Matches anyone?

Most of us probably recall where we were on this day in 2001.
Twenty years ago today most of the civilized world gazed in horror at The Twin Towers collapse, an event that signaled the end of one era and the beginning of another. Regardless of your feelings towards the US of A, the scenes of that day shall never be forgotten, it truly was history in the making.
It was also a unifying event, an unlikely result for the attackers.
For those of us who are intertwined with Scottish football, for better or worse, these last few weeks and months have also witnessed an attack, which also signals the end of an era, and has also proven an unlikely unifying event.
The Fourth Estate did not topple though, but instead stood together and hit back hard.
At long last many would say.
For as long as I have followed the famous Glasgow Celtic I’ve been aware of the nature of the clubs coverage, whether television or fish and chips wrappers, latterly the world wide web.
Its biased at its best, and potentially harmful at its worst, and as a result the Fourth Estate lost the majority of its Tim readers. For a nation that has produced many a world class writer, this is particularly galling. The truth regarding the ugly nature of the national sport became a casualty of war, a plaything somewhere between profit and continued employment.
Craig Brown once spoke of the journalists huddling post press conference to align their stories, agree on the message that was to emerge. Once the Celtic bad, Rangers good model was shown as the most profitable, it was always going to take something special to break that trend.
Well, something special has happened. The rags were shut out.
Ok, they had a choice to pay for press privileges, but it wasnt much of a choice at all. Twenty five grand isnt a massive amount, although at their lowest sales ever most could have managed the sum, but yet few forked up.
The correct decision, for once.
Football and sports media for years worked hand in hand, had established a long standing relationship that could benefit each of the parties with certain unwritten rules, and up north one club in particular needed those unwritten rules to always stay in place.
Over the years many an editor will have quashed a bad Rangers story having taken the long term view there prolonged custom may well be the life vest that helps keep the publication afloat, so real criticisms were very much off the table as a rule, with a couple of exceptions.
From bigging up players to boost selling fee, to downplaying illegal songs that even resulted in stadium closures, the rags were a willing partner even going so far as to have their scribblings preordained as we saw with Craigy White dictating the terms used from the Ibrox boardroom.
Entry to players, staff, amenities is a way of life for the hacks.
Was a way of life for the hacks.
Having been spurned by their partner in crime, they were left with a choice, accept or hit back.
Acceptance might not have been possible,,its easy enough to whip up something from the snippets that emerge, in some ways what we ourselves are doing. But we are free, not supposed to have inside access and exclusives enough to charge for. Left on the outside, the rag is essentially ‘reduced’ to not much more than a blog. Should the last remaining large demographic either realize this or have it pointed out they wouldnt cough up to aid the clubs coffers when asked, it could bring the publication below the commercially viable threshold.
Without access, they were dicing with death.
Backed into a corner, doing nothing taken off the table, its little surprise some editors and journalists have opted for the only real choice, hit back.
They surely have the ammunition, as just shown by the Hands and Hearts scandal. There’s every buried story just waiting to see daylight if its still relevant, as if one hour following their support about wouldnt provide enough horrific videos.
The Press have the means, more than enough goods, it comes down only to the will.
I question how much will actually exists across the collective publications for this battle. It could get ugly, it could see boycotts then sales collapse, not to mention addresses etc leaked online for the lunatic fringe. The other side dont play by their rules, and have mob power as their primary weapon as opposed to the pen.
For some reason, they would see the creators of succulent lamb journalism put out of business and replaced by their own channels, I assume because the lamb will be twice as succulent when cooked and served up by ‘one of our own’.
Yet the rags did hit back, have taken out one official media partner, and this weekend shall probably begin the taking out of another.
Their end goal must surely be things returning to normal again.
Getting rid of the actual fans with typewriters in the room frees up seats yes but also hurts the club coffers, they cant collect from a group they have been publicly forced to ban or disassociate themselves from. They aim to empty the room, assuming the club shall move to fill the seats again believing that more coverage is better.
Never assume I learnt a long time ago.
That club has had some takers for the world’s most expensive press pass, and the more exclusive that seat at the table becomes, the better that outlet can position itself.
As I type, Sly Sports have an exclusive with their manager discussing life in general along with recently besting ourselves, they are very happy with their partner club and if anything would jump at the chance to become their only media partner. Might just pay handsomely for it.
The Rangers have disregarded the old status quo, things arent returning to normal, not under these owner operators.
The message is clear,, we dont need you, but you need us so pay up. For a club who have more skeletons than a museum in the closet, their arrogance is breathtaking.
That hubris could come back to bite them, hard as a matter of fact. The media have done a fantastic job of keeping a lid of Scotlands Shame, its permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace of a club and its follow followers. Undoubtedly this establishment holds that nation back, constantly harking back to a bygone age and its religious overtones. That club has enjoyed the three monkeys treatment for a long time, perhaps long enough to actually believe its unnecessary. Its been not only necessary, its been vital.
As much as Glasgow Celtic held the fate of the Old Firm in its hands around 2012, so did the hacks. We read the RIP articles with astonishment back then, and read the subsequent company not club articles with equal astonishment.
They know exactly what events occured, but being an interconnected cog in the wheel, couldnt bring itself to halt the wheel. Now they’ve been replaced by another cog, they do have some options.
For starters there’s always the truth, every ugly episode could be properly covered and reported instead of spun.
Standing up for itself and finding a spine might help bring back some of those lost thousands, primarily Celtic fans who do genuine journalism but have trouble finding it among the broadsheets. While the old favourite was always a Celtic bad, Rangers good back page, maybe flipping that on its head with a Celtic on the rise, Rangers on the way down reality dose would help arrest those sliding numbers. If forced into some version of FFP I actually believe the Ibrox mob would have to fight hard for second place, which could help revitalize Hearts, Hibs, and even Aberdeen. Scottish football could undergo a renaissance of sorts without a skewed setup, any such renaissance could transform newspaper sales.
The lost walked for a reason, but are there to win back, and outweigh the current target group by some considerable size.
The simple humble truth about the national sport and its member clubs could entice many back, hell I would love to read some quality articles on the state of play, everyone would.
Secondly, a lot of the sports woes can be laid at the feet of the rags, who became the industry’s laughing stock via their succulent lamb journalism. They are enablers on a grand scale, part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Traynors sneering final piece at the Record was just about the lowest of the low, and who can forget how twenty years ago they waited for some drink fueled supporter to imitate the planes about to hit the Towers infront of an upset Reyna, that snap soon to be blasted around the world, our sacred green and white Hoops very defiled.
It would be just and fitting should the fourth estate take real and meaningful steps to help steer the game towards something better, if they actually helped tackle the Frankenstein problem they have helped create. Steps that include pushing for proper referees, and/or making sure clubs dont fly financially close to the wind. Two steps that would essentially incapacitate our rivals.
Lastly, at a time when there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of that club, and a lot of cash due to be leaving the club via the Dave King loan, the Mash Castore ruling, perhaps this time the scribes understand they hold the power of life and death in their hands, and unlike the last time they arent compromised. There’s been court rulings that a football club cannot exist in two capacities, club and company, in other countries that is, a fact that should have been sung from the heavens but was conveniently ignored.
When it comes to another liquidation for the light blues, the scribblers actually do have the power to make it the last. Ever.
Start pointing out that fact to the Ibrox boardroom, its what I would do.
Lay down that marker, its a strong card for the back pocket, and you will all play it should the time come. While they might hold your job in their hands, you also hold theirs at times.
Who knows how the future will record this spat, but it does hold the potential to become a game-changer. Who would have thought that the press pack, so often another brick in the wall, so often spineless where strength was needed, could actually become the key to a huge positive change for the national sport.
Perhaps the most famous Bonnie once sang “We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks”.
For both sides involved, never a truer word was spoken.

By Mahe.

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The rags could do us all a favour and get to the bottom of both clubs dirty secrets. Theres stories out there worth paying for.

Dom dropped the bomb, and we all deserve to know the truth.

Big Audio Dynamite

Hasn’t occurred to anyone that Dom has fulfilled his remit, no?

The board were worried about selling SBs this summer.

Bring in Dom …create a new narrative (World class operation, yada yada) …sell out again.

Groundhog day!

Big Audio Dynamite

Football and the sports media for years worked heart and hand.

Fixed that for you, Mahe 😜👍


Auldheid @ 1:59 am,

Facts are chiels that winna ding and you have had a few to look at. Michael Nicholson has to be a temporary appointment as his proximity to Lawwell during the Res12 saga makes him as toxic as his ex boss.

There is the possibility he is stepping in until a new CEO is employed but unless a culture change begins at Celtic on his arrival it will be the same thinking that created the problem that is trying to fix it, that is if they even want to.

I’ve posted on moral hazard before:

“Why Is Moral Hazard Important? A moral hazard is a risk one party takes knowing it is protected by another party. The basic premise is that the protected party has the incentive to take risks because someone else will pay for the mistakes they make.”

Read that last bit again, perhaps McKay has, “someone else will pay for the mistakes another party makes”. Celtic are paying for Rangers mistakes in spades in terms of loss of trust and diminishment as a football club of probity which they can no longer lay claim to as a result of the behaviour of the protected party at Ibrox.

Spades that The Board use to dig a bigger hole for themselves.

How can you trust a guy who on THREE occasions was given evidence that pointed to Celtic being defrauded in 2011 causing a loss of CL income and did nothing about it and when asked before witnesses why it was not being used, answered Celtic would not like other clubs raising matters about their business with the SFA!. What? Even if the other club had defrauded you?

Its either a really dark secret down a really dark well being kept there, or incompetency higher than Everest.

If MN is still CEO at next AGM it will be interesting to hear the justification for the way Celtic have treated small shareholders and supporters alike since 2012 and how that treatment has been in The Company’s interests in response to a fact filled Resolution of Concern the CST have adopted and will be putting to their members for support in order for it to be placed on the AGM agenda and so reported in the AGM papers for all to read.

Absolutely, what on earth is going on that Celtic have to Self combust every time it looks like they’re going in the right direction.

Is it Rangers turn, did Mr King really know what was going down. We need a purge.

Michael Nicholson for Dom McKay looks very like Lenny for Brendan Rodgers.

The CST should note what happens when you get Celtic supporters on the Board.

Hope you all enjoy the gemme the day…

Three nil to the Celts.

Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla


An old history teacher ( probably 35…) drove one clear message home.

They are called The 4th Estate for a reason.

Absolutely locked into Established power.

Ok to lift the lid on a few offline naughties and the occasional sacrifice, offered up when too much heat. Control the narrative and Never, ever allow the significant stuff to surface.


If someone who thinks they are important is being hung out to dry, it’s because a Big Thumb has been turned down.

The same teacher taught us a few things that weren’t on the curriculum in Scotland and ensured we had the broader context on what we were officially been told/taught. Even if we didn’t understand or appreciate the significance at the time. Stuff became much clearer… later…questions.

Control is achieved by fear of losing something you were taught at an early age…. to value.

Before the Modern Press got back control from Pamphleteers and illicit presses who were causing all sorts of grief locally .. ( what self-righteous clown thought it was a good idea to teach the proles to read!!!…) quick…grab back to control of agenda

Press ownership. The Radio, TV … internet

Why broadcasting licences controlled so closely … Radio Caroline off the coast … no danger,,,let the kids have their fun … but get a few good chaps on board …just in case …what…

BBC the voice and instrument of The Government who are controlled by The State. They always have been and always will be in our lifetime. Any reasonable person would be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that Sky & Fox et al are controlled by guys that control those governments…and States.

First thing any military planners think of is grabbing TV Radio and Press. only then secure airports, ports, water/gas/electricity… then bridges and roads … universities and skools. This is obviously not text book stuff and full of holes, but the overall picture is about right. ( strategic chuckles averted)

They already had the banks.

For a wee while internet will permit pesky troublemakers access to the common folk and alternative opinions are being formed… modern day pamphleteers… this will be shut down, if not already, tightly controlled and monitored. Social media as it currently exists is probably on it’s last legs.

Local tactical shutdowns of wifi …

silence …

The old ‘source’ newspapers we were shown in class all had one thing in common ( apart from the date… which should always be thoroughly checked boy!) on the top banner was a list of European Powers and the number of “able-bodied men” . Now, this wasn’t the military numbers, it was the actual numbers who could, in theory, turn a lathe…plough a field …hold a rifle.

The subsequent chat created a fear of numbers falling below a certain level and threat of loss of influence and power… maybe invasion …. oh no!!!

Quick Elsie do your duty….

They probably stopped utilising that device around the same time the Minister for War became the Secretary for Defence.

By then another threat had been manufactured to frighten the living shite out ye…

Free Press


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.

Mahe – great article and Saltires – great follow up points. Really thought provoking and scary at the same time.

Must run…..


McCaff ATOB BMCUWP still to make Superbru picks


Mahe yet another superb, thought-provoking leader. I wish, I wish…

Saltires, equally fantastic contribution.

Auldheid too, for reminder once again, to anyone not paying attention.

Worrying times, when it seemed that we were, potentially, getting somewhere.

Stay safe everyone.


bada bing1

Sky News covering 9-11,20th anniversary……..still get the hairs on the back of my neck,standing up watching the footage…..


Would like to add something on 9/11.
Was comfortably eating breakfast before heading to work when the news broke.
It all felt a bit like one of those Netflix?Amazon movies about US waking up to foreign invasion.
About 10-30am a friend called and said can you pick me up i’ve been evacuated to Lackawanna NJ.
So i set off and picked her up .She was in PJ’s and a blanket.
Took her to my house and we just sat numb watching tv.
2 days later we drove to Canal st and walked down to her place and packed a few suitcases and left.
Her balcony had about 4 inches of ash and i could see the smoldering rubble from her window.
She stayed a few weeks and eventually found a new apartment but for her life had changed.

I have been down to the 9/11 Memorial a few times and the absence of honesty is appalling.
Only America is an unfair victim.
Americans often ask why did they do this to us as we are the good guys?
There is no mention of Bush senior and the Iraqi peoples suffering in first Gulf war.

(Got that? The Bush administration deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure for “leverage” over Saddam Hussein. How is this not terrorism? As a Harvard public health team concluded in June 1991, less than four months after the end of the war, the destruction of Iraqi infrastructure had resulted in acute malnutrition and “epidemic” levels of cholera and typhoid.

By January 1992, Beth Osborne Daponte, a demographer with the U.S. Census Bureau, was estimating that Bush’s Gulf War had caused the deaths of 158,000 Iraqis, including 13,000 immediate civilian deaths and 70,000 deaths from the damage done to electricity and sewage treatment plants. Daponte’s numbers contradicted the Bush administration’s, and she was threatened by her superiors with dismissal for releasing “false information.” (Sound familiar?)

The total casualties based on GW Bush’s Iraqi war show the real death count on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Casualties of the Iraq War

Iraq War

White and red flags, representing Iraqi and American deaths, respectively, sit in the grass quadrangle of The Valley Library on the Corvallis, Oregon, campus of Oregon State University. As part of the traveling Iraq Body Count exhibit from 2008 to 2009 (not related to Iraq Body Count project), the flags aim to “raise awareness of the human cost of the Iraq War.” (May 2008)
Estimates of the casualties from the Iraq War (beginning with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the ensuing occupation and insurgency and civil war) have come in several forms, and those estimates of different types of Iraq War casualties vary greatly.

Estimating war-related deaths poses many challenges.[1][2] Experts distinguish between population-based studies, which extrapolate from random samples of the population, and body counts, which tally reported deaths and likely significantly underestimate casualties.[3] Population-based studies produce estimates of the number of Iraq War casualties ranging from 151,000 violent deaths as of June 2006 (per the Iraq Family Health Survey) to 1,033,000 excess deaths (per the 2007 Opinion Research Business (ORB) survey). Other survey-based studies covering different time-spans find 461,000 total deaths (over 60% of them violent) as of June 2011 (per PLOS Medicine 2013), and 655,000 total deaths (over 90% of them violent) as of June 2006 (per the 2006 Lancet study). Body counts counted at least 110,600 violent deaths as of April 2009 (Associated Press). The Iraq Body Count project documents 185,000–208,000 violent civilian deaths through February 2020 in their table. All estimates of Iraq War casualties are disputed.[4][5])
They say history ie written by the victors and for American’s that is their truth.
Why do they hate us?
Could easily be answered if truth were told.
If only we were capable of extending the same sorrow to all innocent victims our perspective would be different?


Thought provoking article.
Matches Anyone?
Are you suggesting we burn the whole edifice down?


FAN,MAHE et al

9/11 was,in hindsight,possibly the most damaging event in the history of the US. The decisions that were made as a result of it-or those already made,then actioned using 9/11 as a “reason”-have irreparably damaged the country’s standing at home and abroad.

Their downfall hasn’t been as cataclysmic nor as brutal as,say,that of the Soviet empire or even the Roman one-but it has been shocking nevertheless to witness.

Is it really over 60 years since Eisenhower warned everyone in a filmed and broadcast speech about the dangers of the military/industrial complex-followed not long after by a similar one from JFK? Yet nobody listens enough. So if you don’t learn from history…

Gordon64 Michelle Goldberg How 9/11 Turned America Into a Half-Crazed, Fading Power



The e-Tims article is excellent. Doesn’t miss. I have my own ideas about Dom’s departure and have mailed a couple of people to ask for any info they might have.

As it is,I think the club will be viewed now as toxic,and no CEO with a shred of self-respect will come near it. Our biggest problem though is if AP decides that he is no longer confident of the support he needs and deserves.

If he walks,we are in deep trouble.

This site,despite clear anti-board leanings,has been very careful to support Dom during his tenure. Indeed,I was still hoping that the AGM would see him being able to oust some of the old hangers-on and replace them with new faces and ideas. We can bloody forget that for some time to come.

There are too many skeletons in our closet,and too many walking dead in our boardroom. Until that changes,we are where we are-and that is all she wrote.



£2 a month to subscribe to New York Times. The only subscription I have,apart from my phones,and the best £2 I’ve spent since my ticket for Real Madrid in 1980.


As a wee taster for an article from the esteemed ESTADIO,I give you this that he sent me a few minutes ago. It refers to the build-up to the match against Jablonec…


Regeneration, Rebirth, Resurrection……. Rejoice!
Thursday 12th August 2021

The glances, sporadic at first, had metamorphosed into piercing stares; the glancers themselves had correspondingly mutated into fully developed bug-eyed starers.

“Viral” I thought, as those fleeting surreptitious squints had taken ‘variant’ character and projected jealousy, spreading pandemic-like around the orbiting alien planets circling.

“WE” christened that neo-contagion ……Covet21.

Those who caught it would require more locked-up than locked-down.

Mind you the green-eyed inhabitants of those uncharted territories would have denied that characterisation (“but that’s what the guilty do…..DENY!”)….. but WE knew;

Which left three questions

· Just what was their object of desire?

· Who were the ‘US’/ ‘WE’ who knew?

And most pertinently…

· Why did it matter for the looming Celtic v Jablonec jamboree?

The answer to this 21st Century’s triangular conundrum lay along a twisting road bathed in the glow of amazement and astonishment. (There is of course the possibility that you may just feel that I am pished!)

But back to my reality and your chance to step along the same path.

First you must cross the bridge on the Clyde, do a left onto Ballater street and head for the swirling mist defined by alternately materialising/dissolving erotemes, exclamations, semi-colons and inverted commas . As it creeps closer take perhaps your last sense of the globally warmed air, the fragrance of the ubiquitous orchards and vineyards, and dare yourself to step through the entrance to the Thirteenth Cavern. (Sometime known as ‘Sharkey’s bar door’).

Doubts and questions will flood your mind. “What is this world?”, “Does Quantum Mechanics matter?”, ”Do the rules of time, light and relativity really matter?”, “Why is the bloke wae the crutch wearing a tu-tu?”

Allow your senses to become accustomed and appreciate your surroundings. you find yourself in.

To your right lies ‘Beyond the Pole’….where linger the desperate pretenders to sitting in possibly the most sought after, world renowned, exclusive table-de-deux known universally as “Intellectual Corner”.

The queue to gain a seat that twin tabled community known to those who pretend to dismiss its controlling influence over the world of Quantum Theory, the exclusive community of Intellectual Corner in Sharkeys bar, was almost as long as the twisting line of angry Home Ticket Scheme members outside the Celtic Ticket office as the match against Jablonec approached….(I’ll come back to the a wee bit later).

” Intellectual Corner” in Sharkeys bar is of course where those stalwarts of philosophical discussion, quantum theory adherents I sit often and occasionally for far too long with my compadres and long time residents, Harry the Shark, Shotgun Shannon and Tolbooth Tony.

No doubt they probably see a quadruple of ageing and slowly crumbling skin, bones, bladders and a combined total of teeth fast approaching single digits.

Little do they realise that beneath that veneer of monochrome features, white hair and multiple medical aids to fend of the ever more eager swipe of the reaper’s judgemental scythe, lies the true reality of life.

Today we are all again eight and a half years old. (Mind you we’ve probably always been eight and a half; we’ve just pretended for the last six decades plus to be advancing in age and wisdom).

Yes here we are eight and a half …..and effin buzzin…..a competitive game at Celtic park…..AND WE ARE GOIN TO BE THERE.

So tonight Intellectual corner will be open to all who wish to steal our seats, adopt our philosophical pose, guzzle beer wines and spirits and watch the game on the telly; Cos we’ll be at Celtic Park…..CELTIC PARK… that first time when we were EIGHT AND A HALF!

Feck it, I think I’ll wear short trousers, spit on my comb to flatten my hair, run up the steps into the jungle and prattle on endlessly to the spirits of the great and the good who all those years ago took me to my first game.

God the clock is turning slowly!

“Is it nearly time to go yet Dad?”

Ah cannae wait.

God it’s great to be eight and a half…..

Win lose or draw….that’s what it’s all about ….but tonight we all win.

Hail Hail


Big Audio Dynamite

Something going on with the background? Can’t read comments

Jobo Baldie

We’ve gone all translucent again – can’t read the comments…


Sorry,folks. Auto-upgrade again,screwing things up. I’ve tried to reset it but intercourse fingers here is worried about making it worse!

I’ll need to leave it for our greatly appreciated in-house techie ASWGL


Btw,much easier to read on a phone than on a laptop.


Should be fixed now.


You might want to edit your 2nd last…😉

Saltires en Sevilla





On yonder hill,
there stood a dookit
It’s noa there noo
Coz some one took it.

works !

Craig 76

Social distancing right out the window on scotrail trains today carriages rammed with people


Not watching hun game but this is from BBC live text.

“ A booking for Rangers keeper Jon McLaughlin as St Johnstone almost catch the champions out.

Michael O’Halloran races on to a through ball and is clattered by McLaughlin who had rushed out of his penalty box.

The free-kick comes to nothing but the home side are starting to settle.”

So not seen it obviously but a yellow for the keeper clattering a player clean through? Fuxake…


Watching the palace game to see if young french lazy boy got a start, fekk sake players get free kicks just for falling over, spurs keeper Lloris gets a free kick because his own man barged into him from a corner. Dear doctor.

Finbar Saunders

Imitation is the sincerest form of fartery 💨
Smell the 🧤

Fnaaaaarrr Fnaaaaarrr. 🤪🤪

copyright SES 👍🏻


St. Johnstone 1-0 (O’Halloran) 🙂

Sol Kitts

Oh look, penalty to Sevco.

Sol Kitts

Roofe just head butted a SJ player. Has to be a red card. Collum gives a yellow.


I remember now where my belief Celtic were a club of probity

(probity noun
The quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.)

came from – my father.

He told me the tale of Hugh Maxwell a forward signed from Falkirk who turned out not to be up to the standard Celtic thought they were getting.
My dad told me that Hugh, whom he knew as a regular punter, had told him of how well Celtic had treated him and were kind to him when letting him go.

Then there is Robert Kelly refusing to take Celtic to Europe after Hungarian uprising in 56 and consequent Russian invasion.

Or Fergus taking on the SFA over Cadette.

All of that probity has gone, like teardrops in the rain,

What made Celtic different to me anyway but I suspect many others, has gone, and we are in grief at the loss.
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

All we can hope for or struggle for now is a resurrection of probity to bring Celtic back to life.


“Michael O’Halloran gets a sore one in the face from Rangers keeper Jon McLaughlin as he comes out to collect on the edge of his box. No intention involved…” (BBC)

Of course not, another yellow would see McLaughlin sent off!



Collum is a snivelling cowardly wretch.



Indeed,and thank you!

Perhaps the next time you post will not be in imitation of a character from Viz?


That article must have taken ages to write, well done Mahe. A good read. My own opinion is – I can’t ever see the Scottish media being balanced. If only!


Edouard scores within 30 secs of coming on.

Sol Kitts

Eddy scores for Palace with his first touch.

Sol Kitts

Fuxxake, Eddy scores again. Proving to everyone that his attitude was the issue, not his ability (but then we knew that).

Mahe – Where are all the journalists you asked earlier?

It just goes to show the levels of corruption, cover ups, and Old Firm collusion that have taken place in the 13 years since Gerry McNee and his column retired in 2008.

That’s correct, 13 years since there has been a “real” journalist in Scotland. Are we a banana republic but we don’t realize it?

City of Manchester sacking by huns support at Uefa Cup Final 0-2 defeat from Zenit.

RFC HMRC tax avoidance kicked in because Gerry McNee wasn’t around to reveal the goings on in his column.

RFC deceased cover up and CFC collusion in this would’ve been exclusively exposed in McNee’s column.

And on, and on.

A lot of or the majority of Celtic fans were glad to see the back of McNee. But these are the same Celtic fans fans who’ve been continually screwed over by Celtic PLC since the Fergus McCann betrayals of 1999, when McCann mislead Celtic fans since the 1994 takeover were he promised fans that after 5 years they’d rightly own their club.

But McCann mislead the Rebel-Consortium investors so they withdrew their investment, so McCann brought DD into the club and Celtic fans have been shafted to this very day.

So its been 13 years since we’ve had a journalist who delivered uncomfortable truth’s not just to Celtic, but to all clubs in Scotland.

If you are a journalist who is detested by 99.9% of Scottish media because you don’t play their game, and then you retire, then that leaves the Scottish sporting landscape wide open to all sorts of corruption, and so it has proved.

Would Celtic PLC’s betrayal of Resolution 12 have happened if there was the danger that Gerry McNee would’ve revealed that corruption in his column?

Would RFC have been allowed to die if McNee’s column was still on the go at that time, or would McNee have highlighted David Murray’s corruption to RFC fans and saved all of us from having to endure the past 13 years of lies, cover ups, and Old Firm collusion from Celtic PLC?

Just shows that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.



Scores with first and last touch for Palace. Couldnae score in a brothel for us two weeks ago.

Shocking and unprofessional behaviour. Palace will be the beneficiary but only until he realises that Croydon is no-one’s idea of Paradise.


Don’t care how many goals Ed scores as he had been a wage thief last season and this.
He tainted his short legacy.


Team: Hart, Juranovic, Starfelt, Carter-Vickers, Taylor, McGregor, Turnbull, Rogic, Abada, Jota, Ajeti.

Subs: Bain, Soro, McCarthy, Urhoghide, Shaw, Montgomery, Welsh


A post from ‘yellow taxi’? has just disappeared, what happened?


Think Ralston can feel hard done by with his omission today.
Also doesn’t really look like the bench has any goals in it’s armory .


Copied over from E Tims.

In respect of Celtic’s handling of Res12 mentioned in the E Tims blog here is a note of a meeting that took place on 9 Jan 2019, the relevance of which will become clear.

A new SFA Compliance Officer (CO) was appointed in September 2018 so It
was agreed at a meeting with Celtic on 4th January 2019 that the shareholders lawyer
would provide the new CO with a note of assistance highlighting the fact that
a) the previous incumbent had excluded the period prior to end of March 2011, that
b) he had been questioned about this omission in the 25th June 2018 letter from the Resolution 12 lawyer and
c) emphasising to the new CO this decision was wrong.

This letter to be accompanied by supporting documentation including the minutes of the HMRC meeting of 21st March 2011.

However, at the January meeting, Celtic stated they would not be introducing the minutes of
the HMRC meeting (which had been legally obtained) in their discussions with the SFA on
the grounds that Celtic would not like another club raising matters about their business with
the SFA.

For Celtic in first line replace Michael Nicholson who made the statement and you will get an idea of what we are likely to have to put up with with him as CEO and a Board who want to continue with a cover up.

The AGM will present an opportunity to establish at question time if that is still his view.


Good stuff Auldheid, I’ve been wondering since his appointment as CEO if Michael Nicholson was involved in the cover up. When I read he was a legal eagle at Parkhead since 2013 I might have known he was in the mix! Nothing has changed at Celtic. Another one of the old firm gang sitting on the Board at Celtic.


I expect Nicholson’s appointment to be confirmed at the AGM.


I think we can say goodbye to the structural changes Dom was trying to push through.
The NEDs will retire or die in office.

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