Matches anyone?

Most of us probably recall where we were on this day in 2001.
Twenty years ago today most of the civilized world gazed in horror at The Twin Towers collapse, an event that signaled the end of one era and the beginning of another. Regardless of your feelings towards the US of A, the scenes of that day shall never be forgotten, it truly was history in the making.
It was also a unifying event, an unlikely result for the attackers.
For those of us who are intertwined with Scottish football, for better or worse, these last few weeks and months have also witnessed an attack, which also signals the end of an era, and has also proven an unlikely unifying event.
The Fourth Estate did not topple though, but instead stood together and hit back hard.
At long last many would say.
For as long as I have followed the famous Glasgow Celtic I’ve been aware of the nature of the clubs coverage, whether television or fish and chips wrappers, latterly the world wide web.
Its biased at its best, and potentially harmful at its worst, and as a result the Fourth Estate lost the majority of its Tim readers. For a nation that has produced many a world class writer, this is particularly galling. The truth regarding the ugly nature of the national sport became a casualty of war, a plaything somewhere between profit and continued employment.
Craig Brown once spoke of the journalists huddling post press conference to align their stories, agree on the message that was to emerge. Once the Celtic bad, Rangers good model was shown as the most profitable, it was always going to take something special to break that trend.
Well, something special has happened. The rags were shut out.
Ok, they had a choice to pay for press privileges, but it wasnt much of a choice at all. Twenty five grand isnt a massive amount, although at their lowest sales ever most could have managed the sum, but yet few forked up.
The correct decision, for once.
Football and sports media for years worked hand in hand, had established a long standing relationship that could benefit each of the parties with certain unwritten rules, and up north one club in particular needed those unwritten rules to always stay in place.
Over the years many an editor will have quashed a bad Rangers story having taken the long term view there prolonged custom may well be the life vest that helps keep the publication afloat, so real criticisms were very much off the table as a rule, with a couple of exceptions.
From bigging up players to boost selling fee, to downplaying illegal songs that even resulted in stadium closures, the rags were a willing partner even going so far as to have their scribblings preordained as we saw with Craigy White dictating the terms used from the Ibrox boardroom.
Entry to players, staff, amenities is a way of life for the hacks.
Was a way of life for the hacks.
Having been spurned by their partner in crime, they were left with a choice, accept or hit back.
Acceptance might not have been possible,,its easy enough to whip up something from the snippets that emerge, in some ways what we ourselves are doing. But we are free, not supposed to have inside access and exclusives enough to charge for. Left on the outside, the rag is essentially ‘reduced’ to not much more than a blog. Should the last remaining large demographic either realize this or have it pointed out they wouldnt cough up to aid the clubs coffers when asked, it could bring the publication below the commercially viable threshold.
Without access, they were dicing with death.
Backed into a corner, doing nothing taken off the table, its little surprise some editors and journalists have opted for the only real choice, hit back.
They surely have the ammunition, as just shown by the Hands and Hearts scandal. There’s every buried story just waiting to see daylight if its still relevant, as if one hour following their support about wouldnt provide enough horrific videos.
The Press have the means, more than enough goods, it comes down only to the will.
I question how much will actually exists across the collective publications for this battle. It could get ugly, it could see boycotts then sales collapse, not to mention addresses etc leaked online for the lunatic fringe. The other side dont play by their rules, and have mob power as their primary weapon as opposed to the pen.
For some reason, they would see the creators of succulent lamb journalism put out of business and replaced by their own channels, I assume because the lamb will be twice as succulent when cooked and served up by ‘one of our own’.
Yet the rags did hit back, have taken out one official media partner, and this weekend shall probably begin the taking out of another.
Their end goal must surely be things returning to normal again.
Getting rid of the actual fans with typewriters in the room frees up seats yes but also hurts the club coffers, they cant collect from a group they have been publicly forced to ban or disassociate themselves from. They aim to empty the room, assuming the club shall move to fill the seats again believing that more coverage is better.
Never assume I learnt a long time ago.
That club has had some takers for the world’s most expensive press pass, and the more exclusive that seat at the table becomes, the better that outlet can position itself.
As I type, Sly Sports have an exclusive with their manager discussing life in general along with recently besting ourselves, they are very happy with their partner club and if anything would jump at the chance to become their only media partner. Might just pay handsomely for it.
The Rangers have disregarded the old status quo, things arent returning to normal, not under these owner operators.
The message is clear,, we dont need you, but you need us so pay up. For a club who have more skeletons than a museum in the closet, their arrogance is breathtaking.
That hubris could come back to bite them, hard as a matter of fact. The media have done a fantastic job of keeping a lid of Scotlands Shame, its permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace of a club and its follow followers. Undoubtedly this establishment holds that nation back, constantly harking back to a bygone age and its religious overtones. That club has enjoyed the three monkeys treatment for a long time, perhaps long enough to actually believe its unnecessary. Its been not only necessary, its been vital.
As much as Glasgow Celtic held the fate of the Old Firm in its hands around 2012, so did the hacks. We read the RIP articles with astonishment back then, and read the subsequent company not club articles with equal astonishment.
They know exactly what events occured, but being an interconnected cog in the wheel, couldnt bring itself to halt the wheel. Now they’ve been replaced by another cog, they do have some options.
For starters there’s always the truth, every ugly episode could be properly covered and reported instead of spun.
Standing up for itself and finding a spine might help bring back some of those lost thousands, primarily Celtic fans who do genuine journalism but have trouble finding it among the broadsheets. While the old favourite was always a Celtic bad, Rangers good back page, maybe flipping that on its head with a Celtic on the rise, Rangers on the way down reality dose would help arrest those sliding numbers. If forced into some version of FFP I actually believe the Ibrox mob would have to fight hard for second place, which could help revitalize Hearts, Hibs, and even Aberdeen. Scottish football could undergo a renaissance of sorts without a skewed setup, any such renaissance could transform newspaper sales.
The lost walked for a reason, but are there to win back, and outweigh the current target group by some considerable size.
The simple humble truth about the national sport and its member clubs could entice many back, hell I would love to read some quality articles on the state of play, everyone would.
Secondly, a lot of the sports woes can be laid at the feet of the rags, who became the industry’s laughing stock via their succulent lamb journalism. They are enablers on a grand scale, part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Traynors sneering final piece at the Record was just about the lowest of the low, and who can forget how twenty years ago they waited for some drink fueled supporter to imitate the planes about to hit the Towers infront of an upset Reyna, that snap soon to be blasted around the world, our sacred green and white Hoops very defiled.
It would be just and fitting should the fourth estate take real and meaningful steps to help steer the game towards something better, if they actually helped tackle the Frankenstein problem they have helped create. Steps that include pushing for proper referees, and/or making sure clubs dont fly financially close to the wind. Two steps that would essentially incapacitate our rivals.
Lastly, at a time when there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of that club, and a lot of cash due to be leaving the club via the Dave King loan, the Mash Castore ruling, perhaps this time the scribes understand they hold the power of life and death in their hands, and unlike the last time they arent compromised. There’s been court rulings that a football club cannot exist in two capacities, club and company, in other countries that is, a fact that should have been sung from the heavens but was conveniently ignored.
When it comes to another liquidation for the light blues, the scribblers actually do have the power to make it the last. Ever.
Start pointing out that fact to the Ibrox boardroom, its what I would do.
Lay down that marker, its a strong card for the back pocket, and you will all play it should the time come. While they might hold your job in their hands, you also hold theirs at times.
Who knows how the future will record this spat, but it does hold the potential to become a game-changer. Who would have thought that the press pack, so often another brick in the wall, so often spineless where strength was needed, could actually become the key to a huge positive change for the national sport.
Perhaps the most famous Bonnie once sang “We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks”.
For both sides involved, never a truer word was spoken.

By Mahe.

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The board are not just unsupportable they are actively working against the best interests of the club in favour of the views of its largest shareholder 🤔

bada bing1

£6 million Barrie McKay on for Hearts……oh how we laughed



You’re spot on re Bankier. The man is a grade A tosser. In his first presser, he lied to the support that he was a lifelong Celt.
Unfortunately for him, real Celts can spot who is and who is not, one of our own.


Bankier should be booted out, ASAP. Knowing our luck, he would be replaced by an even bigger bastard…Blue Peter, of that ilk.

How long will Ange last, before he too tells them to stick it?

Hail Hail.


Re McKay and Desmond ,

surely McKay’s “ideas ” on modernising etc were discussed with DD during the interview process ; they cannot have JUST NOW come as a surprise to Desmond .

After all , isn’t that why we , the fans , bought into the ” Dom & Ange ” show , for exactly those reasons – fresh new modernising approach across the whole footballing department ? – ( The “Dom ” modernising ideas model was something the fans seemed to be well aware of , yet we’re to believe Desmond wasn’t ? ?)

Wasn’t that the catalyst ( at their unveiling) for the biggest no of ST sales in one day , and for a ST sell-out despite rumblings of boycotts ?

Surely this wasn’t the reason for his/their appointments was it ? Give the fans a “false dawn ” to steer them away from discontent and towards ST sell-out ; then when mission accomplished , get rid ? ( BR era anyone ?) Then return to “old ways ” ( NL II ? )

Worth noting too , that at their unveiling McKay seemed to believe PL was for the ” off ” ;
” Peter has earnt his retirement ” – or words to that effect .
Days later and AFTER ST sell-out , it transpires he hasn’t gone anywhere .

The next couple of months re – Celtic PLC and AP , may be quite telling .

bada bing1

McCaff- Gillespie’s nickname was The Rigger,2 weeks oan,2 weeks aff


Maybe DM realised he had been duped by DD and the board as part of a con trick to convince the supporters that PL had resigned only to discover that PL is effectively still calling the shots on DDs behalf 🤔

Craig 76

I think JTT53, Big Packy and yourself should storm the stadium and remove Bankier with any amount of force you deem necessary.

Saltires en Sevilla


……Worth noting too , that at their unveiling McKay seemed to believe PL was for the ” off ” ;
” Peter has earnt his retirement ” – or words to that effect .
Days later and AFTER ST sell-out , it transpires he hasn’t gone anywhere …..


Hi buddy

This was discussed here, albeit briefly, after the interview (s)

What he said was approx. Peter resigning as CEO… well earned rest ( as you said)

However, he then went on to say, completely unprompted, that Peter would remain in some capacity to maintain continuity links with ‘Euro Committee’ he was involved in/on … as that “made sense”

I’m paraphrasing here, obviously, but he effectively told us there and then that Peter would be staying on the payroll… Dom was fully aware that PL was hanging around but still agreed to accept the CEO Job…. a fatal error of judgement on his part (in my book)

It was that obvious…


Does anyone actually believe that Bankier makes any decisions without DD or PLs approval 🤔 Likewise with Nicholson


Magua There’s not one member of our board who could call themself a Celtic supporter HH


Transcript of a deleted audio Tweet
“Jordan knows a guy that’s quite in with Celtic and he, eh, he phoned him when that happened and he said it’s been coming for weeks, basically since McKay’s came in. They hired him right enough but they’ve really no liked how, he described it, as the cut of his jib, they don’t like his attitude, how he acts and aw that, the way he puts himself about the place and things like that. And he wisnae really getting on with that Bankier and that as it is, and he said to be fair to that Dom McKay he was trying to modernise the Club and wanted the Club to spend more money but, but the likes of that Bankier and aw that have obviously spent a few quid and they’ve apparently pulled him aside and said ‘right, we’ve spent a few quid, this transfer window, for one window this isnae our business model, we don’t operate like this, we’re spending too much money, if you want more players get loan deals in and free transfer-type thing and we’ll go again next year when we get more money in the door. And this was before the Juranovic deal was done…em, and apparently they were already in discussions with Juranovic and that Dom McKay went behind his back and more or less done the deal, contracts and aw that, and he said the Club were backed into a corner and had to pay the money for Juranovic and Bankier didnae want to, it was too far down the line em, so he spoke to Desmond and Desmond had him down for a meeting in London and more or less said I know you’ve been trying to please the manager and aw that with the likes of that Juranovic deal but the manager answers to you, you don’t answer to him and like you answer to Ian and Ian answers to me so if he tells you something’s no happening it’s no happening em, and apparently Dom McKay says at the meeting you can fuck this, this isnae for me, em and that was it, he says I’m no operating like that. So apparently that’s what happened he fucked off Ian Bankier, he told Dermot Desmond, he pulled him in for a meeting, he told him to wind his neck in a bit and he apparently told him to ram his job up his arse. So we’ll see what happens next. Apparently Big Ange isnae happy because the Board never did enough for him in that window.”


So reading between the lines of the transcripted Tweet the issue is the money that Dom spent, in his capacity as CEO of a PLC. All above board presumably! If he had authority to spend then he is blameless. If Wankier has reason to believe McKay didn’t have authority, as Chairman he must bring McKay to account but to go tell tales to DD shows we have a Board of puppets, spineless puppets who will all do DD’s bidding as required. This is a corrupt PLC with no care for any Shareholders other than DD and Train. Auldheid…you and the CST have a mammoth task ahead to call this shower of charlatans to account. They are directed by a man who cares nothing for any of the issues that matter to us.


A sports commentator once said about Bobby Orr…………the greatest player to “lace up the Bauer skates”


Hi Saltires en Sevilla ,

yes , you’re right ; I’d forgotten about that ” caveat ” re – PL “retirement ” though it’s an aside vis a vis the main question in my post i.e. the ” rumoured ” clash over modernisation .

Would be interested in your thoughts / opinion

St tams

I’ve been told that Michael Nicholson has very reluctantly stepped in as acting CEO and does not want the job permanently.

Also Wankier is for the off, very soon


He was right.
I have a signed photo of The Goal with Bobby in mid air after scoring Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime in Game 4 in1970 on my wall.
Also have a Mario Lemieux signed stick and Gordie Howe puck.



That sounds like a plan, me and the dynamic duo. Now, where the feck are we gonna find a Centurion Tank.? 😀


As long as the board were doing their jobs, I wouldn’t care which team any individual supported…but that’s the crux of the matter. They bloody well aren’t doing their jobs. All that matters, is keeping their Ibrox pals happy. Snakes…every damn one of them.

Hail Hail


Craig, Magua, Given me & Packy’s age we would probably need the help of a tank. LOL 🙂
Mind you, I’m not sure a British Army tank heading towards Celtic Park would go down well with the Green Brigade et. al. 🙁



No worries. Me and thee can paint the tank Green, White and Orange, and Packy can drive the beast. Sorted. 😀

Saltires en Sevilla


My apologies buddy – should have explained that I agreed with your suggestion./view.

I sense that the Board ( owners) would actively consider bringing in a frontman as a puppet, to encourage 50k Celtic fans to buy season tickets with little or no more intention of modernising the club operations.

They seem to dream up wee ruses from time to time … fans are happy to buy into it .. they rinse and repeat. It’s a proven winner in that sense.

On the issue of PL still on payroll – I see these things as being absolutely connected. Why would any new CEO worth their salt agree to sign up to a deal where their predecessor of 20 years standing, is still on the payroll/board. Still inside. influencing others?

It looks like flawed thinking at best… naïveté at worst. Maybe the lure of the club dazzled him too much … who knows?

If Dom is a Celt, and plenty of reliable guys tell us this is true, then He must know all about the clusterfek he was taking charge of. The main ‘players’ and how they seem to operate and have behaved.

These questions were all asked at the time.

They are still there to be answered.


Magua, LOL. Packy is a professional driver of big vehicles after all! 🙂


St tams
I’ve been told that Michael Nicholson has very reluctantly stepped in as acting CEO and does not want the job permanently.

Also Wankier is for the off, very soon

Had the same message re Michael Nicholson from a family friend.

Hope you are right re Bankier.




I can’t understand DD. Why remain? He doesn’t earn a fortune in dividends. (at least not a fortune to him). Doesn’t like the limelight apparently but wants the power behind the throne. Couldn’t give a feck about success on the pitch. Rarely attends matches. Has he ever attended an AGM?
He must know how much he is hated by the Celtic support.
I can only suppose he is poisoned by that strangulation triangulation of Greed, Power and Ego.
Maybe he’s nice to his family!

A thing of beauty

Hope you are right. I know nothing of Nicholson but he is too close to the failing regime to get the CEO position. No one with any real credentials will take the job now. I Cannot understand DD’s thinking. I know it’s been said before but I’m sure he doesn’t run any of his other companies the way he runs our football club.


jimthetim53. @ 4:25 pm,

DD is obviously not that interested in Celtic, nor making it a top sporting Club.

He talks of running the Club like Mikawber but actually runs it like Scrooge.

It is badly run as a sports Club and badly run as a PLC.

His one and only interest that makes sense is getting the old firm to the next level of league – The EPL, Pan Euro, Atlantic, whatever it is that’s the pay off.

He’s invested about 20 million in Celtic, he can expect to make at least ten times that if Celtic reaches a higher echelon.

He made his first serious money selling London City Airport, he is looking at a similar deal with Celtic.

That’s the start and finish of it. It is the only thing that makes sense as a strategy.

Hail Hail



A vanity project that takes up very little of his time( his placemen are there to do his bidding).


I’m sure he runs the club exactly as he wants/ currently needs to.
A local self sustaining “business “ with little need to risk investment capital in a limiting environment.
I’m guessing but If we were in a different- more vibrant – marketplace his business instincts would provide much more speculative investment.


Morning troops
Hope all are well on this fine day of the sun, and the return of the NFL Sundays.
Niners territory here.

“The board are not just unsupportable they are actively working against the best interests of the club in favour of the views of its largest shareholder”
Very well said Graveson, well put indeed.
Next step is making sure everyone accepts something must be done. I think the buses and WhatsApp groups will play a big part rather than the official orgs.

Imagine being asked to report to the Chairman after Peter didn’t report to him.
The nerve on these pensioners.
Dom was right, I woulda walked also.
At least he can still look in the mirror.

A long slow rebuild allowing them to beco.e financially strong looks to have been the plan, a plan Dom and Ange weren’t interested in so it’s upset them and break them up time.
Now we know the next guy is a puppet and it’s back to loans and projects.

Folks, we are past the point of no return.
We all need to start taking steps to fix that club, for no one else will.

Not a penny more is a great start.

We will share the log in to watch the games if needed but not a penny more.

We all need to take a stand here.
For the good of the club itself.
We are losing her,,we must stand up and fight for her.

big packy

CRAIG76 MAGUA JIM/ never driven a tank before but ill give it a try, mind you with my eyesight now, ill probably demolish half of glesga,😎


Chairbhoy, that does make sense. Holding on to sell his shares when they sky rocket in a new set up.
A Celtic man he never is.


I trust you Packy Potter.
(I’m watching Harry Potter at the moment).

Craig 76

You can practice down Ibrox way 🤣

big packy



jimthetim53 @ 5:32 PM,

that does make sense…

… A Celtic man he never is.

Yes, if you look at the corporate and spend decisions that have been made over the last decade and a half it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Either that or a Billionaire Businessman has lost his marbles.

You’re right it’s not about Celtic, it’s about bragging rights on the Golf course and Sandy Beach Hotel.

Hail Hail


On the Dom McKay thing…

Is it a coincidence that Gordon Strachan was announced as a consultant last week!?

When I read this it certainly made me think Dom McKay had thrown down the gauntlet…

[On Gordon Strachan coming in] McKay said: “No. I want to make my own mark and part of that is looking at how we might want to modernise and evolve. I will make sure we are a forward looking club.”

On future structure, McKay added: “I am completely open minded.

“Your suggestion was that Gordon was coming in to do a director of football role, that is not my intention.

“Once we get the structure right we will make the decisions on who to populate that with.”

When Ange Postecoglou was asked about GS he was lukewarm to say the least.

Lenny’s comeback, John Kennedy leading the backroom staff, Gordon Strachan coming back, who is it that loves a clique and is making these bizarre decisions.

Hail Hail

big packy

CHAIRBHOY, cant disagree with any of that the famous celtic football club and i mean famous, not like the nimcumpoops from govan will go on,you know it and i know it, despite the masons in the black and there is many of them, the good will prevail.👍


This is a request for a loan. Please keep that in mind while reading.

I’d like to thank our two blog creators for consistently providing interesting articles. It cannot be easy generating six of these every week. Yes, I know others chip in and I thank them as well. However, most of the burden falls to our two saints…..Saint Bobby and Saint Mahe.

As well, I’d like to thank the saints for maintaining a largely cordial blog where people play the comment and not commentator. This is no mean achievement, given what you see on other sites. Take a bow gentlemen.

Now, about that loan……..



Rebus, agreed.
Now as for the loan…… Big Packy is always good for a tap.


big pack @ 6:44 pm,

Good to hear from you…

Yes you know it;many are despondent, many have thrown in the towel but we know The Famous Glasgow Celtic will prevail.

Hail Hail

big packy

HEY JIM im skint, not two farthings to rub together,,another true story👍😎😎



Speaking of Big Packy….are you there BP?

Drums, right?

What do you think of Ginger Baker in White Room? Quite something?

Which Rock drummers do you rate?

Got to go and build a wall. Talk later.


big packy

HI REBUS, loved ginger baker, but my fav rock drummer was ian paice from deep purple, only second to jon bonham led zeppelin👍



Just when I was considering signing up for CelticTV again, we get this crap.

I really would like to know the truth behind this. It is possible that Dom was not up to the job. He prevaricated on details of his “modernisation”. However, I think ruffling feathers was the most likely scenario.

Remember the BR promo immediately after he left. He was the scoundrel, not PL. Then more facts bleed out and the lack of support emerges, plus the power struggle.


Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Did you say you were skint? I’ve just read in the Liverpool Echo that a Glenboig man was arrested for breaking into a fiver. Wasn’t you, was it?



Let me bet to my wall! I saw DP in London University. Too drunk to appreciate them, but I recall they wore suits. Took their jackets off prior to the gig but kept their waistcoats on. Tge first band I saw that used dry ice for background!

I saw Cream in Streatham Locarno. It was clear Baker and Bruce did not get along. Bruce took the base guitar to being a lead instrument.


big packy

SOL unfortunately yes👍😎😎


Rebus67 @ 7:27 pm,

Unfortunately I’ve already signed up, was going to buy a top and some merchandise – that can wait.

I’m not buying the Dom not up to the job malarkey though. As you say, the Board have previous.

We know mostly the situation around Brendan Rodgers departure and it was very different to what Celtic PLCs partners in the SMSM and social media portrayed.

Not only lies but a character assassination, their pet SMSM journalist labelling BR Fraudgers and the social media had him as a Rat… Some Rangers fans favourite description for Tims (rhats).


So they have form… Now, a misleading official statement, some underhand briefings and it may not be as obvious (they were caught high and dry with BR and LG) but its still the same m.o. for Dom.

You will have a better idea than me about Dom’s approach to business but Celtic have hugely improved on the field and in Club communications in a short period of time.

DMcK had a transition period with Peter Lawwell in which nothing was achieved and the Eddie Howe and DoF saga trundled on until it was quite embarrassing.

The progress since Dom has gone it alone with Ange has been incredible in my book.

If he has weaknesses, and maybe he has, as there was only one other executive Director on the Board there was certainly scope to hire in expertise.

A Club Chairman would have been nice – to complement our CEO.

Of course he may not have made the progress he wanted to in modernisation but he has had a lot to accomplish, not least keeping Ange happy in the window when his frustration six weeks ago was palpable.

Also the mood music with the Bankier situation and WGS appointment sounds as if his pushing ahead with modernisation was a problem for the dinosaurs. And you don’t get worse than Scottish dinosaurs.

Hail Hail


In the Superbru predictor this week, Hopeful Hoops has a healthy lead over Marspapa and 18 yard man

Big moves upwards by Big Archie, this week’s best performer, but Bada Bing, Majestic hartson, Raplochbus, Tirconnel, Gscbhooy and myself moved up too.

At the bottom, ACGR gets this week’s wooden spoon but Leggy has moved off the overall bottom spot which is now occupied by Park Road 67

Next deadline is 3p, next Saturday


Problem when you have an ego the size of DD’s running the club is dissent is treated as treasonous and there is no way back.
The folly of Lawwell’s disastrous tenure will never be recognized .
He was DD’s chosen man therefor cannot be questioned no matter how plain the evidence is that he was disastrous.
Last year Lennon,players and even lack of fans was all given as a reason for failure yet board’s unprofessional appointment and lack of response was not countenanced.
Until the mustached fiddler is gone we will never be a professionally run football club.
And since he seems a spiteful little bassa fan dissent will only make him look for payback.