If you know your history – 15th September

36 years ago – Friday 13th September, 1985 was Jock Stein’s funeral. The Big Man was taken far too soon, but he was doing something he dearly loved to do … winning a football match …he was very good at it.

Very, very, very good.

His memory and his legacy will resonate forever…

“I enjoy being manager here, because I like the people who support us.”

Jock Stein

120 years ago – 1901 and Celtic are slap bang in the middle of two games in three days. Yesterday (Saturday) Clyde visited Celtic Park for a Glasgow Cup tie ( 1st round)There are no details of teams or scorers but Celts won 3-0.

September Weekend and Holiday Monday with 6000 fans enjoying the Easter Road sunshine for this League match. Unfortunately, there are no details of the match reported other than some smart-ass informing us that the behaviour of the all-irish fans was “better than usual”…. here’s hoping he enjoyed the Celtic victory (2-1)

McArthur; Watson and Davidson; Moir, Loney and Orr; Crawford, Livingstone, Campbell, McMahon and McOustra.

Goalscorers McMahon 30, Crawford 82

Rennie, Hogg and Glen; Breslin, Harrower and Robertson; McCartney, McGeachan, Hanlon, Callaghan, Orr
Goalscorers Hanlon (penalty 50)

Attendance: 6000

70 years ago … 1951 is a Saturday, and on the previous Wednesday 61,000 fans ‘welcomed’ English FA Cup Holders Newcastle to decide the unofficial British Cup ‘winners’. Celtic having won the Scottish Cup v Motherwell in May (1-0 McPhail). It seems the Newcastle chairman had expectations of a ‘friendly’ and was surprised at the intensity of the crowd which was fully matched the Celtic players. McPhail and Tully are mentioned in dispatches as applying more vigour than skill … perhaps the Magpies’ goalkeeper Ronnie Simpson could have forewarned his employer that Celts don’t play ‘friendlies’ and especially not against the reigning FA Cup Winners. The game ended 3-3 thanks to an 80th minute O.G. (Duncan)

A fresh-faced Ronnie Simpson standing beside Bobby Evans before the unofficial British Cup Winners match at Celtic Park

Celtic: Bonnar; Fallon, Rolls; Evans, Boden, Baillie; Collins, Walsh, McPhail, Peacock, Tully.

Scorers: Walsh (14), Evans (48), Duncan og (80)

Newcastle United:
Ronnie Simpson ; Duncan, Corbett; Harvey, Brennan, E Robledo; Walker, Taylor, G Robledo, Hannah, Mitchell.
Scorers: Robledo 2 (7, 67), Taylor (76),

Referee: J Mowat
Attendance: 61,000

An interesting point to note about this fixture was the ‘gate’ money, £4,300 excluding tax and stand. In 1951 there was a cap on footballer’s wages: minimum £7 maximum £14 per week, so even allowing for normal match day expenses and travel & lodgings ( gate share) there was a significant profit to be made from these games. Both clubs could easily expect to clear £1k.

Some context might be helpful here: Charlie Tully was signed for an “enormous signing on fee” of £8,500 from Belfast Celtic in 1948 – Thomas McSorley)

On this actual day Celtic met Forfar Athletic in a League Cup Quarter-Final 1st leg tie at Celtic Park achieving a comfortable 4-1 lead to take to Station Park for the Second leg.


Celtic: Devanny; Fallon, Rolls; Evans, Mallan, Baillie; Collins, Walsh, McPhail, Peacock, Tully.
Scorers: Peacock (31), Collins (44), Baillie (51), Walsh (71)

Ingram; McNellis, McLuskey; McLean, McKenzie, Falconer; Adams, Fearns, Lawrence, Cunningham, Meechan.
Scorers: Cunningham (87)

Referee: H P Anderson (Edinburgh)
Attendance: 28,000

In other news…

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” closes at Ziegfeld NYC after 740 performance

Emile Zatopek runs world record 20k (1:01:15.8)

50 years ago … 1971 and Celts fans are nursing sore heads as their team have just completed a Hat-trick of wins at Ibrox in 28 days.

Both Glasgow clubs had been drawn in the same League Cup section ( H&A). As Celtic Park was being renovated it was decided that Ibrox would host Celtic’s home game. Hampden was also being renovated and Big Jock had initially suggested that their home tie be played at Ibrox, which Rangers rather bizarrely rejected. Morton then offered to host the tie, but The Scottish League sensibly stepped in and ordered the tie be all-ticket at Ibrox.

Celts won both League Cup ties 2-0 (14th Aug) 0-3 (28th Aug). A wonderful 5-0 aggregate victory and heady stuff, even considering the Quality at that time. To add to the bluenose’ woes Kenny Dalglish scored his first goal (pen) in front of The Broomlands Road End jammed full of Celtic fans.

The Third game is a League match played on Saturday 11th September. Celtic had rested McNeill, Murdoch and Johnstone at Kilbowie and returned to the team raring to go. Alfie Conn is sent off and the Celtic fans are singing ” they’ll be jumping oot the windows when we win….” seemingly Rangers fans were not handling defeats too well at this point.

Jimmy Johnstone out jumped the Rangers defence to header home a 90th minute winner.

Oh my days…3 Wins at Ibrox in a month.

Hero of heroes -Stevie Chalmers is transferred to Morton today.

McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, MacDonald, McLean (Henderson 60), Penman, Stein, Conn, Johnston.
Goals: Johnston (pen 31), Stein ( 45)

Celtic: Williams, Hay, Brogan, Murdoch, McNeill, Connelly, Johnstone, Lennox, Dalglish, Callaghan, Macari. sub: Gemmell
Goals: Macari (8), Dalglish (55), Johnstone (90)

Referee: J W Paterson (Bothwell)
Attendance: 67,000

Kenny scores equaliser.

Jinky soars….. for the last-minute winner.

General stuff:

1820 Constitutionalist revolution in Lisbon, Portugal

1821 Act of Independence of Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Nicaragua declare their independence from the Spanish Empire

1830 First National Negro Convention begins in Philadelphia

1830 First passenger to be killed by a railway train (William Huskisson in England)

1870 British Open Men’s Golf, Prestwick GC: Tom Morris, Jr. wins third straight title; again beats Bob Kirk, this time by 12 strokes

1879 Pim Mulier forms Royal Haarlemsche Football Club based in Haarlem, Netherlands; oldest existing club in Dutch football

1916 First use of tanks in warfare, “Little Willies” at Battle of Flers-Courcelette, part of the Battle of the Somme

1928 Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin while studying influenza

1930 British naval fleet mutinies at Invergordon over pay cuts

1978 Muhammad Ali beats Leon Spinks in 15 rounds for heavyweight boxing title

1982 Pope John Paul II receives PLO leader Yasser Arafat

1993 Single “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” sung by Meat Loaf and composed by Jim Steinman (sic) is released. Goes on to be No. 1 in 28 countries.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Packy, I’m in shock. It’s a couple of months since I bought petrol. £52!!!! £1.31 per litre! I think it was only £1.19 the last time I bought it! When did it go up?

A thing of beauty

Yes interesting team selection tomorrow. I did think about juranovic at number 6 after seeing him at ibrox bit after watching him on Saturday I wouldn’t trust his touch. Mind you if the other option is Soro, I’d definitely consider it. McCarthy to my mind is not fit enough for this game.
Caveat regarding juranovic. The cynic podcast said he played three games for Croatia prior to Saturday so maybe I need to cut him some slack.
I am also having to enter my details every time I post. Very annoying.
Where are u pal?

Prestonpans bhoys

Said the other day, some absolute shite shirt designs, look at Leipzigs😱

big packy

JIM, its a shock to me, wee joan fills the car up but by god judging by them prices im saving for an electric car, SOLKITTS has got one and he swears by it 😎


Packy, my electric & gas prices have gone up by about 12%. It’s all to do with Brexit and lorry drivers.


Apparently there is a shortage of lorry drivers to carry the electricity over the Channel.


Funny thing is, I’ve not heard the Europeans screaming out about the shortage of Scotch Whisky!

big packy

JIM, only for my eyesight id be driving them trucks, 68 or not 😎


I believe you pal. But your still living a good life!

big packy

JIM ,dont believe a word i say,😎 😎


Packy, LOL 🙂

big packy

JIM, where are you watching the game tomorrow. im watching it in the larkhall shamrock supporters club, we meet in the phone box at king william street ,you cant miss it its painted red white and blue,😎


Seriously Packy I remember hearing stories about Larkhall where green painted fences by the council, in grassy areas, were re-painted red white & blue by some locals!


The alternative to McCarthy would be Soro and he is positionally poor and rash at this level.
I would like to see Welsh as a defensive mid.
Maybe he and McCarthy could make us defensively more solid.



There’s a King William Street in Swindon. About fifteen years ago,I was looking for a new place,and one certainly looked promising.

Until I saw the address…


There was also some local objection to a new ASDA store having green & white signage!

big packy

JIM ,heard that as well but did not one of our finest players ever to play for us lived in larkhall.



I think the local Subway has a unique signage in black,instead of the usual corporate colours.

big packy

bobby, get the picture,😎 😎


A weird place. 2021?

big packy

think a told this story, wanted to play the drums my dad god bless him bought me a snare drum, i used to practice for hours this guy,alec mclean the heid man of the glenboig boys brigade wanted me to do an audition, i played a few rudiments, he said the job is yours, whats your name btw, patrick joseph murphy i said, oh he said wait a minute, never mind i said stick your snare drum up your arse, never heard from him since,.another true story,😎


Ya big eejit, even I knew the BB wasn’t for Catholic boys! Just like the Boy’s Guild wasn’t for Protestant boys. LOL 🙂

big packy

HEY jim, id do anything for money ,well almost,😎 😎


LOL. Never mind you got to play your drums anyway! And, just like me, many happy memories.
Love of music never leaves you. Even after you stop playing. 🙂

big packy

JIM, thats true,probably a blessing in disguise,😎

bada bing1

Terrified of going into a game like tomorrow, without McGregor….Sunday is more important

bada bing1

Wots doing with the constant sign in to post….


Try Ralston in the holding roll, if we are stuck.We sure have our problems just now and don’t think the bench will be that strong.
Might have to try something different………..over to you Ange.




I saw Charlie Tully mesmerise the opposing defence, just swaying side to side like a cobra, but tapping the ball forward inch by inch from inside the penalty box until level with goal post at which point he flicked the ball into the bottom corner.

Might have been Airdrie but my memory isn’t that good.

Observation: How can we criticise Celtic for poor internal organisation when as a support we are disorganised?


Well there’s always the Celtic Supporters Trust – who are growing – they at least are increasingly trying to call the Board to account. And they arrange some demonstrations. You don’t need to be a shareholder to join.


Puff Puff:


Knew you’d like that, living on the other side of the Atlantic! 🙂