22nd September – If you know your history

130 years ago … and still some asking questions about the New Club from the East End – now into the 4th season, having been Runners-Up to Third Lanark Rifle Volunteers in the Scottish Cup Final in season #1 and runners-up (3rd) behind the Joint Winners of the inaugural League Championship in season #3

Can these Bhoys win one of the 2 majors?

It’s still looking good n the League as Celts are sitting one point behind leaders Hearts, having defeated Abercorn 5-2 at Underwood Road, Paisley in front of 6,000 on 12th of September ….

it’s interesting that both ‘keepers were absolutely Duff…

A Duff, A Cuthbertson, D Cuthbertson, McNeill, Bowie, Reid, Wallace, Nicol, McLung, McLaren, Bonnar.

Goals:- Wallace, McLaren 43.

Celtic:- Duff, Reynolds, Doyle, Dowds, Kelly, Gallacher, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- McMahon 2, McCallum 4, McMahon 42, McCallum, Madden 75.

Ref:- Mr Heggie, (Heart of Midlothian)

Att:- 6,000.

Last Saturday (19th September) the club were drawn against Kelvinside Athletic in a Glasgow Cup tie due to be played at Celtic Park. However, Kelvinside ‘scratched’ from the tournament before kick-off and Celtic were awarded a ‘walkover’ to the next round. The teams played a ‘friendly’ and Celtic romped to an 11-1 ‘win’. There are no records of teams or scorers.

Next opponents are current Champions (joint) Dumbarton who visit Celtic Park on 26th September on league duty.

In other news…

The first hydropower plant in Finland was commissioned along the Tammerkoski rapids in Tampere, Pirkanmaa

60 years ago… 1961…having secured a valuable point in a 2-2 League match at Ibrox the previous weekend- tomorrow (23rd September ) Celts welcome Dundee United to Paradise on league duty. Willie Fernie is “indisposed” and it seems a strange term… maybe used when a player is unwell, but not injured. Wondering if this impacted on payments made to the player?! Mild Professional curiosity…

Celts are 3-1 winners in this game and took control for much of the game. Both Hughes and Gillespie scored their respective openers with “scorching” shots. Interesting to see Stevie Chalmers at outside right and Mike Jackson scoring from a shot .. a rebound off the bar from a Divers’ header.

Celtic: Haffey; Mackay, Kennedy; Crerand, McNeill, Price; Chalmers, Jackson, Hughes, Divers, Carroll.
Scorers: Hughes (13, Chalmers (45), Jackson (70)

Dundee Utd:
Ugolini; Graham, Briggs; Neilson, Smith, Fraser; Bonnar, McMichael, Carlyle, Gillespie, Mochan.
Scorers: Gillespie (40)

Referee: n/a
Attendance: 24,000

In other news …

Glen Campbell looking for his lucky plectrum…

20 years ago … 2001 and when we were Kings…well, almost!

Hard to believe This guy has just turned 50 … clearly Bobby Petta is not anticipating a rebound … which is just as well!!

Celts have returned from an exciting game in Turin – (3-2) even the Daily Record knew we were “ROBBED” – diving, cheating bassas that they are… Nicolo Amoruso & German referee Krug have a lot to answer for.

Still fizzing…details can keep for another time!

Today, we welcome Dons to Paradise on League business and. “Turin clouds lifted” with a 2-0 win in this dress-rehearsal for the midweek visit of Porto, on Champions League duty.

Then it’s Rangers at Ibrox…

Celtic:- Douglas, Sylla, Balde, Mjallby, Teliby, Petrov (Healy 90), Lambert, Petta, Thompson, Larson (Maloney 82), Hartson.
Substitutes:- kharine, Sutton, Moravcik
Celtic scorers:- Larsson 65, Petrov 81

Esson, McGuire, Whye, Solberg (Dadi 87), McNaughton, Tiernan, Darren Young, McAllister (Anderson 60), Mackie, Zerouli, Winters (Thornley 69)
Substitutes:- Derek Young, Peat

Referee:- Michael McCurry
Attendance:- 59,197

General Stuff…

1692 Last people hanged for witchcraft (8) in the US, 19 hanged overall, with six other deaths during Salem Witch Trials

1792 French First Republic formed by the National Convention stripping the French king of his powers

1862 US President Abraham Lincoln says he will free slaves in all states on Jan

1965 India and Pakistan cease-fire goes into effect, ending the Indo-Pakistani War

1980 Iraq invades Iran in an attempt to control the Shatt al-Arab waterway

2000 Actress Patsy Kensit (32) divorces Oasis singer Liam Gallagher (28) due to unreasonable behaviour after 3 years of marriage

Any tenuously contrived and random excuse to hear Glen Campbell on guitar… ( long preamble, but worth the wait )

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Have never bought from Etsy, but having come across that print and other stuff on their website that may well change.


The stuff on Etsy tends to be pretty much unique. I remember buying a black, handmade, leather blazer jacket a while back, as the one I usually wore, had seen better days. That’s as formal as it gets for me, I’m afraid. Tap in ‘Celtic FC’ on the Etsy search engine. You’ll get s pleasant surprise.

Hail Hail.

Saltires en Sevilla

Have to admit……….didn’t think Dundee United were in the league in 1961.Thought div.2


Seems Utd, have always confounded Celts…the only team to beat us in league 66/67 (twice)

Prestonpans bhoys

Watched 10 minutes of the Huns game there, Livingston giving a good account of themselves. No shots on target while I watched, if that continues a Hun penalty is for sure😕


Aye, true …and by the same scoreline in both games. 3-2 in Dundee, then 2-3 at Paradise, in the return game.

Still, that season turned out alright, did it not?

Hail Hail



CCB was looking dapper as ever-but that’s because he has to pass inspection before my Mum will let him out!

As for PHILBHOY,you now know what attracted Christine in the first place!!!

Seriously,I could do with paying some attention to the methods of those maestros…



They certainly confounded us in 1983 too. As soon as Milne scored that late winner,I knew we had probably lost the league.

Still,I’ll never forget the 4-2 game at Ibrox,and the wonderful YNWA at half time when we were two down. Might have preferred it if it meant we won the league,mind…


Evening all and Billy Bhoy!
I cannot begin to elicit credit for the suggestion of sartorial elegance in the form of a silk cravat! A disposable blue mask is the closest I can manage, sad to say! Credit for such refined finery can be laid only at the, probably, Carreducker Calfskin Mule-clad plates of our Style King – Puff Puff! A hopeful thanks also to our absent friend Nana Mouskourri who sowed the seeds of Sentinel Celts’ Sartorial Upward Mobility with the fine suggestion of designing and producing such Celtic FC Finest Silk Cravats as to be the envy of Fine Cravat Wearers across the discovered hemispheres! There can be no better sight than an elegant Maryhill Fenian catching the late night Boeing to Toronto to escape the clutches of the rag tag bunch of Maryhill Ludge Members seeking revenge for their pile of ash! 😂😂😂


One of my biggest disappointments in following the ‘Tic, was losing that league in 83.

We had beaten United 2-0 in Paradise, a couple of weeks previously…when Jim McClean parked the bus. In the 2-3 game, we were cruising at 2-1 up, and should perhaps been a bit cuter on the night
As it was, we went to Pittodrie on the Saturday, and were beaten 1-0.

Still, United proved what a fine team they were the following season, when they were denied a place in the final of the European Cup, by some very dodgy dealings, between Roma and the match officials.

Hail Hail



Now,if you had said pile of hash in Maryhill,we might have got GARRY back on!

I received a text message from him today,just to let people know that he is alive-though not exactly well. It isn’t my place to say why,even though he said I could.

Get well,GARRY. We are all rooting for you,mate.


Bobby, this should satisfy everyone – a song about a necktie played by a GRASS band! 😂


Good to hear that news. In our thoughts Garry.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good news on Garry … tempted to drop an R and coax him out …

Anyway, whatever the circumstances- hoping everything settles nicely and we get to hear his wafting musings … soonish …



Evening Garry, get well soon mate! Catch up in the next couple of days hopefully.


Get well soon Garry bhoy.hh


Get well soon Garry.


Magua you let me down mate. You came in 8th in the 7.45 at Kempton. Thats me £2 the poorer! 🙁 That could have bought me a half pint in the pub and a wee bit of change. I’ll need to stay in tomorrow.


Take care of yourself and we’ll see you back on here soon, God willing.


8th? Bloody hell. Must do better in future. Me legs are feckin’ killing me.

Hail Hail.



Some find-made me laugh! Which is a find in itself these days…

I found this on the sidebar,by Dylan from INFIDELS.

Check the backing band-Mick Taylor,Mark Knopfler and Sly and Robbie. Just wow…

bada bing1

Garry- get some choons on here soon

A thing of beauty

Take care mate and when you’re feeling up to it you know where we’ll be. KTF pal.


Brilliant tune Bobby and what a line up! Loved it!!


Another day another dollar.

Garry take care pal. Best wishes fae the Cali kid.

Was reading back and some things jumped out.
Puff Puff the style King? If we had a blog quiz and the question was “which Sentinel is the snappiest dresser?” he is near the bottom of my list 😉
It’s myself and Mike joint top btw.
At the Zoom meeting with the board Cuddihy or whoever was setting it up had to do a double take,,three piece suit, coffee on deck, big dog under one hand, mountain view and that big big blue California sky 😉
Meanwhile one chick was Zooming from under her duvet,,why turn the camera on?
The world confuses me sometimes.

The Janefield St crush stories caught my eye, and boils my blood. Probably one reason ‘they’ don’t want fans involved is the safety aspect.
Within the last five years falling roof pieces over there, crush at ours, which they deflected.
Took Hillsborough just under 40years for some type of justice, there’s nae chance up north.
While the cheating and our clubs slow lane, shut up and pay up attitude doesnt stop a lot from going, safety is another issue altogether.
One life lost is far too many.
This is one area I’m thinking where’s the CSA,,,while they can’t criticize the club they could and should work on ensuring the supports safety which I believe is mostly police and council based.

So the truth of the Cinch deal reveals itself. They dumped them, so no displays at Ibrox. Madness, for that will cost much needed cash over a silly stance,, and whatever happened to strictly business not personal.
Seems they dont that over there.
Whatever , except it hurts the whole leagues ability for obtain and retain proper sponsorship.
Wanna know why we all get buttons, there’s one prime example.
I would pray for another liquidation but I fear it wouldn’t change a thing, just deliver their third version claiming to have the first and second versions trophies, but not the first or second versions debt.

Hail Hail