Does exactly what it says on the tin

I honestly thought the questions surrounding the manager were answered in the main, but yesterday threw a complete spanner in the works.
Yesterday, we looked like a Neil Lennon team which is the worst possible ‘compliment’ Ange could ever receive.
I never thought I would write that, but it happened on his watch, that one’s on him.
One team got to every second ball first,,
One team worked their socks off and became more than the sum of their parts,,
Played the ref to the maximum,,
Played the surface to the maximum,,
Displayed ample game intelligence by going down or running down clock,,
Took their few chances well,,
Drew great saves from the opposition keeper,,
Got their tactics spot on,,
Etc etc.
Of course we expected the above from the famous Glasgow Celtic, two good performances (Spain was and it needed one to win yesterday) in a week was just a step too far, changes made or not.
The buck must stop with the manager, how can it not?
We must all admit Martindale has made the best of the hand he’s been dealt at Livi, he gets the lion’s share of the credit for making that destination very undesirable these days.
On that basis our Greek Australian must shoulder the blame for yesterdays general coming off second best.
Perhaps he’s shocked, perhaps he really needed that lesson. The simple lesson that some flopped when made uncomfortable, when questions were asked.
We can and should expect he learns on the job,,else how would he improve?
And it did seem as though some lessons had been heeded.
In came the defensive midfielder for a league game, not just Europe.
In came perhaps our most attack minded left back.
In came a new central defender to help shore up the sieve.
Young Abada had a full week off.
Then came McCarthy having a mare.
Then came Boli being ineffective against two compact, solid lines with little passing space between.
Then Welsh didn’t impress upon return, the opposite actually.
Young Abada had a(nother) day off.
Our record is admittedly hard to swallow.
6 games played, 6th in the table.
Lost six away games under Ange now if I’m correct.
Hand on heart, I understand where the manager’s critics are coming from.
But equally I understand where his defenders are coming from, I’m one of them I admit.
I haven’t seen us play that bad under Ange, and I don’t expect us to again.
His job depends upon it. We already know an empty top tier moves on the current incumbent. So will Ange, his ex boss would have pointed it out.
Yet an empty top tier?
Couple months ago when our tails were high, when we had our Japanese whirlwind, playing with a bit of pomp, we win that game. Probably romp it.
Since then the footballing Gods have been cruel.
But I ask you, did you expect a smooth transition? With soo many arriving surely some leeway is called for?
After all, we were all warned with repeated interviews and articles that Ange-ball really materialized in the second season, once the players had truly gotten to grips with the system.
His resume screams ‘this man needs time to deliver silverware, or he’s not your man’.
Normally that’s a big No-No, until his style of football comes into the equation.
And normally that style is ever present,,,
we invested in players for it such as Jota, Abada, Furuhashi, and still to call GMac.
Some were naturally well suited to it.
And it suits the support, forward and attack being so refreshing from Lenny’s backwards and sideways with the always deep Scott Brown the eternal easy option.
That attacking style of play has sometimes delivered, but sometimes been found wanting.
Classic first season Ange syndrome.
This is what we hired.
As a support, he’s our biggest test in a long, long time.
Ronnie got two years in reality one and a bit, yet there’s ‘sack him’ posts after three months for Ange.
Bit quick, no?
It’s not as if we weren’t warned.
A month ago I dreamed of the title.
I still do.
Four points is nothing, those dropped by the current title holders yesterday allied with the midweek tanking only help to boost my thoughts they are there for the taking, an aging unit that peaked last season having attained it’s ultimate goal.
Yesterday, we collectively dropped the ball.
Defeat against Livingston is not good enough for our club of choice, as we are the finest in the land.
Not to mention packed full of better paid Internationals who on paper should have romped it.
Yesterday we saw our manager out-thought and our team out-fought,, unacceptable domestically.
There’s plenty of room to respond.
That performance could be analyzed to death, the players drilled how to properly respond. The rest of the month offers a great chance to rack up some points on the table, start making a charge towards the top before going to Pittodrie early October.
You don’t need me to explain how big a clash that has now become.
Welcome to the first season of the Ange rollercoaster everybody. Strap in and get used to it.
By Mahe.

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St tams
September 20, 2021 8:52 am

Mahe good summary.
What was worrying though was that Ange didn’t seem to know how to change anything.
Subs too late again and as for bringing on Bitton. I would rather play with 10 men than that waste of space.

September 20, 2021 9:27 am

Celtic away in 2021.

Livi 0-1 ❌
Betis 3-4❌
Huns 0-1❌
AZ 1-2❌
Jablonec 4-2✅
Hearts 1-2❌
Midtjylland 1-2❌

Hibs 0-0❌
Huns 1-4❌
Aberdeen 1-1❌
Huns 0-2❌
Dundee U 0-0❌
Ross C 0-1❌
St J 2-1✅
St M 4-0✅
Killie 4-0✅
Livi 2-2❌
Huns 0-1❌

When Neil Lennon could no longer be used as a human shield to fend off total collapse of a club they reluctantly gave us Kennedy, he’s still there now aiding and abetting the man from nowhere, who couldn’t beat Almondvale which really is a car park with a few shopping trollies. Jailbird FC couldn’t believe their luck, but we never win in the Spaghettihad, all the more reason that AP should have had a side prepared to do just that, on Sunday. A good manager would have did his homework weeks ago, and please stop this nonsense of wingback/fullbacks its killing the club. Picking Bolingoli was akin to throwing petrol on an open fire after what Celtic supporters have gone through praying for a left back.

£20M ? -peanuts to the EPL, but an awful lot of money spent by Celtic standards and with the absence of Kyogo Celtic look bereft, but most of all suddenly managerless.

Backed to the hilt by the Celtic fans he’s just fallen out of the bed with a resounding big fat crash on his honeymoon that never really got off the ground. So far he’s held up his hands up to his mistakes, the problem is they are a never ending daisy chain. The Dom McKay mystery doesn’t go away it just deepened and all of Celtic’s signings went backwards in a three sided full stadium Celtic support, with the rest on hesgoal. The ‘smart’ money was on Rainjurz we’re told when Eddie Howe baulked, the dark nights are in, we don’t even resemble a team we’ve got millions of wingers again but they couldn’t find a bye line with a sat nav.

Get the rebuild done properly half measures won’t do.

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 9:41 am


I’m in the same camp as you on giving Ange time to embed his plans.
6 league games in and with the scale of change and disruption, the gap could be more than 4 points. Very surprised it’s not.

The general nervousness around ‘away’ results is understandable, but This magical SPFL computer has somehow contrived to send us on 3 of our toughest visits in any recent season. Clever that .. in the sense that if someone was deliberately trying to make life difficult….

On the other hand, our 3 victories at home are against 3 bottom teams.

Looking for positives, we have good players to come back in and we can score goals from a number of positions. We are still highest in that league.

Picking up on the argument on players available, it’s looking like we really are light on the type of big tough ‘handy’ lads needed to win this league. We don’t need to play them all in every game, but we need them available. We can never have enough.

We generally struggle in games after European nites, Brendan’s teams seemed to handle that better, and yesterday was always going to be tough anyway, as it usually is in recent seasons.

What does concern folk is the sense that the team looked less than motivated to win. Again, even the best teams have bad days. Inexplicable performances.

Yesterday looked like more than that.

Granted, that’s a worry!

Remember when I was playing amateur fitba and getting older, moved farther back and out wide … ok … to LB …when we played on grass the thing that terrified me most was seeing a young pacey winger tearing towards me. Made to look static and feel stupid, and often. However, it was noticeable how much easier it was to play against that type of player if the game was on ash or AstroTurf. Much easier!

Seems some players tend to be tentative or even ‘reluctant’ on artificial surfaces. Either way, it kept me playing in the team longer than I probably deserved to.


A thing of beauty
September 20, 2021 9:57 am

We are struggling to play ange ball with the personnel we have available. SES is right we have been to three tough venues but we should still be able to beat a newly promoted team and one that’s bottom of the league without a win. Ange is clearly not going to change how he plays so we can expect more of the same unless we start to get our main players back. I thought yesterday we got nothing from the wingers and that’s mainly because they are boys. We haven’t had a proper left winger since Sinclair. I think we can get away with one of either Abada or Jota but not both. The high energy of the first few games has also gone. Again I think that’s the personnel. It’s Rogic or Turnbull but not both. When we started the season Christie played and he was more suited to angeball than Rogic or turnbull. We also have to remember we are missing four big players just now in Julienne (not my favourite but still a big player), Forrest, McGregor and Kyogo. Others need to step up and yesterday McCarthy, Welsh, Abada and Ajeti were poor replacements. These guys need to ask themselves what they were doing yesterday and up their game. I actually don’t think we’ll see Julienne again and if etims are correct he was part of a “French speaking clique” which undermined the previous manager. Now I believe that Neil Lennon did more than enough to undermine himself but if we have any bad apples they can’t be around the squad. So it’s between Starfelt and Welsh to partner CCV. Both of them have to improve a lot to fit the jersey. Lots for Ange to do but lots for the players to do.

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 10:16 am


Sometimes folk see a good point and just nod in agreement. With nothing to add or subtract.

Generally, it seems folk only respond if referred to directly… some don’t even do that. Probably not healthy to read too much into reasons why. There may even be weird bassas that have taken a snoor at ye … for reasons you will never know or begin to understand. Almost certainly you won’t have intended to annoy them…they have probably just chosen to be annoyed at ye!

In time you suss that it’s really just their problem.

Of course if you disagreee strongly with a point, then that normally gets the fingers tapping away. Mainly if I Agree, I just nod and don’t respond or elaborate. Even if it’s a Rebus special 👼

For what it’s worth , your comments are always well written, thoughtful, considerate and interesting … very worthwhile!

Looking around other blogs there is always some chatty non-fitba stuff.. some even have entire threads dedicated to that stuff.

The linear/ timebound model on this blog doesn’t allow for that much. So it’s Join in if you like it or scroll bye, if not in the mood. On any given day.

Every day here is different, or the same, but it’s usually worthwhile.

Hope you post again soon buddy.

Add: I’ve only met 2 or 3 of the regular posters on here. The occasional posters from CQN cycling/charity group I know much better but, they don’t come on here much. Everyone else I could walk past in the street. Probably do. It’s probably the same for most here.

Maestro Fan
September 20, 2021 10:25 am

Of course the real problem with Celtic is Desmond and his rotten Board/ culture. However, Ange is already on a path towards being their latest patsy/ shield.

His record is pretty much abysmal. His best achievement so far is to eliminate a team lying 17th of 18 in the Dutch league. A couple of Home spankings against 2 of the bottom 3 doesn’t compensate for an overall loss rate of nearly 50% after 14 matches, 4 defeats in the past 5 or 6th place in the league after 6 matches. Abysmal.

The tame, passive defeat to a truly dreadful Livingston team sitting bottom of the league with a single point after 5 matches and 1 league win in 18 is inexcusable. Like you I have been forgiving of the previous disappointments this season, factoring in all of the many mitigations. Not this one. This is the one where goodwill for Ange tanked.

His team selection was baffling, his tactics were hopeless and I’m already beginning to tire of his unyielding, purist philosophy. If you only have one, very predictable string to your bow you will soon be outmanoeuvred as a football manager, even in our mediocre league. Like most of us, I’ve seen this movie before at Celtic. Brady, Venglos, Barnes and Mowbray all enjoyed the occasional blowout win against SPFL fodder only to serially lose all the games that mattered.

I’m also not buying the season of transition excuse. Ange has resources available to him that tower over the likes of Livi and every other team in the league, even the huns. Yesterday was crap. Completely unacceptable. No excuses.

I’ve been very supportive of Ange until now. I like him as a person. However, if this pattern of mediocrity extends much longer my patience and that of the wider support will wear thin very quickly.

September 20, 2021 10:25 am

Scottish football is a unique environment.
One would think that either JK or Strachan would warn Ange of the peculiarities of refereeing tolerance afforded our opponents.
The use of repetitive fouling to break up play is always allowed.
Mythical fouls against us to nullify chances.
Pulling back play to stop momentum.
All were on full display yesterday.But the time wasting was so ridiculous that even the Livi commentators were saying the goalie had to be careful or he would be booked.
Every time there was a stop in play it took Livi at least a minute to restart.At one bye kick i timed it at a minute and forty seconds before restart.
Anderson the cheat never once spoke to a single Livi player about the time wasting.
The worst thing about yesterday was we were totally unprepared.
If the assistant coaches had any value we would not have been.
Either they are assisting or they should be sent packing.
If Ange is not taking on board their iadvice he should be told to do so.

Ayrshire Bhoy
September 20, 2021 10:35 am

This season has started like the 97-98 season from world beaters to shite bags on a game by game basis. Could be a long season ahead and our next away game, pittodrie 🙈. 3 home games coming now and that defence has to be picked and stuck with and played all the way to the international break.

I said yesterday honeymoon period is done now time for Ange to make the big calls!

Billy Bhoy
September 20, 2021 10:38 am

Morning all!

I missed all the drama yesterday – what do you mean there wasn’t any! – as I was driving home from a weekend up in Rosemarkie.

I’ve just looked at the table and noted that not only have we scored the most goals – we’ve jointly conceded the least. So, it looks as if Ange just needs to spread them around better?

I’ve also just seen the hun “goal”. Absolutely unbelievable. Salako is standing right in front of the keeper. He’s offside before the ball is kicked, when its kicked, when its flicked on and when he scores! That is one disgraceful decision – or non decision – by the official with the flag. His sash must have slipped over his eyes!

BTW I’ll be making a list of all those who don’t return my Good Morning! 🙂

September 20, 2021 10:53 am

Good morning Billy Bhoy! 😁

September 20, 2021 10:53 am

…and everyone else! 😁

September 20, 2021 10:54 am

BMCUWP…if you’re about, I texted you…

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 10:56 am

Billy Bhoy

Top of the morning to ye buddy.


September 20, 2021 11:09 am

“Buenos Dias” to Billy Bhoy and the rest of the blog 😀

September 20, 2021 11:39 am

It seems my decision to go to the pub rather than watch yesterday’s game turned out to be a good shout!
Ange has split the support the same way that previous ‘total football’ managers have, not just at Celtic but elsewhere. The Pragmatists recognise all too quickly the pitfalls of having a squad without the depth or ability to satisfy the demands of what’s being asked of them whilst we ship goals to easy counter-attacking fitba. The Romantics on the other hand allow slips and hiccups with the optimistic belief that all will come good. We all want to watch entertaining, attacking fitba with plenty of goals, even if it’s us that’s losing a few goals but still winning games but the reality is that without proper investment – not just in the playing squad but also in support for the gaffer – it is a struggle to become a winning, entertaining team. Ange has not been supported by the Club. The transfer window purchases have still to show they can be successful at our Club. Although it can be argued it is early days, and rightly so, there is still doubt over team selection and whether ‘AngeBall’ has longevity or whether he’s just another dreamer that joins our list of short stay gaffers!

The glorious balance sheet
September 20, 2021 1:39 pm

This calendar year so far we have failed to score in 8 matches. This includes a failure to score a single goal in 3 out of 4 visits to Ibrox, drawing a blank twice to Livingston, and abject failures to score against a Hibs shadow team going through the motions before the cup final, and Dundee Utd when a win was needed to stop the zombies from claiming the league.

We have played 36 matches in that time so it’s a failure to score in almost a quarter of all matches played.

Our defence isn’t without its issues – far from it – but it seems to me that without Kyogo our biggest problems are at the other end of the park. And have been for some time.

We last went on a comparable run like this with no goals scored on 8 occasions between 8th January and 8th October 1994. The old board, the Kelly’s and Whites, were in charge for the first part of that run. Our strikers then were Wayne Biggins, Willie Falconer and youth prospect Simon Donnelly.

It’s ironic that Lawwell’s last act (assuming he is no longer taking decisions at Celtic Park) was to preside over the beginnings of a run of failure in front of goal not matched since the days of the Kelly’s and the Whites and the Sack the Board campaign.

Celtic Champs Elect
September 20, 2021 1:45 pm

Just watched the hun goal that is an unbelievable decision for Taft goal to stand miles off side

September 20, 2021 2:39 pm

Happy Birthday to the King of Kings 🤴
Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: 🇸🇪 The King of Kings turns 5⃣0⃣ today. 👑7️⃣

#Happybirthday to #CelticFC legend, Henrik Larsson. 😛🍀

UEFA Europa League (@EuropaLeague) Tweeted: 🍀 Celtic legend
🔥 All-time competition top scorer


Happy 50th birthday, Henrik Larsson! 🎈

@CelticFC | #UEL

September 20, 2021 2:44 pm

It is a dilemma, is it not! I am not exempt from it.

We have a proponent of a football philosophy that most want to believe in. Fast attacking football with lots of goals. Goals coming from all areas of the team….defence, midfield, and forwards. Ange has a track record of applying this successfully in two countries plus a world cup. Or does he? He rarely stays longer than three seasons in a job and his points per game showed steady decline as he moved from Brisbane to Melbourne to the Australian national team. His term at Yokohama reversed that but it was a rock and roll term. Arriving in February 2018, Ange led Yokohama to 12th out of 18 teams. The following year he won the league……their first win since 2004. The next year, they slumped to a 9th place finish. Currently they sit 2nd in the league, ironically 4 points off the pace!

Ask yourself if you would be happy with Celtic finishing 12th this term but winning the league next season, only to finish 9th the following season!

To me, it seems it is going to be boom or burst with Ange as your coach. Rarely would it be dull but would it be an upward trajectory? I think there is room for plenty of doubt.

On the other hand, until yesterday, Ange generated a feel good factor amongst the support, even in loses at Tynecastle, Ibrox and Seville. His presence in pressers is very positive. He is certainly a man with a plan…exactly what was needed after the vacuum of last season. So from a therapy POV I buy into his medicine. He exudes calmness, professionalism and likeability. He has delivered exciting football and results to match. However, here is the rub. When it came to difficult games, he has lost……Midtyland, Hearts, Sevco, Betis. Again the dilemma persists these losses are by fine margins. So, does he just need time to bed in new players and his ideas? Or is his coaching ability full of fundamental weaknesses like poor team selection, poor use of subs and lack of a plan B?

You take your pick. What is clear(ish) is that it is too early to consider replacing him. It is also clear(at least to me) is that he will be a divisive figure amongst the fans. Some will love him, others will see him as a deluded fool.

Games against Motherwell, Aberdeen and Hibs will determine his longevity……will it be 1 or 3 years?


September 20, 2021 3:04 pm


Good lad,you’ve given me an idea for tomorrow’s article! I can tell you,I was struggling to think of one up till then.

SOLKITTS has sent me an absolute belter,but I think it is only fair to hold that one back till later in the week. The viewing figures hold up on a Monday and Tuesday,but the number of responses can be poorer than normal. Putting a guest article up might not do it justice.

ESTADIO has also gifted me a couple-some of which were on display last week-but some of them are in a format which is difficult to copy over into an article. I’ll get there though!

The article that will come about because of your earlier comment? I suspect that you will like it. And I also suspect that it is on a subject that we need highlighted.

September 20, 2021 3:07 pm


Good spot!

Henrik,just wow…

The Real McCoy
September 20, 2021 3:16 pm

Very clever Mahe 👏
“We must all admit Martindale has made the best of the hand he’s been dealt at Livi”

Wink Martindale :- Deck of Cards ♦️❤️ ♠️ ♣️

A thing of beauty
September 20, 2021 3:46 pm

If he hasn’t got the personnel then a pragmatic manager would change his philosophy. Ange is not pragmatic, he fails or succeeds standing by his beliefs. Now we all agree I think, that there is no plan b but we can see there is a plan a and that is better than last season when there was no plan at all. Maybe that is why Ange is carrying such goodwill. We can see what he wants to do and like the idea of it but it’s fair to say the grumbling are starting.

September 20, 2021 3:55 pm

I reckon he could still do a Job upfront for us

September 20, 2021 3:55 pm


What is worrying is that he does not seem to make sound decisions on his starting eleven.

Success or failure, I think Ange will be gone within three seasons.


September 20, 2021 4:08 pm

Moaning about Ange over here as well……no plan b and standing on the line with arms folded no barking instructions,that’s just some of the gripes.
I will throw in a thought……….i think we would be more lenient if there was not a 40ml prize on offer for the league champions.

A thing of beauty
September 20, 2021 4:09 pm

He will definitely be gone within three seasons. If he’s not a success, he’ll be away and if he is, he’ll be away, 3 seasons in this shite league is too much for anyone with any ambition, be that a player or manager. I think we’ll see Gerrard move in the next 3 months. He’s not daft. He knows his stock won’t get any higher by even winning 2 leagues in succession but if he bombs in Europe it’ll go down. I think he’ll be away by Christmas. Three in a row got Lennon the Bolton job and Rodgers the Leicester job. Gerrard will know that and jump soon. Whether that’s an advantage to us or not who knows.

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 4:37 pm

Manager’s first 2 months in position …

10th March League Division 1
Airdrieonians 0 6 Celtic

13th March League Division 1
Celtic 0 1 St Johnstone

20th March League Division 1
Dundee 3 3 Celtic

22nd March League Division 1
Celtic 2 4 Hibernian

27th March Scottish Cup SF
Celtic 2 2Motherwell

31st Scottish Cup SF Replay
Celtic 3 0 Motherwell

3rd April League Division 1
Celtic 1 0 Third Lanark

7th League Division 1
Hibernian 0 4 Celtic

12th April Bobby McKinley testimonial
Nottingham Forest 2 1 Celtic

14th April League Division 1
Falkirk 6 2 Celtic

17th April League Division 1
Celtic 1 2 Partick Thistle

24th April Scottish Cup Final
Celtic 3 2 Dunfermline Athletic

28th April League Division 1
Dunfermline Athletic 5 1 Celtic

30th April Glasgow Cup
Celtic 2 1 Rangers

Just messin’ folks….🌞

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 4:47 pm

14th April … 10 days before Cup Final a team choc full of Lions

Falkirk 6 Celtic 2 ( it was 6-1 with 5 mins to go….)

Whigham; Lambie, Hunter; Houston, Baillie, Fulton; Graham, Gourlay, Wilson, Moran, Halliday.
Scorers: Moran 2 (3, 81), Halliday (7), Wilson (20), Graham (26), Fulton (62)

Fallon; Young, Gemmell; Murdoch, Cushley, O’Neill; Johnstone, Gallacher, Hughes, Lennox, Auld
Scorers: Auld 2 (22, 86 pen)

Referee: Attendance: 3,356.

Saltires en Sevilla
September 20, 2021 4:51 pm

Would that manager last a season … today?

Prestonpans bhoys
September 20, 2021 4:59 pm

I think a lot of us were shocked by the poverty of our play yesterday. We thought that crab like slow passing was gone for good but last season’s habits resurfaced.

You could argue that we were warned by the RC game because before that deflected goal it was very similar. Hoping this is a blip and not a resurgence of last season’s shite😈

September 20, 2021 5:41 pm


Yes, that manager would survive because he won a cup final and beat Rangers. That manager did survive!


September 20, 2021 6:26 pm

If I’m not mistaken BR didn’t have a plan b, but had an idea of how the game should be played.

Ange will be OK with his system, the real problem is the backroom staff.

Two defenders and we still can’t defend ! and don’t forget we also have a guy that’s watching the laptop.

Big question is, whats he watching? My money is on dads army.

DONT PANIC, my Da got me my job.

Sol Kitts
September 20, 2021 6:33 pm

Just home from work, saw your email about the Huns goal, and you are 100% correct. It wasn’t even a hard spot. When the ball was headed on, he was clearly offside with only the goalie between him and the goal. I would have been horrified (and quite possibly demoted) if I had missed such an obvious offside.
It’s not even as if the assistant was trying to keep up with play, fgs, it was a corner, he was right in line with it.
When I was reffing, or assisting, I knew when I had got one wrong and I’d feel bad about it. Unfortunately, Scottish mibs will be celebrating along with the Huns at gifting them yet another illegitimate goal.

September 20, 2021 6:36 pm

I see John Kennedy phoned Aiden McGeady when he was at Everton to see if he wanted to come back to celtic.

Have we been blaming PL all the time and its really JK running the show.

Prestonpans bhoys
September 20, 2021 6:53 pm


Yes noticed that too, together with the absent landlords boy allegedly getting McCarthy, what a complete shambles of a recruitment policy

September 20, 2021 7:07 pm

It should be noted we attack and defend as a team.
Yesterday we did neither.
Easy to blame a defense but if set up exposes them it is difficult .
Was surprised how passive Welsh was at their goal as normally he can be over aggressive.
Has the unfair dropping of him dented his confidence?
So far our squad management has been lacking.
Maybe Ange has to widen his thinking ?

September 20, 2021 10:01 pm

Yesterday was shocking. I had a sinking feeling from the 13th minute we weren’t going to score. But in no way can this defeat be likened to defeats at the Bigotdomes. Against the minis, we scored a good goal wrongly chopped off and also Halliday should’ve been off. Madden and friends. At the Security Conscious bigotdome, Eddy missed a sitter to put us in the lead. I believe it would have been a different game had he scored. Same outcomes but vastly different scenarios.
But remember everyone. The Huns II MUST win the league this year. Desmond knows this too.

September 21, 2021 3:13 am
September 21, 2021 7:46 am

It’s been called Angeball but it’s no different really from the football aspired to by Deila and Rodgers along with the instilling of a high degree of fitness and professionalism. But neither RD or BR left Celtic in rude health as a club. Why was that? It’s obvious that the fault lies with the board and DD as they are neither ambitious nor supportive of excellence. Now we have Ange but he’s had coaches and players “forced” on him and his best ally, D McK, has already been shown the door for daring to suggest changes that threatened the board’s complacency and lack of ambition.