Ringing The Changes


Last night provided us with a comfortable enough win-once we had scored the opener!-but I’ll get round to that soon enough. What was most striking about the occasion was the sheer number of changes that have been made to the team. Of our eleven starters last night,only Turnbull was a regular starter last season,with Rogic and Ajeti hardly being regulars then. And the same could be said of our four subs,with Soro and Bitton little more than bit part performers a year ago.

That is some turnaround in such a short time,and no,it wasn’t one of those nights when the manager decided to rest players for the challenges ahead. He was playing with the cards he was holding! As an example,we finished the match last night with FOUR full backs on the pitch and no recognised striker. Dear oh dear…

Still,although we are a work in progress,there is clearly progress being made-despite a recent run of poor results. We just have to stick with it and hope that it continues. I’ll grant you that we will play better teams this season than Raith Rovers but we can only beat what is in front of us,and as I said,we did so fairly comfortably. Although until the first goal,we were putting in a lot of effort and getting nowhere!

That goal when it came after 26 minutes though was simply class. James McCarthy looked up from a central position and threaded the ball through to the onrushing Jota,who had sprung the offside trap. He finished confidently from just inside the box.

After that,it was virtually a one way street,with wave after wave of fine attacking play just failing at the last. Until five minutes before the break when a fine run and shot from-again-Jota saw a decent save but Liel Abada was on hand to nod home the rebound. At 2-0,we should be on easy street-but where have we heard that before?

So Turnbull eased the nerves just after the break with a fine solo goal,running at the defence from deep and calmly stroking the ball home from 25 yards. The job was made that bit easier when Rovers best player Zanatta was sent off for two yellow cards,two stupid grabs at opponents in only a few minutes.

After that,AP rejigged the side,with Jota going through the middle and the ineffective Ajeti coming off along with Abada. Further was done with the arrival of Liam Scales to the left back role,which saw Adam Montgomery move up the flank,as Ralston did when Juranovic arrived. Bitton and Soro swapped for McCarthy and Rogic,but neither did much to enhance their shout for a regular starting spot.

Overall,a good night at the office,but we still managed to play some risky stuff in defence,our two centre backs in particular needing to up their concentration levels. We now move to the semi final,where we will face holders St Johnstone in two months. After last season,I’ll be taking nothing for granted.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Cosy Corner Bhoy

From last thread: I went to the original St Joseph’s High school in Kilmarnock which became Mount Carmel PS in 1955/56 I think! I came from Ardrossan 15 miles away but the pupils came from Largs in the North and Muirkirk in the South…. all boys; no co-education in Catholic schools then.
The ‘new’ St Joseph’s at Grassyards(?) was the first co-ed school.
Game interesting tonight but no more…..think that Greek player is one of those Mythical Greeks we read about at school😁


Jist read on CQN that Garry Posticoglou is ill…best wishes mate…get well soon

Get well soon.


aye oor greek striker, the invisable man When will we see him.??


ooh we have seen him?
Fleetingly, Al Ajeti.
Naw, sorry hes swiss.
But still invisable.


Morning all,

The top goal scorer in the Eredivisie last year comes to Celtic, becomes unfit, and then gets injured in his warm up for first appearance !!!!!!!!

Hope the new Sports Science guy has a wand only Merlin could handle 😜😜😜

Thought Scales showed promise last night 👍👍

Prestonpans bhoys

Mount Carmel(sentinelcelts).csc 😂😂😂😂😂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a pretty grey, drizzly and blustery East Kilbride.
Once we got our first goal last night I thought we played some pretty decent stuff. Big Carter-Vickers has brought a bit of calm to the defence and I thought that he, Montgomery and Jota were our best performers on the night; with Scales having a decent substitute derby too.
Thoughts now turn to both the Dundee Utd game and the Ryder Cup and good to see that there’s no clash with watching either – today and tomorrow the golf starts just after 1pm but on Sunday the first singles tie starts around 5.15, purely because the Celts are playing at 3 😉
Mon The Europeans!

Maestro Fan

This is a nice, but weak team. Beats weak teams, folds against strong ones. I don’t hold Ange responsible for that. He’s making a decent fist of a bad hand.

PS Celtic’s injury record is shameful. That’s not just explained by bad luck. It’s unprofessional.

St tams

Pass marks last night to Mccarthy and CCV. Scales was very comfortable when he came on.
To finish the game with a winger at centre forward and 4 full backs on the field is scandalous.

My best wishes to Garry.
Get well soon .


It’s funny how after signing 12 players in the transfer window we are down to the bare bones of a competent first team squad. The subs available are below standard. Even as subs.
I mentioned to Bobby about a week ago we could easily have signed 24 players in that window and got rid of a few more duds.
Definitely work to be done come January.


Packy, from last night, you were right, a great assist from McCarthy for Jota’s opening goal. Changed the game for the better.



The subs last night included GG, top scorer from the Eredivise, whom we all want to see, Juranovic,a Croat International, Scales who impressed, Welsh and Soro.
I think your slight on them as “ being below standard, even as subs” is very harsh and unsubstantiated. A bit of a knee jerk reaction to a routine victory.

As for getting rid of the duds, how can that be easily achieved if they are on salaries that would be unmatched anywhere else and are not wanted anywhere else?
Short of paying out millions in buying out contracts , which our Board wouldn’t countenance they will sit it out.


CFC, I didn’t mean all the subs. I agree Scales impressed. And GG from the Eredivise couldn’t come on. But Bitton & Soro – not for me.

At least we can agree we have several duds who are so rank we can’t even loan them out!

As for signing 24 & getting rid of the duds – ‘in an ideal world’ as they say. 🙂



I take your point re Bitton, jury out on Soro for me. Urhoghide , a project so who knows!
Kyogo ,Forrest, Calmac all make the squad stronger.
Still weak in depth though.

Definitely agree re the deadwood- buy one get one free?




I could be wrong but Kyogo has got the makings of being a star man for us.


So far so good with Joe Hart too. Sure he will let in goals just like strikers miss sitters! But he’s in done more good than not so far.



Hart brings presence and leadership.
That team badly needs a few “characters”.

Maybe CCV has that, early days for him , finding his feet etc but a steady solid unit. In the John Hughes ( younger!) mould.
Met him recently and slightly the better for a drink , regaled us with his obvious delight at his headed goal v Huns. At Ibrox?
“ pick that out the net you fat b*****d “ was his punchline.

Loves the Hoops, surely we could get him a defensive coaching role with us.


Bitton is contracted until 2023, so we could be stuck with him for almost 2 more years 🙈🙃🤬


CFC, I remember reading a story years ago, not sure if he was still with Celtic, but at a celebratory party one night Young Yogi went onto the pitch and run around starkers! (stadium emptyish, late on) As you say, slightly the better for a drink. LOL 🙂


btw, not that I’m in a position to know but I fancy John Hughes as a defensive coach a lot more than I did Kennedy.


Would bring passion, enthusiasm, humour and a great deal of experience. Definitely worth a punt and the occasional pint!

The streak was when he was at Falkirk.
During an interview with then teammate , the devious Maurice Johnston.


The only progress we saw last night was that of progression into the next round. RR were a poorer form of Livingston but without a striker. For 25 minutes we did not create a chance. Then McCarthy threaded his through ball and the game was over.

For the first 25 minutes what we saw was Lennon ball and not Ange ball. Horizontal passes and predictable passes from the CBs out to either wing. RR knew this and had two men on each winger to block either crosses or movement inside. In other words, Lennon ball. There was little evidence of the high press as neither wingers can harry effectively and to expect Rogic to do it is akin to believing that Boris could live on benefits.

Too many players take the easy option when going forward. This will not work for a player like Ajeti who, again, was starved of the kind of ball he needs. Poor Ajeti, his major fault is that he is not Kyogo! He does have movement. He does expend effort but he is not Kyogo. If he gets a half chance he will score but somebody has to create that chance. Given that we normally face big CBs and that our crossing is poor, that task falls to Rogic and Turnbull. Both have form that has dropped off, both have stamina issues, as do Jota and Abada. On the latter, that is the worst performance I have seen from a player and he still gets a crucial goal. Where is the Abada of earlier? His shooting has gone, his ability to get past even a Championship player is gone, as has his passing. If Forrest recovers he will easily replace the Israeli.

I agree on Scales he looked very mobile with good control. But here is a question. We finished with four FBs on the park. Is that typical of Ange ball, or is it a sign of how depleted the squad is? Bit of both, perhaps?

Best of the bunch: Montgomery(as usual), Ralston(excluding his crosses), CCV, Jota, and maybe McCarthy.

However, the real stars were the RR team who got worked from side to side, lost a player, and still managed to look as though they had had a training session. Who is their fitness coach?



Just an early reminder that Superbru predictions are due in by 3pm tomorrow


Strikes me player fitness and stamina, to play the style AP demands, is the issue.

The four fullbacks in play towards the end of the game is an interesting tactical decision. AP was getting criticised for not making changes sooner last game.
The two on the left are comfortable in winger( Montgomery) and wing back roles( Scales preferred position I believe).
On the right it has been mooted on SC before if AR could play in front of JJ. As an option against better opponents.
Perhaps an opportunity in an already won game to see what does/ doesn’t work?

I’m sure GG would have been on had he been fit.


Rebus, funny you should say that, a lot of times when Abada was on the ball I was thinking to myself ‘I wish Forrest was back’!

A thing of beauty

Agree about Abada. Everything just seems rushed and jerky with him. I think Forest will walk back into the team when he’s fit. If he’s ever fit. As for Ajeti. I said last night I watched him closely. He does not move at all Rebus. I think the Raith player he mugged for turnbulls goal was in a state of shock that Ajeti was not loitering on the edge of the box around the D because that’s where he was all of the first half. I’m not saying he needs to be Kyogo but he needs to move more to drag defenders out the middle. It makes space for the midfield. Honestly Rebus he needs to up his game.
You make the point about some players not being able to play ange ball. Most had a full pre season and now have plenty of games to realise what’s expected. I can’t understand why for example turnbull seems no fitter. Ajeti looks slimmer but has no stamina either. Good job we’ve got this new fitness guy because the current ones can’t be up to much.


Gday folks.
Happy Friday to one and all.
God bless all those less fortunate than ourselves and those with health issues.

Didnt see the game but seems as if we’ve lost our mojo of earlier in the campaign.
As for GMac,,Jesus wept.
Goals were our best chance of success this season, yet our strikers are just not at the races, if available at all!
Now we know three strikers isnt enough.

Take it easy folks, hot as hell still even though it’s officially Fall.

Hi Ho
Hail Hail


7.45pm on a Wednesday night in Dingwall in December, sounds like a nice evening out 🤣



James Forrest? I’ve lost count of the amount of games he was my MOTM. Yet he can have his loss of form. I loved that couple of seasons when him & Patrick Roberts were vying for the same place.

big packy

just back from liverpool, wee joan wanted some supplies from costco, great i thought costco sell lorne sausages and next door to costco is morrisons supermarket they sell bells scotch pies, bah humbug no sausages and no pies, i was not a happy bunny😎 we decided to go for a walk along the albert dock, suddenly noticed something near some bushes looked like the old ten bob note we had as kids, picked it up, clydesdale bank 10 pounds sterling, obviously someone down on holiday had lost it, it definately was not solkitts because he would have camped out here all night looking for it😎 now very few shops down here will take scottish banknotes,,sassenachs so i had a brainwave, st anthonys chapel is just half a mile from the albert dock, so i took it there and put it in the st vincent de paul box, they will take that to a bank and get an englsh tenner to replace it,another true story👍


Couldn’t go to a better charity Packy – SVDP. (IF that’s a true story!) LOL 🙂


True story.
I went to Costco here and they were selling Smart Coffins I shit you not.
Comes with Bluetooth speaker to play sentimental music, there’s an aroma dispenser just in case, and theres some lights inset.
Some have a digital photo frame inset so you can always have a revolving photo slide of the deceased.

Whatever next?

Away to work, play nice.

Hail Hail


If it is as appears that Kyogo is the centrifugal force the team requires to function optimally then we are in trouble?
Opponents will also recognize this and use Scottish ref’s tolerance and reduce his potency with sheer brutality.
We need a wider strategy.



I know nothing of sports science but I guess some players will have an increased stamina capacity as a response to more intense, dedicated training whilst others may have peaked and have no spare capacity.
It’s the difference you see in elite sportsmen.
Djokovic, for example v most of his peers.

big packy

JIM how dare you,all my stories are true,😎 but that one is a definite true story👍

St tams

Whoever gave him another 4 year contract should be sacked.

big packy

MAHE, mindboggling stuff,,hope you are well👍


CT, Nothing new there then. In more normal circumstances we could just laugh at Neil Doncaster and say Do your worst ya prick!

St tams

Great summary of last night.
I also thought Abada was very poor.
As for or crossing from both wings , was woeful.

Regards our bench. Surely we have a couple of academy forward players who could have been on bench



On Ajeti, you must have played with players like him. I know I did. They are poachers. They hang around in the danger areas and convert chances. I used to resent them because I would work my guts out and not receive anywhere near the praise of a goalscorer! Still goals are the obvious sign of winning games. Grafting elsewhere in the team is more difficult to evaluate. As long as Ajeti is scoring he can be tolerated. If he fails to do that, he will be out of the team if we have a replacement. At the moment we do not seem to have a replacement.

I know it is risky to judge a player on a few games but the recent passing of Jimmy Greaves made me think of the two times that I saw him. Once for England and once for Spurs vs Rangers……in those two games he appeared to be the laziest player on the park. When chances came his way, he moved his bowed legs and scampered into position to score. Different times, I know. Would his work rate be tolerated today? Who knows?

Will Ajeti make it at Celtic? He will never have a better chance than now.



Neil Doncaster & Stewart Regan both Englishmen so you would expect them to be free from any bias in Scottish football. But my God they shifted heaven & earth to accommodate and help the new Rangers. Mind you so did Peter Lawwell & Dermot Desmond. Surely they can’t all be masons!

I can’t believe there is another person in Ireland who shares his love of that club (DD). Apart from the loyalist community in the North.

bada bing1

Callum McGregor signs new 5 year contract


I hope Michael Nicholson didn’t take advantage of Callum being dozed up with strong painkillers!
That’s the kind of thing PL would have done. A wage cut in small print!

bada bing1

Bobby and Mahe,

Help! I just posted on the previous topic board. Bladder, I am losing it! Can it be transferred over?

If it cannot, people’s lives will be diminished!


Saltires en Sevilla



Here it is

it’s on the previous blog – I just read, some great points

I just listened to a radio feature on the mental health aspects of Instagram. Apparently, Facebook, which owns IG, has been conducting research on the mental impacts of its product, especially amongst young teenage girls. The research shows that amongst girls who already have low self esteem, IG can worsen their feelings about their own body image. In essence, IG promotes a false ideal for body image and some feel depressed that their own body bears no relationship to it. They should see what has happened to my body! But, hopefully they won’t! The issue extends to other aspects, such as all my friends are posting about the great time they are having, whilst I am stuck in my dreary lifestyle.

I have spent a good part of the morning scrolling and posting, as many others on here. It makes you wonder what effect it has upon you. Firstly, it creates false norms. Most on here have a low opinion of the Board, but is that the norm amongst the fanbase? Similarly, frequent calls for boycotts, tirades against individual players, the implied collusion between Sevco and Celtic as a business model……all get frequent air time on blogs, twitter, etc. But do these views even register with the population that matters….the fanbase?

It is so easy to accept group think if you use social media. The problem on blogs is self perpetuating. Opponents of majority views can be vilified and eventually leave, so the strength of group think becomes worse. This is the reason that I like to take breaks from the blog. Not that I am saying everyone thinks the same, just that you need to distance yourself from the blog in order to think through issues. At least, I need to do this. However, just like following Celtic, blogging is a form of addiction or habit forming. It needs to be controlled just as other habits like smoking and drinking need to be restrained. Unless, like me, you are a flawed genius, who is disappointed with the World and needs an anaesthetic to numb the pain!

Just some ramblings but think about where you are in all of this.




Anyone who thinks the Celtic Board’s collusion with the Rangers’ cause is ‘group think’ should read Auldheid’s record of it. All of it is proven with references.

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