That’s that then,,

Yesterday the penny fully dropped for most of us. Glasgow Celtic can no longer be counted upon to beat run of the mill domestic opposition,, our league position allied with being unable to overcome the Jambo’s, Livvy, and then the Tangerines clearly tells us something, something very important.
We are a poor side, and we won’t be Champions this year.
A couple months ago, I did have opTIMism, but the loss of three players has derailed our season despite it only getting underway.
Kyogo and Captain Calmacs’ spell on the sidelines alongside Ryan’s departure has left us looking like a shell of a quality side.
Those three players are suited to Angeball, brought energy and purpose to the team, and now we’ve sunk like a brick without them.
We have an average squad, just about.
Many aren’t of the required quality, haven’t got the attributes the team is crying out for, and will prove hard to shift hindering the still much needed rebuilding efforts.
A rebuild that looks set to become long term, dragging on into next season, and it wouldn’t be surprising should it take longer.
The main question now is who should lead that rebuild?
Faith in our Greek Australian has plummeted, rightfully so in my humble opinion. Those selected aren’t performing well, yet many are continually picked.
Half time team talks aren’t having a visible effect, and his substitutions raise more questions than answers.
It’s clear there are mitigating circumstances to an extent, but Ange hasn’t helped his cause at all lately.
If there is a Plan B, it’s invisible so far.
If some aren’t cutting it, bin them.
If it hasn’t gone well, clearly state that to show we are all on the same page, as a Lenny style ‘thought we played well enough to win the game’ shall only see detractors up in arms.
If we don’t beat this poor Aberdeen side, Ange shall have more wishing him to split the scenes than wishing him to hang around.
And we aren’t even in October, but don’t worry the club is in good hands!
Jesus wept.
Truth is we are all in for a period of pain.
This rebuild, forced by necessity upon us by an out of control ego and profit driven board buying too many duds, shall test us like never before.
For starters it could and should have been avoided,,
scouts with a proven eye for talent anybody?
A DoF who has a firm idea of the prerequisite skill and qualities needed to join a club of our size?
A transfer committee, with some football experience represented?
Or maybe just an owner who gives a,,?
Negligence pure and simple. Only a few days ago they announced the aim was to improve the club year on year, well tickle me pink but for the last twenty years ie Dermots reign we have went backwards as a club,,hence today’s lesson we need another full team signed.
And any signing this club post Dom makes shall be profit orientated facilitated by Mr Team Player acting CEO or the next front man.
Therefore expect duds to be signed, history tells us that’s what they mostly buy. Liel has probably earned Dudu some grace, it’s not hard to foretell an Israel based player arriving in January,,more miss than hit for our club of choice, and the cycle will continue.
The fact the current Champions have regressed imo, and are not a good team at all shall certainly sting. But allied with the refs and,,,taking the green and white tinted specs off there’s little chance of emerging victors this campaign.
Secrets out, crock Kyogo we are done, we’ve zero depth and are there for the taking. One Ajeti injury away from an unprecedented injury crisis, would anyone else rest him for Europe?
I’ve actually never known us to be so limited in options, I note Uroghigde and Shaw didnt make the bench, and neither did GMac. The one striker there wasn’t used, you tell me why?
An overall view of the squad shows more (going by Ange’s judgement so far) undesirables than keepers, talk about squandering! We can’t lay that upon Ange, nor upon Dom, but we should place the blame squarely at the feet of the folk who just promised better year on year (I notice Peters hiding, he f@#king should).
Putting Ange to one side, ask yourself this please,,,is there enough quality there for a new manager to mold a title winning team?
I very much doubt it once the inevitable injuries kick in, not to mention our star striker jets across the world every two months for Internationals which takes it out of him for a wee while.
Is there confidence this PLC have the collective nous to buy title winning players?
I very much doubt it. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, last guy who tried got consented, what does that tell you?
It’s a period of rebuilding and a period of pain we are collectively staring at here.
We as a club and as fans are, as the King famously sang,
Caught in a trap,
Can’t walk out,
Because I love you too much baby!
If anything, we love our club too much. I still know folk who won’t countenance Celtic turning a blind eye to malarkey, despite everything that’s come out plus the Res12 website itself. That club is pure and squeaky clean in their mind and anyone who speaks otherwise is soon ostracized, or at least not taken seriously.
There’s serious levels of devotion out there and many who will ignore the facts to maintain their perception.

But as the King sang,,,
We can’t go on together,
With suspicious minds.
The world famous Glasgow Celtic is slowly and unhappily reverting back to a family dynasty, where profit takes precedence.
When that family got involved, either European Cup was the realistic dream, now second place in the league is the hope,,,and they just told us they aim to make the club better year on year?
There actually wasn’t that much better to go back then, now it’s how bad are we?
Which type of improvement are they looking for year on year?
It’s certainly not progress on the field of play, which only leaves one other option, progress in getting more of your hard earned.
What’s the betting the buzzword ‘rebuilding’ is still being used in two years?
There’s the next shield, so very ironic as they created it themselves, yet use it to defend themselves!
Who’s financing that rebuild? Anyone but them.
I’ve nothing personal at all against the Macroom man, but I just don’t think he has managed the club well and his ultimate goals don’t align with the fans.
His shares will stay in the family and the son already had business calls regarding the club, and has attended AGMs in the family name. He’s in, he’s next.
I think I speak for the majority when I say we want change, but it’s not on the horizon. As mentioned, on the horizon lies pain for the average Tim. The number 56 shall become mega important for the first time in recorded history.
We don’t want a family dynasty, not this family for footballing purposes. The ‘backup’ of Dermots billions mean precious little to the rank and file most midweek and weekends these days.
Mismanagement unto mediocrity once brought the Tims together, remember the Rebels actually won!
Is that spirit still there? Or has the internet killed it as I’ve read suggested?
I guess we are all about to find out.

By Mahe.

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The case for the Defence :
Threadbare squad , shorn of first team starters ( Calmac Kyogo JF and the elusive CJ) , squad fillers (GT MJ and KD )
and unknown injured newbie (GG ).

7 games in, 6 points behind a Hun outfit with only slightly more in their tank than our fumes.
Their settled squad and well drilled style of play, although limited, grinds out results. However, they are also ably assisted by whichever MIB is appointed on the day.

The case for the Prosecution:

A one dimensional intense style of play that is taking its toll on the players. Two more injured yesterday.
Frantic, 100mph football is not a tactical “pressing game” ploy, it is desperate and headless.


Drop any points to Aberdeen and go further behind, the threadbare towel will sadly be thrown in.
Next weekend is huge.

Prestonpans bhoys

The alarm bells started to ring at the Ross County game where we recorded a flattering 3:0.
Thereafter we got worse ,I was about to say it would be hard to produce a game worse than Livingston but it’s early in the season😈

Jobo Baldie

On yesterday’s game in terms of a good football performance I thought only player achieved that – Jota. If giving your all / urgency is regarded as meriting a pass mark then Joe Hart and Tony Ralston would tick those boxes. But the remaining 8 along with the substitutes were in the main poor.
I’d (obviously!) liked to have seem some evidence that Ange can make tactical alterations mid-game when things aren’t working. Of course, you need the players to be able to do that so was that the reason that we just persisted more in hope than expectation that a goal would come?
2 big games coming up in the next week but currently I’m not confident that we will win either of them.
Apart from all that…. Happy Monday, friends!.

Celtic Champs Elect

I just can help believing HOW POOR WE ARE

The players are just not good enough OMO

At times yesterday Utd were outplaying us all over the pitch

My view on the players. Hart – Is okay and better than what we had

Ralston- Dreadful and should not be in the team even if he gives a 100%

Starfelt – Still not convinced but he is better than welsh

CCV – not good enough

Juranovich – I have been disappointed in him but we have a player there if we play him at RB

The left backs we have are horrendous although Scales should be allowed a run in the team monty Taylor’s boli punt them all fkn hopeless

Midfielders – McCarthy finished IMO. Soro Rogic Turnbull sell sell sell Cal Mac is Okay but not as great as many think he is

Forwards – Abada he flatters to deceive IMO Ajeti get rid he is fkn useless. Jota -I like him although he is not the finished article Kyogo – he is outstanding keep.

As for the rest Mikey Johnston Kaddy I would keep

Bitton punt ASAP Welsh send out on loan

Maestro Fan

The future belongs to the huns because Desmond and Lawwell willed it so. They were unwilling to risk their ‘business partner’ going under. Again. We’re just the marks. I despair at the unconditional support this enemy within receives from the majority of fans. They are underwriting hun dominance, rewarding all concerned for complicity in cheating.

Ange is not the cause of the problem, but as is now becoming apparent, he’s not the solution either. He’ll be gone by March and Kennedy will be installed as head coach to see out the season. Again. The difference is this time he’ll be made permanent. WGS will be installed as DoF and Ross Desmond will replace Bankier as chairman.

The team will labour in mediocrity for years, but will continue to turn a healthy profit due to the continuing support of the credulous. This is the end game of the journey we’ve been on since Lawwell was appointed CEO.

Maestro Fan

We’re regressing at a rate of knots. 7 wins from 15 is sacking form at any other time. 6th in the league after 7 matches is sacking form. The only reason he’s still there is because fan sympathy for the shambles he inherited. That won’t survive 2 more defeats this week or – as I expect – being 12+ points behind by end-October. He’ll stumble on to the spring then be gone.

Saltires en Sevilla


Difficult to argue with any of that. Depressing as it is.

We had ready watched th team decline for 3 seasons, maybe more.

The expectation that any new manager would fix it to the extent we would be back challenging for the league, after so many personnel changes I.E. straight away – isn’t helpful in the situation ( not suggesting by you Mahe .. but that expectation exists)

At this stage -Most of us would expect to see evidence of improvement and some glimmers of hope. It’s only fair to say there has been some evidence of that in some games.

The questions being asked about tactics/squad/infrastructure are all at the front of my mind and not forgetting the ongoing perennial question about the intentions of this damned Board!

We can all shout and bawl about team selections and plan B or plan C and in-game adjustments .. that is a big part of supporting a team – seeing what we see and disagreeing about that … opinions are part of the Craic etc.

Right now I see a guy who has come here without any of his own management support, to a situation that was already in tatters and facing an injury list that would have had Agincourt or Waterloo postponed under old code of chivalry… kidding. of course …

Most of us think his current squad, even with everyone fit, isn’t up to the job.

Who’s fault is that?!

I genuinely feel for the guy. However, he took the job on willingly and it’s anyone’s guess what he was told/promised at that time.

The next few games are going to be a test of his mental fortitude, more than anything else.


I’ve copied this without authenticating it but if authentic then that’s us telt and I’m with Ange.

“I know there’s people that want to push me off some sort of ledge. That’s not going to happen. I don’t focus on that side of things, I focus on this team and how we play our football. I know what the club’s about and what we’re aiming for, I believe the road we’ve started on will get us there so we’ll keep going. It’s a weird league. You call things early here don’t you? It’s quite remarkable really. We are only seven games in and people are saying it’s over already. I’m not pulling up stumps after seven games because people think there’s some kind of insurmountable challenge out there for us. With the chances we’re creating, the players we have to come back for us, I just see it differently. ” – Ange Postecoglou.


The reason I’m with him is goals dont just change games, they change perceptions.

We go in front our perception goes to green.

They equalise quickly , it goes to amber. Utd go to green.

Ajeti misses a pinch straight away and ours stays at amber, it moves reddish when he misses another then the goal posts send us into deep red.

Had Ajeti scored right away Utd move from green to amber and with luck hitting bar/post 3 times would have gone to red.

Had we won by putting away 1 in 5 chances but performance stayed the same how harsh would the criticism be?

A bit less I suspect, but that would in no way render Mahe’s analysis void in that Ajeti, Soro just are not first team class and are poorer than their counterparts in rival clubs.

I’ve yet to see anything from Juranovic to make a judgement he is any better than Ralston and it is obvious, even allowing McGregor cannot tackle a fish supper, he is a player of superior quality to his mid field rivals.

I saw Montgomery give away posession trying to make a telling pass, I saw Soro giving away possession when he had players he could give passes to but took wrong option.

Here is a tip for Ange, since fouls by us give teams on the back foot the chance to attack us, don’t play Soro.

The standard of players on show was roughly on par with Utd who took 3 points from Rangers.

The standard of injured players if the likes of James Forest ever gets fit (what is his injury btw?) will lead to goals and we just have to show a bit more fortitude.



I don’t like Mondays at the best of times,but that article fair cheered me up-not!

Now,life in general,I am fairly pragmatic about swings and roundabouts,take the rough with the smooth. Do the best you can and come out swinging,etc. With our team,I am the opposite. I can go from wildly optimistic to wildly pessimistic in the ten seconds it takes for the ball to travel from their box to ours!

So for once,I’ll try to take the pragmatic view,while not ignoring the obvious problems we have-and excuse me if I repeat some things I said on Friday.

I’ll deal with them first.

From last year’s regular starting eleven,we had one-DT-on the pitch yesterday. That is one helluva turnover to deal with,and a lot of new faces to bed in to the side. There’s a lot to be said for continuity,organic growth,in football-and that much is clear just from watching Celtic struggling to adapt.

Additionally,due to injuries or poor form,we are struggling right through the spine of the side. Starfelt sadly shows signs of being this year’s Shane Duffy,and with CCV leaves gaps in the box while defending crosses-as evidenced yesterday. Where is our NL type player in the midfield? Soro is the Sixth Sorrowful Mystery,unable to tackle without fouling,caught too often in possession,can’t pass it five yards and his positioning is poor. McCarthy seems to have forgotten the sheer pace of the game up here,but that’s maybe because he didn’t play his current role while at Hamilton. He needs to wisen up,sharpen up and shape up PDQ.

Ajeti might even take the Sorrowful Mysteries to seven,neither a penalty box player nor a deep lying forward. Last season he seemed to be at his best in the six yard box-but lately he is too late getting there,or like yesterday,shockingly inept.

Yet yesterday still showed us attacking with real menace,hitting the bar three times,some really sharp play on the front foot. At times!

Our problems were that we were hit far too easily on the break,as has been so for some time. Once a team gets the ball over the halfway line we always look likely to be in trouble. Too many strangers in key areas where we need players who instinctively know where their colleagues will be,which allows them the freedom to tackle,intercept,shadow. At the moment,all they have is the fear of losing a tackle and leaving a free run on goal.

So what’s the answer?

There isn’t one. AP has taken his seat at the table and picked up a shocker of a hand. But we knew that would be the case,because we all knew about the clearout and rebuild. Fergie or Jock would struggle under the current circumstances,and neither of them ever had to deal with a dressing room full of mutual strangers. I’ll grant you that some of AP’s substitutions can baffle,but then how often did we complain about NL doing like-for-like substitutions when the system clearly wasn’t working anyway? Plus,he can hardly magic a Kenny Dalglish or a Henrik from the bench that he has!

Many of us said,as we headed into the summer,that any new manager would need a second season before we were likely to be challenging for the title,such were the extent of the problems that he inherited. Yet,in the midst of a horrendous run of injuries to a completely revamped squad,we have decided that we will get nowhere with him? Two months into the two years?

So for me,I’m all-in on AP. We have to give the fella the time and the freedom to do his job. Let others apply the pressure-and there are enough people outside the tent pissing in as it is. We know where the blame lies for much of our problems,but there is no point on dwelling on that. That,really,is football politics. AP has to worry about football full stop. Even if he can’t afford to take his eye off the backstabbers.

He shouldn’t have to concern himself about the fans stabbing him in the front too.

Saltires en Sevilla


Agree with Ange … this is gonna take time .. gonna take acres of time …to do it right!


That’s that then?

7 games in and you concede the league?

Jesus wept you say.

Will be back in May.


Liam Brady, Lou Macari, John Barnes, Tony Mowbray, Ronny Deila, Ange Postecoglu, do it by my philosophy or get run out of town and the wee diddy league full time pro’s, Not one manager in the list of philosophers, who were all going to trounce teams, but only do it their way.

A C.E.O, man already down AP might have been better to quit whilst he wasn’t ahead, his partner, in time will tell, and those personal reasons look even more fake after each poor performance than they were when announced. Incoming, rugby shifter and shaker, went egg shaped before Hoopy had finished his new routine.

AP did nothing before during or after a game, (any game) that would make you think Celtic hadn’t picked more low hanging fruit. Who’d have thunk the season might be over before Kyogo had recovered from his season stopping injury. Last season’s scowl and spit from the bench, has made way for staring, tacticless vacancy.

Spoiling football is easier than playing it hitting the ball out of the park is easier than keeping it in to put between the wee white sticks. Cattenachio to Camlachie football’s the same, Jock Stein sussed it ( for a while ) but when his player well ran dry, it was back down to the men who could kick the ball best in whatever direction, they faced.

AP looked strained in pre season Wales, and his latest interviews do him no favours at all, he’s floundering already and almost struck dumb compared to the Aussie boss that bullied ‘the press’ that dared question his philosophy. Brendan Rodgers IMO got out of Dodge, not because he didn’t like the board, but because he knew he’d had his fun, stopping his famous high pressing Celtic, and his crumbling cast was his Leicester time. MON before, coming in the opposite direction bought ‘big men’, for big team,and also fairly quickly saw his tea coming right at him in the slow lane.

The Livingston debacle was huge, now the secretary is sharpening his Angeball pen with a manager who unless he does something about his failed philosophy will struggle to get near Tony Mowbray’s thirty, on yesterday’s showing. Dundee Utd and Livingston are not good sides.

The question Celtic supporters ask today is not ‘ whether the league is over ‘ the more pertinent will ask
‘ was it really ever on in the first place ‘

MOM Jota

Saltires en Sevilla


Wouldn’t be surprised at all that a guy that played in teams constantly playing in own Third of the pitch, including Hamilton and and generally at ROI -in a set holding role with plenty of support around him, settling play down nicely and slipping forward passes to a ‘player’ …would struggle at Celtic at the best of times.

Now feeling the strain ( and voicing same) of only seeing opponents right in his space and face – no time on the ball and an entirely different style of football to what he made his name/reputation playing.

The question is more about who thought it would be a good idea to buy a player like that for a club that likes to be on the front foot, almost continually playing at the edge of the opponent’s third of the pitch?

Starfelt looks like he is all over the ship too, and a reminder of Shane last term -looking suspiciously like another poor judgement call from someone at the club. Tho’ too be fair he is being asked to play in different positions and behind guys who are also all over the ship…

I’d still give these guys more time to settle into new club and system.

But really Willing to bet Ange had little or no part in any of these signings.

Begs the next question – who is making these decisions and when will they be stopped?!

Where Ange must show leadership now is in either changing the preferred style to suit the key players available, or only using the ones that fit the closest to his ‘ideal’ style. Until he can bring in the right lads…

January feels a hell of a long way off.



Re your last line,another worry is our scouting department-or lack thereof. So is AP supposed to do his own scouting as well as deal with the current firefighting?

The club really need to get their collective finger out,and supply the fella with the backing he needs. And that includes a fit for purpose scouting department,plus the freedom to choose his own backroom and coaching staff.



Giving up after seven games? Not sure that is entirely the meaning of MAHE’s article-though I can see your point!

I think he is just pissed off at what is on display at the moment,as are we all. MAHE though is being more negative about it than some others,myself included. He has identified many of the problems we currently have,as have many of us. His conclusions though are a little different from my own.

On the other hand,I can assure you that tomorrow’s article will be more positive-and will certainly put a smile on your face. And everyone else’s. After all,it made me smile,and that takes some doing.

Not trying to be a tease or anything,just rest assured that it isn’t written by me,so it is something to look forward to!!!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Left the park yesterday at the end of the game feeling anger again. Not a good feeling. Why this anger? My first thought is the self-evident lack of concentration every time we score a goal. When I played, many moons ago of course, losing a goal always resulted in an injection of Adrenalin, scoring a goal made you feel a bit euphoric and therefore susceptible to losing one quickly if you didn’t concentrate! I mean it’s not rocket science. It seems that unless we get a quick second goal we will gift an equaliser, invariably! That’s the first. The second is ‘we are not playing Ange-ball’, we are playing a covert slightly faster version of Lennon ‘sleep’. The passing is moribund, an increase in awareness of time running out is non existent and we seem to still think that ‘a goal will come’ but forget ‘so will the full-time whistle.
I still think AP will turn us round but that doesn’t mean he is beyond criticism. No blame can be attached to him in how he got here but some decisions baffle even his more ardent supporters! Why resurrect Bolingoli? Why bring back Ralston meaning a Juranovic switch? Why did he not keep young Montgomery there and keep Juranovic in his natural position? I’m aware young Monty was poorish yesterday, but he’s a boy and needs playing time and thereby confidence. He was worth a start after
last match. Surely a young reserve forward on the bench is better than Bitton? We know what Bitton brings to the party – Sweet F#@k All.
Come on Ange, there must be some young players better than Nir, or should that be Nil
Anyway a long way to go and I’ll keep hanging in there…..though not looking forward to Thursday 🙁

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, think mahe is just frustrated like many of us on here, I said to jim yesterday when he posted the teamsheet what has scales done wrong, he came on the other night and i thought yes we have a player here yet, ange drops him to the bench, to be honest I like ange and his football philosophy but some of his substitutions leave me bewildered, whats happened to the sheffield wednesday player thought they done ok in preseason games, they have disappeared off the radar.


All systems have vulnerability.
How you minimize this determines outcome.
So far the coach seems to have zero recognition of any vulnerability.
He is starting to sound like Lennon mark 2.
Our defense is far from perfect but the shambles ahead of them leaves them totally unprotected.
We have totally average SPL journeymen given so much space and time against us they are resembling Pirlo and Zidane.
Easy to talk systems but more difficult to implement though seeing no evidence there is any other than get ball ball wide and hit and hope to Ajeti who is always late to the event.
Until the distance from defense to lead forward is reduced we can expect more of the same.
Since Kyogo was switched out left at huns then subsequently injured there is no press whatsoever.
The ticky-tacky twins in Rogic and Turnbull’s pass percentage has dwindled to a trickle.
They both give ball away under no pressure due to lack of belief and zero off ball movement.
Yet our coach seems to have seen none of the above.
We so resemble last years crap i am starting to think Kennedy and Strachan are calling the shots.
Ange has to find his mojo fast or as some predicted he will be gone soon and the board’s real preference of the hopeless JK will be given the job despite all the evidence that he should be nowhere near Celtic park.
If season ticket sales hadn’t been our priority we would have had the Kennedy and both Strachan’s show already.



Re Monty yesterday,I agree he had his poorest game for us-by a long way! Yet he was his usual self till he got taken out late-no notice taken by Clancy though. After that,he was literally dumped on the floor a good few other times too.

He was kicked all over the place,until United moved their focus elsewhere-by which time he was done. As usual,no complaints to the ref by our other players,and so it will continue as it always has since probably MON left.



Stoapit,yer scaring me…

“If season ticket sales hadn’t been our priority we would have had the Kennedy and both Strachan’s show already.”


Monty was the player who made me think JK and Strachan were imposing their philosophy on the team.
The young guy would move forward ,pause then play pass backwards in contrast to the young attacking back we had seen when he first arrived.
It looked like he had been indoctrinated in Lennyball by his two acolytes.


Afternoon all,

Our bench yesterday was a joke.

I said at the game yesterday, Surely we must have a Centre Forward somewhere in the Academy that could have filled a space.

Nobody could come up with a name !!!!

There must be someone.

Anyone watch the Colts/Reserves ??????


Moffat who has been scoring regularly for B team was an unused sub yesterday.


Celtic are in the midst of a major rebuild. Ange is new. He has a different football philosophy. He needs time. We have had injuries to key players.

All of the above is true. However, many SPL managers face the same each season. Motherwell, Hibs, Aberdeen etc….all lose their best players every year. Some lose their manager.

Take DU as an example. Since October 2018, they have had three managers. Robbie Neilson for 1.5 seasons; Micky Mellon for one season and Tam Courts just appointed in June this year. This is the background of the team that beat Sevco and drew with us at Celtic park. Not exactly, a pillar of stability, is it?

Sixteen players left the club last season. Yes, that is correct, sixteen. Amongst them were the influential Laurence Shankland and Paul McMullan. In addition, twenty players arrived at the club. Yes, that is correct. The club needed a massive rebuild after the loss of sixteen players and they did it in one transfer window with the highest reported transfer fee being 350,000 euros.

In summary, DU faced the same situation that Celtic did but somehow they managed it better.

The conclusion is clear the Board and the manager are not fit for purpose. Yes, I can see it taking time to get competitive in Europe but not against most teams in the SPL.

Just like being stuck with an under performing striker like Ajeti, we are stuck with an under performing manager and Board. You cannot slag one and not the others.

Dom and Ange were high risks, uncharacteristically taken by a risk averse organisation. Quickly, it adjusted on the CEO position, the same will happen with the manager. The only question is when. Will it be too late as with Lennon or will it be in time for the new season. IMHO there is no conspiracy here, only massive intrinsic incompetence bred by an entrenched oligopoly.

That is as positive as I can be.



If the players had half of the Kings passion above we would be okay most weeks, but we are disjointed, not having the players to implement Ange’s style of play.

For me it’s crystal clear we won’t be Champions.
Anyone who believes we will be needs to take off the green and white tinted specs.

The duds on good wages shall stick around like Bolingoli. The defense can’t improve with no true defensive coaches, and without Kyogo we are toothless up front.
The middle of the park doesn’t have the players needed. Four defensive midfielders on the books, the two given a chance aren’t good enough, while Henderson and Bitton have been filed under Undesirable. DT and TR are hit and miss, games can pass them by.

We could do this forever,,,
PLC buy crap, appoint second rate, fans get antsy, they consent the manager then fall back upon JK and Strachs until the summer.
Appoint second rate manager, rinse and repeat.

As much as I like the idea of finding a role for big John I now believe it’s best for the club of he departed.
He won’t sell season tickets if given the role and he doesn’t improve the defense through coaching.

But the old men like him as a fallback so would be very loathe to lose him,,the decision must be made by John himself I’m afraid.
And asking a family man to put himself out of work is asking a lot.
Therefore he’s likely to stick around long term, we shouldn’t blame him for that.
But it’s bad news.

CCB walked out angry.
Mags couldnt give a f@#k anymore and wanted us to lose, which we would have deserved imo.
Oglach and The Gombeen Man thought the fans were more principled than willingly becoming the green half of the OF strategically gifting titles to financially assist others.

Something’s gotta give here.
We watch the club slip into mediocrity, or we fight to save Glasgow Celtics soul and secure a brighter future.
We all have a role to play here, please find yours.


You may not agree but please stick around. You’re more than welcome to put forth your own side of the argument.
I’m just calling it how I see it, no more no less.
Spin free and Ad free.

Hail Hail


I reckon our most impressive defensive display came away in Europe with Murray and Welsh as the rearguard. Looking more impressive by the day.


Jim does your local petrol station still have gasoline?


Haven’t a clue Mahe, I filled my tank up about 2 weeks ago thank God. That will last for weeks. The panic buying will have calmed down by the time I need a re-fill.


Years ago I used to clock up about 30k miles per annum. When I checked my MOT certificate in June I noticed I had clocked up just over a thousand miles!


At least you’re still mobile. What a mess, bloody foreigners ate never around when you actually need them 😉

Hi Ho time then a great NFL game tonight in the local.
Play good y’all


Packy/ Bobby, how many miles did you used to do when you were driving F/T?



I could regularly clock up 70,000 a year in my last job. And when I was doing UK-wide on the lorries in the early 90s,it was over 100,000 a year.

Back then,I used to only fuel up at Esso if possible,for their Tiger Tokens. Bloody handy wee perk,that one,at around 18mpg!


Bobby, LOL Tiger Tokens! Quite right, well done!

big packy

JIM same as bobby one week southampton and portsmouth, next week hamilton glasgow greenock dundee and peterhead ,remember the bervie chippy on the A9, haddock as big as a whale and a ton of chips, mouthwatering, in fact if my old boss stuart asked me to do a run up to inverbervie id do it free gratis, just to get to the chippy.another true story.👍😎

Good post.
Bhoys agree about McCarthy not suited for Ange football and he knows it.
Do you think we have scouts in Russia? could be buying from agents by watching tapes of players.
Don’t know why we don’t scout lower leagues in England.MOTM the Dundee Utd midfielder who should have been red carded.
It’s going to be a rough ride till January strap yourself in or go and play euchre..

big packy

anybody else think the player on the right of the photo, looks a bit like johnny hayes.?????



About 100k pa was nearing the maximum possible,given speed restrictions and tacho regs. Basterts once hired a replacement lorry for me,while mine was in for a service,which had a regulator set at 56mph-on a day that I was going to Bristol via the A420 from Chippenham. Only a 7.5t btw.

There is one steep straight on that route,and I wanted to see how fast I could get up to,traffic permitting. So I put it in neutral and damn near hit 90!

Problem is-I couldn’t re-engage the engine to help slow me down,as all hell would have broken loose…

Lesson learned and fortunately no harm done. Daft boayishness,well known for it. Had a bit of trouble explaining to my boss why there was a small gap on the tacho,where it had gone off the scale.



I had to google euchre!

And yer right,sure sounds preferable to watching Celtic at the moment.


Packie, never heard of Inverbervie! So I looked it up to see where it is. Found this little snippet:

“Inverbervie has The Bervie Chipper which in 1998 was awarded the title Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 1997.[7]”

big packy

BOBBY, know where you are coming from👍😎



Glad I didn’t try it on Two Mile Hill,a bit further on. I’d have taken off!

big packy

JIM yes think it was called the famous bervie chipper,, anyway would recommend it,👍



I think Owen Moffat is a midfielder who has scored a few for the Colts.

I was thinking Centre forward and can’t think of anyone Ange could bring in.

Sorry state of affairs !!!!!

big packy

BOBBY remember that horrible bend going onto the,M5 by birdlip, you had to have your wits about you or you would have been in trouble👍


A real sore read, but you make many valid points.

I don’t think that we will see the best out of Ange, until he is allowed to appoint his own support staff. Laurel and Hardy have to go, along with any Strachan presence at Celtic park. They bring nothing to the party.

If the above happens, perhaps we could borrow Fran Alonso from the Ladies’ team, say for two days a week. This is a man who obviously knows his football.

I too am frustrated that Ange continues to play players out of position, in order to accommodate others. I thought we had seen the last of that crap, when Lennon left. How is the defence meant to settle, when there is constant-and unnecessary-chopping and changing of personnel?

While I don’t agree with some supporters who want Ange gone already, I totally get the anger. If we get our act together, this league is there for the taking. A settled defence would help immensely.

As regards Thursdays game. I hope that the self-absorbed dolts, who think it is perfectly acceptable to take smoke bombs and flares into games, can behave for once. If the GB cannot self-police the idiots in their midst, then the board must take action. Silly me, what am I thinking about? The PLC have more important matters to consider…namely, helping their Ibrox mates, and screwing the support for every penny. Nice work, if you can get it. Have I previously mentioned, that I think these eejits are a shower of total bastards?

Hail Hail.

I’m sick of people slating Ange he’s walked into a shitshow of the board’s making but people are blaming him because the team’s not playing well. The injuries we’ve got to an already paper thin squad is unprecedented. The guy’s just in the door and we’re expecting miracles. I know we should beat Livingston and Dundee United on paper but football’s not played on paper and we’ve got no God given right to win any game.

We were unlucky yesterday and not good enough on the day against Livingston. That doesn’t mean Ange needs to be sacked, he’s trying to implement his style of play without having a settled side. If the side aren’t winning when we’ve got our injured player’s back then that’s a different story but even then he needs at least another window to get more and better players in in key positions.

I thought Ange was going to be our Pedro appointment up until I listened to the man and watched his side play, now ultimately he might prove to be a bad appointment but I think he deserves a bit of time. Some of our support are over the top asking for plan b or c but he can only work with what he’s got. I seen a few saying stick CCV up front for the last 15 or 20 minutes but what if we lost a goal? They’d be crucifying him for moving him so he’s on a hiding to nothing.

Our club has been mismanaged for 20 years we had 9 years of success in spite of having this board not because we had them. There’s no point having a great turnover and money in the bank if the product on the park is dreadful. It’s the same every year with the Champions League we try to get there on the cheap instead of speculating to accumulate. This board have cost us £200 million in CL revenue, add to that the Resolution 11/12 situation and the signing of the 5 way agreement, plus insisting we need the old firm tag to secure our future revenue shows the mediocrity and abrogation of duty to us the fans and investors. So we should cut Ange a bit of slack and go after the real problem, a board who are only interested on the bottom line.

That’s that then!


Great post.

Hail Hail.

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