Excuses in early

The week started very well with the Tims rubbing hands, two sixes in a row, playing slick, and having the momentum despite the derby being away in front of zero Tims.
Oh, and a new Croatian International right back brought in who just like Furuhashi is actually up to gamespeed, available right here right now, and can find the net.
Plus the versatile Scales, and then the small matter of progressing into the Europa League group stages which halves the financial rewards across the city.
Yep, it was certainly the Tims who were looking forward to this fixture the most, for this one game could jettison us out of orbit.


And then came the mind games. Please do not think I’m being flippant of a deadly virus, but ever since it emerged one teams Covid testing gets done independently overseas in a city with some historic allegiance towards that team, eyebrows were raised. Especially when the cases are significantly lower than normal for that sector.


After news the virus has hit that camp just as an energy sapping pan continental trip was about to take place, Covid has now become a footballing smokescreen in my humble opinion. The timing is extremely convenient.


I’ve previously indicated I felt this week could be decisive in the title race, and I will stand by that. There’s a huge amount at stake in this first derby game for should we record a resounding victory a march to the title looks a certainty.
And a resounding victory was very much on the cards. We all know that.
Now there’s an excuse on the table for their manager who may be looking to move down south, therefore won’t want his managerial reputation trashed at this time.
A defeat here with ‘a Covid decimated squad’ offers him an out.


I once heard a football manager state of you offer players an excuse and they will take it.
Whether we were understrength or poor ref, offside or disallowed goal, there’s very few times the collective take the blame, and that collective now have their out.
A confident team and manager need no excuses, and never look for them. They simply go about their business, and express a confident aura.
This is the opposite, sewing confusion.
It’s self serving and smacks of fear, and a far cry from this time last year when that dugout correctly believed they had our then managers number.
Where’s that confidence? With another season of working on their shape and fine tuning their Champions, where’s the bravado?


They win and all of a sudden ‘look what we did with a Covid hit squad, we are still fantastic and Champions elect’ and a draw or loss shall be met with Covid being prominently mentioned post match.
They are preemptively trying to take the gloss off any Celtic result and it’s that simple. The rags will roll with the virus angle also, job done.


I’ve no doubt Ange and the Bhoys have cottoned onto their charade, and could use it as a motivating tool if it’s felt necessary, but I doubt it is. Nearly every Tim will ignore the steady stream of deflection, and begin looking forward to a famous march towards the title. It’s my belief should the above look likely their manager will jump ship, giving that entire club and support a huge excuse for being unable to halt Ange’s juggernaut.


A juggernaut I predict shall walk away with three points on Sunday by hook or by crook. I don’t think for one second they or the whistler shall allow us to actually play football, but rather shall attempt to turn the game into a battle, set up defensively giving away very little shape and using the referee to their advantage.
While some players like Tam, Ryan, maybe Liel may not be best suited for battle, we’ve quite a few that won’t shirk and will stand their ground if needed.
Happily the back five fall into that category, and we do have steely midfielders to draft in for that type of occasion.


It’s a huge conundrum for our Greek Australian, who loves to stick with his style of play but having just witnessed his preferred trio be completely dominated, he must have some doubts if this game suits them.
On the one hand, win with his style of play and preferred eleven he’s halfway to Godlike status,,on the other he risks some accusations of naivety should those three get overrun twice in two games.
It’s Ange’s call and it’s why he gets the big bucks, and I certainly don’t envy him on this one.
It’s tough, but I would start either Soro or McCarthy, whoever is showing up best in training I suppose.


Anthony Ralston has fresh competition for that berth yes, but he will realize a goal at Ibrox cements his cult hero status and probably keeps him the jersey, therefore I’m expecting our Bhoy to storm forward with intent (on causing heart attacks) a lot, for better or worse.


Leaving Nir Bitton at home would be the first tactical masterstroke of the day.
Let’s hope it’s not the only one.


Enjoy the game and your weekend.
Come On You Bhoys In Green !!!

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Paul Dini

Agree with some of your points, but here’s the thing. It’s early days. In 97, we were sitting on zero points, after 2 games, and still won the league. Give Ange time. In 6 months, I’m sure we will see a turnaround. Just my opinion of course.

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Troonbhoy- agree

bada bing1

Re Taylor …

Troonbhoy, God bless. ✌ 💚🔥🍀

Magua, I disagree. Peace. ✌🍀


Paul Dini

Indeed, a chara. Peace. There’s enough that hate us, without causing internal divisions.

YNWA 😎😎😎😎…if a tad miffed, at the result.


Any manager on this side of fifty is certainly still learning his trade, Ange isn’t different.

And it’s much too early to claim Ange is desperately naive. It’s went his way in the main and now came the blip, it’s what he does here and how he reacts that he will be judged upon.
Stick with the same, then aye call him naive by all means.
If he does what he did with Nir to some of these players ( played, found lacking and didn’t select again) we will be happy.
That prototype shall be assigned to the history bin, Rogic, Calmac, Turnbull are too lightweight and had their chance, it’s clear more grit and bite is needed so either Soro or McCarthy maybe both shall become the first names on the team sheet.

Bad day at the office, players looked jaded, some in strange positions, ah well it happens and it’s the very best time to lose to them actually.

I reckon Aberdeen away on the 2nd October shall be a new midfield with a month together tucked under their belt, and that the bench will be stronger than today’s disgrace.

They were so poor and there for the taking, just got us at the right time with wrong players and tactics. That won’t happen next time.

I’m easy. It will be a title scrap yes, but we’ve got this.
I can feel it.


Starfelt looking as if he’s settling, he’s been good last three halves.
Juranovich is a player, and he wasnt allowed to go forward today.
Kyogo clearly had a knock, or was tired, and played out of position, but yet still nearly wins us the game with possible pen and possible square balltapin for Ryan.
Ryans worst game in a while, bit played out of position and still could have maybe should have equalized.
Odsonne doesn’t suit us, but when bothered is quality. That experiment should be over. It should be Kyogo or G-Mac leading the line, they are suited to it and we should rotate to keep both fresh.
Playing Soro or McCarthy or both will release Calmac freeing him from a defensive role he’s poor at, we should become a better side pushing him up the park.
Scales is a red haired Celt, that naturally brings a fiery nature, happy days.

Players to come back include big Jules, James Forrest, Mikey, Dembele.

If Eddy goes, and signs are pointing that way, a quality replacement shall be bought, the buys have been good in the main.

And they are the worst in years, that was very poor at times.

The glass is half full, the postman shall deliver.
Relax Bhoys.

Margaret McGill

Lawwell wishful thinking typing vicariously ?
Your opinions on tactics, spending, team selection and management are less than worthless.
Think of it this way
If they did there wouldn’t be any “Rangers”
That’s how much shite you all talk
Never mind let’s have another whip around for those less fortunate than us
Makes us feel morally superior


“Your opinions on tactics, spending, team selection and management are less than worthless”
Worthless to whom though? A tactical mind enriches the blog, can educate friends on details they missed and as shown by the supporter who now works for Brendan after noticing certain player trends can be a valuable commodity.

“If they did there wouldn’t be any “Rangers”
I remind you that supporter power denied “Rangers” immediate SPL or Championship respawn, surely to be commended rather than scorned?
They have been deemed commercially essential for Scottish football, that’s clear, but there’s a limit to how many times and rules can be bent to ensure that. Many Tims wouldn’t accept another version.

“That’s how much shite you all talk
Never mind let’s have another whip around for those less fortunate than us
Makes us feel morally superior”
Bullshit, the morally superior wouldn’t have a whipround for others and never ever on a Sellic site should acts of charity be flippantly dismissed.
Weve handed four figures to charity and no one is taking that away from us, or belittling that act.

Must disagree with your post Sir.
Shower then bar.
Later Bhoys.

Ps, the toughest redneck I know just spent three days in ICU, is home on oxygen but sounds lucky to be alive. It was touch and go with blood clots. If it can do that to him,,,,either get vaxxed or take serious precautions maybe.
It truly is your choice, but please know what it’s like and the above is hand on heart true.
That’s all I’m saying. Everyone take care.

Margaret McGill

Couldnt disagree with you more
Celtic supporters have been had and you know it.
No amount of any analysis, charity or history will change that FACT!

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