challenge, the referee gave a penalty, then surprise surprise changed his mind (same as it ever was).

In 1980 due to a serious foot injury Bobby Lennox called time on his Celtic playing career

Awarded an MBE in 1981, and a statue made in his honour in 2018 and unveiled in his home town of Saltcoats. Humble and unassuming Bobby Lennox is a little embarrassed by his statue that proudly sits in his home town in his honour, and he says.. “It’s all a bit: ‘Look at me, look at me’.” He continued: “I am proud for my family that this statue is being unveiled but I have to admit to be being a wee bit embarrassed by it all.

Bobby Lennox as Celtic top goal scorers go (301), sits above Henrik Larsson (242) and just below Jimmy McGrory (502) that is no mean feat for a wee quiet unassuming guy from Saltcoats, who loved his time at Celtic, only leaving for a short time to play in America, with Houston Hurricane’s before being asked back to Celtic, by then manager Billy McNeill, and lived the dream of winning everything in sight.

Bobby claims the most important match of 1967 was his wedding to childhood sweetheart Kathryn, I go to the same place for my papers every morning, I go to the same place for my morning rolls, i like being just wee Bobby fae Saltcoats

At Celtic Bobby Lennox won 11 League medals, 8 Scottish Cup medals, 5 League Cup medals (scoring 63 goals in the competition) 1 European Cup medal.

On Bobby Lennox…

Bobby Charlton: If I’d had Lennox in my team, I could have played forever. He was one of the best strikers I have ever seen.

Alfredo Di Stefano: The Scotsman who gave me the most trouble was Bobby Lennox of Celtic. My testimonial at the Bernabeu was against Celtic as, of course, they were the champions of Europe in 1967, and although I remember the Bernabeu rising to Jimmy Johnstone, I admired Lennox greatly.

This part taken from Celtic wiki: Walter MacRae, a Scotland trainer who also worked with Kilmarnock, a club that almost signed Bobby Lennox as a youth, told him “You were unlucky Bobby, you were nearly at Kilmarnock, we were keen to sign you but we thought you were a bit too small.” With a bemused look on his face Bobby replied …“I was unlucky ? I’ve got a European Cup winners medal.” MacRae had the good grace to laugh when he realised what he’d said.

Bobby Lennox at a testimonial dinner: “Explaining the unusual healing skills of Celtic physio Bob Rooney when Bobby Lennox once struggled to see properly after heading the ball and getting grit in his eye. Rooney told him to lie still and then licked the grit from his eyeball…….”What did he do for groin injuries?” …asked a brave diner.

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Thetic lost his wife on Tuesday night ..I wish I wasn’t the one posting this and I truly hope he forgives me .. the sentinel celts has lost a love one .

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ASWGL sorry for undermining the work you put in to the amazing leader you worked so hard on .


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Sad news TheTic ,sincere condolences to you and the family ..take care.


Fantastic, great article about a great man

Squire Danaher

I like to think I know my history but a few wee anecdotes in that article are new to me.

A fine tribute to a great Celt.

Sol Kitts

Sad news TheTic, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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ASWGL, great article, THETIC, thoughts and prayers.


Saddened to hear the news of THETIC’s tragic loss.



TheTic, God bless, so sorry.


A great read ASWGL.

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A Supporter Who Got Lucky – a fine article about one of my 2 favourite ever Celtic players (Danny being the other). Thanks for that.
TheTic – terrible news, may your wife rest in peace.


TheTic condolences

Was at a Sportsman’s Lunch 25 years ago and heard those very words said with genuine affection by Bobby Charlton, obviously respected Our Bobby and Celtic enormously – both humble guys, with fantastic talent.

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The Tic- so sorry for your loss



There are no words!

Live with the memories.


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Sincere condolences on your loss. The memories are forever.


Great read, thank you.

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Sincere condolences on your loss.

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Fantastic read above


West Allotment Celtic are playing Whitley Bay tonight at 7.30pm.


Or there’s Raith Rovers v Dunfermline. Don’t know who to support there.


Think I’ll just watch the telly.


Bobby Lennox’s scoring achievements are remarkable,as too is his medal haul. More remarkable still is his blinding acceleration which I never saw any defender coming close to matching.

Most remarkable of all,of course,is that he received a lousy ten caps by a blinkered SFA. Criminal.

His statue down in Saltcoats is very very good-for instance,it will have Ronaldo a tad jealous. Obviously a labour of love by those involved,I was a bit concerned that it would merely be a magnet for mindless vandalism.

After all,it is quite isolated and unprotected,and Saltcoats is a divided town.

I shouldn’t have had any concerns. In the years since its unveiling,I’m not aware of any attempts to disfigure it.

Now,THAT’S respect. And Bobby has certainly earned it.


The tic
Plnease accept my condolences.
Superb read. Thank you.
Bobby Lennox was the fastest off the mark ever. He would score even more today with modern offside rule interpretations and technology to offset the honest mistakes. What a career and medal collection for such an unassuming, cheerful man.
He played with, or against, the finest players of his time, and no less than Bobby Charlton rated him. I was lucky to see him score many important goals. Ah, the memories.


My father always called him the Buzz Bomb. 🙂

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Bobby is the most underrated Celtic player ever, when you get guys picking their best ever 11,he more often than not isn’t in it,it can be a generation thing of course, but his stats are off the scale.

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A pal just got his PPV money refunded from Wednesday night, he got an email apologising and saying he could watch the game again, he said no thanks ,it’s not good enough, he got his money back.


McCarthy is a ‘monster’ and the bully boys will be no match at Celtic.

Frank McAvennie claims James McCarthy will run through brick walls for Celtic once he is fully fit.

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If I had one wish this year, it would be the Tic winning the league for the Tic 🍀🍀💚💚

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The amazing thing about Bobby is that he still had pace at the end of his career with us. I recall him and Johnny Doyle playing against Real Madrid and their pace concerned them. In the game in Spain, Johnny nearly scored in the first few minutes.
Mind you I was in amongst the Spaniards and they would have killed me had we scored😱😵



So sorry for your loss. May your wife rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏

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PB- I arranged a charity game many years ago, Bobby and Wee Jinky turned up,I think Bobby was 48,he was absolutely electric, the fastest man you could ever see live,a very humble guy as well, A True Celt.


Morning all, many thanks for the kind words.

Puff no need to apologise, thanks for making us all aware, so we can offer our support.

TheTic my sincerest condolences on the loss of your lovely wife, perhaps words will not be of much comfort, as you have no doubt lost your best friend, as well as your life partner. Please try to remember all your good and happier times together, I hope that can help you, and your family through this heartbreaking period.

May she rest in peace.



Morning all.
Thetic…sincere condolences on the loss of your wife. I hope the memory of your good times together sees you through this sad time.
And Jim from yesterday, condolences to you too on the loss of your uncle. It’s always a sobering thought when the older members of the family leave us – it reminds us of our own mortality.


Bobby Lennox is probably the lettering through my Celtic stick of rock looking at time he was a Celtic player.

The video reminded me of some of the games I saw him play and I was in the crowd at Rangers end at Ibrox when he scored his hat trick. I think it was a Glasgow Cup game.

I think the St Mungo school scarf with some blue in it kept me safe

I have a memory of a game v Real Madrid I think at CP where the Real full back had Bobby in his pocket, the conversation with my dad was our shared doubt if Bobby would make the grade! That must have influenced my reluctance since to judge a player too soon.

A true Celtic great in a team of greats.

Thanks for the memories ASWGL. ( late ediit)

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I thought I would take a look at UEFA’s rules on shirt sponsors after seeing Kent wearing a shirt with the 32Red logo and the rest of them with Unibet on their shirts.
The regulations state that “a team may advertise up to two playing attire sponsors, one of which may be displayed on the shirt at chest height and the other on the left sleeve in the sleeve free zone.”
The important word here is team, with its implication of uniformity for all the players.
As the Sevco team were displaying 2 sponsors logos on the front of their shirts, this puts them in breach of UEFA’s Article 28.
Time for an email to the Compliance officer.


Having seen the impact the loss of a partner has on the survivor a few times, whenever I hear of such I just want to reach out.

It’s not always possible physicaly of course but I always hope the survivor has the strength to endure and there are folks closer who can reach out in ways that provide the strength.

I hope that for Thetic.




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The Tic
Sincere condolences. May your good lady’s soul rest in peace. 🙏💚

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Don’t worry Garry, you will get in! See you there. Not too soon though. 🙂



Thank you for a well written article on the buzz bomb. It brought back lots of memories. My first impression of Lennox was that he had difficulty matching his ball control skills to his pace. However, he overcame that quite quickly. He could shoot with either foot and he mastered the art of hitting the ball while it was in motion. He was also extremely fit.

Perhaps, the least acknowledged skill amongst his many, was his versatility. Like Wallace, he could play any of the five forward positions effectively.

A true legend and a gentleman,


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St Mirren boss Jim Goodwin tests positive, no more news on players

Garry Postecoglou

Just phoned my sis. Marcus is going for a Covid test, as are the entire Saint Mirren squad.

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