That’s that then,,

Yesterday the penny fully dropped for most of us. Glasgow Celtic can no longer be counted upon to beat run of the mill domestic opposition,, our league position allied with being unable to overcome the Jambo’s, Livvy, and then the Tangerines clearly tells us something, something very important.
We are a poor side, and we won’t be Champions this year.
A couple months ago, I did have opTIMism, but the loss of three players has derailed our season despite it only getting underway.
Kyogo and Captain Calmacs’ spell on the sidelines alongside Ryan’s departure has left us looking like a shell of a quality side.
Those three players are suited to Angeball, brought energy and purpose to the team, and now we’ve sunk like a brick without them.
We have an average squad, just about.
Many aren’t of the required quality, haven’t got the attributes the team is crying out for, and will prove hard to shift hindering the still much needed rebuilding efforts.
A rebuild that looks set to become long term, dragging on into next season, and it wouldn’t be surprising should it take longer.
The main question now is who should lead that rebuild?
Faith in our Greek Australian has plummeted, rightfully so in my humble opinion. Those selected aren’t performing well, yet many are continually picked.
Half time team talks aren’t having a visible effect, and his substitutions raise more questions than answers.
It’s clear there are mitigating circumstances to an extent, but Ange hasn’t helped his cause at all lately.
If there is a Plan B, it’s invisible so far.
If some aren’t cutting it, bin them.
If it hasn’t gone well, clearly state that to show we are all on the same page, as a Lenny style ‘thought we played well enough to win the game’ shall only see detractors up in arms.
If we don’t beat this poor Aberdeen side, Ange shall have more wishing him to split the scenes than wishing him to hang around.
And we aren’t even in October, but don’t worry the club is in good hands!
Jesus wept.
Truth is we are all in for a period of pain.
This rebuild, forced by necessity upon us by an out of control ego and profit driven board buying too many duds, shall test us like never before.
For starters it could and should have been avoided,,
scouts with a proven eye for talent anybody?
A DoF who has a firm idea of the prerequisite skill and qualities needed to join a club of our size?
A transfer committee, with some football experience represented?
Or maybe just an owner who gives a,,?
Negligence pure and simple. Only a few days ago they announced the aim was to improve the club year on year, well tickle me pink but for the last twenty years ie Dermots reign we have went backwards as a club,,hence today’s lesson we need another full team signed.
And any signing this club post Dom makes shall be profit orientated facilitated by Mr Team Player acting CEO or the next front man.
Therefore expect duds to be signed, history tells us that’s what they mostly buy. Liel has probably earned Dudu some grace, it’s not hard to foretell an Israel based player arriving in January,,more miss than hit for our club of choice, and the cycle will continue.
The fact the current Champions have regressed imo, and are not a good team at all shall certainly sting. But allied with the refs and,,,taking the green and white tinted specs off there’s little chance of emerging victors this campaign.
Secrets out, crock Kyogo we are done, we’ve zero depth and are there for the taking. One Ajeti injury away from an unprecedented injury crisis, would anyone else rest him for Europe?
I’ve actually never known us to be so limited in options, I note Uroghigde and Shaw didnt make the bench, and neither did GMac. The one striker there wasn’t used, you tell me why?
An overall view of the squad shows more (going by Ange’s judgement so far) undesirables than keepers, talk about squandering! We can’t lay that upon Ange, nor upon Dom, but we should place the blame squarely at the feet of the folk who just promised better year on year (I notice Peters hiding, he f@#king should).
Putting Ange to one side, ask yourself this please,,,is there enough quality there for a new manager to mold a title winning team?
I very much doubt it once the inevitable injuries kick in, not to mention our star striker jets across the world every two months for Internationals which takes it out of him for a wee while.
Is there confidence this PLC have the collective nous to buy title winning players?
I very much doubt it. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, last guy who tried got consented, what does that tell you?
It’s a period of rebuilding and a period of pain we are collectively staring at here.
We as a club and as fans are, as the King famously sang,
Caught in a trap,
Can’t walk out,
Because I love you too much baby!
If anything, we love our club too much. I still know folk who won’t countenance Celtic turning a blind eye to malarkey, despite everything that’s come out plus the Res12 website itself. That club is pure and squeaky clean in their mind and anyone who speaks otherwise is soon ostracized, or at least not taken seriously.
There’s serious levels of devotion out there and many who will ignore the facts to maintain their perception.

But as the King sang,,,
We can’t go on together,
With suspicious minds.
The world famous Glasgow Celtic is slowly and unhappily reverting back to a family dynasty, where profit takes precedence.
When that family got involved, either European Cup was the realistic dream, now second place in the league is the hope,,,and they just told us they aim to make the club better year on year?
There actually wasn’t that much better to go back then, now it’s how bad are we?
Which type of improvement are they looking for year on year?
It’s certainly not progress on the field of play, which only leaves one other option, progress in getting more of your hard earned.
What’s the betting the buzzword ‘rebuilding’ is still being used in two years?
There’s the next shield, so very ironic as they created it themselves, yet use it to defend themselves!
Who’s financing that rebuild? Anyone but them.
I’ve nothing personal at all against the Macroom man, but I just don’t think he has managed the club well and his ultimate goals don’t align with the fans.
His shares will stay in the family and the son already had business calls regarding the club, and has attended AGMs in the family name. He’s in, he’s next.
I think I speak for the majority when I say we want change, but it’s not on the horizon. As mentioned, on the horizon lies pain for the average Tim. The number 56 shall become mega important for the first time in recorded history.
We don’t want a family dynasty, not this family for footballing purposes. The ‘backup’ of Dermots billions mean precious little to the rank and file most midweek and weekends these days.
Mismanagement unto mediocrity once brought the Tims together, remember the Rebels actually won!
Is that spirit still there? Or has the internet killed it as I’ve read suggested?
I guess we are all about to find out.

By Mahe.

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@Magua comments sometimes get lost in transit..
Your a Fellow tim ye any good at music links lol ???


Evening all…a strong article Mahe but probably a bit too negative for this glass half-full guy! There is a mountain of reasons for our current form not least the massive overhaul of the squad and the lack of established playing partnerships across the team. Three or four weeks ago we were lauding Ange and this new, exciting brand of fitba. Now we’re calling for his head despite the evidence that he’s been unable to play the same team twice. I get the negativity but for all that I can’t bring myself to think it’s right at this stage to think about replacing him…although as has been suggested aready is he just the Lou Macari or Liam Brady for the 21st Century? Let’s hope not but feck me it’s gonna be a long season if we’re subjected to many more performances like we’ve seen the last couple of weeks. Oh aye…and we did hit the bar THREE times yesterday, Fuchs should’ve seen red for the challenge on McCarthy and Siegrist should’ve seen red for the challenge on Abade!


Evening Jayhawk…what was your boy’s song called again?


Bit of a luddite mate, if truth be told. Would have to be physically shown how to post a link, rather than following written instructions…if that makes sense?

Hail Hail.


McCaff seems hard to find on you tube??
anyway my son hit me wae a song one summer day up the pier..
Dad just play something….THE PROJECTORZ his own song btw


Jayhawk…recorded in Greenock?


Is it this….


Belated update on Superbru Predictor (delayed by a bout of PMTD_ Post Match Traumatic Depression).

A couple of surprise results saw this as a good week for Mick The Tim, our best performer, with good showings by Magnificentseven, Kelvinbhoy, Hopeful Hoops and St Tams.

Majestic Hartson drew a complete blank on all 6 matches but Friesdorfer and Angel Gabriel fared little better.

Overall, Hopeful Hoops has a big lead of 7 points with Big Archie and 18 yard man as the nearest chasers, but just like the SPFL, the league is still at an early stage and nothing is settled.

Next set of predictions are needed by Saturday 2nd October at 3 pm.


Coulda and shoulda remind me of a certain Wharburton. Pardew also.
There’s none of that talk from a good manager.
One unacceptable performance (Livvy for example) he would have rocketed them all week until they were bursting to just get on the field and play their hearts out delivering the victory.

Yes there is extenuating circumstances however the lack of plan B hugely alarms.

Pinning our hopes on injured returning isn’t a strategy, what if they crock again?

He said he wont compromise before, what if the players can’t handle full on Ange ball and are shattered? Must be hard training, then he asks for even harder out there.
Most of our bhoys couldn’t pull that off,,so where’s the give?
Either we flop or he adjusts?
Terrible situation for as mentioned no way this PLC deliver the quality of player he needs.
As Garry pointed out before that’s Bielsa type stuff, the high press and quick counters, high tempo football.
Is that even viable in Scotland where hackers. Refs, hanmerthrowers, and journeymen wasnt to leave their mark on a Tim for the pints and grandchildren tale?
I think the next month makes or breaks him.
I sincerely hope he shuts me up so to speak.

Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla


The Projectorz

I’m all over that stuff… superb!

There should be a plan b………..reason we don’t have one is because our recruitment has been brutal.
If we sack Ange who ever came in would have the same problems as we have too many injuries we have to stand by him or JK would be the man again God forbid.
Next five games are huge and i don’t mean Thursday as one.


When we’re at the stage of playing 3 games in 8 days-sunday, Thursday, Saturday-perhaps light training, to keep us ticking over, is the answer.

Are we asking too much of the players?

Hail Hail


No excuses from me Mahe, we’re watching the same shit, unfortunately! I’m merely pointing out it’s very early days, it’s too early to make rash decisions particularly if John Kennedy is the go to back up option! Not for me, not ever, he’s had more chances than he deserves imo. The injuries have decimated Ange’s ability to build on the early performances which suggested we might be onto something decent with him. It’s obvious McCarthy can’t play AngeBall but his options are Soro who has got zero game intelligence – but a lovely smile when he’s no fighting with the ref about his latest barge – or Bitton who I used to like but now cannot for the life of me see what he brings to our team! As Bobby pointed out earlier ONE first team regular from last season started yesterday. That’s a massive blow to any team. We need consistency of selection and a structure to how we play otherwise we end up exactly where we left off last season. The structure is there to be built on and Ange, although route 1 might have to be adopted to press or stretch a game, has to understand his principles may have to be parked on occasion.. But the facts remain that we have an unprecedented turnover of players for this season and we also have a long injury list. And the ‘should’ves’ I refer to – Fuchs and Siegrist – have injured another two players in Abade and McCarthy.


SES…agreed, good tune! Well played Jayhawk’s boy!!


oh mcaff my bhoy sprung that on me you found that
my heart breaks…..Thank You”
Dad.. play some lead he says and i say whit key son



You are a f…..g diamond,mate.

JAYHAWK has been looking for that for years,and I couldn’t find it either.

You may not believe this,but I was speaking to him on the phone when he saw it.

No words are enough,just thank you.


It was easy peasy! Go to YouTube and search THE PROJECTORZ. It’s the only entry for them! My pleasure anyhoo…as SES says I’m all over it, played it a few times now and I’m now listening to this…


HaHaHa…my pleasure Bobby!


@Mc Caff go to to henrik larsson goodbye song .and see my bhoy with his bhoy


OOOPS! Didnae mean that, here’s what I was trying to post…


@ M.cCaff you seem to know your music fellow tim..have you see j cash interpretation of 9inch nails hurt??