If I’m honest,Sunday’s match didn’t really tell us much that we didn’t know before. We already knew that the team was in need of a serious rebuild across practically every area,and that players old and new would take some time to get to grips with the new system and style preferred by the manager. We knew too the importance of the first derby match of the season,and how important it was to avoid defeat.

Clearly the players knew all of this too,as we saw the effort put in by them all. I think we were unfortunate not to take something from the game,and if our players had their shooting boots on and their thinking heads in place,we could easily have come away with all three points. 

As it was,we again returned empty handed from an away trip,just as has been the case now for over six months. Neil Lennon was still in charge the last time we won away from home in the league! I doubt that such a statistic will be weighing too heavily on the players,and I expect it to be a thing of the past very shortly. Though,as luck would have it,our next away game is on the dreaded plastic against Livingston!!!

Be that as it may,we have to break this run,and soon. Leagues aren’t won by teams with a dismal away record,and they aren’t won by teams who can’t seem to find a way past their closest rivals. It’s been a while since we had such a poor run against them-even in the dark days we were well capable of beating them on the day. We have to get this monkey off our back before it becomes an insupportable burden,and the sooner the better.

We are fortunate that Dom and AP have realised how many positions in the team and in the squad need to be filled,and our signings to date have all impressed when given the opportunity to stake their claim to a place in the starting eleven. A couple more are apparently in the pipeline,with Gio Giakoumakis seemingly putting pen to paper yesterday,though I haven’t seen the official announcement yet. Another striker through the door as we await the departure of Eddie.

I’ll be 100% honest with you here. I would not have been surprised if Eddie had gone last summer,and I was delighted when it was announced that he was staying. I’m not so sure that he shared my delight,and his performances in the last twelve months have been considerably short of his own high standards. I’ll miss the Eddie we witnessed up until 7th March 2020,but maybe not the one that we have been subjected to since. His exalted wage demands reflect his excellence during his first three seasons with us,but he might be lucky to find anyone willing to match them based on his recent performances.

Which means,I fear,that we will be stuck with him as he runs down his contract and leaves for free in the summer. These things happen in football nowadays,and we have been lucky that only Boyata has taken advantage of this ruling in recent years. I can see it becoming more prevalent though in the future,possibly with Ryan Christie,who is another one who has probably seen the offer of a big contract at a decent club evaporate along with the quality of his displays.

Yes,these players have cost us a right few quid by their petulant strops,but they have damaged their own careers even more. A classic case of shooting yourself in the foot-insert your own joke here.

But back to Sunday,and the way forward from here. Put simply,we have to go on a winning run,show the same kind of form which we haven’t seen from a Celtic team since,perhaps,The Invincible Season. We can’t afford to lose any more ground on the huns,that is for sure. And we need to win our home match against them at New Year. It is not foolish to think that other teams will take points off them,as we have already seen this season up at Tannadice. But it would certainly be bloody stupid to rely on it! We need to win both our home games against them while avoiding defeat in the other. Anything else,other teams taking the points from them,we can consider as a bonus. 

We need to make our own luck,and we need to win this title on our own merits. Nobody is going to be doing us any favours,that’s for sure.

We could probably make a good start by doing ourselves a favour,and that means not playing with effectively four forwards in Abada,Kyogo,Eddie and Christie while leaving a midfield of Turnbull and CalMac to toil against their four-which was bolstered by their substitutions late on. For far too long now,we have found ourselves light in that area,in fact ever since the arrival of Gerrard-or more accurately Beale. It has to stop. My suggestion would have been Abada on the right and Kyogo up the middle,with Christie wide left and dropping back to help in midfield as required,with CalMac and Turnbull assisted by Soro,or McCarthy once fit. Yet AP’s selections bossed the first half so I can hardly say he got it wrong based on that. We could have been a goal or two up at halftime,and I would be hailing him as a genius!

In truth,I think that time will prove that he is just the man for the job. He can probably feel hard done by after Sunday,as can we all! But the last thing we should be doing is shrugging it off just because it seems to happen every time we play them. The players need to make that run of results a part of history while they are making their own.

Sunday’s result was not an aberration-but it must become one.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Saltires en Sevilla


This resonates well.

Our next match will tell us a lot about the team.

Hope Eddi and Christie get the deals they feel they deserve – both are history in my book.


Good Morning all. An accurate summary imo Bobby 👍

Let’s hope today is the day…



Morning all and Happy Deadline Day 👍

Just hope Celtic get the business done and no fannying about.!!!!!!!! Don’t haggle over minor sums and get the appropriate signings completed.

If they go, and looks likely, all the best to Ryan and Odsonne. Good luck on the next phase of your football journey and thanks for the memories.

OnwardsandupwardsCSC 🍀🍀


Morning all…Sunday’s game, and Thursday’s, proved a step too far for this limited squad. There’s no shame or panic in either defeat IF the lessons are taken from them. Today’s activities will show if Lawell has left the building to be replaced with Litewell! Let’s hope Dom backs Ange with the proper quality as seems to be the case so far. We still need ‘ready to go straight in’ LB, CB, Defensive Mid, LW and CF! That’s a lot of bodies and I’m doubtful we’ll see these positions filled by tomorrow!!
The good thing about our result against TRFC was it showed us where we need to strengthen, I include myself in this when I say we were getting a bit too excited by the whole Ange Ball thing, for heaven’s sake even Fan had started to look like an optimist!! (Sorry Fan, couldn’t resist! 😉😁)

Prestonpans bhoys

This sentence sums it up perfectly regarding our want aways.

‘Yes,these players have cost us a right few quid by their petulant strops,but they have damaged their own careers even more’

Squire Danaher


Distinct world of a difference in the attitude of this particular pair leaving today and the Wishy Bhoy.

Good riddance to the pair of them.

Maestro Fan

Credit where due. The signings to date have been good. I even like Starfelt despite the mistakes. I am confident he’ll come good. He has excellent timing in the tackle. I had high hopes for Juranovic and he looked excellent on Sunday, playing on the wrong side.

However. After one of the most calamitous and incompetent years in our unbroken history, the PLC has decided to double down on pursuit of profit. We will end this window considerably weaker in squad strength than when we started it. First XI better, wider squad much weaker. Massive restoration of cash-in-bank.

We have a considerably inferior squad to the huns and the stattos will confirm that corresponds with a very high probability of failure to regain the league.

I abhor the conservatives (and Conservatives) who control our club. Someone like Bankier has much shared interest with the average Celtic fan as Jimmy Bell. Truly the enemy within.


Still maintain we had a huge away game against AZ that sapped us more physically and mentally than the Huns in their 10 man stroll.

To then face that hostile cauldron of Hate with half a team of debutants , incl JJ whose first game it was , would always be a challenge.

So it proved. We lost but could have won on chances crested – or at least drawn.

The team /squad takes a huge amount of credit in my book.

We need 4/5 in, I suspect we will not get cover in every position needed. Last ditch negotiations never work well in my experience.

St tams

It’s not looking like we are going to get enough signings in to strengthen squad .
Still think we are far too lightweight all over the team.

But let’s wait and see.



Bankier is purely a nodding dog , a functionary who is a “figurehead” for the club( no laughing at the back!). A deflector for the majority shareholder who calls the shots.

Like the other puppet NED’s ( who should act independently) he’s been in position far too long because it suits DD to have such a set up.

bada bing1

If we only bring in the 2 quoted, we haven’t backed AP……

Squire Danaher


But we’ll have money in the bank in the morning and won’t go bust. 🤦‍♂️


A major need is for a midfield battler.
McCann at St Johnstone would be a good choice.
Good riddance to Christie ,Griff and Ed for despite their past heroics they have had a detrimental effect on our club this season and last.
Unprofessional wage thieves one and all.
And all 3 going to lesser teams and earning less than they could have because of their petulant and unprofessional attitude.
At least we won’t have to suffer Ed’s inclusion to the detriment of the team anymore.


Bada Bing1 Squire Danaher
Our business model remains unchanged.
So we can expect our Ange to be short changed like all previous coaches.

Jobo Baldie

Leigh Griffiths now at Dundee, I think it’s on loan (to start with)


Must’ve been an ambition to play with Charlie Adam.
He hasn’t shown much in the Hoops for years.

St tams

Very underwhelmed by transfers so far.
But on the bright side, we’ve still got 11.5 hrs left.


St tams,

Remember the biggest Deadline Day transfer one year was Robbie Keane to Celtic on loan.

He ended up being Celtic POTY that Season and only arrived 31st Jan.

So there’s still another 11 hours 14 minutes to go !!!

Get it done Dom CSC 🍀🍀


Widow closes at 11 pm.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim and magua if your lurking, you mentioned the orange order in liverpool last night, two true stories worked with a guy in liverpool in the eighties ,knew he was in the ludge ,was getting married, his girlfriend was in the family way, she was a catholic and wanted to be married in a catholic church, no way he said its my church or nothing, this guy was so bitter you know the cathedral of christ the king in liverpool, he called it the irish cathedral, could not even say the word catholic ,the other one is there was a tyre dealer in liverpool called bathers tyres, now the owner ronnie bather just happened to be the grandmaster of the orange lodge not just liverpool the whole of england,well his father ron bather senior started the business in liverpool in the late fifties, with the motto no catholics need apply, now this young girl called bernadette mcann or det mcann as she liked to be called went for an interview there, she had all the qualifications for the job but as soon as bather seen what school she went to she was shown the door, well mr bather messed with the wrong one im afraid ,she took his company to court and with the help of the strong trade union movement in liverpool ,she won the case and poor mr ronnie bather had to start employing catholics, when asked if she still wanted the job, she replied stick it where the moon dont shine, and walked off, another 2 true stories,👍

bada bing1

Robbie Keane is 41 now?



Way to go,Det!!!



He would probably still show more desire than Eddie has recently.


Packy, I remember back in the 60s & early 70s two large (engineering?) firms in Motherwell were notorious for not employing Catholics. Closer to home, a large American owned firm employed Catholics but usually at the lowest levels. They rarely if ever started Catholic apprentices. My uncle who was a shop steward and some others, brought it to the attention of the American head office exectutives. An investigatory team were sent over.
Sorted! (A pal of mine who happened to be a Catholic was later employed in the personnel dept!) LOL. 🙂

Personally, I have never experienced it in any firm I have worked with. Been promoted umpteen times. Never an issue.

big packy

BOBBY, a good scouse tim.👍

big packy

JIM, its because of your good looks😎


Packy, I WISH! LOL 🙂

Sol Kitts

Sometimes you have to admire the balls of our board. To get £15-20 million for a player who hasn’t tried an ounce for almost 2 seasons, has a poor attitude and work rate which upsets the balance of the team, is some going. I believe whoever closed that deal is currently on his way to the Sahara where he’s got a buyer for a shedload of sand.

bada bing1

Window in Scotland, slams shut at midnight….(but will be extended if Sevco are trying to punt someone)


Will Vickers be knickers?

Don’t like windows myself.


As an eternal optimist in regards to all things Celtic, I still maintain that we will get stronger as the season progresses ..the Huns can only regress. Even their most successful players- Beaton and Dallas-cannot play as much a part in their ‘success’, as they did last season. As you say Mick, we have to get the away game monkey, off our back.

Big Packy



Honestly never rated Eddy that much and will be happy to see him go. I like players who put in effort, and leave it all out there on the pitch.
Honestly don’t think he suits the Prem or will shine there.
I’ll be glad to see the back of him tbh, just like Ncham.
20mill is great business. But some of that needs spending on a good defender and midfielder.


Odsonne away 15m.
Smell ya later Eddy.
Your problem now Palace.


Between Griffs saved wages, Eddy’s fee and saved wages, there’s 20million.
Will we spend some?


big packy

JIM, lovely voice, joan armatrading i mean ,not you.😎

big packy

you know who i miss jim, a girl who had a lovely voice and wisnae a bad drummer either,taken far to soon,


Packy, if it’s Karen Carpenter you are talking about, I absolutely loved her! Haven’t a clue what she was like on the drums, but a lovely singer.


The Honeycombs had a girl drummer. One hit wonders!

big packy

JIM, yes karen carpenter, lovely voice and nearly as good a drummer as me😎😎

big packy

JIM i hate this transfer deadline day, hoping and praying for some good news,🙏


Packy, since I started talking to you I listen more to the drums on songs now. I say to myself ‘I wonder if Packy would like that?’ LOL 🙂


Packy, I’m not bothered about big names or big amounts£ or anything like that, I just hope Ange gets the players HE wants!


Neil Lennon admitted on Radio Scotland last week that he did not always have the last say on who we signed. I hope those days are gone!



Darn tooting AP needs to get the players HE wants. He has a system in mind,and he needs players who fit it.

big packy

JIM, funny you should say that, since i started taking to you i listen out for the brass and reed sections,funny old world😎😎



We would have thought more of NL if he had spoken up at the time instead of thanking the board for “all their help”


Doubtful there is anything like £20m.
Griff wages £1m tops. Edouard about same.
PSG cut c£2.5m based on 40% profit.
More likely to be Less than £15m.

big packy

JIM, what bobby just said.👍

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