Some Light Relief-ESTADIO-style!

Things are getting strained in Intellectual Corner.

There are pictures, photographs, paintings on the walls, off the walls;  they don’t stay in one shape, one set of colours, one size. They zoom around the room, passing the thought filled clouds that form and grow, burst into tears and soak the floor beneath that is grass sometimes, laminate, stone, crumbling clay.

Suddenly the tears dry, the sun breaks through as a face, a smile, a raucous laugh fills the space.

This is where I exist, live, survive, thrive…well most of the time;

Beyond the front entrance to this cave or tunnel called ‘Inmahame’ which lies in a treacherous mountain range called ‘Allinmaheid”, wends a street, with entrances to a hundred ‘Inyerhames’ from where weans by the hundred spill out and shout and dance and skip wae ropes, play keepy up and tell each other tales of pictures, photos, clouds, rain and raucous laughter.

And then there is the back of the cave! 

No one ventures beyond the impenetrable black almost solid spiked, padlocked, electrified, anti-climb painted barrier that mostly hides the ‘beyond-world’ where we know….just know….are absolutely convinced…lurk and plan and plot the beasts of the night, creatures of Tartarus, mixing in their cauldrons of hate a recipe of terrifying revelations that when served will cause your eyes to drip acid, your pores to boak vomit and your bones, teeth, heart and soul to twist in a silent scream of eternally recurring anguish and pain.

And yet …are we sure? For there are holes; little transient gaps that just occasionally a beam of photons traverse and paint with a smile or frown an even more temporary and incomplete vision of that alter-existence on the wall or the ceiling of our own tunnel. 

And then as we stand there, staring at that wall of mystery, we know….are absolutely convinced…..keep us safe, we smile inwardly at our stupidity and turn to go back to the comfort of our own fiefdom; when, with our back to the unbreachable barrier, we hear a ‘clink’ in the gravel. A shiver teases every nerve and we turn to face whatever is challenging us…..and there it lies on the earth, not some other-worldly invader or terror……much, much, much (you get the drift) WORSE………….

Having said all of that, I needed a new wallet so I went across to Argyle St and bought this wan!


Above article gratefully received from ESTADIO

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I’ve been saying the same since start of last season. From day one, they were a fixture and 3 points ahead. In Europe, Galatasaray were 8 men down with Covid and they won. Thing is, they rode their luck, and took full advantage. We stumbled from one crisis to the next.
They are not a good side, but they are well organised and defensive when playing us.
We need a couple of robust ball winners who can earn our more creative guys the right to play.


Bayern v Barca looked like a training session.
Bayern never left 2nd gear and could have scored more.
Disjointed would be a fair description of Barca but their youngsters played with enthusiasm.
Champions league group round is something we will be unlikely to see while DD runs our club.

Prestonpans bhoys

Barca a once great team mismanaged by their board, sounds familiar???



Always use an outdoor wifi like the cloud to update. It eats up data as you have just found out.

Been caught too,btw.

The very elusive VPN Bhoy

Ban VPN, aye right you are. Did you know many millions of people use VPN not to troll but to maintain online security? Trolls, I would imagine, make up a tiny percentage of those who use VPN services. Some, like me, use it in the main, to access UK TV progs that are blocked due to my geographical location. Any way anyone can simply change their name add a fake internet address and post what the hell they like until such time the IP address is banned. Obtaining IP addresses is no biggie these days either. But banning comments because someone on an internet blog gets insulted – FFS.

Glad to see MIT on for a fleeting visit yesterday. I note that no one commented on his very obvious truth
“Celtic fans who pay to be cheated, and then complain about being cheated, are like drug addicts who buy crack, and then complain that the police aren’t cracking down on drug dealers. If your want the drugs out of your neighborhood, the first thing you have to do is stop buying them!”

He is also right that blogs have no purpose anymore. This site is a prime example – the same very small group of posters posting the same thing day after day little of it about Celtic. Just call it a pensioners social site and be done cause it’s a long time since the site called anything straight regarding Celtic FC. The site itself was pushing the ‘forget the past – move on’ form of subservience to the PLC which lost it most of its Rebel-minded posters and their loss has really denuded the site of objective quality posts. No, the blog went with ‘Line up to buy your season tickets just to be mugged again’. The age of Ange and in Dom, we trust proclaimed the site, unsubstantiated optimism to give those who continue to fund the PLC & Dermott that warm furry feeling that they were actually supporting the team when in reality all they were doing was funding the PLC and the same old same old regime.

And if one of the site owners really believes that a fan boycott will hurt Celtic more than Desmond and company have already done so already and will continue to do so until challenged then we as a support and as a football club are well and truly fu*ked. But then again probably most on here don’t care as long as they get to have a pint and watch a rigged game with their mates on a Saturday

Puff puff

VPN boy … yer post was #55 Hehehe Hehehe


Just settled down after work and,,,
While I could just delete the comment etc perhaps it’s best if we get some stuff out in the open, address that very area so everyone is crystal clear, regardless of who raised the point.
And besides, it’s best to speak your mind, as a matter of fact the straight talker who just called it and didn’t care was often sought out to settle an argument back in Belfast.

There’s three people on this site I would accept continuing, hand on heart.
I’ve met the reason why AToB and Bobby go, and fantastic company he was.
My dad passed away at 65, only ever walked through those gates with him, haven’t walked through since,maybe never will.
Dont know if I could if truth be told.
Last time there I sat around the corner in a bar disappointed the game wasnt on, but then that’s hardly kosher right abeside the stadium.
Silly me.

I’ll state for the record Fairhill bhoy also has sincere sympathy regarding those two seats, so maybe four people.
Okay, given he’s a rogue maybe not, but maybes aye.

Bobby and Atob better spend as much quality time with the legend as possible, else I actually would give a hard time. And I’m well aware where that quality time is spent.

However if we were to file that one family under “must go” and in my opinion that’s only fair plus who to f#$k are you to judge, so lets look at the total numbers of ‘must goes’
There’s the elderly and their plus one/two.
Theres the disabled,,, and you or nobody is telling me that lad or lassie in a wheelchair shall be judged for what is probably the highlight of his week/life.
There’s the tourist (Japanese, Polish, French) take your pick who is absolutely oblivious to even the hint of boycott or maybe made aware on on the day but they have tickets,,, can hardly judge that group right? They want their photos for the trip. They’ve no skin in the game.

Maybe a few more criteria, but that’s the jist of it, there will always be a few. Just the way of things.

However that’s a small percentage of the support,.and to be fair some wouldn’t want the game without the rest of the support and wouldn’t attend the game.

That small percentage mentioned above is below the viable business threshold,
Crisis time.
The other investors see Dermots way collapse into outright boycott, he himself is gone, forced out.

I’ve read he could do this he could do that,,,gimme a break.
34 Percent in the pocket leaves 66 against.
He starts costing the big boys money it’s hasta la Vista baby.
It’s a couple of maneuvers away, should the investors turn hostile to the shot caller.
You’ve run your course would be the overwhelming feeling given length of time he’s been involved.
If you think the above isn’t true, realize the investors want return plain and simple, that investment better not tank, and a boycott would tank the share price likewise any investment. Every investment.
The one party that could stomach that is the support,,knowing that post boycott, upon a new pathway,,the revigorated Glasgow Celtic would wake and then heal after it’s necessary sugery.
The investors would hit the panic button and eject the shot caller.
That’s what they do,,Dermot might be ‘a bigshot’ but he’s not invisible.
He’s shixty shix percent away from being untouchable, quite a bit actually.

So I won’t be judging Bobby, infact I fully and totally support his decision to attend with his dad when possible, on the record,scouts honour.
Any of the others in the above categories has my support, and maybe others.

It’s the majority of that crowd is applicable, should be concerned about their clubs direction, should have seen the new broom smashed over the PLCs knee as a taunt to stay to f@$k in your place.

Our terrific trio (and the others) have my love and respect.
Hope I’m back in the company soon folks. Until then,,,
Splitters 😉



Nice to see you had a better idea after all-just change your name and ramp up the insults,that’ll work!

Hoping you come up with a sensible thought before you run out of VPNs or names,but I’m not holding my breath.

HH and good wishes…


to VPN why not come on and state your mind, if others don’t agree so what, as long as we don’t get personal with our attacks we should be able to come on, agree, laugh ,disagree, skip each others posts but I don’t see the point in not posting because people don’t agree with what you do ,or don’t do, even MIT admitted he still lurks from the sidelines, take Ralston for instance, look how long he has been sitting on the sidelines and now he is one of our better players if not for ability but for effort.Join in take the flak with the plaudits ,or maybe no one will even acknowledge your effort. I forgot to compliment ESTADIO today maybe his feelings are hurt but I bet he does not shutdown his keyboard.