Like A Summer Thursday


I can remember the good old days when Thursday was a day of rest after our latest midweek game,a day when we renewed our energies for the usual riotous weekend to come. Well,some things never change-like the latter part of my opening statement!-but it is likely that we will have to get used to playing our midweek European matches on,yes,a Thursday evening.

Actually,I’m struggling to remember the last time we had a European match on a Wednesday and acquitted ourselves well,so maybe the Thursday evenings is our lot for a while,and we should be grateful. I get a distinct feeling though that AP will be going all out to change that next season. It is,of course,too late for this season. A couple of ninety minute draws against The Great Danes followed by an extra time winner that we NEVER looked likely to pull back saw to that.

I know there is an argument that we didn’t play European football after Christmas from 1980 till only a few years ago,but those were the days when there were only eight teams left in each of the three tournaments. There are twice as many sides still competing post-Christmas nowadays,and that will only increase with the addition of the new Europa Conference League.

Is it really too much to ask for that a club like ours should be one of them? It sure seems so,for every year it finds that meagre target a bridge too far,a mountain too high. And that simply is not good enough.

But enough with the negative waves…

Tonight sees us take a two-goal lead to AZ Alkmaar. The result last week really could have been anything,as the action and the chances see-sawed with each side taking the ascendancy for periods of the match. AZ will feel hard done by to be two down-while we can equally argue that we could easily have scored more. It was that sort of game,and the tie is far from over. AZ are a very good team indeed,and we should take heart from our performance against them last week.

I’m sure that AP will have been busy reminding the players of that,and also that he will not send them out to do something that they cannot do,or at the very least are ill-equipped to do. I really can’t see him simply trying to hold what we have,ours is not yet a team capable of such as we really don’t have the players for it. We do though have the players to make it that bit more difficult for the Dutch by scoring over there,and I suspect that will be a big part of the game plan.

No predictions from me on the outcome,that’s for sure. It really could go either way. But if our players perform to the level that they did a week ago,we can go into the game With Hope In Our Hearts.

Do us proud,lads.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

Playing French Eddie has helped but our wee period of pressure seems to have went burst


I thought that was it. Should have been. Wheres the subs?

Sol Kitts



Ten minutes bhoys

Sol Kitts

I’ve bitten my fingernails so much I’m having to pick my nose with my elbows.


Squeeky bum time


Soro finally on

Prestonpans bhoys

Here comes Mahe,,’s sub


5mins to go


Well done Starfelt. Good commanding header


Brave by Ralston. Good bhoy. Almost there

Prestonpans bhoys

2 mins to go


Almost there



Prestonpans bhoys

Well done the bhoys

Maestro Fan


Sol Kitts

Well done Celtic, that was a hard mile you travelled tonight.

Ayrshire Bhoy

Can I come out from behind the couch now 🙂


It was edge of your seat stuff but we go through.
This team defended a goal lead when it really mattered which is no small feat at all.
Great scalp to collect, avoided energy sapping extra time, played well at times plus scored away in Europe.
Great game to watch, especially for the neutral, but we go through which is a boost all around.
Well done Ange and the Bhoys.


Packy, you were right enough:

“be a hard game bhoys, but they need to score 3 to beat us, and we will definitely score over there, im convinced.🙏”

Thank goodness for that 2-0 win at home!

Paddy’s Maw

Jeezo – that was very fraught! Especially when you’re watching it yourself!

Prestonpans bhoys

This is what this season is going to be like bhoys, enjoy the ride.

Take away the daft goals and the goalie does what he’s paid for you get a 1:0 victory. That was a good team we put out.

Anyway who was the arse who said that tempo in the game couldn’t last 😱😵😂

Big Audio Dynamite

Made the change and it changed the game.

Well done Celts! 🙈🙈


Well done young Montgomery and Joe as his saves kept us in the game.
Not a lot of contenders but maybe Furuhashi out best player tonight.
Apart from one big mistake I thought Welsh was good.

Maestro Fan

St Johnstone have done well, but Aberdeen embarrassing Scottish football tonight. As the huns did earlier.


That makeshift rear guard defending a goal lead is very impressive

Saltires en Sevilla

Got to be happy!

Survived an onslaught and defeated a tough, technical team over 2 games.

We gonna score one more than you this season…


Saltires en Sevilla

Mahe 9:16

Held on showing some baws when needed.

Many times we would have crumbled. Definitely some character in this squad!

St tams

Bringing on Eddy changed the game.
Let’s hope Ange knows he can’t play Rogic away from home in Europe

Saltires en Sevilla

Our goal – devastating AZ

Fix the uncertainty at the back – tighten up in mid with a few players that can shuttle 10/15 yards deeper in these games but still drive forward to press and get beyond their mids when required.

Fitter, tougher to go hand in hand with the skill/flair !!


Kept me on edge of seat.
Good recoveries from Welsh,Hart and Starfelt for a great defensive second half.
Young Montgomery was excellent tonight and if he keeps developing he will have that spot sooner than expected.
We still lack game intelligence at times but confident that Ange will teach them.
When teams press like they did tonight our mids need to find space for outball leaving opponents outnumbered on counter.
This will lessen their press and give us a better chance to build from back.
They left acres of room behind front 3 but we never had the knowhow to take advantage of.
McGregor was better in the second but he needs to take the reigns more as captain.
Rogic as has often been the case is a liability in Europe .His constant giveaways put us under too much pressure and it’s not like he tracks back to recover.
Christie was in headless chicken mode and left too many gaps.
Turnbull was quiet.
I know ED did ok but he has no anticipation.Abada played a great through ball that commentator said was a little to far in front of him but it was because he waits rather than anticipates and attacks space.
He has to lose that habit if he is to compliment Anges system.


I agree, bringing on a ball retaining Eddy changed the game.
Fair play to Ange for getting that call correct.
That midfield trio leave things too open in Europe.
We cant start that three again.
Montgomery and Ralston on Sunday,,Kent and Morelos will be thinking yes but I’m of the opposite opinion. They will play their hearts out.

bada bing1
Prestonpans bhoys

That BBC place is a cesspit, the Huns banned then for one journalist criticizing them and we take this constant pish every week. Throw them oot the door😈

Andy Pandy 2

Rode our luck at times, but if this had been last season we’d have been out. A change of personnel at the right time with Eddie providing an out ball was just what we needed. At least the manager looks like he can change when it’s required. Every game we see what we lacked last year. Well done Celtic, and on to the weekend. Don’t want to be negative but hope Kyogo’s OK for Sunday.

Billy Bhoy

Congratulations Celtic!
Beating the third best team in Holland is quite a scalp! – especially when you effectively score two OGs!!!

MOTM for me was Adam Montgomery. He was thrown in and was practically flawless – which is more than can be said for the guy he replaced! Surely he has to start on Sundays?

Enjoy the hoot guys! It was my intention to turn up but the Covid spike has put paid to that as my maw is very vulnerable.

After what I watched today I fully expect a 3 or 4 goal win on Sunday!


Almost a typical Celtic European night performance away in that the opposition do not need to work to score.

Welsh a bit unlucky with deflection off him as he was running back, a bit faster and its Hart’s ball but Joe badly misjudged the pace.

Starfelt looking more like “how many weeks before Julienne is fit?”

However the recovery was good, especially after the start to second half!!! That mob put it about a bit and Referee didn’t help at times but overall a very satisfying evening.

They must keep Eddie and Christie now.


Glass without a win in four games now.
That keeps up and we shall see Scott Brown player manager I expect, a rarity in the modern game but I recall it was pretty common yesteryear.


Ange was well pleased with young Monty!

Maestro Fan

Christie was dreadful tonight. Summed up when he took the ball off Turnbull’s toe when he was about to play Eddy in on the keeper and run the ball over to the touchline and ran into two defenders 😱


Just reading back and there is a lot of negativity everywhere.

Thats what happens when you have the volume on the tv. When we score, its never ripped open or how we tore the opposition apart.The way the hoops are dissected is the compleat opposite, this shite about long balls over the top and celtic being exposed. The reality is that when you play good teams , they have good players who can play great ball’s over the top, go figure !

Aye two completely shite goals to loose, i get it, but by the way we went through and we never lost a goal where we were torn apart.

In Ange i have a lot of trust. Go on big man.

Craig 76

Big Thank You to BMCUWP, ATOB, CCB & Garry for your company tonight.
As for the game that was harder than it should of been, but we are through and that’s all that matters for now


‘Of all the sieves in all the towns, in all the world he has to walk into ours’

Good recovery for the big Swedish pro, which helped us to the more appropriate stage our supporters deserve. But the only way was up, when you don’t know what foot to kick with and choose a pitiful playground Angus. Carl’s problem may still be dislodging blossoming Stephen Welsh when Julien is fit. Joe Hart also kept us in the Europa where Barkas and Bain playing together, wouldn’t have.

Ralston, Welsh and Montgomery were colossal, whilst the excitable commentators waited on the home goals, AP’s men stood firm. The key wasn’t the sieve but midfield, where levels of fitness and legs proved the battleground to the Europa.

Ryan Christie and Calum MacGregor toughed it out for 94 minutes, and Christie was offered a new contract in the showers
– shirley ?

Ralston to Abada, to Kyogo was a thing of beauty, abberation’s in between don’t matter, not the greatest of Celtic sides (yet) but AZ is now up there with Ajax and Celtic go through.

Three more in by Tuesday at Midnight, and it’s back to normal service

M.O.M Stephen (Coatbridge’s finest) Welsh

Hail Hail



Pleasure was ours,mate. Glad we met on a night where we came through some dark moments-it kinda defines being a Celtic fan,eh!

You know where “the troops” are,pop along any time the missus turns her back!



You would have been watching it from the Ladies Toilet in normal circumstances. That was a brutal watch. Never celebrated such a minor achievement so much in my life!!!


Jobo Baldie

OK, drink fuelled but here we go –
Hart – 99% to blame for losing our 1st goal but did well, after that an had a couple of saves that got us through 7
Ralston – are we in danger of expecting more? Did fine 7
Starfelt – an absolute howler of an own goal but a good 2nd half performance 6
Welsh – so young to be marshalling the defence but did that job fine. 7
Taylor – did his very best to stay on rather than wimp off. 7
Montgomery ( a replacement for Taylor) – Celtic’s man of the match for me, offers more going forward rather than defending but could be this season’s ‘one to watch’ 8
McGregor – felt he could have done more 6
Rogic – definitely felt he could have done more 5
Turnbull – completing a hat trick of midfielders who could have done more. 6
Abada – give him space and he’s very effective. One on one, not yet sure 7
Kyogo – a thankless task leading the line but took the goal well 7
Christie – I really do hope he is playing for an extension rather than a move. Ran Montgomery close for MOTM. 7
Edouard (a replacement for Rogic) – held the play up well and just what we needed when under the cosh 7
Soro (a replacement for Kyogo) – a neutral performance! 6

A thing of beauty

Well that was a lot nervier than it should have been. Starfelt needs to get his big boy pants on and realise what size of club he is at. Expectations are high – deal with it. I’ve defended him but he was spooked again tonight and it’s got to stop. I’ll give him credit for the second half and some of his defensive headers were spot on but enough of this nervous kitten shite. Man up.
Rogic as has been said was awful but I feel Turnbull was also very poor and that left calmac with too much to do. I know it’s ange ball and that’s how he plays but I was glad he took rogic off. He showed some pragmatism there. As times goes on and the players get fitter we might be able to play his way all the time but we’re not there yet.
Hats off to Montgomery, first class performance from a very young player. He’ll not shit it at the Victorian lavvy.
Thanks to Craig 76 and Garry for the company. Far too optimistic for this half empty celtic supporter though!!
Finally on the hospitality front. Just back from four days in morar, travelling around the highlands. Mixed bag. Our hotel in morar was good, basic but clean and great food and drink and staff so no complaints. It’s next to mallaig so handy for Skye but I have to say Mallaig is a bloody disgrace. A captive audience of people coming and going from Skye and tourists getting off the Harry Potter train for a minimum two hours and there was hardly a thing open and what was was shabby and run down. Just lazy when you compare to Tobermory and other towns that make an effort.
Also went to the talisker distillery on Skye, a good 50 mile drive to do a tour. Got there and asked when the next tour was. Don’t know, look online was the answer so we did. 15th September. Wtf there must’ve been 30
People there milling around with cash in their pockets and they could not have given a monkeys. Poor poor poor.

Billy Bhoy


Can’t disagree with any of that

We’ve just beaten the third best team in Holland despite conceding effectively TWO own goals!

Our second half performance suggests to me that we can expect to win the Treble again.

The two games today were seemingly from two different competitions.

Last seasons “blip” has been eradicated!

bada bing1

Prepared for a bit of stick here

Good bit- getting into EL Group stage is something i had written off a few weeks ago, Alkmaar are a good side,a better team would have put us away comfortably

Bad bit IMO- a lot happy to see Ange Ball tonight when leading up to this game,the passing out from the back was amateurish, and embarrassing at times, better or worse teams would have hammered us.

Rogic and Turnbull should have been hooked at HT,Bolingoli should have been on before Montgomery. McGregor had an unusually poor game,the goals conceded were up to our usual European standard. Eddy coming on coincided with AZ running out of steam a bit.We hung in there and got a great result for the Club. Another couple in,a bit more coaching time before Groups.Lastly,it’s much easier to pick attacking teams, than trying to protect a score, we can’t play in Europe as if we’re playing St Mirren, we need to be able to defend so much better.

bada bing1