Who are ya?

Are we a good team or not?
It’s a stones throw away from October with the early nights and cold weather arriving, yet I’m still stumped on what kind of team we are.


I guess the easiest way to put it,,
Nothing at all would surprise me regarding the football operation under our Greek Australian.
It’s almost a classic case of whether your glass is half full or half empty, both sides have ample ammunition at this stage.


On the one hand we are three months in and,,,
There’s no settled starting eleven at all.
Some players have exceeded expectations whilst others haven’t.
Some players haven’t even been seen.
We have some playing out of position.
Injuries are already taking their toll.
The boardroom struggles could well threaten Ange’s team building project.
We have lost five games already, and saw defeat at our rivals.


On the other hand,,,
We found the goals,if we fix the sieve we are a serious proposition.
Attacking wise we can tear anyone apart.
Some players haven’t even been seen.
The new signings are mostly quality.
Our best player, Kyogo, is about to return.
Despite five defeats and still finding our feet, we lie only three points behind with it all still to play for.


In some respects I feel for the manager, the normal side he puts out at the weekend brushes aside most of the league, but needs to be stiffened up for the stronger tests and also for the continental games. This leads to two teams, not the same eleven, which often causes confusion or harm.
Dropping Soro or McCarthy straight into the team only for the harder games doesn’t work, they need game time, need to be upto speed, or look like a headless chicken when introduced.
One of them needs regular game time, should maybe become a permanent fixture with James the more likely given Soros latest display. I dont think Ange has much of a choice.
Our midfield is far from settled and Calmac is just about the one name everyone agrees on, if not his instructions.


The defence is far from organized, I would have Welsh in this weekend for Starfelt and leave him there for four or five games while searching for improvement,,if it doesn’t happen nothing ventured nothing gained and the Swede has another chance to show he’s not a turnip. At full back stop the chopping and changing for a while, pick two and stick with them.
Montgomery and Juranovich would get my nod.


Upfront we’ve three on paper, but only one on the day. Let them all fight it out, that position doesnt need to be settled, it just needs the ball put in the back of the net regularly.


As for the manager himself, while many are impressed, I know some that aren’t. Whether attacking football or not some just cannot conceive five defeats this early, glorious failure or otherwise.
He may or may not have lost his boardroom protection, he may be obstructed or assisted in the January window ( my money’s on the former with a star or two moved on for profit), he could be in heaven thanking his lucky stars (our club being leaps and bounds above anything he’s managed) but then again he could be thinking this has gone to pot (barely a squad, that board/new CEO won’t buy ready made players, they will sell my best and not ask me, inform me).


I genuinely believe we haven’t seen the best of our collection (including manager) yet, maybe we will and maybe we won’t, theres simply an air of mystery surrounding our club of choice. Far too many questions needing answering before an opinion can be stated with confidence.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This is after all part of the beauty involved in the beautiful game, going on a voyage of discovery with your team.
Nothing is set in stone, no one at all knows for certain what shall become of the season, it truly sits upon a knife edge.
It’s a rarity not having a Scooby, usually there’s a clear (enough if you take off the blinkers) winner in waiting, so we should (in theory) enjoy this whilst available.
We might witness a genuine title tussle, and given the spoils available to the victor it could be the last for a while.
Might, could be, maybe,,,that’s our season right now and given what was unfolding around this time last year it’s an improvement.


How will Ange react to the PLC selling a starter?
Could he do a Wim, or a Brendan?
Will Welsh be reinstated alongside big Cam?
Is it possible Ajeti actually becomes a proper, nailed on starting place Celtic striker?
How long will big Jules last until he breaks down again (he will)?


The Mystery Machine was one cool ride indeed (name the five passengers below) but right about now we are all fans of Mystery FC, aka Glasgow Celtic.
Somewhat ironically the real Celtic team should start showing it’s true face roundabout Halloween.
Or a couple of injuries would continue the who,what,when,where,why cycle.


More up in the air than Bob Marley’s stash, hard to call like Georgios Giakoumakis,
could go either way like a few pints with Ozzie Osbourne.

Ange & The Answers,,,coming soon to a venue near you!

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Good Morning all. An excellent summary Mahe, as per. So many questions… I am enjoying the rollercoaster so far, with hope that it will level off soon.


What’s this cannot conceive of five defeats??
We are out of CL. Totally expected. We did underperform.
We are in EL and we lost away to a team seeded above us.
We’ve lost away at Tynecasle and Ibrox in the league and still only 3 points off the lead with a far superior goal difference.
Given where we were when Ange arrived, I’m well pleased. We’re in transition. That always means losing games. For any side in history,, never mind one whose slide from champs to chumps was as spectacular as ours.


18 still to get their picks in on Superbru predictions by 3 pm today

A thing of beauty

Good article and you make a lot of good points. I think now is the time for Ange to pick a settled side – injury permitting. I agree with the full backs and McCarthy in at 6, moving calmac forward and allowing our two one pace, one lung ball players to rotate at 10. Kyogo every time if fit for me. I hope forest gets back soon. He’s much maligned but his experience would really help give Abada and Jota some rest.
I see the Huns are making noises through Glenn Kamara’s lawyer about how there is genuine fears for their safety when they go to Prague. Wtf? It’s so obvious with them every time and yet they still come out with their big squirrels.
Away from the football I had a day out cycling with my pals yesterday and the route took me through Clydebank. I was looking all roads for oor Garry but didn’t see him. I did though smell copious amounts of his favourite herb and thought at one point I may actually topple into the canal 😂😂

St tams

Agree Mahe on Welsh to replace Starfelt.
Starfelt has not impressed at all.
Would also like to see our Croatian International at right back.
Looking forward to going to the Tony Macaroni stadium ( if it’s still called that) tomorrow.

St tams

McCarthy also needs to start and get a run of games.
I think Cal is out for 2/3 weeks


Defence needs sorted, perhaps bit if time will help. Teams that concede too much win nothing. Think Starfelt should be given games to properly settle. We have to put that racist bigoted other lot in their place this season.


I agree with GER57.
Tynecastle came too soon, and Ibrox was a baptism of fire for our many debutants.
Unlucky not to take a point at both venues.
Don’t blame this squad for our Euro failures away.
For a team in transition that is also beset with many injuries the performance on Thursday was decent , with defensive frailty the issue.
Hardly surprising since that combination is embryonic.

As for AP being undermined in Jan with the sale of a star or two, Kyogo apart who else do you have in mind?
There are no stars in this squad- certainly none that would sell for Edouard or Ajer money,
Kyogo included.

A thing of beauty

John A,
I think Starfelt is suffering as others before him. He’s not left footed and playing on the left of the defence. Everyone felt for juranovic and didn’t expect much as he was a right back playing left back at Ibrox and betis. I don’t understand why we don’t view it the same with centre half’s.

Margaret McGill

Watched Newcastle v Leeds last night and heard all about the Newcastle woes. Sounded like Celtic tbh.
A non football business model
Being milked dry by it’s corporate front
A megalomaniac owner who couldn’t give a fuck about anything other than money and his own image.
Fans who almost all don’t have a fuckin scooby and a sense of entitlement
I guess DDs vision is to take Celtic to the heights of Newcastle in the EPL
Nice turnover
EPL fodder
Europe if yer lucky
Whit are our corporate brethren in Govan daein?


St tams

I can’t understand why we don’t target a player for a position and not try and shoehorn a player into an unfamiliar position.


Well written.
Plenty pause for thought.
We are not a team yet.
Brilliant passages of attacking football offset with clueless defending.
Even in games we have won there is evidence of Jekyll and Hyde with dominating period followed by erratic and loose play.
Defense not all to blame as disintegrating team structure exposes them.
In fairness we have never had a full team to select yet.
But the signs are there of an emerging and entertaining side.
Defensively we can overcome in SPL but in Europe it’s a season too early.
The league will come down to how many points we take off the huns and how much help they get from their refereeing brothers.


St tams
Simply put flawed economics before football team is how our club is run.
It’s been that way since DD and Lawwell cast their ominous shadow over Celtic park.


Mahe has just noted down what we are all thinking, where is this going, sure there has been some improvement on the side to side backwards passing we witnessed last year, and we are looking more direct, even though we have shipped silly goals.

Atob there is a twitter video doing the rounds of Joe Aribo spitting on a Lyon player as he lays injured on the ground, their own worst enemies.

Mags did you notice the Newcastle kit is supplied by castoff Castore, and they say big Mike has no hand in that kit supplier.. ma arz…


The Spanish Press gave us reasonable reviews after the match but one comment summed it up for me’ Celtic are an interesting team but unreliable’. We received praise for our attacking football and rightly criticized for our defending. They also praised us for keeping going forward for the entire match. It was a refreshing change to see 11 players who were really putting everything they had into the game, albeit unsuccessfully in the end. They cannot be faulted for effort. I am enjoying the ‘interesting’ part so far but we need to improve on the ‘unreliability’ part.


Still waiting on Superbru predictions from 18 yard man, BRTH, Drew1967, Garry Postecoglou, Gene, Mahe, McCaff, One Malloy, Wee McCaff, BMCUWP, fess 19 and Mick The Tim- need to be in by 3pm

Saltires en Sevilla


Good stuff. Probably most here are still thinking give it some time.

There are those who won’t give it time and that’s their prerogative.

As has already been said- 5 defeats don’t mean we aren’t improving or that we can’t continue to improve. Having most of the Scottish money does mean we should be there or thereabouts on Prizegiving Day.

However, the scale of change is huge, playing style and personnel.

Prefer to see a team passing and moving quickly and creating exciting chances and wonderful goals, than sitting back making square passes and building individual passing success rates – whilst boring the pants off everyone. Still losing bad goals!!

The losing daft goals is a direct consequence of how we set up to play.

The ratios can and must improve.

It’s early days and the guy needs more time to bed in his ideas.


A thing of beauty

Welsh moved over to accommodate Starfelt on the right but, for me, he still looked uncomfortable. He doesn’t take control, allowing others to do so, wins and loses in the air with equal measure and appears to try to allow the ball to come down so he can play it ( sometimes admirable) and gets done. Neither will he break when able and play a pass which, inevitably leads to him doing so the way he is facing. Welsh has a way to go yet but has more to his game.


On yonder hill
There stood a dookit
It’s no there noo
Coz big packy took it


ASWGL, St tams, The game is indeed tomorrow (Sunday) at 3pm. 🙂


jtt53 👍

Livingston v Celtic

Scottish Premiership
15:00 18 September 2021
Livingston v Celtic news & analysis

You’re right jtt i took it from Celtic news now website.

It’s the 19th.

Saltires en Sevilla

In the last 12 months:

Betis scored 5 against Roma and 3 against Leeds in recent friendlies

They scored 3 against Celts Vigo (away) in the League in May.

The last time they lost 3 goals at home was against Barca (2-3) in a league game in Feb 21 when Messi scored…

Barca beat them 5-2 in Nou Camp then Athletic beat them 5-0 (all last November)

They lost 4-3 at Levante last season but beat them 4-0 in Seville

They drew 4-4 at Real Sociadad

Valencia beat them 3-6 in Seville

Espanyol beat them 1-3 in Seville

Generally, they have 1 or 2 goal victories and finished 6th (sixth) in La Liga

They seem to pepper good solid performances with high scoring games.

Point being the teams that can take 3 goals off them are from a top league.

Optimistic about the return in Paradise…

bada bing1

Radio Scotland news shamefully mentions Irish marches in Glasgow, alongside the animals…….


Very apt article Mahe. We are not used to uncertainty as a support and are desperately seeking it.

I ,of course , would have used the title ” We”ll see” 🙂


Good header Mahe…

I’m looking forward to Mc Carthy settling in to a defensive midfielder role, hopefully he will stay injury free. Not just because he’s a Castlemilk kid either. 😉
Glad myself and my boy got 2 good seats this season… Looking forward to the roller-coaster season and overcome the monkey bassas.


Listening to Pick of the Pops and ironically guess what was Number One 55 yrs ago today 🤔


Undisputed: The Life and Times of Ken Buchanan: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000zr7t
Worth a watch 👍


Superbru reminder for Garry Postecoglou, Mahe, BMCUWP, One Malloy and Mick The Tim- 45 minutes left


I was thinking of players the PLC could accept bids for while writing thon article.
Ralston (a prime candidate to cash in on)

But part of me thought of the nuclear option, Calmac.

Genuine question,,have Celtic ever sold their Captain?

I understand a Captain may get old and move on, maybe have the contract run down, but I can’t recall us ever selling our Captain.
Therefore the Captains armband should protect Calmac?

January actually could be the end of the road, there may be trouble ahead.
Ange says no sales or I’m off, and a board wishing to reign in/control/lower costs say well eff off then, flog a star, and hide behind their NDAs promising a summer rebuild, again.

Stay home and stay safe folks. Be careful out there.


Jim, the five passengers of The Mystery Machine?


Packy, I notice your old local team Albion Rovers are playing Kelty Hearts (managed by ex Ibrox hero Barry Ferguson) today.
Who you supporting?


In 1967 we slew the beast.
In 2012 we married one.


Odsonne warms the bench at Anfield.

A thing of beauty

Scooby doo
Maggie (though I may be getting this one mixed up with the broons)


Mahe, never heard of the mystery machine! LOL 🙂


Ramon Vega tipped as possible Dominic McKay replacement | The Transfer Tavern 🤔

big packy

JIM, my grandfathers greatest love after celtic was the wee rovers as he called them, so kelty hearts and barry ferguson can G– notice, i never swore there,😎

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Just as a matter of interest… that wee bike run that ATOB did yesterday was a 100 miles for MacMillan Cancer Support and she kept her ‘sponsors’ to immediate family as she wasn’t confident of finishing it.
ATOB is not big-headed😀!

big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY, big well done to ATOB,👍


Oh dear Packy, the wee Rovers getting beat 2-0 at half time!


Well done ATOB!
I find it hard to drive a hundred miles never mind make it on my own steam.


Bazza is in line for his £50 win bonus!
How the mighty have fallen!

big packy

JIM i refuse to believe that😎

big packy

JIM ,famous comedian sadly no longer with us, but but we had two things in common, we both delivered milk at one time, and both of us played the drums,,cyber pint for the answer😎


Benny Hill?
The fastest milkman in the west

big packy

JIM cyber pint on its way, if i didnt know you better id say you googled that.😎😎

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