Just what the doctor ordered,,,

I hate International breaks, but I’ll tell you who won’t be feeling that way,,why none other than Ange Postecoglou, a Celtic legend in the making.
After that defeat, and an new entire team of players arriving, the boss would have wished for one simple thing, time.
Time to get to know them as men and professionals, time for them to apartment hunt and begin the act of truly settling, time for the players to learn each other’s face, name, then style of play.
Training ground time might be the most important act at the club, where the magic actually happens. Many managers have bemoaned a lack of available training time, but rest assured you’ll not hear a couple of weeks without a game being cursed by any good training ground gaffer. It’s exactly what they want and crave.
Yes some of our bhoys will be away, Kyogo and Tam for instance, but it will be the new buys Ange wants time with.
This break suits us down to the ground. Being thrown straight into games is not for everybody, can easily lead to blips.
An unsettled mind out there in a new city, stadium, kit, team, has much more potential to find a mistake than the bloke who just had a nice and easy settling in period, zero pressures really, their role fully explained and practiced before taking to the field of play.
And make no mistake, that’s exactly what’s happening right now at Lennoxtown.
Celtic Mk2 is being honed for battle.
We’ve seen the snippets, heard a little of what’s going on (we stop at half time,we stop at full time, that’s it), and every time the team plays they look a little better, a little more assured. For the most part that is, previous game excluded we have been on an upwards trajectory.
With some moody players gone, and some talent brought in with a season only to win a deal (Jota and CCV) there’s no reason to think we wont come out all guns blazing, attacking the rest of the league as usual.
The only way is up, this manager isn’t allowing the alternative.
I think its almost the polar opposite across the city. Their shape is set, their legs grow older (I thought Davis was really starting to show his age) and they just passed their biggest domestic test to date.
I don’t see young hungry men playing with zest, but an aging outfit content with it’s ways, smug and confident.
Suits us down to the ground.
In some ways, it could be a blessing losing that derby game.
If Ange had tactically taught them a lesson, Messer Beale would have been at the drawing board figuring out how to counteract this new threat.
Now? He’s no motivation to form a backup plan or two, he’s not worried, he’s still the master in his mind.
Winning round one shall bring hubris and not concern over there among staff and players, or their support.
Again, suits us down to the ground.
When the traps open and we spring out ready for the fight, all the opposition should start to worry.
No one out there knows what’s coming, no one has this new look sides number, these new bhoys haven’t tasted defeat.
It’s a new day, a fresh side, and it truly is game on.
Round one just about went to the current Champions, but round two is a very different kettle of fish altogether.
In round two, we start to assert ourselves, we come out swinging hard and fast, we stake our claim to that trophy.
I predict we win round two, leave all opponents stunned, then never look back.
The new Glasgow Celtic and their charismatic leader are about to kick ass.
That defeat shall spur us on, not set us back.
We’ve seen everyone else’s hand, but have yet to reveal all our cards,keeping ’em all guessing.
I hate International breaks, but this one is just what the doctor ordered.

By Mahe.

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Hh mahe .


Howdy partner!
The air is breathable here last few days, a small blessing.
Was out watching giants beat the dodgers there.
How ya?


I guess it is all about how quickly the new recruits settle into the system.
The hope is instant positive return, as we have seen with JH, LA, KF. The signs re JJ are very encouraging after his derby debut and CS is improving.
CCV , GG and Jota will be training daily with the non International Brigade , integrating into the club and getting a feel for what is expected.
JMcC and his match ready fitness would appear to be the only major issue.
I expect our next opponents to be blown away.

Post game Hun evaluation, stoked by useful idiots like Hateley, had us well beaten by their “B team” !
when only Tavpen/ Patterson and McGregor were missing from their first 11.
A mix of rubbing it in and over eager acclaim for a perfunctory result.
As we all saw we didn’t test their debutant keeper until the later stages. A draw would not have flattered us and a win , although possible, probably would.
They need to believe that delusion to put their very poor early season form behind them.

I still contend that Alkmaar took more out of us
than Alaskert did them.
Bruising, energy sapping and mentally draining.

We both have a heavy four month schedule that will test squad strength to the full.

Bring it on.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, from a grey and wet East Kilbride.
I’m really looking forward to the return of domestic football next weekend and to being really entertained by our style of play. But I do still expect some hiccups along the way while the new players settle in and get used to Ange’s style. And it is after those games that we must keep the faith and stick to the plan.


Good lead Mahe.
Also good to see our Scottish internationals used sparsely by Clarke as he needs to keep the mssm from highlighting how poor and negative Scotland are under his reign.
He knows picking Celts will agitate them
I am definitely intrigued by Giakoumakis as he looks a genuine penalty box predator.
It was so frustrating last few seasons seeing so many crosses fizzing across opponents box while our forwards stood idly by and watched.
Kyogo has shown how to attack the box and Giakoumakis looks like he is willing to put his body on the line also.
When Jota,Abada and JF start supplying the crosses goals should go flying in.



Correct,this international break has come at a good time for clubs like Celtic who have made a raft of signings towards the end of the window. While I don’t think AP will have been working the squad too hard,I do think that he will have had them in to get used to how he wants them to play,with video assistance of their absent colleagues and their planned part in the AP revolution.

We have to come back after the break,firing on all cylinders and with everyone ready and able to play their part. This is a huge season for everyone,and everyone will need to be at the top of their game for it.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim dont know if my e-mails are getting through or not?????????



Howdy,mucker. Jim will probably be down the pub,living the dream!


Just read them Packy, OK.

big packy

BOBBY, thats what i was just thinking😎😎



Some good boxing analogies there. So the Huns are an aging Sonny Liston, while we’re Mohammed Ali..
the new kid on the block.

With one major difference: the Huns have the legs of Sonny Liston, combined with the mouth of Ali.😀

All we can do is let the feckers talk their usual shoite, while we go about our business, quietly and effectively.

Hail Hail.


Alky boab

Did the Ascot comp winner get paid yet?

Sol Kitts

Does anyone remember Gordon Brown calling al Qaeda Alky Ada?


Were you at the NACSC convention in San Fran.in 2010.


I thought Ajeti would be a penalty box predator but he never seems to get the ball in that area,it could be his movement(in the box).

Craig 76

Europa league 6 changes from play off round ⬇️( had to be changes as 3 no longer at the club)


timhorton @4-41
I thought so too but row locks like he has completely chucked it.
Doubt we will ever find out?


Craig 76
Fairly decent squad for Europa.
I would have liked young Dane Murray instead of Bitton though.


Full Europa A List and B List squads.



Fan .. Dane Murray is on the B List.

bada bing1

Man U doing Covid certification spot checks at Old Trafford, starting on Saturday

A thing of beauty

I think they may have to do similar at Celtic park till they sort out how they will install the checking system. It’s a bit of a shitshow. I am double jagged and am quite happy to have to prove so to get to the football but people may feel otherwise. After all when we bought the tickets no one said you needed to be double jagged to get entry. Also we do not have the technology installed at Celtic park to prove people have two vaccines. The queues will be unworkable if it needs to be done manually. Goodness knows what will happen now.


Tim Horton,
No Sir, not guilty. Happy Labour day.
Hail Hail

Craig 76

Missing Celtic scoring goals ?
Here’s 4 by Celtic Women against the 🐑



Terrific pass for the first,unbelievable finish for the second,and as composed a strike for the third as you will ever see.

Took me back quarter of a century to watching a certain poster on here,down in South London!

Craig 76

3 cracking goals and even a penalty (that’s the ref getting demoted)



Aye-but the penalty was for the fourth goal. As in the men’s game,betcha there won’t be many penalties for the opener.


I am a bit late to the party for those in the UK but here goes anyway.

Which country, outside of the home countries, was the first to beat Scotland?

Answer…. Austria! Is it an omen?

Was the SFA a better run organisation back in the days of yore? You be the judge. In the 1950 World Cup, FIFA invited the top TWO teams in the home championships to the finals. The SFA said they would only attend if they won the home championship, not if they finished second. They finished second and stuck to their guns and did not attend! So the SFA knocked Scotland out of the 1950 WC.

By 1954, the SFA had learned its lesson and made no such stupid ruling. They qualified for the 1958 WC. Qualified nations were permitted a squad of 22. Scotland brought a squad of 13 including one goalkeeper! There were no Rangers players in the squad, they preferred to tour North America, and were allowed to do it.

On Sunday, June 8, during the 1958 WC Scotland drew with Yugoslavia, 1-1. Jimmy Murray equalised in the 51st minute. It was Scotland’s first goal in the WC finals. Little did we know it would be 16 years before Scotland would avoid being beaten again in the WC finals.

SFA…not fit for purpose then, and now.



Bollocks,The Guardian has just published an article which mirrors the one I wrote four hours ago for publication very shortly!

Still,at least I know I’m not the only person thinking the same about a current topic.



I mentioned to my Dad the other day on here that I was constructing an article which included “The Famine Years”,and believe it or not,Austria is a big part of it!



I didn’t know that we drew 1-1 with Yugoslavia in 1958,but I sure remember us doing so in 1974.


I also remember Billy Bremner hitting the post in the 0-0 draw with Brazil. He was on the bloody goal line,ffs-even Tam Forsyth managed to score from there the previous year!