22nd September – If you know your history

130 years ago … and still some asking questions about the New Club from the East End – now into the 4th season, having been Runners-Up to Third Lanark Rifle Volunteers in the Scottish Cup Final in season #1 and runners-up (3rd) behind the Joint Winners of the inaugural League Championship in season #3

Can these Bhoys win one of the 2 majors?

It’s still looking good n the League as Celts are sitting one point behind leaders Hearts, having defeated Abercorn 5-2 at Underwood Road, Paisley in front of 6,000 on 12th of September ….

it’s interesting that both ‘keepers were absolutely Duff…

A Duff, A Cuthbertson, D Cuthbertson, McNeill, Bowie, Reid, Wallace, Nicol, McLung, McLaren, Bonnar.

Goals:- Wallace, McLaren 43.

Celtic:- Duff, Reynolds, Doyle, Dowds, Kelly, Gallacher, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- McMahon 2, McCallum 4, McMahon 42, McCallum, Madden 75.

Ref:- Mr Heggie, (Heart of Midlothian)

Att:- 6,000.

Last Saturday (19th September) the club were drawn against Kelvinside Athletic in a Glasgow Cup tie due to be played at Celtic Park. However, Kelvinside ‘scratched’ from the tournament before kick-off and Celtic were awarded a ‘walkover’ to the next round. The teams played a ‘friendly’ and Celtic romped to an 11-1 ‘win’. There are no records of teams or scorers.

Next opponents are current Champions (joint) Dumbarton who visit Celtic Park on 26th September on league duty.

In other news…

The first hydropower plant in Finland was commissioned along the Tammerkoski rapids in Tampere, Pirkanmaa

60 years ago… 1961…having secured a valuable point in a 2-2 League match at Ibrox the previous weekend- tomorrow (23rd September ) Celts welcome Dundee United to Paradise on league duty. Willie Fernie is “indisposed” and it seems a strange term… maybe used when a player is unwell, but not injured. Wondering if this impacted on payments made to the player?! Mild Professional curiosity…

Celts are 3-1 winners in this game and took control for much of the game. Both Hughes and Gillespie scored their respective openers with “scorching” shots. Interesting to see Stevie Chalmers at outside right and Mike Jackson scoring from a shot .. a rebound off the bar from a Divers’ header.

Celtic: Haffey; Mackay, Kennedy; Crerand, McNeill, Price; Chalmers, Jackson, Hughes, Divers, Carroll.
Scorers: Hughes (13, Chalmers (45), Jackson (70)

Dundee Utd:
Ugolini; Graham, Briggs; Neilson, Smith, Fraser; Bonnar, McMichael, Carlyle, Gillespie, Mochan.
Scorers: Gillespie (40)

Referee: n/a
Attendance: 24,000

In other news …

Glen Campbell looking for his lucky plectrum…

20 years ago … 2001 and when we were Kings…well, almost!

Hard to believe This guy has just turned 50 … clearly Bobby Petta is not anticipating a rebound … which is just as well!!

Celts have returned from an exciting game in Turin – (3-2) even the Daily Record knew we were “ROBBED” – diving, cheating bassas that they are… Nicolo Amoruso & German referee Krug have a lot to answer for.

Still fizzing…details can keep for another time!

Today, we welcome Dons to Paradise on League business and. “Turin clouds lifted” with a 2-0 win in this dress-rehearsal for the midweek visit of Porto, on Champions League duty.

Then it’s Rangers at Ibrox…

Celtic:- Douglas, Sylla, Balde, Mjallby, Teliby, Petrov (Healy 90), Lambert, Petta, Thompson, Larson (Maloney 82), Hartson.
Substitutes:- kharine, Sutton, Moravcik
Celtic scorers:- Larsson 65, Petrov 81

Esson, McGuire, Whye, Solberg (Dadi 87), McNaughton, Tiernan, Darren Young, McAllister (Anderson 60), Mackie, Zerouli, Winters (Thornley 69)
Substitutes:- Derek Young, Peat

Referee:- Michael McCurry
Attendance:- 59,197

General Stuff…

1692 Last people hanged for witchcraft (8) in the US, 19 hanged overall, with six other deaths during Salem Witch Trials

1792 French First Republic formed by the National Convention stripping the French king of his powers

1862 US President Abraham Lincoln says he will free slaves in all states on Jan

1965 India and Pakistan cease-fire goes into effect, ending the Indo-Pakistani War

1980 Iraq invades Iran in an attempt to control the Shatt al-Arab waterway

2000 Actress Patsy Kensit (32) divorces Oasis singer Liam Gallagher (28) due to unreasonable behaviour after 3 years of marriage

Any tenuously contrived and random excuse to hear Glen Campbell on guitar… ( long preamble, but worth the wait )

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks again SES for your ‘on this day’ leader. Something I’ve noticed over the last few of those that you posted – in the latter part of the 19th century our crowd was always precisely 6,000. Wonder if it was the same people who attended every game 😉


Good Morning all. Thank you SeS once again, really good reading 📚 👍


Morning all,

SeS, well done again, love these Leader’s 👏👏👏

Noticed the team “ Third Lanark Rifle Volunteers “.

Wonder if any of them were Irish and what their day job was 😜😜😜


(A story I heard or read claimed Kellogg’s invented the saying ‘Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day’ after WW2 to boost sales. I’ve never seen corn growing in Ireland, yet most houses ended up with corn flakes, go figure.)

Or maybe in the normal British tradition suppression was the idea?

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the history lesson. I’d never heard Galveston properly before. I love it when a song has real meaning.
Clearly our chairman is a toast and tea man.

Big Audio Dynamite

Was wee Dougle Ross running up and down his favourite line on Sunday @Ibrox? You just know he has union Jack knickers under those shorts!



I suppose that might work-if you held your spoon in one hand and the bowl in the other.



Excellent stuff as ever,and a nice wee link to a mellifluous voice too!

Also,the Dundee Utd keeper that day?




The 6,000 figure probably came from a similarly fertile imagination that used to tell us there were only 37,000 inside a packed ground in the 80s-when there were that many in The Jungle toilets at half time.



Remember Celtic played Dundee April 1988 at Celtic Park. Celtic won 3-0 (I’m sure Chris Morris scored) to win league.

Getting into the Jungle there were people crawling around the ground, as well as the old double shuffle brigade right up your rear end !!!. For every click of the turnstile about 2 or 3 manged in.

God knows who many were there but think official attendance was given as 67,000.

I reckon more than 80,000 in that day !!!!!!!!

The old directors certainly made a killing that day and most other days with their phoney figures.

#CrooksrusCSC 🍀🍀🍀



I was there too. We were in The Celtic End as my Dad and my Uncle Jim were none too keen on The Jungle and preferred their “traditional “ viewing site.

Good move as it turned out. Everywhere else was dangerously overcrowded even to the extent that thousands watched the game while sitting on the running track.

Yes,we all had to be there. But bloody hell,was that a dangerous day-but still one to remember too for all the right reasons!



Btw,considering that the ground had had no significant alterations in decades,your 80,000 suggestion may be a lowball!

I recall previous official capacity of 92,000. 80,000. 75,000. To then have thousands sitting on the running track?


A thing of beauty

Scary indeed. I was about to write that I was also there that day but bmcuwp never mentioned me so maybe my mind is playing tricks. It does that. I dream things then years later think they happened. Imagine how disappointed I’ll be sitting in the nursing home, smelling of rotten cabbage and a carer tells me we never actually won the 10😂😂

Squire Danaher


Re: Dundee 1988 title day

I arrived at Celtic End corner of Jungle at 2:10 that day. I was stone cold sober. It was terrifying. I don’t recall getting in. I have never seen a crowd like it. Stewarding and police were wholly unprepared and inadequate in number.

The following night I was in the company of someone who was at a golf event that day attended by Dougie Donnelly who was at that time Sportscene frontman.

He confided to my source that BBC had received a request from “someone at Celtic” not to show panoramic crowd scenes on Sportscene highlights because of the density of the crowd. They estimated the attendance was “over 80000”.

I was particularly struck by Hillsborough the following year because with this, and the Janefield St police initiated rammy of 1985, ‘There but for the Grace of God’ went I.



I didn’t mention SOLKITTS either-just my Dad and Uncle Jim because otherwise we would have been in The Jungle.

Just as well the two auld yins were there,because The Jungle looked a very scary place that day!



You were at more games in The Centenary Season than I was,I think. Some marvellous occasions,like the semi final and final of the cup,some ridiculously late comebacks from the dead.

And a particularly notable occasion when you weren’t allowed into The Flying Horse-a traditionally Celtic pub in Barrhead-because you were wearing “colours”.

Ah dear,still scarred by how that turned out! Fair play to our Dad though,had the answer immediately!!!


Gday folks,
Happy Woden’s day.

SES, as usual we are in your debt.
Stand outs above include that Life magazine image,,is that wild weather aka global warming/climate change effects being witnessed in the 70s?
Looks that way, It didnt start overnight.

And the beautiful Patsy Kensit became single!
Is Noel blind? I’m not.

Strange no game today but a Thursday night cup game? I dont get it.

I just read Brendan being linked to Barca. They are skint, done to the bare bones, but are looking at a top EPL manager?
Typical having no foresight,,but then Brodge would probably jump at the opportunity despite much more job security where he currently employed, and has lost three of the last five.
With that size stadium, they have a great base to recover from. It would be a real shame if they became another Continental power that slowly faded, bit like ourselves.

Have a good one, play nice.
Let’s hope the boss doesnt have his knickers in a twist today.

Hail Hail


Thanks for the info, not sure about that.
Cornflakes cause acne? Sounds like the bloke belonged in the sanatorium.
Have a good one.
Hail Hail


Have to admit……….didn’t think Dundee United were in the league in 1961.Thought div.2



Thanks to the wonders of wiki,it seems they were promoted in 1959.


Wonderful stuff, as usual. I noticed that Mike McCurry was mentioned in the article. Now there’s a name to give you the fear.


I recall 23rd April 1988 vividly. I gave up the Jungle, when the fence was erected between the Jungle and the Celtic End…mid September 1986, or thereabouts. Found a new spot in the Celtic End.

In those days, the Celtic End was never rammed…even with 60,000 in attendance. That day, the corner of the Jungle/Celtic End was bedlam. This is about 2 o’clock. I remember one mad bastard on a police horse, attempting to control the crowd, but making the situation much worse. People were panicking and some were fainting. Real scary stuff.

I managed to get into the Celtic End about 2.30. it then took me around 40 minutes, to fight my way to my usual spot, at gate1. I’ve never felt crowd pressure like it…and yet folk kept piling in.

The Kelly’s and the rest of them, sure made a pretty penny that day…at what could have been, a terrible cost.

Hail Hail.


Was at the 5-4 game 1961,my good friend was a United still is…….5-1 up after 46mnts i said to him i hope United score and make a game of it…………i have never uttered these words again no matter what team…….sure learned a lesson that day.


Should be United fan.



McCurry? Either incompetent or a cheat as a referee. Which means he should have resigned as a referee-or as a minister of his church.

I watched the game where he booked NINE of us in one game against the huns,before flashing a couple of token yellows to them in the dying minutes. Even my Rangers-supporting friends that I was watching it with were embarrassed and apologetic.

Not sure if that was also the ludicrously chopped off Fortune goal.

I’ve always wondered what he did to be so publicly outed shortly afterwards-and to whom. Pretty sure that the official reason,a casual affair with a consenting adult,had very little to do with it.

Matters not,good bloody riddance.




big packy

the rev mike mcurry, cant believe this is a celtic site, blaspheming a man of the cloth, how dare you,😎😎

big packy

in other news diana mary fluck was born in swindon, FLUCK i said 😎on october the 23rd 1931, that was the same year as my mother in law who is 90, unbelievable



Indeed,and a bit of a babe in her day.

bada bing1

This is from BBC Chris McLaughlin Twitter.

In ongoing legal dispute between #Rangers and the SPFL over league sponsor Cinch, a court hears from a QC that the club was in negotiations with Cinch about selling off naming rights to Ibrox, in June.

This is why they took the huff again, the league done a deal with Cinch,huns got a duck egg..👍



Be sure your sins will find you out…

(Not yours,obviously!)

big packy

BOBBY, yes, diana dors and from your neck of the woods,👍

The Real McCoy

Thanks again SES 🙏🏻
Wasn’t the Dundee Utd keeper that intrigued me. It was their left-winger Neilly Mochan . Didn’t know that.
BP & Bobby,
Princess Diana Fluck & Prince Charming 💚


PS. Horse( nag) running in the Smell The Glue Maiden Stakes at Kempton 7:45 – MAGUA 😱
Bet responsibly 😂

big packy



“Progress As Man Punched Instead Of Being Shot In Face By Loyalist For Playing Wolfe Tones Song – Waterford Whispers News” https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2021/09/22/progress-as-man-punched-instead-of-being-shot-in-face-by-loyalist-for-playing-wolfe-tones-song/

big packy

strangely that background picture, take out the green and insert the red, reminds of my first celtic game, we beat airdrie 9-0 at parkhead and frank haffey our goalkeeper missed a penalty, but bhoy he was a good singer, another true story,👍


The real McCoy, cheers, I have put £100 on Magua!
(only kidding, £1 ew.) 🙂

Puff puff

MAGUA .. has there ever been a Celtic book with pictures of the strips we have worn throughout our history …

ASWGL loved the picture and good on jimthetim for picking out JT .


Squire Danaher,

You mentioned the 1985 Janefield St incident.

We came out of that game and walking down Janefield St when suddenly someone shouted “ FFS Police horses are charging “.

Well we got crushed against the wall which collapsed and there it was mayhem.

We were lucky, but think a few beside us got crushed but thank God nobody seriously hurt.

Terrifying experience and I still think what might have happened.

The following day, the police said Celtic fans caused it !!!!

Beggars belief !!!!

Puff Puff

Indeed there is. The book is ‘The Celtic Jersey’ by Paul John Dykes. Haven’t got a copy yet, as the publication date kept being put back, due to recent events. The book describes the history of both The Hoops and various away Jerseys over the years, through the medium of actual match worn jerseys. It runs to over 200 pages, costs about 30 quid, and Is in hardback form. I’d totally forgotten about the book till now. Just popping on to Amazon. Will get back to ye shortly.

Hail Hail

Waterford whispers guy – that was shocking news about 23 year old Roy Butler captain of Waterford FC.
May he RIP. 🙏💔

Prestonpans bhoys

Noticed someone mentioned about not being allowed in a bar due to wearing the colours. I remember coming back from Aberdeen and the bus stopped at Auchterarder. Went into the pub and the guy said, scarfs off no colours allowed. So we did with half of us wearing the hoops, had to laugh but still got served😂🍺🍺

Putf Puff

Just did a wee bit of digging on Google. The book is available from 15 October 2021 from various online bookstores, ranging in price from 20-30 quid. I’d say that on your side of the pond, Waterstones would be your best bet. As I say, the publication date keeps getting put back, so it may change again. You can however, pre-order.

T’would make a handy Christmas present for any Bluenoses you may know. God love ’em, they could do with the education. 😀😀

Hail Hail.

Paddy’s maw

Bada Bing
Very interesting about the cinch deal. If true what are their complaints based on?

Paddy’s maw

Just on the way out with the dog and was listening to Clyde. Don’t know who it is – possibly Andy Halliday – but they were talking about Billy Gilmour and he said whatever he did he jumped in with both hands!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️



I guess that they just don’t like being ditched at the altar…


That’s a beauty…think I may for for it. Have bought loads of stuff from Etsy, including a lovely pair of Celtic cuff-links, that date from the 70s. The quality of the enamal and workmanship, is unbelievable. Much better than the utter crap, sold in the Celtic stores these days.

Now does anyone know, where I can find a feckin’ formal shirt, to go with the cuff-links? 😀

Hail Hail



Canny help wi the formal shirt,but story goes that the sartorially superior MCCAFF will sort you out with with a matching cravat.

BMCUW/Paddy’s Maw

The Ibrox club’s behaviour over the last few weeks, now makes sense. I wonder if Robertson or DUPman has a dossier on the subject?

At a time when the Huns’ stock has never been lower, among other clubs in Scotland, it makes no sense for our glorious board, to continue pissing off other clubs, by banning away fans. Surely some sort of accommodation can be reached.

I suppose that’s asking rather a lot, of the feckers on the PLC board.

Hail Hail.


Rather than putting McCaff to all that trouble, would it not be easier to ask CCB? The best turned-oot man at the hoot, along with Philbhoy.

Hail Hail.