̶C̶o̶n̶o̶r̶  Captain Mc Gregor.

Of the two he’s actually the one on the rise, as Boom! on a Friday evening some fantastic news emanates from headquarters.
Another five years alongside the last seven at the club, it’s clear the Bhoy is happy.


He slowly grew on me, something that always pleases, and when Mr (doesn’t suffer fools) Rodgers continually selected him, the penny started to drop. Maybe the year on loan really brought him on as a player, but I think the armband alongside the Scott Brown free space in the middle of the park has helped kick into another gear.


He’s classy on his day, I think he’s pretty consistent, and although I recall some periods out injured he’s not a sicknote.
Ange-ball is made for him, having the technical ability and the footballing brain to pull it off. I would like to see him freed with a deep lying player alongside or behind, but he will unselfishly accept the number 6 role. We all expect players to do the same, switch if needed, but few would get the armband and a five year deal if playing out of their prefered position.
That’s basically what’s happened here.


From a PR perspective, well done the club, they’ve shown a bit of nous and now the onus is in the team to produce a victory to cement any feel good factor then possibly turn that into momentum.


Callum himself looked every inch a true Celtic Captain when he was issuing his post victory war-cry in the huddle a couple months ago.
Momentum slipped since, Furuhashi is desperately missed and our sieve just won’t stop leaking.


Yet despite another probable heartache season, and given Brendans admiration, he gladly signs up for not just five years but the prime of his career.


We couldn’t ask for more, and that strong connection to the club has spurred others onto great feats,,it awaits to be seen if Captain McGregor shall earn his place amongst the great Captains of old.
If he doesn’t, I doubt it will be for lack of trying.


I hope in the future we are able to recall him fondly (another Scott Brown scenario would help no-one), and I hope we all agree it was a privilege when he does bow out.
During a period of rebuilding we now have a solid, versatile rock to build upon.
He’s going nowhere, Ange can thank his lucky stars for that small blessing while the hacks curse our club for setting the agenda for once, not reacting to someone’s.
Some good Sellic news forcing its way onto the weekend publications Backpage was unlikely to have been the plan.


Callum Mc Gregor, you’ve earned that armband, your time has come, we are all behind you.
Now lead on Sir!

By Mahe.

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Good Morning all. A guid read Mahe. A fine player in my view, and a worthy Captain.

big packy

MORNING ALL, from a dark overcast drizzly cheshire, mahe good post. yes going out on loan was the best thing that could have happened to callum he came back a different player, lets hope he keeps the captains armband for years to come.H.H.


13 still to trap for Superbru including Chalmersbhoy, Cosy Corner Bhoy and Wee McCaff

Jobo Baldie

First name on the teamsheet (when fit!) and a great bit of business.

Weet weet weet


By Tony Angelino




Morning all and Billy Bhoy! This is a good bit of business but a niggling thought tells me the success enjoyed during Scott Brown’s era as Captain will not be repeated for CapMac! The stars aligned for Broonie in a way that seldom happen for any player and Broonie really couldn’t fail to be a successful Captain. My fears for CapMac are this feckin Board will accept mediocrity as long as there is a Premium paid at the end of the financial year and neither Ange nor his new Captain will be able to do a damn thing about it!
I hope I’ve called it wrong but a part of me feels we’ve seen this movie before!


Magic Craig…but with nae beer, steak or Magic cigarettes in sight I’m not sure me and Puff would be anywhere near that part o’ Maryhill! 😂😂😂

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye! A good bit of business keeping our bhoy for another 5 years.

Hopefully, we soonfind the right balance alongside him, and he still has the urge to learn ( release the ball quicker ..or, at least more often).

As has already been said he can grow into the Captain’ role and make his own special mark on our history.

Great news!!!

Billy Bhoy

Morning all & McCaff!

Hmmm now where have I seen that salutation before? 🤔

What a great start to the season for Calmac. Appointed Celtic captain, new five year deal and a headline Saturday morning tribute from Mahe!

It can only go downhill for him from here!

I was amazed to see that he has already played 338 times for Celtic and even more amazed that he has scored 54 goals. That, according to the calculator on my IPhone, is a goal every 6.25 games. Not too shabby!

Maybe we should play him up front instead of Ajeti! 😂

Billy Bhoy

Is it possible to get a clear view of the background photo?


Billy Bhoy
click on the link

Best I can do is from the peerless Celtic Wiki.


September 24, 2021 9:21 pm

Billy Bhoy

Cheers Craig! I’ve never seen that strip before!


Sorry to rain on your parade.
Calum McGregor.
I’m reminded of the tale oft repeated by AULDHEID about the wiseman and the boy with the line we will see.
There once was a great Celtic player called Paul McStay who won a single Scottish cup as captain..
Both excellent footballers but neither captain’s for me.


Fan, I watched Paul on the pitch many times as Captain. In a sense you are right, he wasn’t one for shouting at his team mates, giving instructions or urging them on. His best attribute as captain was leading by example as both a man and a player. In a way he was too nice a guy for that role. I think the Board gave him the honour to help keep him at the club.
But an absolute legend of a player during a barren period.


In fairness to Billy McNeill’s decision to give the armband to Paul McStay after the shock departure of Roy Aitken,he was hardly spoiled for choice.

I think the only option he had was Paul Elliott-and everyone knew he was leaving shortly. He could have given it to Tony Mowbray when he arrived,who had been captain at Middlesborough for years,but that would have meant stripping Paul of the captaincy.

So,I agree he wasn’t the type to gee up the troops for a battle,but he was the only viable option at the time.


It’s not about McStay.
In the recent loss at IIbrox especially in the second half there was no sign of us having a captain likewise in our European defeats.
There was meek acceptance as i saw no prompting of teammates or forward driving to lead by example.
He is a neat,skillful and tidy footballer but does not have the mental strength required to be our captain.
As the wiseman said we will see???
Hope my doubts are proven wrong.


Bobby, that’s true. I reckon Tony Mowbray was built for the job but it would have been an awkward decision.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM and BILLY BHOY and MCAFF, jim have you noticed someone has stolen our catchprase,, ahm beelin so a ahm,😍😍😍


It’s early days but I thought Joe Hart was doing OK as captain, however it would be better if it was an outfield player. I’ve definitely got ma doots about Callum as a captain. Hopefully he will quickly grow into the role.

I think I read recently of Callum praising up John Kennedy as a coach. Can’t remember him getting overly excited on the touchline. He’s not exactly inspiring from a fan’s observation. But what do we know?


Afternoon Packy. No didn’t notice, what was that?

big packy

id play montgomery up front tomorrow, cant do any worse than ajeti.,

big packy

JIM, have a read back😍


Morning all and…..?

big packy

JIM, that mcaff chappie is trolling us.😍


Imitation is a form of flattery! 🙂

big packy

JIM im flattered.😍


Right Packy, I’m off to the shops, I need to get my carry oot in for Strictly Come Dancing.
I’m exhausted after it’s finished, copying all their dance moves. 🙁

big packy

BTW who is that blonde lassie that sings with clem burke,


Angela Trimble.
She changed her name to Debbie Harry because of some guy in the North of Ireland.

big packy

JIM ok enjoy your shopping, if you spot any skwerr sausage, you know where to send them👍


Just wee McCaff to get his picks in now for Superbru

big packy

yes thought thats who it was😎


Mon The Griff!!!


Just heard this on Pick Of The Pops and for some reason thought of JTT53 🤣🤣😃

Dario G – Sunchyme (Official Music Video) / Chrysalis Records

Prestonpans bhoys

I was amazed last season how many times the Huns scored with their first shot on target, they’ve done it again😈


Rangers defender Connor Goldson gets off a fierce shot from a corner kick but his effort on goal is blocked by team-mate Alfredo Morelos. A sore one in the umentionables…


So United lose and the petrol is apparently running out? What else shall happen this strange day?

Just seen a video of a woman filling a carrier bag with petrol,,
I’ve seen it all now.


What else shall happen this strange day?

Well, the huns get a penalty awarded against them by Bobby Madden.

Then up steps ex hun striker Jason Cummings to pass the penalty back to the keeper!

Not weird at all.




Paul McMullan tries to go round Jon McLaughlin and he’s taken out by the goalie.

Yellow card. McLaughlin is rather lucky to stay on. Not sure there was much contact but his outstretched leg was nowhere near the ball and certainly impeded McMullan. 🤔


Never saw the foul. Just put it on as Cummings tapped it straight down the middle to the goalie.

Immediately switched it off.



Apparently Michael Johnston is injured again,took a knock in training.

Puff puff

Craig76 . we didn’t call it Maryhill when growing up … It was always the Venice of Scotland . BP told me that wan .

Puff puff

Love Calling .he does everything for us .

Puff puff

The Real McCoy …. Really enjoyed the tunes last night including McCaffs …much appreciated.


Mikey injured again?
Might have to call it quits on that special talent

big packy

PUFF PUFF@5-20, is that a true story.😎😎

A thing of beauty

Surely that wasn’t the Kaiser mrk2 getting caught under the ball for Liverpool’s equaliser against Brentford. Honestly, what use is a centre half whose biggest deficiency is heading. Ach well I’m sure he’ll have found someone else to blame by half time.

Ajer does his usual, misjudging a cross, and Liverpool equalise.



🏌 USA 9 Europe 3 Could be all over today 🤔

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