How many?

How many goals shall we score? That’s now my overriding thought approaching every game, not just some.
It’s bloody fantastic!
Under Lenny two goals and shut it down seemed the norm, allied with the backwards and sideways it was essentially yawn football.
How times have changed.
Do not, I repeat do not take your eyes off that pitch whilst there’s minutes on the clock for we are literally three passes away from a goal at any given time, and that feeling is priceless. It excites us, so then I wonder if the opposition equally are crapping it?
You can’t look away, there’s movement galore and serious intent,,,intent to get there first, to be a man and not shirk tackles, and to attack attack attack.
Watching this current version of Celtic is a breath of fresh air.
How many are they getting spanked by is one of the most beautiful questions in the world right now.


How many years of improved contract should we offer to our leader and legend in the making?
Three years is nothing, and let’s say he does a Wim creating an almost messiah like aura, some club down south will offer to pay up those two years left no problem and treble the wages while there, being smart realizing this brand of football will entice more supporters which in turn helps pay for the appointment.
Ange is a diamond we took the chance on, and it’s clear he fully gets us also so a long term relationship is on the cards.
Tie him down, asap, which in turn would help spread the feel good factor even more. Maybe strengthen his hand in the transfer market knowing he can buy for the long term.
An Ange extension is a must, and a free PR hit. How many years is the only question.


How many times shall Glasgow Celtic be forced to ‘discover’ a player from the youth ranks before the penny drops?
Right now an(other) accidental discovery in Stephen Walsh is our best defender, looks a good defender already despite his youth, is versatile in that he can cover three of the four positions across the back line, and shows leadership qualities in my humble opinion.We were forced to discover KT, now Welsh, and Ralston could be filed under a must discovery also.
There are three M’s in the wings, Montgomery, Murray, and Moffat who look real quality already. It would be nice if we handled them correctly, introduced slowly but surely, and not be forced to discover them. How many have slipped away because there wasn’t a crisis in that playing position?
This is where a Sporting Director could earn their crust and we could blood our kids from a position of strength with a good enough young enough attitude.
Let’s hope that foresight is within our boardroom.


How many years contract extension should Anthony Ralston be offered?
I will admit right now it shall break my heart at this stage to not see him appear in that hallowed right back berth. Did the beard inspire him? Something did, he’s raised his game two levels and certainly doesn’t deserve to be dropped. In saying that ‘yer man’ just scored a cracker on his alledged goodbye game.
If Anthony is going to be dropped to the bench, perhaps a contract extension would put his mind at ease, would be a great reward for his efforts, and he can genuinely tussle with another for that right back slot.
Morale is on the line, Anthony’s at least, and I for one feel it’s important to get this right. The suppvort are very interested in what becomes of our new cult hero in the making and will be watching closely.


How many times shall it feel that two parts of the trinity are pulling their weight but the other lags?
Yes there’s a right back and striker incoming alledgedly, but this almost the end of August! Our first games are in July.
The PLC needed to be repeatedly and publically out for their dilly-dallied approach by just about the one man of clout who could actually get away with it, the boss. Whilst others step up when needed, the board need prompting to arrive late?
Dom has this window to see how it actually works, but this is it,, he will be judged on the windows to come. If he’s noticed the signing system is archaic for instance needing full board approval which may take three days or more then it’s on him to change things.
Ange has pulled the PLC out of a hole here, not the other way around.
We have a cracking manager who demands proper football, it’s now incumbent upon the PLC to give him what he asks for and not be seen to hinder or hold football operations back.
A Martin style slow lane need never happen again with prudence and intelligent purchasing, if it does there will be backlash.
Should the board fully get their act together this club could be nigh unstoppable, at least it feels that way.


How many years before there’s real thought given to expanding the park? Season tickets sell out annually, with an alleged waiting list, and for the biggest games tickets become very sought after, sometimes impossible to source.
Play football the Celtic way and the masses shall gather wanting to witness it.
There must come a time when stadium rebuild and expansion becomes a real question, she’s getting a little dated now.
Will Dermot and Dom be visionary enough when the time comes and how many should the new Parkhead hold?


How many games will Tam Rogic play this season? I tell you what, I’ve never seen him so slim, looking very ready for games.
He knew the Ange move was coming, announced he would buckle down, and here we are enjoying the benefits. I’m not his biggest fan but he has twinkle toes, and if he keeps this up I will be transformed, always a good thing.
I guess a certain derby game will tell us a lot but a revitalized Tam is a good thing, even I know that.
Tam is in danger of becoming a hero here, I hope he grabs the opportunity more than you know.
He leads us to this title hes a cult figure and legend who might even get a testimonial!
Go on Tom !!!


How many times shall one of our employees be victims of the local referee bias before the club acts? It’s not Anges station and he has enough on his plate to worry about. Where’s Bankier? Ok where’s Dom?
Everyone must realize we approach Ibrox with momentum and the refs could be their big equalizer, and may truly hope to influence this title race via this clash.
The club should be proactive on this one, announcing to all and sundry we need protecting and the refs better afford it.
Even a statement about needing a strong ref come derby day would make me smile, lay down a marker to the whistlers, and show that times are indeed a changing. Its also free good PR, the support would appreciate it, I’m sure the gaffer and players would.

By Mahe

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Garry Postecoglou

Tam Rogic is by far the best player in our team.
Ange Postecoglou is by far the best coach in the UK today.
Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea a close second to Ange.
I expect us to win the Scottish League and Europa League under this genius Ange Postecoglou.


Good Morning all, raring to go to Paradise again today. Great, thoughtful, leader again Mahe. We live in the earnest hope that Dom delivers off the field of play as well as Ange has on it, so far.

Very much looking forward to my third match at CP in 10 days, and the Arbroath Emerald CSC bus leaves earlier at 1030 (my pickup at around 1050) due to them darned cycle lanes on London Road ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

The king

Big sexy tam sets ma heart racing ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ



The upbeat articles keep coming these days,and bhoy is it a pleasure to write them after the pain and suffering of the last two years. I’m still not getting too carried away,not that I want to piss on anyone’s chips,as we are very much a work in progress at the minute.

But there’s no denying that progress has been made,and rapidly!

I’m off to The Holy Ground today for the first time since we beat Cluj 2-0 a couple of years back. The midweek before,I witnessed the debut of Wee Frimpers against Partick. Everyone who was there that night knew that a star was born,and was privileged to be there. He is now long gone! But I expect Ange to not only continue to bring out the best in our current players,but also to be trawling through the youth and development squads to find our next new budding superstar.

I’m sure he already recognises the potential in a number of them-but how to convert that potential into reality? How to offer them genuine career development and a chance to shine?

It’s a good problem to have-and a much better one than a mere year ago.

If we can continue our progress on and off the pitch for another ten days,I know I will be one happy bunny. We can mark the interim report card then. But there is a confidence and a belief amongst the players and the fans that has been sadly lacking for far too long,and I’m glad to have it back.



High praise indeed for AP- but a little premature perhaps?
5 competitive games in Europe, 2 in league and 1 in a cup game is a rather small sample to be using in making such a declaration.

Time will tell when harder opposition is overcome.
I have very high hopes for AP ( in Scottish league terms) but letโ€™s not burden him with such exacting expectations in Europe.

As BMCUW states โ€œ a work in progressโ€.



Re our younger talent is K Dembele injured? Would like to see him flourish in this team.


Morning all…Bobby, a realist foil to a dreamer’s hopes. It’s too early for Mahe’s unfettered optimism but my God! things are looking superb at the moment. Everything seems to be going in the right direction but it’s too easy to get carried away in the excitement!
We survived the first part of the AZ test and put ourselves in a good position to proceed but we’ve still got to go out and do it. Remember we lost 2 goals, easy goals, to Hearts last week. A result, preferably with a strong performance and a clean sheet, in Holland sets us up beautifully for the The Rangers on Sunday – next Monday morning we’ll be clear as to where we stand!
Unfortunately missing the game today and am absolutely gutted!


CFC…Dembele got injured against Bristol City in the preseason.

Saltires en Sevilla


Great read and to see optimism and so many positive vibes. Good for the soul.

Three games coming to fully test Ange’s new set-up to the max.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be exciting…


Had Ange been able to take the reins a few weeks earlier, how much stronger would we have been by now? Our new coach has worked miracles to build the side up from the shambles left by Lenny and Lawwell.
Several players have improved by leaps and bounds, others have regained their mojo, and the fans are more confident than they have been since BR fell out with Lawwell. It proves the point I’ve made on here for years; the most important employee at any club is the manager/head coach. The improvement has been dramatic and almost immediate since Ange walked in the door. I especially like how he is handling our Huns with laptops media. The hacks have tried to trip him up but he simply won’t take any of their shit. Great to see.
Football is a squad game now; teams need at least two players to cover every position. I’d say we need 4 or 5 centre halfs, at least 4 full backs, 6 or 7 challenging for the midfield, three wingers and 4 strikers. Add in two goalies and you’re looking at almost 30 players. We’re allowed a squad of 25 for Europe. If we suffer a couple of injuries, and we have the inevitable suspensions later in the season, the squad can thin out pretty quickly.
The days when a manager can simply shout at players to try harder, and hope to improve a squad, are long gone. Let’s hope Celtic are now in the modern era. We do now seem to be going in the right direction.
If we give the huns a doing next week, watch and listen as the hordes go into panic mode.
I’m now going to get ready for my 1st visit to Paradise in nearly two years. C’mon the Hoops.



Thanks for the information.
Long term injury sadly.

Ten days to get much needed reinforcements in.
Talk of four incoming- hope so.


Good morning troops,

The best part of the header is HOW MANY GOALS.

Thats all we ever wanted.
Great to watch and have an aire of excitement prior to the game, instead of last season’s negativity.

Hail hail

bada bing1

CFC- We can all agree the fitness levels are much improved already under AP,but I think the way we play, high tempo passing and pressing, it’s making us a 14 man team every week, to avoid the drop off after 65-70 minutes, substitutions will be huge IMO


Bang on the money Bada, but what did we expect as history just repeating.

When RD followed NL he said the same



Shame the league have reverted to three subs after 5 last season.
The pace we play ,and therefore train , will take its toll.


Morning all & Packy,
Neil Lennon admitted on BBC Radio Scotland that he didn’t always have the final say on player signings. Sometimes it was the recruitment dept. & the Board!

He mostly blames everything that went wrong last season on the Pandemic.



Hopefully as the team progresses and gets more used to “Angeball” so too will the players,which will be reflected in their fitness levels.

David Turnbull mentioned in an interview earlier in the week that there was already a noticeable difference in the trading,and in what the players were getting from it.


Morning all,

Excellent article Bobby. As you say the feel good factor is definitely here.

How Many,
Pints will I have today before the game ?

Will it be more than amount of goals Celtic score today?

Who knows !!!!!!!!

COYBIG ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€


Last call for BGFC and Cosy Corner Bhoy to complete this week’s predictor

Craig 76

Peter Martin tweeting Celtic keen on Nisbet with Griffiths and cash being offered. Sounds good to me

St tams

Very upbeat article Mahe.
As much as I’m amazed and delighted with the transformation that Ange has made, we can’t too far ahead of ourselves here.
Give it another 4/6 to see where we are then, before giving out new contracts. We haven’t achieved anything yet. But I’m confident we will.

Can’t wait for the game today. Heading down early and going into the Kerrydale bar.

Weet weet weet

Celtic ladies back in champion league action v Minsk BT premier 1 hd



Aye, itโ€™s all the pandemicโ€™s fault.
The tactics, the organisation, the coaching, the intensity, game changing substitutions ,the interest levels from the touchline, – no self awareness at all from NL.

A thing of beauty

CCB is a non runner today so anyone who wants his ticket can meet us in the crown creighton on duke street before 215pm. A chance to see Ange ball in the flesh!! First reply gets it.


Great news. Similar on left please.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim had a lovely day yesterday it was joans mums 90th birthday, so we threw a big party for her, she loved it, could only manage 9 candles on the cake not 90๐Ÿ˜Žgot a friend ive known for years used to play in the big bands with me ,he does karaoke, he came along with just a laptop and microphone, and serenaded her with frank sinatra bing crosby nat king cole she was crying at the end, lovely time had by all๐Ÿ‘

St tams

Lennon bumping his gums again.
I wish he would just f off back to Tennents bar..

A thing of beauty

St Tams,
Whatโ€™s he saying now?

St tams

Blaming everyone, bar himself

A thing of beauty

Usual shite then from


Positivity abounds.

I am looking forward to two things today, the unveiling of Juranovic before kick-off or at half-time, a real quality addition, followed by a Kyoto hat-trick.


No sign of JF or JMcC

Happy to see RC in to freshen things up.
Hope he stays and signs a new contract or if he goes for free at the end of the season we should have a player desperate to impress new suitors.
If his contribution helps win us the league thatโ€™ll do just fine. Bigger picture is everything.


Sounds like my kind of party Packy, well done! Many happy returns to your M.I.L.


Ange said Forrest picked up a knock on wednesday

big packy

CHEERS jim ๐Ÿ‘ you watching the game in the pub.


NL’s explanation of what has changed with Celtic. He’s missed quite a lot of stuff out!


H H.
7.0. To the good guys.


No, staying in to watch the game (hopefully), I had enough drink post funeral to give me a two day hangover. ๐Ÿ™‚


7.0. is 100/1 with paddy power.



As I said earlier his lack of self awareness is staggering. Arrogance and stubborn denial is delusional.

Heโ€™s not having to fend off many offers for his management/ coaching credentials!!


Thoughts and prayers go out to The Tic and all those less fortunate than ourselves or with health issues.


Much prefer Furuhashi leading the line.


Thon Frazer deserves clattered. From a bad family I hear ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sol Kitts

Abada 1-0


This kid loves to score. Great shot with the left foot. He’s been a find but Furuhashi has overshadowed him.


Fair play Dudu Duhan finally sold us a cracker.


Straight red!!

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