The Great Return


After another seven days of soap opera at our great club-preceded no doubt by some considerable time spent on rehearsals and casting,as well as trying to make sure that the understudy is up to speed-we are still no nearer to the truth of why events transpired as they did.

If we have learnt anything during our years following Celtic,then we know that thinking the unthinkable about The Board is far from that. It turns out usually to be merely a starting point. But the major shareholders are fully behind them and their long established course,and as mere bit players-who happen to pay the effin bills!-we can only look on from afar.

Irvine Welsh published a collection of short stories a number of years back,and I think three of them made it into the movie adaptation. The others were simply unfilmable,or way too graphic for the sensibilities of the delicate audience. It is not too much of a stretch to compare the fans to the poor sap in The Acid House who was paying for his neighbour’s lifestyle even as he was knobbing his wife.

Something will turn up,declared Mr Micawber. And for once,Dickens came up with a happy ending. But then,he had never heard of Celtic Plc.

Tonight sees us return to a wonderful city which made so many of us so welcome only eighteen years ago. This time,the landlords and restaurateurs of Seville need not bother with emergency airlifts of supplies as a mere handful of Celtic supporters will be there for the occasion. The continuing restrictions imposed on our lives,work,leisure,are something we could never have dreamt of in 2003-or even in 2019. But they are a reality nevertheless.

Celtic had their greatest season in the last fifty years in 2003-with the possible exception of The Invincibles in the 50thAnniversary of Lisbon. Yet we won nothing! Cheated out of the League Cup by a ridiculous offside decision against BBJ,cheated on the last day of the season on goal difference because our respective opponents “performed at different levels”,depending on who they were facing that day-and that mob still needed a late nothing penalty to pip us.

But a special pain and a special pride was reserved for That Night In Seville,or that week,depending on how long you were there for. There is no doubt that Porto were a very talented side,nor that we were a very talented and powerful side. Clearly Mourinho had to figure out a way to nullify our power,and the only way he could do it was to use the media to impress on everyone that we were not,in fact,a talented and powerful side,but merely a bunch of thugs-the expectation being that this would filter through to the officials. And he intended to emphasise the point by having his players go down like they’d been shot if anyone as much as looked at them.

In fairness,if Bobo or Big Mjallby drew me a dirty look,I’d be screaming for my Mum. Turns out the Porto players were right up for that,and not even perhaps the finest performance (in the wilting heat) seen under Martin O’Neill was good enough. The 6-2 game,or away to Ajax,4-0 at Easter Road one Mother’s Day,the 2-0 at Anfield,for me Our Night In Seville was that team at it’s peak.

Not even two goals from Henrik could do it-including,IMO,his finest ever. Running away from the goal,running away from the ball as it came across,and maybe six yards beyond the post. Only about four feet from the bye-line,he somehow looped the header back across goal,over the head of the keeper at the most oblique angle,and in off the far post.

And I’m telling you that like you don’t know? 

Tonight,we don’t have the calibre of players I’ve mentioned,nor a Stan,NL,Evil Genius or a Jackie or Tommo. In those eighteen years,our standing in Europe has disintegrated as we fiddled while the game around us changed. We return to Seville with few fans to inspire us,and few players in our group who know the significance of that beautiful city. Yet even returning empty handed,anyone who was there still has nothing but wonderful memories.

Hopefully tonight will give us a wonderful result to match them.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Puff puff

Good read Bobby .. will watch the game on delay tomorrow due to work …go Celtic

Puff puff

Jimthetim …. great song /video .. thanks


Puff we have to meet for a beer

Saltires en Sevilla


Fantastic read and woe bitter sweet memories

That nite at Anfield will live long in the memory … sitting in the Kop … right in line with Thommo and his free kick …. Then big bad john skelping it into the top corner

The King of Kings scoring at Boavista

Henke on fire in the cauldron of Sevilla

My abiding memory of that nite … we were good enough, but not cute enough

Yet, ever glad we didn’t resort to Porto’ tactics

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy European Matchday! Here’s Ange’s pre-match thoughts….

Squire Danaher

In those eighteen years,our standing in Europe has disintegrated as we fiddled while the game around us changed.


And the European football family today talks about Salzburg and Bruges while our custodians pimp themselves for the Huns.



The use of the word fiddle was deliberate,not just an allusion to Nero.

And the new background from ASWGL is simply fantastic!


Morning all,

Big match day !!!!

I think this is a free game for Celtic.

Away from home, against decent opponents and with so many unavailable, should anyone expect anything !!!!

Not me !!!

The League must remain our priority this Season.

Still a cheeky wee draw tonight would be fabulous 😜😜😜




That’s a very good point,that we have so many absentees that our expectations should be minimal.

We went into the transfer window knowing that we needed a minimum of ten newbies this season. Turns out that is pretty much the length of our current injury list!

Aye,it’s a free hit. A defeat is likely given the injuries,and anything better will have my downstairs neighbour complaining as I ramp up the celebrations!

(He won’t,of course. But can you believe I moved 400 miles away from home to live above another guy from Ardrossan? Mutual friends from thirty and forty years ago,etc. Couldnae make it up)


I realize we have quite a few injuries but at what point do we stop lowering our expectations?
Real Betis are a good team but hardly world beaters.
Has the Lawwell tenure resulted in such low expectations that we are nervous about facing any European opponent?
Have blogs like CQN who helped facilitate and promote Lawwell’s vision managed our decline to justify losing to any half decent opponent ?
Football is now a squad game and when coaching is adaptable and well thought out then results can be achieved.
Ferguson proved it with Aberdeen as did Clough with Notts Forrest.
Time for the return of Celtic!



You just referenced two of my three top managers in the history of British football. Guess who tops the list?


Only one Jock Stein
He is immortal.
He would never have accepted the European cannon fodder status Lawwell and P67 bestowed upon us.



Indeed,I can’t add much to that.


BTW,before I head off for another DWP appointment,it is certainly rather pleasant to look at the new ASWGL backdrop and see…



Figaro from The Barber of Seville.
Featuring the legendary Pavarotti


Chris Sutton & Neil Lennon refused entry – for security reasons – to Ibrox for punditry duties on BT.
Absolutely disgraceful. Speaks volumes about that club!


Lyon’s team bus vandalised in Glasgow by RFC Ultras. “F..k Lyon”
Speaks volumes about that club!

big packy

usually take the dugs out at 4-30 till 5-30, but not today they are going out now, anyway the walk might calm ma nerves doon,COYBIG, btw what a background picture by ASWGL take a bow son👍 catch u all later.


The lyon team coach has been targeted by the hun hoard, Graffiti tagged all over it, the usual vile stuff , F@@@ Lyon Etc ,As my wee Irish granny used to say they are more to be pitied than scolded.
Aye right.JG.


J T T .
You pipped me to the post there.JG.

big packy

JIM/ JERRY, they are vermin and always will be,👍 AFF OOT


Looks like the Huns are rampaging in Glasgow again. UEFA to clamp down hard?


Heard a N Irish accented Deputy Chief of Police Scotland on radio today talking about “sectarianism”, and how both sides of the religious divide (sic) must learn to express their culture without abusing the other? I.e., one’s as bad as the other. This said in the context of justifying 37 OO Walks in Glasgow this Saturday. They expect a total crowd of up to 10k. The vanguard of the Unionist movement. I’m scared shitless.


Your right pal. Glasgow city centre will definitely be the place NOT to be this weekend. JG.

Saltires en Sevilla


1:24 😊


Good article BMCUW.

Great memories indeed.

Met up with a pal today, who unlike me, regularly goes on to Sevco fan sites, to see what the other mob is up to. He told me that the stated aim of the Union Bears, is to trash the stadiums, of any club that voted against thems in 2012.

I would like to see clubs victimised in this manner, take legal action against the Huns. Sure, they’re never out of court anyway. A few more cases, added to the ongoing cases, will drive the bastards over the edge.

I would like to see every club in Scotland, ban the Ibrox club’s supporters, until they learn to behave…so that’ll be never, then.

Hail Hail


I remember when I was growing up we lived for a while in a house where the walks used to pass by. My father always pulled the blinds down on them going by. And we were not let out the house to stand and watch them. “don’t give them an audience!” he would say.

bada bing1

They’re an embarrassment, they know that they can’t trust their own supporters, well done to Sutton for calling them out

St tams

Leggy, agree. Sunday is more important than tonight.
Would bite your hand off for a draw.


Bada Bing.
Aye Everyone Anyone right enough.
They are a Feckin joke.JG.

Big Audio Dynamite

So, not only do this mob get to dictate who refs their games, they now somehow influence who does tv coverage at Ibrox?! Completely emboldened …Good luck putting that genie back in the bottle.

Just sitting here finking …

When was the last time Sevco played and a local MP wasn’t running the line?
Is anyone gonna ask wtf is going on there??

bada bing1


Agreed. Very attacking team.

Bench very weak.

This could definitely go both ways, but as I said earlier, free game for Celtic.

No giving an early goal away and see what transpires.

HH COYBIG 🍀🍀🍀👍👍👍


Hope this works.

A couple of the Young team from EK in there.


Our expectations may be minimal, but every now and then this club will do something special, almost fairy tale like. We have a few players out including our midfield captain.

The last time I recall a European game with similar injuries, Scott Brown was out, and a little known young fella named Tony Watt, skelped the ball past Barca’s keeper to beat the un-beatable.

I suppose there is no harm in dreaming. ☘️ 🇮🇪



OK folks, best place to watch the game in Edinburgh.



Tony Watt Goal vs Barcelona / Tsotne GaBelia

Saltires en Sevilla

That team tonite – right up against it

Nothing to lose but stay in shape and take the few chances that come our way

Looking forward to see how the young bhoys get on



VC distinct lack of Celtic pubs in the capital city, International, Malones, Dropkick murphys are a few Irish bars that will probably have the Celtic game on, more hibees though from what I’ve heard.

I changed your login name, just use a nickname 👍


Cheers ASWGL, found one just in time.


Stream dried up already!

Saltires en Sevilla

Started brightly – good possession and a few half chances

Turnbull like others has to realise you don’t get a touch in the box

Hit it first time son!!

Saltires en Sevilla

Soro booked already – dearie me – totally deserved btw

Saltires en Sevilla

Juranovic breaks and feeds Ajeti who knows to hit it first time – very unlucky – gains corner

This will do us Celts


Saltires en Sevilla


Aw ref has given hand ball

Some break btw

Saltires en Sevilla

VAR checking

Fantastic move cut them wide open

Long check ….

Goaaaaallll ajeti


Saltires en sevilla
Read on Twitter earlier that someone was going to put his mortgage on Soro getting booked. Wonder if he placed the bet 😃


I like this VAR thing now!



Takes some doing to get booked in the first few minutes when the oppo has only had about 10% possession.

Saltires en Sevilla


It’s a cert that Soro gets booked – if you saw it you would think he was meaning to

He’s not of course but it was over the ball on the touchline and halfway

Daft bassa

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