A bridge too far

Yesterday a work in progress suffered a blip.
It happens everyday, and it just happened to be our turn. Its not particularly pleasant, but its not catastrophic either and in many ways such blips are needed to experience and overcome, they can help the group in the long run.
And I firmly believe that result will help in the long run.
Ange still doesn’t know his first choice eleven, and yesterdays latest shuffling around damaged our shape more than the opponent. Im not going to blame Ange for the act, almost everyone wanted a stiffer midfield than we have watched recently, but it didn’t work and the manager must heed that lesson.
In our biggest game of the season to date, we were badly exposed, but its action I expect more than questions.
Our midfield wasnt as strong as it could have been, he went with an attacking lineup rather than bringing in a screening player, probably believing Eddy would retain the ball well just like in Europe midweek. I admit he looked hungry then, and that trick worked, but this was night and day and I get the impression that team is happy to see an Odsonne Eduoard playing whereas now the Tims arent.
Ange has been struggling for consistency in the middle of the park, drafting in Soro earlier in the season but after defeat in Denmark and Tynecastle dropping him and signing EPL experienced McCarthy, who ironically wasn’t available.
This latest result just adds to the headache of who to actually start and where.
I’m not pointing fingers at Soro, we mostly believe players need a run of games in the team to find their stride, so if he is bouncing in and out he shouldn’t shoulder the blame, but if he is the only screening player available then he should be selected. He needn’t be thrown in cold,,safe in the knowledge he will be playing it would make sense to put minutes into his legs during the previous fixtures. If I know that surely the coaching staff do, and a little practicality should be shown.
Ange-ball is attacking by nature, the gaffer demands it, so his natural instinct was to select a more attacking midfield which worked against weak opposition, but hasnt against better sides four times now.
It must register now after this defeat the middle of the park needs some bite and steel, too often they are posting missing.
Tam-Calmac-Turnbull can start against lesser SPL teams and cup games, but is too lightweight for tougher games, and theres plenty of those coming up.
Upon return from the break, Ange needs to try and find a new midfield combo to take us forward, or we wont win this title.
While selection was a big part of the defeat, game tactics probably played a bigger role.
Ryan started on the right, which hurt Abadas game. It was the first time we have witnessed this, which makes me wonder if it is naive to introduce brand new tactics for such an occasion? Well, the proof is in the pudding, it didnt work.
To my untrained eye instructing the fullbacks not to bomb forward until later in the game hurt us, we were clearly two outballs less up the park, and subsequently their fullbacks had less to worry about and looked smart. I understand this was to keep Kent and Aribo quiet, but that came at a huge price. When properly utilized our fullbacks are a potent attacking force, for an attacking manager curtailing that attack slightly disappointed me.
Odsonne isnt an Ange-ball player and doesnt lead the line anywhere near as good as Kyogo, another tactical mistake.
Yup, Ange got his calls wrong on the day.
I’m not going to criticize him, he has earned some breathing room, plus it wasnt a humiliation or anything, and to be honest he probably needed to learn some of those lessons.
Its on he and his coaching team to learn as much as they can from their first derby clash, in victory if possible but especially in defeat.
Every football manager that breathed has gotten their tactics wrong at least once, its far from a hanging offense and in fairness he was up against the best tactician in the land, narrowly failing needn’t be shameful. In Anges defense he has proven himself an inspiring leader plus capable of coaching flowing football,, to possess top notch tactics on top of that at such a young age is asking too much of the man.
We can only ask he learns from such setbacks and defeats, which I fully envision happening.
In further defense of Ange, there was a dearth of Ange type players on the bench to change the game. Of the available substitutes its crystal clear Bain and Urhoghide are emergency only, Ajeti and Bitton are not the Ange-ball types and unwanted, while Soro and Montgomery havent been first team regulars.
We had one certified impact player on the bench, Tom Rogic.
Only one big positive change to make.
Our new striker we really could have done with unavailable, no Forrest, Dembele, Johnson to run at them, no EPL experienced midfielder to bring real steel to the middle of the park.
The bench was pathetic, no fault of the manager.
But despite all the so called negatives, on another day we may not have lost the tie. Its very very unlike Odsonne to completely fluff that open goal attempt, Master Furuhashi might have been awarded a penalty after being fouled in the box, and despite being weak we held them to one set piece goal which was a matched run away from being dealt with.
The truth is they just about beat us at our lowest,,there’s many positive green shoots and the title race hasn’t been impacted much if at all.
We’ve seen their best, they haven’t played ours yet.
Domestically September offers a pretty easy run of fixtures which should see a tweaked Celtic side emerge in time for an early October visit to Pittodrie, a great opportunity to gauge progress and for any new look midfield to show what its made of.
That clash is a little over a month away (2nd October) and not only should the team look different than yesterdays but so should the bench,,all bodies should be in situ and raring to go in a month, plus the undesirables and wantaways should be out the door by then, not to mention some bodies back from injury. If a new midfield is going to emerge, September offers a great platform and some European games for stiff tests.
Yesterday was a reality check for many, but it was only one battle of many.
We can lose the occasional battle, as long as we win the war, and this scrap has barely begun. The Ibrox team have regressed on the park, I thought they were very poor, just simply lucky to meet that iteration of Celtic on the day, and Europe will take a heavy toll on some of their senior players’ legs. Last year they were genuinely hungry, smelt blood and went all in successfully, and I believe they peaked. If presented with victory they will gladly accept, but I question whether the same level of hunger for this year’s title is present within the entire camp.
I also question how many levels that team can lift itself, safe in the knowledge we actually have the players and style to quickly rip teams wide open, even if we never witnessed such yesterday.
In just about beating our jaded and disjointed collection once, they’ve actually managed to increase the pressure on themselves to defend their title, which suits us down to the ground.
Their fans (some with typewriters) have had their hopes raised, they do expect top spot this campaign now, and anything less is therefore a failure.
First blood to them aye, but a long long way to go. We dust ourselves down, get to the drawing board, and a new beast emerges.
Now the real hard work and title tussle well and truly begins.

By Mahe

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Some very angry folk on last night.
A bit of perspective is needed.
We lost a fairly average game of football to a very limited opponent. It happens. If the right option had been chosen on one of a couple of occasions we’d be happy with the draw we deserved.
Steel is definitely required and a couple of hardy and handy recruits are needed. This has been obvious since Tynecastle and yesterday’s performance merely underlined the fact.

The spleen venters who find so much to be angry about obviously take little or no pleasure in their choice of sport.


Seems very adequate given the circumstances

Saltires en Sevilla

We looked ordinary yesterday. Nothing special.
Better Celtic teams have left Ibrox having suffered bigger defeats.

The biggest issue appears to be some first team picks aren’t putting their shoulder to the wheel. That may be a subconscious thing, but it needs fixing.

The midfield aren’t tough enough to handle some tough situations. That needs fixing too.

The good news, we still did enough to take a point. On balance, we shouldn’t have lost that game.

Mahe,I completely agree we can improve in September.

Will we improve enough?

Maestro Fan

This team won’t win the league. If it finishes within 10 pts of the huns I’ll be surprised. Reminds me of the lightweights of the i0s. Will smash the fodder at home, but serially fail against halfway decent opposition, as we’re already seeing. 4 away losses out of 5, joint 6th in the league after 4 games, 1 draw in 7 derbies is the stuff of nightmares.

McCarthy was brought in for the 2 games at Ibrox. He missed the first one due to injury. He’s injury-prone. That’s ominous. Soro is an Aberdeen-level player. We have no balls in the midfield,

As you say, that bench was pathetic – and it will be weaker still by the close of the window. Worst since Macari.

The PLC is cashing in and already banking on the huns winning the league again. They’ll make a virtue of creating the shambles fir Ange to inherit to say what can you expect? They sold just enough false hope to sellout the season books and scrape into the EL group states.

Job done, KPIs for the season met.

Jimmy Devlin

Gerrard,the best technician in the land? Really?

Celtic Champs Elect

Good morning All

I thought it was a very exciting game yesterday and we should have left with a point at least

The defence will only improve once JJ Starfelt Julien and Scales start the games.

We need a tall strong tough midfielder is James McC that player we will soon find out

Maestro Fan

Net Celtic spend since Fergus (according to Transfermarkt):

94/95 – £3.7M
95/96 – £4.5M
96/97 – £4.7M
97/98 – £2.3M
98/99 – £6.9M
99/00 – £18.6M
00/01 – £18.5M
01/02 – £6.3M
02/03 – £5.4M
(Net spend over 9 seasons = £70.9M/ average of £7.9M per season (this is 19 to 27 years ago)

Lawwell arrives…

03/04 – £0.473K
04/05 – £0
05/06 – £9.9M (did Pedro take a sabbatical?)
06/07 – £0
07/08 – £7.8M
08/09 – £9.4M
09/10 – £3.4M
10/11 – -£7.6M (McGeady sale. Turning point in strategy)
11/12 – £2M
12/13 – -£3.9M
13/14 – -£11.8M (Wanyama sale)
14/15 – -£7.8M (Forster sale)
15/16 – -£3.1M (Van Dijk sale)
16/17 – £5.3M (Rodgers arrives, Peter back in his box temporarily)
17/18 – £9.5M
18/19 – -£14.9M (Dembele sale; Lawwell reasserts himself)
19/20 – -£6.5M (Tierney sale)
20/21 – -£1.9M (Frimpong sale)
21/22 (so far) – £0.9M (Ajer sale; pending income from Edouard sale)

(Net spend over 19 years = -£8.8M; i.e. we’ve made an average transfer profit since Lawwell arrived of £463K per season. And that’s before Edouard’s sale income tomorrow).

You saw the results on yesterday’s bench. And in our serial failure to reach the Champions League.

Peter’s great con is persuading the support that this strategy is a necessity of modern football. Of persuading enough folk that it’s an essential ingredient for success. That somehow we could afford net £Ms spend in the 90s that we cannot 3 decades later, when turnover and costs have inflated accordingly.

His greatest con is to turn us into a money making vehicle for rich shareholders whilst persuading us no more can be done to improve the team.


Those figures don’t include salaries, which are more expensive than transfer fees. Notwithstanding, it seems that Moneyball has done the business, in terms of the glorious balance sheet,for the PLC, with success on the park a by-product, rather than the main aim, of the Celtic group of companies.
In the absence of fans last 18 months, the PLC has gone full tonto on downgrading. My point here is that they would have been hounded out far earlier last season had the fans been at games. Lennon’ assertion that the absence of fans worked against Celtic more than any other team is ridiculous.
So Angeball has to adapt going forward. If Ange learns from the defeat yesterday, there is no reason we cannot recover from this setback.
Of course we need additional cover to play this adventurous style. I’m happy to give him some time. We’re still further ahead than I thought we would be so early in the season. Tynecastle and Ipox are not our favourite away venues.


The fall is harder to take after the prematch euphoria. Most of us thought that we were going there to hammer them and show what Angeball was all about. Unfortunately we seemed to be running on empty, allied to several players playing out of position. Ange knows he screwed up. I believe the AZ game took a lot out of the team both mentally and physically, hence our lethargic performance, which could have earned at least a draw but for poor finishing and decision making. Ange will get new signings, Jota and Georgios and hopefully get some of the injured back, as well as work on the overall squad fitness. If we play Angeball the squad must be fit as hell to cope. I am still optimistic that Ange will come good and that we are on the right track.

bada bing1

Giorgos Giakoumakis signs,£2.5 million, 4 year deal

bada bing1

If Taylor did like that Tweet, get him tae… i don’t want open hun supporters playing for Celtic, chase him


The bridge too far was self created.
Ange got selection wrong and compounded it by not making changes until we went behind.
We have been a proactive team under him but yesterday we where reactive which led to defeat by an organized opponent.
I am sure he will learn by his mistakes.
The inclusion of Ed was clearly detrimental to team performance as had already been shown and if Ange gave Christie any instructions it was difficult to fathom what they where based on another headless chicken outing?
Ed has to be dropped from the squad immediately as he has become a negative distraction on and off the field..
How sad is it that our hunskelper has become a hunhelper?
Have not been that pissed off by a Celtic players lack of effort in a long time.
Christie likewise if he does not sign a new deal.
The positives where the back line who all played well.
Kyogo also has them terrified. If only he had been played central.
Midfield again showed no appetite for a battle and in second half they totally capitulated.
Abada looks baffled and a little intimidated.


Bada Bing1
I think Taylor’s time was already up.
Montgomery and Scales will rotate left back slot.

Maestro Fan


All fair comment. Agree re fan absence.

Craig 76

Bada Bing 1
I’m not sure how easy it is to accidentally like a post on Instagram but that seems to be the excuse/reason for it ⬇️

Squire Danaher

Craig 76
Bada Bing 1
I’m not sure how easy it is to accidentally like a post on Instagram but that seems to be the excuse/reason for it ⬇️

August 30, 2021 10:37 am


As someone who can just about manage to use WhatsApp, I can’t pretend to know anything about Instagram.

I did ask Squire Junior about this. He says that – even allowing for alcohol-related misadventures – he has never “accidentally liked” anything on Instagram and finds the stated excuse implausible. He suggests it is difficult to “accidentally like” something on Instagram, ie mistakenly do so.

I should add that he has no axe to grind with Taylor as a player.

Other with Instagram-savvy acquaintances/offspring may or may not disagree.

bada bing1

Craig- as SD points out,i have heard for and against accidentally liking it.HH

Craig 76

Squire Danaher, Bada Bing
I had no idea Taylor had liked the post until I read the blog this morning, if it was intentional then he can Feck Off


Morning all,

Re the Greg Taylor “Like “.

I am thinking it’s very unusual to accidentally like a post.

For me, it was intentional by him, or someone else managed to click his phone.

Can’t see any other excuse !!!!!!

NotlookingoodgregCSC 🍀🍀


The league plus the best part of £40 Million champions league money etc, if you also include higher ticket prices, extra merchandising plus bonuses from Adidas and other sponsors etc, will likely come down to the head to head games against Sevco.

They have the advantage so far, so we will probably have to beat them at least twice and draw the other game.

Hopefully Dom and Ange will move heaven and earth to make it happen.

The rest is then up the players and hopefully they’ll be good enough.

The Europa league games will be solid tests and hopefully will have us battle hardened for our next derby game.

Only time will tell whether the complete feck up from Dermot, Peter and Neil will end up costing us one league or two, and in particular the £40 Million available to whoever wins this year’s league.

Make it happen Celtic, so we are Champions again in May !!

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Linked with Ali McCann from St Johnstone, i think he would be a good addition to the MF,very fit,likes the physical side,which we lacked yesterday IMO


Good article Mahe. I posted a few weeks ago, that if the Huns did manage to beat us, it would not be a disaster. Early days, and all that jazz…

I also referenced MONs first season, when the Huns tanned us 5-1 at Ibrox. I treated that result as a blip, at the time. So, I view Sunday’s result in the same manner.

We can only get stronger, whereas the Huns can only get weaker.

Can’t remember who it was, that believed that Kyogo is better through the centre. Very true. However, with our new Greek signing, we can have Kyogo on the left, and Adaba on the right. Back to the days of Scotty Sinclair and Paddy Roberts. We are gonna be ripping teams apart. Having said that, I believe that in some games, Kyogo will be given a roving commission, with licence to pop up anywhere in the forward positions. This tactic would drive the opposition nuts. The wee man is a force of nature and will run all day for the cause…unlike French Eddie. If we can get him off the wage bill, before the close of business tomorrow night, I will be delighted. I will however, be grateful for his goal at Ibrox, in the 3-2 game.

Hail Hail



Definitely not a disaster
Some overreaction to a narrow defeat.
I contend our physically and mentally sapping night on Thursday took more out of us than Rangers stroll against a very poor team, playing 45 mins with 10 men. An excuse but a valid one.

Kyogo could be given a free role, to position him out left negates his effectiveness.



Kyogo, on the left, could well be an option. In his first couple of games, he caused havoc by cutting inside from the left.

I would of course prefer him in the roving role.

I see that according to Rangers* fanzine, ‘The Evening Times’, that the Huns have turned down an 8m bid for an un-named player. Aye, right. Don’t these Muppets ever give it a rest?

Hail Hail.


You’re shite….


And we know you are….



As the transfer window moves towards slamming shut, you have to wonder about phrases like, “in Ange we trust.”

The truth of the matter is we have no choice but to trust in the manager at this stage. Last week we had two early tests of his progress with the squad. One we passed, just, and the other we failed.

The Alkmaar result, although a loss, was a narrow one, permitting entry to the Europa League Groups. However, if you look at that game, it could very easily have gone sour. Firstly, there were the two awful errors by Hart and Starfelt showing that the defence is still not settled. There was another error by Hart when he came way out of his goal to try to punch the ball clear and failed. We got away with that. Then there was the free header that the Alkmaar CB, Martins had that he put wide. This was followed by the sitter that their young forward skied on the left side of our defence. If these has gone in, we were out. However, luck was with us.

At Ibrox, luck deserted us and we lost. So it seems that luck still has an important part to play in our results at this stage of our development under Ange. With a little luck we could have avoided defeat at Ibrox.

Is Ange ball the answer? In the round, it is far too early to judge. It depends on where you set the bar. Compared to last season, there is a world of a difference. Ange’s efforts have been clearly successful. We have shape and purpose now. Most importantly, the players believe in the coach.

However, if we set the bar higher than simply being better than last season, then it is a different story. For example, if the bar is set at winning the league, or getting out of the Europa group, then there are large question marks as shown by the results against Hearts, Midtjylland, Alkmaar and Sevco. Yes, it is still early days but that is a fair stack of poor results in a short space of time.

New players still have to arrive and be bedded in before we can truly judge whether Ange’s revolution will be of the MON/Rodgers type or merely another expensive Barnes-like flop. In fairness, Ange should be given two windows to sort out the squad but the league could be lost by Christmas if we lose again to Sevco. There is no fairness in this game and that is the reality that Ange faces.



Just been over on Phil’s site.

Unbelievably, Police Scotland has issued a statement, stating as a matter of fact, that officers did not facilitate an illegal march to Ibrox by Loyalist thugs…ok, so I added the Loyalist thugs bit.

What happened apparently, cough, cough,-and this is on the level, or possibly on the square-is that a small group of officers, accidentally stumbled upon a large group of Huns, under the Central Station bridge, looking befuddled and confused. In the interests of public safety, officers radioed for help from their colleagues, and decided to escort the mob to Ibrox. So there. That’s us told. Case closed.

The good news is that will be retrospective action against a ‘minority’ belting out their songs of hate…when anyone can clearly see and hear that it was the whole feckin’ mob doing so. Wonder if PoliceScotland got their idea of retrospective action from their brethren, in the equally Masonically-riddled SFA.

Sure, retrospective action was all the rage last season.

#Not Fit For Purpose.

Hail Hail.


On Taylors accidental “like” only last week I accidentally tweeted a video game on the SC Twitter.
Different platform, but it’s easy done.

They’ve won nothing, let them gloat.

Margaret McGill

Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland, in his statement today, said:
“ Sectarian singing yesterday by a group of Rangers fans outside Ibrox is wholly unacceptable and we will treat this incident as equally if it had been a group of fenian bastards who were singing”

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Taken some time to catch up on blog since the Hootenanny! Watched game in Irvine CSC and coming in at 1100 was a bad move. A full hour before kick off and about 6 seats left! As ATOB said mobbed.
The Hoot was great as usual and even met some new faces.
As for the game, I don’t know what happened at half time but we were off the pace cf first half. Odsonne and Ryan were like a man down though Christie certainly tried hard but has no understanding of one – two play by passing ball at full speed and even sometimes not even playing them. There were loud cries in CSC re why would he pass to you when Kyogo failed to pass to him. Personally, I thought he should have but Kyogo then felt intimidated and passed to him when should not have.
Overall? I felt we lost a game we might have won,was impressed with the new right back playing on the left in a debut at Ibrox. Adaba, Christie and Edward were a man down from start the way they played.
Fan said it better in his summaries. Early days but still promising.

Prestonpans bhoys

TBH looking again at Eddie’s miss, it looks a lot easier to put the ball in the net than what he attempted😱😵


It begins.
Griff out to Dundee on loan.
Happy at that, yesterday’s man.
Hope he rekindles his passion for the game and actually tries for a change.
But I doubt it.
Dundee are very correct to want a loan to assess him mentally more than physically.

bada bing1

Ferencvaros home game 19th October, kick off is 3.30 due to COP26 Conference


Half three on a Thursday?
Never heard the likes, those attending won’t be as racous as a night time crowd so for one home game we’ve lost a big advantage.

A thing of beauty

Just saw that. Ffs so fans buy the three match package but many will not be able to go to the game. How about celtic organise a situation where we can donate our tickets to the Afghan refugees who have arrived in the country to give them something to enjoy in their new country.


The COP26 Conference is running from 1 November till 12 November.

How does an 19 October game affect that?


A thing of beauty

Watching the transfer show on sky. The window will have shut before Kaveh Solhekol finishes a sentence. Speed up man, you’re like Mogadon.

bada bing1

No ‘ internal investigation ‘ by Sevco ? Shockeroonie

bada bing1

ATOB- he strangles the life out of every vowel in every sentence.


What? We’re wrong to expect top notch tacics? Ange is too young?


What? We’re wrong to expect top notch tactics? Ange is too young?


Packy, Mastermind is just starting, let’s compare scores after it.


Jimmy Devlin, I was referring to Beale as the best tactician in the land, he shaped that team.
Hail Hail

big packy

HI JIM, no chance ,you would embarrass me,😎😎

big packy

JIM, watched that chance by eddy about 40 times today, how the hell he missed that ill never know,,was he trying to tell us something??

bada bing1

Good to know that the Club is represented at UEFA level….


Packy, I was gobsmacked when Eddy missed that chance! He’s not half the player he was.

I got 19 questions right. But that’s all the questions for the 4 contestants. LOL 🙂 Probably 19/100.


How do they do things in London, they must have Robo Cop or something.

Two events in one day, no thats not happening.

30 orange walks in one day, aye no bother, brother.

Its gets better all the time, you honestly couldn’t make this up. Only in Scotland.

Our match day four was always away from home anyway, but its celtic that need to move.