This Happy Land?


I originally started this article as a response to a post from MAGUA at 545 yesterday. It grew legs,and grew into the article to follow.

Nothing wrong with that,of course. Gives me more time to work on my planned article from the inter and post war years. Research not being my strong point,btw!


I consider myself too as a bit of a Celtic anorak,especially from the 70s and 80s. Too young beforehand,moved away afterwards,happily missed out dark days of the early 90s.

“DALLAS” from CQN and I used to compare notes,back in the day. We probably stood next to each other on occasion back then,whether it be in a bar,The Jungle,an away end. Who knew?

Then there’s the tales we were brought up on by our respective Dads,uncles,acquaintances. Lordy,we lapped them up in our formative years,did we not?!!!

I genuinely believe that there is a magic about our club,something that grips you when you first experience it. I’ve introduced a good few “non-traditional” friends to Celtic,and they buy into that magic even more than we do!

I spent much of yesterday with a guid pal from Paisley,a lad I’ve known almost my entire twenty years in Swindon. It was his sixtieth birthday,so you might gather that we all had a ball. He knows even more Celtic/Rebel songs than I do. He’s the choirmaster in the Swindon Shamrock CSC when the games are on.

And,depending on how many beers have been taken,even when they aren’t.

Not a shred of Catholicism or Irish descent in his backgound. Just a love of the club. Same as with all of those “non-traditional” friends and acquaintances.

I’m so so proud of our club’s achievements over the history of its existence. Of the legends that go with that,the heroes who wore The Hoooooops. But to be honest,I am more proud of the fact that we are so happy to open our arms in welcome to those of-and I’m sorry to repeat the term again-“non-traditional” background.

I’m even more proud that they know that they will be welcomed with open arms.

The club released a new t-shirt/slogan the other day with the logo “Open To All” on it,and it took a bit of grief from various outlets-suggesting that we were piggybacking on the huns one from last year.

Not so,that has always been our philosophy. In a blatant attempt to get MAGS posting again,this should be our theme song.

We know the songs that the soo’siders prefer,and it reflects their attitude and approach to everything.

Aye,it’s a strange thing how Celtic gets to you. But it’s a great thing too,and open to all. For real,and no questions-like “How old is your Granny?” asked.

Indeed,it is Good To Be A Tim. But it is even better to know that anyone is welcome to join us in being one. Though maybe better,for a number of reasons,that we don’t know each other as “This Happy Band”!

Above article by BMCUWP

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H.H. Bobby.
Mon the jungle,
Its a living thing.

Saltires en Sevilla


Great shout and it’s so important that every Celt understands the true essence of ‘open, welcoming and equally.

“Opan to all” -is the truth ( The Absolute Truth…aye, almost…love is in our hearts.)

“Everyone, Anyone” – is just a damned lie. ( it’s not even an aspiration…hatred is in their hearts)

A cursory glance through respective blogs illustrates this for the uninformed.

Unfortunately, rhere are some folk who claim to be Celts who are racist bigot bassas. However, they are found so rarely these days, that to encounter one comes as a shock. They can be persuaded quickly of the error of their ways… even if sometimes it takes a couple of pleasant (never forceful) reminders.


S e S

I read on another site( Phil Mac) a new initiative by the other side – Rangers Fans For Change.

A plea for their club to take a more proactive approach to the Everyone Anyone soundbite.

I wonder if this is an honest attempt to clear out the racist bile from within the support ( how many thousands there I wonder) or an exercise in paying lip service to an issue the club are scared to confront.

Time ( another few decades, no doubt) will tell.

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye?! Never saw that item. This could be a positive, welcome, approach. No doubt sincere.

We all saw one of the many opportunities presented by their 2012 liquidation, was a chance for decent Gers to steer the direction of Sevco towards a more inclusive, less hateful outlook. To be rid of Orange attitudes and manage within budgets etc.,… sadly, it appears that lobby seem to have lost out.

This time…


My dad was brought up with stories of Jimmy Quinn, Patsy Gallagher and Tommy McInally, just as he regaled me with Jimmy McGrory, Jimmy Delaney, Charlie Tully. I, in turn, told my kids about Jinky, Bobby Murdoch and the Lions, Paul McStay, Tommy Burns and they of course saw the magic themselves with Henrik, Big Bad John, Seville right up to the Quadruple Treble. Some history!!
It’s a fairy tale of winning against the odds, David beating Goliath, and Celtic bringing glory and honour to Glasgow and Scotland. Despite all this, we know that many in the Scottish Establishment hate our success because it completely demolishes their notion of Protestant supremacy. We have overcome bigotry, blatantly biased referees and downright corruption all through our history.
My formative years were the late 60s and 70s. We were among the European elite; Celtic Park was a fortress and while the hate mob was ever present, it was definitely muted. Sure the bigotdome was reduced to crowds of less than 10k when Greig and Wallace were their managers.
We can compare our welcoming culture to their hatefests but really the only way to silence them is to whip them on the park. Our win in Lisbon put their gas at a peep and their attempts to buy parity put them into liquidation. Now Ange’s task is to build a side which whips them regularly and win trophies and respect. I feel confident that he will.
My dad used to say that the finest sight in football was the ball hitting the back of their net and whilst one shouldn’t argue with one’s dad, I say it’s the picture of Caesar holding aloft the big cup in the still beautiful Estadio National. The happiest ending to a great fairy tale.

Saltires en Sevilla


Prompted by your post, had a quick look at Phil’s site.

TBH I tend to give him a wide berth as sense he thrives on a form of atavistic division. At the same time I recognise his positive input to the debate. Part of me thinks he likes it … all the nasty stuff.

Difficult to explain. maybe someone can put me straight.

Here he seems to suggest this Rangers Fans For Change (RFFC) is a PR stunt.

What would be really helpful is if we had some Rangers/Sevco ‘names’ ( see the problem) coming forward to meet Celtic fans to discuss ‘difficulties’ and seek to establish a broad basis of common interests.

Sure, this has been tried before and ended badly. Remember how a Celtic View editor got caught up in a pincer movement back in the late 80’s early 90’s. “Bampot” headlines etc.,

Trust levels have probably never been lower.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try – but, they need verifiable frontmen to come forward.

One of the basics tenets of Islam is to ‘forgive a penitent neighbour…’

That would be a good basis to start us off.

Prestonpans bhoys

I did laugh at the paragraph below from Bobby because this is exactly what happened to me. Thankfully the 90’s brought two kids therefore couldn’t afford to attend games. Then WGS first European game happened and I thought this could be interesting and bought a parent and child package in 118.

‘I consider myself too as a bit of a Celtic anorak,especially from the 70s and 80s. Too young beforehand,moved away afterwards,happily missed out dark days of the early 90s.’


S e S

I recognise where you are coming from re PMG.
He doesnae half have a high opinion of himself. There was a time he and another blogger JJ , who I gave up on for many reasons, were in a hissy fit spat about who was the most credible.
Made me think of that episode involving Chic Young and James Traynor.
Two baldies fighting over a comb.
No offence intended to SC baldies.

Change at the Huns has to come from above, they have the power re sanctions.
I won’t be holding my breath.


Himself is definitely full of himself, but he does have reason to be proud of his achievements. He does basic journalistic research, publishes the truth, and exhorts other journalists to simply do their jobs, and hold those in power to account. His style is abrasive; so what. We should be grateful for the work he has done and continues to do.
I bristle at some of his barbs at Scots and Scotland, but that’s me. He praises the old IRA, and how they took on and beat the British Empire, how they encouraged other nations under its yoke in their struggles for independence. However laudable the aims of the old IRA, the facts are that the result was a Catholic Church dominated country, run by right wing fanatics, who colluded with Franco, and turned a blind eye to the most sordid institutional child abuse, whist presiding over the most backward country in Europe. Ireland was rescued from a lot of this by the EU, but the political legacy is still clear: two Tory parties whose only difference really is what side they supported in the Civil War a century ago.
My message to Phil is to keep up the good work, but if his opinions on Scottish affairs are formed by what a 15 years old Mhari Black stupidly said in 2007 about hating Celtic and plastic Paddies, then he needs to get up to date. Not that I’m defending Ms Black’s racist comments.
IMO, the only way to silence the haters at games is league points deductions, but I realise that ain’t gonna happen unless FIFA or UEFA enforce it.

Saltires en Sevilla


Two cracking posts this morning… absolutely agree with all of those comments.


From previous

Paddy’s Maw
I did join CST but because I didn’t sign up to pay monthly I don’t get any emails or invites. Can you add me to the list of shareholders please. I bought some with my refund last year.

I need an e mail from you and any other shareholders who have not contacted me which you can ask via Sentinel Celts e mail.

If shareholders want to bring The Board to account the AGM is the route to go and if The Board mislead shareholders in response to Resolutions which is evidential then they need brought account for that.

The Note of Concern resolution has accountability as its main aim.


Two points on the item Phil McGiolla Bhain posted on Rangers Change Group.

1st. Phil is the Heiniken of bloggers. He reaches the parts others and smsm do not.

UEFA for example. The answers to questions he raised make it clear UEFA do not view the current club applying to play football in Scotland at Ibrox and Europe as the same club. This counters false claims that UEFA view the current club as the club before.

He also when trying to establish if the 5WA conflicted with Article12 of UEFA FFP, the very one that UEFA use to justify viewing the current Ibrox club as new, found out that the SFA/SPL never consulted UEFA on the contents of the 5WA which has sold the integrity of Scottish football down the river.

When you forget about protecting integrity the consequences become toxic.

I’ll post on the Rangers for change separately.


I looked up this group on Twitter

and I found it by looking for Alistair McKillop whom I met not long after Green took over at Ibrox at a book launch of Bigotry Football and Scotland.

He contributed a chapter as a Rangers supporter and I as a Celtic supporter.

I found his article on the subject quite encouraging and told him so. He thought Greens arrival a good thing at the time as in freeing Rangers from debt. I told him not to bet on it as Rangers had big financial issues.

He looked a bit surprised I was not criticising and in fact both my lad and I clocked that he took a step back when I approached him, but you have to remember the incorrect beliefs they hold about Catholics.

It’s good to see he is still doing what he can, but he has a very fine line to tread because of the unreasoned mind field that surrounds him.

For real change though metanoia (a change of heart) is needed not what he thinks is for Rangers benefit because it improves Rangers reputation.

That metanoia happens when the intrinsic worth of human beings no matter skin colour or creed is recognised on all sides.

Interestingly enough I’m working my way through To Hell or Barbados, The ethnic cleansing of Ireland
which sets out where the dehumanising of the Irish took hold, why – for profit and by whom – Cromwell.

The message of English superiority and Irish denegration jumps out at you. It lingers still in some minds who cannot recognise wrong.

An example of extreme wrongs: fix rebellious Irish/slaves to ground & burn them to death starting with a flaming torch at the feet working up the rest of the body to the head. Decapitatiing the corpse and putting head on a stake to discourage others and keep what passed as peace.

I cannot help but observe that the unwillingness to tell right from wrong is a persistent feature of the advocates of the same club myth and they won 55 titles honestly.



My memory of that spat was JJ was the one disparaging Phil.

JJ used a lot from my blogs on LNS and Res12 which I was quite happy to see being broadcast further.

However when my connection to Res12 became clearer and that Phil was the instrument of keeping the wider support up to date on progress or lack of it, Res12 featured less on JJ.

Phil in fact wasnt “the chosen one” he was in the room by teleconference, having been invited earlier by one of the requisitioners, correctly seeking advice and support from the author of Downfall who was well acquainted with the WTC issue, when a proposal to adjourn Res12 came via the other requisitioner present at a previous day meeting, where Celtic wanted Res12 dropped.

A proposal accepted (not knowing it would take 8 friggin years to get the unpalatable truth out) on the basis it gave requisitioners, acting on shareholders behalf an opportunity to seek answers from the SFA.

Phil was in with bricks and remains very helpful to this day.



An excellent and very relevant article.

Some great posts on here today. Very enjoyable reading indeed. Thought I’d pop in to lower the tone. 😀

Hail Hail

bada bing1

The huns going for another Everyone Anyone squirrel, absolute bollox



I don’t understand the animosity towards Phil clearly felt by some-though I fully understand why the huns hate him! IMO,he did a lot of the spadework on their,ahem,”Downfall” and has been a reliable source of information to us all for well over a decade now.

Sure,he gets some things wrong,and maybe presses the wrong buttons for some people. So what? We all do that on a daily basis.

I’ll take our various Celtic blogs any day of the week over hun sites. And also over the so-called professionals in the MSM.

Actually,he has pissed me off on a few occasions. As we publish overnight,it is a real pain to discover that he has scooped us in the late evening. Just means a rewrite,of course. Mind,it happens so often I’m thinking of changing my password!!!

(Only joking,Phil…)

Craig 76


On reflection I have perhaps disparaged PMG in that episode.
I read his insights into The Rangers with interest and don’t doubt his integrity.
The fact he is not an anonymous blogger, unlike JJ and his claims of maintaining secrecy for self preservation reasons, is to his credit.

I offered my shareholder support to you some time ago but if required can reiterate that via email.

The RFFC initiative is welcome, but I agree that only through a heartfelt truth and reconciliation process can The Rangers effect the positive changes necessary that will result in genuine resolution of the “issues” at the dark heart of that club.
For this to happen those in control of the narrative have to take the support with them.
I have my doubts that they have the inclination to take any action that will be fundamentally divisive within the “rank and file”.


Howdy folks.
Never met Phil myself but just goes to show if you put yourself out there online you’re fair game to some. That’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately. Of course your work should never be off limit to genuine criticisms, but that’s it.
Many go beyond. I think we’ve all got it at one stage whether public or not.
There’s been an explosion of Celtic based media, maybe there’s too much, and I must question if it’s a case of some/many thinking its easy money.
I seen a site the other day drags you in with the promise of a hot story then hits you with ads galore eventually redirecting you to the original website and story,nothing to do with them.
Theres the classic example of monetizing the Tims, and overload.
Those sites never agreed to Middlemen making profits off their work.
I guess that’s just the world these days.

Fair play to all the genuine bloggers, it’s not easy to constant put out quality enough to draw an audience of note. And as I say to Bobby, you can’t hit a home run everyday, sometimes a story just falls into your lap, it’s right up your street and you nail it,,sometimes there’s not much going on,or the daily story isn’t your type.
We also suffer from talking about today’s story tomorrow, without sources that’s what you do, but gaining sources then losing them really hurts sites, so it’s best avoided I reckon. You can be played also, gain trust, drop false story to crush your credibility.
While we were once called hotheads I think it’s clear we are concerned fans who do back the team, but wish for a better board, and a club to be proud of.

Happy day of Thor
Hail Hail

Craig 76

Excellent reply 🤣🤣
PersonalisedTings (@PersoTings) Tweeted: Something I said? 🤷🏻‍♂️



I remember a piece in The Herald diary, a number of years back, concerning Scotland’s visit to The Faroe Islands, for a qualifier.

On board the ferry, the fans were told in no uncertain terms, not to bring up the subject of Whales, with the locals. Cue bedlam at the ferry terminal, when some bad boys started belting out this little ditty:

“We’re the famous Tartan Army and we’re here to save the whale…”

Hail Hail.



If you have been getting updates on progress concerning the CST taking on Res11 since New Year you are on my list.

No harm in getting your e mail address to me via SC.

Ive an important update to send shareholders on it.

Like you I see no appetite for a heart change over Ibrox way. It would bring their world to an end. Rob them of purpose.

Commercially Rangers are not likely to lose a chunk of their fan base but when the pain of holding on exceeds the pain of letting go, thinking can change.

The problem is no one wants to apply the ultimate pain.

Billy Bhoy


I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for enlightenment over at the dark side.

I’ve just been over on FF and, despite there being over 30 separate threads on page 1, there’s been no mention at all about this latest “initiate” from their own fans! 🤔

There IS however, a thread that’s been running since May 19, that is updated daily it seems judging by the 35K posts, on Celtics historical abuse scandal and the likely financial cost.

I think that pretty well sums them up!

Craig 76

The famous Tartan Army being bad Shirley not 🤣


SES @8:53am.
Some good stuff from you earlier but totally undermined by your ridiculous comment about Islam. Omg.
Kill all non believers.
Black people are created for hell whilst white people are created for Jenna.
Basic tenets of Islam.
Stay away from Islam.
Stick to the famous Glasgow Celtic.
You’re on much safer ground.

Saltires en Sevilla


Thanks for your kind words.

I hoped it would be clear that I was referring to the overwhelming majority of decent human beings who follow that faith and how they believe and practice their faith.

Have a good evening buddy.




I’m gonna leave that up to shame you for everyone who reads it.


That’s like saying the overwhelming majority of Sevco fans aren’t bigoted Racists.
Where are these people(Watp)
It’s the same in Islam.
The majority of them dont know their faith.
You just quoted one of the “basic tenets “.
You never qualified it.
It’s a true saying. “The only good muslim is a bad muslim”.
Groups like , ISIS and the Taliban are good muslims.
I hope you take this criticism with the good heart that I’m offering it.
I’m so looking forward to the next installment of Angeball.
Lots to get excited about.
Good luck and God bless.


Shame me?
Aye very good.
My criticism is aimed at Islam. Not muslims.
Just have a wee look at what that religion teaches.
Go on. I dare you.



Not acceptable on here. I’ll leave the original comments up so that everyone else can read them and understand why I have blocked you.

I suspect you will get round that,as others have done. Just means I need to pay more attention.


Blinkin flip,an article that celebrates our ethos of Open To All,and we get some eeeeejit telling us that Islam is a problem. Not Muslims,mind.


Prestonpans bhoys

Is mad Kev back on with a new name😱

Saltires en Sevilla

So just saw a clip and that Ciaran Dickson looks like a great prospect –

The B team worth a watch – good news for the future



I suggest that you Google ‘The Five Pillars of Islam’. This explains what is expected of all Muslims. Just as some Christians have misused the Bible for their own ends, so too have some Muslim clerics, misinterpreted the Qur’an for their own selfish ends.

The Taliban, Islamic State ect. represent no-one but themselves.

A thing of beauty

Just read on the Etims diary that the price for sperm from unvaccinated men has risen by 21000%. Maybe explains the absence of late of one of our esteemed posters 😜😜😜



Tomorrow’s article disappeared. A bloody long one anaw.

Did it come through at your end?



One in Kate Bush is worth two in the hand…

Squire Danaher

GER57 10:09am

Good post.

PMG for me has been dining out on the death of the MankyMob for the past 10 years.

However, him and his alter ego ‘Ruggerman’ have also been blogging almost every day since then that the MankyMob2 are going belly-up tomorrow.

I refuse to believe he has had an insider source for 10 years that even that mob are too thick to figure out.


Posting this early before it disappears!

New article