If you know your history – 1st September

120 years ago … 1901 and on this day (Sunday) the team are on a rest day, having defeated Third Lanark in a league match at Celtic Park (yesterday). The team have come through August undefeated in the League, but a draw with Dundee now leaves them trailing to Rangers, who are going all out to win their 4th league title in a row.

A mighty task on hand to prevent city rivals move ahead on titles won. At this point both Glasgow clubs have won 4 titles apiece.


Celtic: McFarlane; Davidson and Battles; Moir, Marshall and Hynds; Hodge, Livingstone, Campbell, Drummond and Quinn.

Goalscorers: Celtic: Hodge 16, Campbell 45 (pen), Quinn 55

Third Lanark:

Raeside, Barr and Thomson; Wilson, McCue and Smith: Johnstone, Robertson, Cross, McConnachie and Lynn

Goals: Johnstone 1, 42


Attendance: 15,000

There is sparse information on the game other than Celtic ….”always look the team more likely to score”

In other news….

The first section of the Hejaz Railway, intended to connect Istanbul to the holy city of Mecca in the Kingdom of Hejaz (now part of Saudi Arabia), was completed, with a short section in Syria running from Muzayrib to Daraa.

Construction begins on NY Stock Exchange.

68 years ago – aye it’s 1953 Big Packy and today Celts are playing Rangers in a Glasgow Cup Semi- Final … another true story…



Niven; Young, Little; McColl, Woodburn, Cox; Waddell, Grierson, Paton, Prentice, Hubbard.

Scorers: Hubbard (76)

Celtic: Bonnar, Haughney, Meechan; Evans, Stein, Conroy; Collins, Walsh, McPhail, Peacock, Fernie.

Scorers: Peacock (26)

Referee: J Cox (Rutherglen)

Attendance: 60,000


Evening Times 3rd September 1953

John Bonnar broke his collar bone but refused to come off or go to hospital. He played on the wing and almost scored 3 times .. Bobby Evans seemingly played a blinder in goals.

John Bonnar

Unfortunately, the replay at Celtic Park on 3rd September resulted in a 0-4 defeat as a very nervous Celtic defence totally capitulated. Rangers went on to play Third Lanark in the Final at Hampden.

Celtic: Hunter; Haughney, Meechan; Evans, Stein, Peacock; Collins, Walsh, McPhail, Mochan, Fernie.
Scorers: N/A

Niven; Young, Little; McColl, Woodburn, Cox; Waddell, Grierson, Paton, Prentice, Hubbard.
Scorers: Grierson (7), Paton (12), Paton (59), Prentice (65)


Attendance : not recorded

In other news….

Buck Baker takes lead with 10 laps remaining to win the Southern 500 at Darlington in the most competitive event in NASCAR Grand National history; four drivers swap lead a record 35 times

101°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Sept

30 years ago …. aw naw it’s 1991 again … and the day after a defeat by Rangers. Those of us who attended the match will recall the Huistra incident.

Note: Paul McStay must have been injured for this game.

In those days Celtic directors didn’t have much money, or business sense, but they had some coho… baws!! The following report by Jim Traynor illustrates a case of Celtic owners complaining about the activities of a particularly noxious match official ( we find out in October )

Celtic are yellow-carded over referee McCluskey

James Traynor Herald.com

Tuesday 22 October 1991

CELTIC have failed in what appears to have been an attempt to have a referee, Jim McCluskey, prohibited from handling their future matches, and reading between the lines, it is obvious the club have been rebuked for their insolence.

After yesterday’s SFA council meeting, the chief executive, Jim Farry, made it clear the association were not at all happy that Celtic had sought to influence the appointment of referees. ”Clubs often object to the performance of the referee, but the council are disappointed that the club should seek to influence appointments.”

The Parkhead club had written to the SFA comlaining about McCluskey’s handling of this season’s first Old Firm match, which was played at Celtic Park at the end of August. Rangers won the match 2-0 — Mark Hateley scored both goals — but Celtic’s supporters, and obviously the directors, were incensed after Pieter Huistra tackled Tommy Coyne, who was bearing down on goal, from the back on the edge of Rangers’ box.

Huistra was booked and allowed to stay on the field when the vast majority inside Celtic Park were convinced he should have walked in accordance with new guidelines. Clearly McCluskey was of the view that Gary Stevens was rushing in and might have made a tackle.

Celtic saw this as the turning point in the match, and perhaps after brooding over the incident, wrote to the SFA. The letter arrived in front of the disciplinary committee who, in deciding to note the terms of the club’s complaint, had no hesitation ”in rejecting the request regarding the appointment of this referee to future matches involving the club.”

The committee’s communique to the full council yesterday went on to state: ”The committee was disappointed to receive such a letter, and while acknowledging that the appointment of officials for this match was made by the Scottish Football League, it decided the club be advised, in unambiguous terms, that it is not a matter for a club to seek to influence refereeing gradings of appointments. The obvious difficulties which would arise if that state of affairs were ever to come about should harldy need to be stated.”

Clearly, the authorities have moved smartly to remind Celtic of their place and their attempt to become McCluskey-free must now be a source of embarrassment to two people in particular. Kevin Kelly, who becomes the club’s chairman at the end of this month, is a member of the disciplinary committee while the man he is about to succeed, Jack McGinn, is treasurer of the SFA.

Celtic’s chief executive Terry Cassidy, who is in Neuchatel with the team for their UEFA Cup, second-round tie against Xamax, made no comment yesterday.

Dundee United’s out-of-contract Yugoslavian internationalist, Miodrag Krivokapic, has been training at East End Park, although Dunfermline’s manager Jocky Scott made it clear yesterday that he does not intend to sign the player. ”He is friendly with our Yugoslavian player, Milos Drizic, and I have agreed to his training here,” said Scott.

Pasted from


In other news…

Bryan Adams is at No1 in U.K. charts for 16 ( sixteen) weeks!!

(Everything I Do) I do it for you …..aye!

what a bliddy awful year that wiz!

General stuff…

1695 French garrison of castle Namur surrenders to the army of the Grand Alliance under the command of King William III of England.

1752 Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia.

1858 1st transatlantic cable fails after less than 1 month.

1874 Sydney General Post Office opens in Australia

1875 A murder conviction effectively forces the violent Irish anti-owner coal miners, the “Molly Maguires”, to disband.

1893 Gladstone’s Second Home Rule Bill for Ireland passes in the House of Commons but vetoed by The House of Lords by 419 votes to 41.

1897 The Boston subway opens, becoming the first underground rapid transit system in North America.

1900 Cumann na nGaedheal (Irish Council) founded by Arthur Griffith in order to promote a buy Irish campaign.

1951 Prime Minister David Ben- Gurion orders establishment of Israeli secret service Mossad

1962 United Nations announces Earth’s population has hit 3 billion.

1987 Smoking forbidden in public buildings in Belgium

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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As usual many thanks and I love there’s always some education thrown in for good measure.

Some jump outs include the tough bassa Bonnar playing on with a broken collar bone, that’s a season out for some of today’s players.
Fair play to the man, that’s real character to will to win. A good Celtic man indeed.

I suppose it’s not that incredible one of those snippets was advertising game standing under a covered terrace for no extra price, a special for that Saturday lol.
Maybe it is incredible yer man never opted to chance his arm and ask for more, a roof to stand under being a new thing and all.

Then the referee drama aka Celtic getting yellow carded. He’s (Traynor) clearly a drama queen and I don’t think he’s a good writer, that’s not well penned and you can tell his delight at the turn of events. Given that the Ibrox mob successfully negotiated the very same trick later, getting one ref away from their games while he was around, it would be interesting to compare the two slants given. Or maybe not. I think we all know his stance would have changed for that team. His team.
His big threat at a podcast telling all hasnt rocked the world as he hoped, maybe it was a SFA job demand come to think of it. His way of demanding a job of course.
I’m glad the club chose that path, but seemed they had the wrong guys to continue the fight,,they could have pulled out of the cups or not accepted tickets.
But at least they tried.

Thanks again pal. I’ll pen my thoughts on the window tomorrow.

Hail Hail


Good Morning all. Thank you SeS for another deep dive into History and of course the Celtic Wiki fholks too. I wonder if this recent transfer window will go down in the annals also? Time will tell but let’s hope so.

Garry Postecoglou

Great read SES.
I think this is the best transfer window since before Lawwell arrived.
Last one I can remember being so good was Martin O’Neill’s first window.
Very well done Dom and Ange. 👍🍀💚

Saltires en Sevilla

Mahe & Friesdorfer cheers – one of the recurring themes is how often our ‘keepers are being absolutely battered in Glasgow Derby games. We saw more of the same on Sunday. McRorie went right through big Joe… Bet the advice proffered by Joe at full time wasn’t of the ” make saves…” variety.

Looking forward to your transfer window review Mahe. Bringing in a dozen in one batch, has a whiff of desperation … almost farcical… but necessary!

Saltires en Sevilla

Garry cheers – there are some really exciting players in … some reservations about CH lads tho’…are they going to be tough enough?

Martin’s CH signings …hard, uncompromising …just what is needed here.


S e S
Thanks for the historical perspective.

It may be the greatest window churn but only time will tell if the incoming will make us better.
Best wishes to them all. I wonder if Joe Hart was instrumental in the C-V loan?

Using media figures( rather unreliable I know) it looks like we sold four for c £30m.
We’ve purchased/ paid out in loans on 12 at about £20m.?
Nice net profit.
This doesn’t include last seasons windfall on Frimpong, El H and Klimala at £11/12m.

I reckon we’ve been short changed. No surprises there.
And I hope I’m wrong but we still look extremely lightweight mid to front, with little height at the back.
But we go with what we have.
Enough for domestic football I hope.

Onwards n upwards.

Saltires en Sevilla


Thank buddy.

Good point on Joe’s potential input on CC-V – he would have an opinion on the guys playing in front of him …. and good local knowledge from Spurs.

“just make heedies son…” ☺️

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, saltires what can i say brilliant stuff once again cap doffed, yes mr mcluskey say no more.,glad we got a centre half in ,welcome to celtic cameron.H,H,



I think we must have got into the swing of “beating the commonality” fairly soon after that article-we won the double that season!

As for McCluskey-just another Ayrshire hun,except they gave this one a whistle instead of a flute.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

If memory serves me correctly, Mr mcCluskey was found to be a member of Stewarton Orange/Masonic Lodge. Surprise, surprise!


Re the transfer window,I said prior to the window opening that we would need ten newbies in as cover or starters in EVERY outfield position. And apart from a left back,I think we got just that. It isn’t a surprise that many of them are largely unknown to most of us,that’s long been the way of things for us and reflects our position in the game.

We got rid of the players that most of us expected to go-including Griffiths who had made his position untenable. The only one left that surprises me is Bolingoli,whom I suspect is unwanted anywhere and might-gulp!-be needed by us later in the season.

So quantity matches expectations and requirements. Quality remains as yet largely unproven. Can’t say that the effort hasn’t been put in though. It’s now down to the players to perform to the manager’s expectations.



Scales as left back option.?

Saltires en Sevilla

Big Packy – thanks – hope the year was ok buddy

Bobby – will be fun following events in 53/54 to a glorious conclusion ( nae spoilers btw …😊)



Good point-I’d forgotten that he can play there. I’ve got him down as my ballwinning midfielder. Sunday and the previous Thursday showed that we need one.


We need one of those. Not sure how much we are going to get from JMcC.


As an experiment I wonder if AR could play that midfield role with JJ as first choice right back.
He has the physical attributes.

Saltires en Sevilla


Tony Ralston sitting in front of CH … might work and worth a try out in safe environment.

Wouldn’t it …be wonderful if it worked tho’…


Saltires another excellent walk through the past. I recall Bertie Auld playing on with a broken collar bone also, he wouldn’t come off until his assailant went off (in a stretcher).

Not been around much, My mother has been in and out of hospital last 8 weeks or so, it’s kept me busy. I’m off to-day getting a new boiler fitted, bloody things always pack in when you least want them to.



S e S

What makes a defensive mid?
Screen the CH’s
Tough tackling
Physical presence.
Take the ball and circulate play.
Play a decent out ball.
Surely a role that can be learnt?

Anyways I’m sure my armchair coaching skills are missed by Ange, John et al. 😀

Saltires en Sevilla

ASWGL- good to see you back buddy and hope your mum is recovering well.
Aye Bertie – nae prisoners- feel we are missing similar attitude in today’s squad.

Some great backgrounds here are you refreshing with some well Kent ( sic) faces? 😊

CFC – agree 💯 definitely worth a go with the right coaching- absolutely! ( I had originally meant… wouldn’t it be worth it if it worked…but you knew that 😊)


Morning all,

SES, Excellent article as per usual. Keep them coming 👏👏👏

Now that window has closed, I think Ange needs to establish his preferred starting 11 and get them playing together. There’s a lot of options in defence but can they gel together ??

JMcC is a worry but hope he comes good 👍

Looking forward to seeing G Mac and Kyogo playing together.

All in all, well done Dom and Ange 👏👏

OnwardsCSC 🍀🍀🍀

Saltires en Sevilla

Leggy – cheers buddy

Wonder if Ange will get those two up top sooner rather than later. Hope he has our best development boys training closely with Kyogo … much to learn there

bada bing1

Pitymevin- from last night- agree i was looking for a bit more physically coming in the door,2nd half on Sunday shows we came up short ,Spurs CB looks decent

bada bing1

Big transition of players, would have liked a LB and McCann from St Johnstone, and rid of Ajeti, Barkas, but it was always going to take more than 1 Window to sort the mess out


Tony Ralston as a defensive mid learning the dark arts from James McCarthy’s EPL experience?

Angel Gabriel

Thanks for your input. Top article .

Regards the transfer window business, I’m happy with the business, apart from central midfield.
If McCarthy’s fitness was reliable , different story.
Cal Mac being absent for any period, gives me the fear .

We’re short in quality, numbers, and physicality in central midfield. If Cal Mac gets injured, it becomes a crisis. IMHO .
Otherwise, I’m ok , with the window. HH


SeS, We’re spoilt with good good regular articles on here. I include you in that.


I don’t see our game now as 11 a side. It’s a squad game. There won’t be a first eleven as such. Injuries and suspensions will defo play a big part in our season. Plus Covid could wreak havoc in any squad.
We have a big squad now. We can look forward to another couple from the J league in January. I’m more upbeat now than for two years.
Any team would miss Callum McGregor, AG. He and Turnbull can control a game.



Agree about it being a squad game, but I still think you need to know your “Best 11”.

That 11 should start any of your bigger games. Problem for Ange is, with so many new players around, it might take some time to work it out.

When he does, then that is where your subs/rotation kicks in. I know there will be pitfalls ahead, injuries/Covid etc but I feel we have a squad that can cope. Here’s hoping !!!!

It certainly won’t be dull, that’s for sure !!!

RollercoasterCSC 🍀🍀


Jim, we forgot our third birthday a couple days ago! You’re getting old, you always remembered it before lol.

Whoever said Kyogo and G-Mac up top together, no no no. That better not happen.
It’s one of them only leading the line replaced by the other when tired or as needed. When you only have two strikers (Ajeti isn’t an Ange player) you play one as the focal point then you rotate them.
Ange likes 433 and that naturally suits a solo striker supported by both flanks.
I expect Jota and Abada on flanks as the first choice picks with James and Mikey to fight them for that starting berth.
I expect a screening midfielder to start always except lowly opposition and Juranovich, probably CCV to start.
Next starting lineup I’m expecting Furuhashi benched so its





Only time will tell how that team could play.
Very different than this time last year, great.

Hail Hail on this day of Woden


So Row Z Christie, and Odsonne Dembele (according to Sky sports) have left the building. Doesn’t look like too bad an end to a transfer window, usually we have 3 loans in and we’re still a shit team. Ed’s time was well up, from a hun skelper to a no-helper, and Christie one of the most frustrating players ever to wear the hoops, scored some good goals, woulda definitely scored lots more if we were playing at Murrayfield, but fsck me drunk, definitely not a great team player.

However the good natured side of me wishes them both well.




Got to disagree. Play Kyogo and G Mac up front and it will be back to the halcyon days of Henrik and Sutton/Hartson.

It will scare the shit out of most Teams and would score a barrraaaload. !!!!!!!

ScoremoreogoalsJockSteinCSC 🍀🍀

big packy

ASWGL, hope your mum gets well soon 👍


Best wishes to your mum Sir.
Hail Hail


Thanks guys, I wasn’t going to mention mum, as we all have family we need to look after, and there is always someone worse off, my sister is the one doing most of it though, as there are certain things i can’t do, due to it possibly being embarassing for mum, (baths and such), so pretty lucky in the sense I’m restricted to visits mostly, and fitting some cameras so we can keep a 24hr watch on her, or taking her in food.

HH 👍


Good window and biggest plus is seeing players detrimental to team gone.
Giakoumakis looks like the guy who will attack the balls into the box that Ed generally stood and watched.
Jota knows he is a winger and will play his position unlike Christie and his headless chicken routine.
Griff gone is a good indication that unprofessionalism won’t be tolerated.
All of them had the potential to be at bigger and better clubs than they arrived at this morning nut their unprofessionalism took them there.
Crystal Palace will be relegated and signing Ed won’t make them anymore up for a dogfight to retain survival.
Bournemouth are championship level and Christie may be an asset if he learns it’a a team sport.
Maybe Dundee is the ego boost Griff needs and he will actually put in the required effort.
All three need some introspection and at the end of this season i expect all will realize that their choices led them to a difficult career point.



That is a good suggestion re Ralston. When we went after Juranovic, I wondered if Ange had other plans for each of them, rather than simply as support for the RB position. Playing both on the right side may be interesting with them interchanging between RB and midfield roles. Tony certainly has pace going forward and good ball control. JJ showed he can move into midfield rapidly with his goal for Legia.

Overall, a good window, given the extent of the rebuild required. There are gambles amongst the signings, but is that not always the case? McCann looked like a punt worth taking but I suspect Ange has at least one J League midfielder in his sights for January and that is why we did not get Ali.

The Greek striker is a gamble with a five year deal. He is a curious case…..one outstanding season but no top Dutch clubs came in for him? We shall see. Even if he is not as prolific but can head the ball and hold it up, he will add something.

Jota is a complete roll of the dice. Does he see a pass? That will be crucial.

Random thoughts,




Best wishes to your Mum and your family. I’ve had a terrific fortnight with mine,as I always do!

Fatted calf has been killed,stripped clean and scoffed.



It all counts! Seeing you and that you care matters.


Paddy’s Maw

sorry about your mum. I hope she improves. That’s an excellent idea about the cameras though. I will pass that on to some friends who are in similar positions.

Thought the window could have been worse – although I did see a picture of some residents in Bournmouth boarding up theirs in preparation for the arrival of Ryan – Row Z, he shoots, he scores – though not very often – Christie.


There you have it.
Marches or lynchings,,,


Happy belated birthday to the site – 3 years old on 30 Aug – Sorry Mahe & Bobby! I’ve put a reminder in my screen calendar for next year (if God spares me, as my mother always said) 🙂


ASWGL, best wishes for your mum.


“It’s the stuff of dreams for any Irish boy.”
Liam Scales

Yep, they all want a mention on SC 😉
Fair play to the lad, translate that desire onto the pitch now fella.


Not too off the wall a thought and utilises the talents of two players who can contribute a lot, based on JJ’s play out of position at a poisonous Ibrox.

The obvious benefit is it gives us options which our pedestrian play last year lacked.
We were so predictable, with a manager unable to impact the game with tactical changes.

It will be interesting to see , as the season develops , the mix of movement up front.

With a net profit on player trading this calendar year I hope Ange has ideas for fine tuning in January. Possibly from Japan.



I’m particularly puzzled by Christie joining Bournemouth. I reckon that if they don’t get promotion this season then they are in dire financial difficulties.

Their debts are not far off their annual income-in the EPL! Unsustainable in the EFL.

As for Eddie at Palace,they made a mistake getting rid of Hodgson. Best they can hope for is three teams even worse than them.

And that is a big ask!


I went on to check, with feint hope, that the Scotland game might be on the BBC tonight. I should have known! English Women’s cricket.

big packy

bournemouth has a nice beach, and crystal palace has a ??? well palace,another true story,

big packy

happy birthday to the blog, i was the first one to post on here, dont believe a word jimthetim53 tells you,


Hands up Packy, you beat me to it by a few weeks! 🙂