ESTADIO:Hitting The Bar,And No Wonder

Right; enough of this negative analytical nonsense. Time for some real optimism, confidence and encouragement. 

Let’s start with the reality as I saw it (seven days aff the drink and most of the nightmares banished forever…well at least until next week anyway. ) 

That was without a shadow of doubt a performance that on Sunday could so easily have won a world title! Admittedly we would have had to be taking part in the “World Championship Crossbar Challenge”. 

I so felt that this was the culmination of my visions as for days longer than a dry week I have been screaming from my seat in pub, at home or in the stadium…. “Shoot!!!…Jist effin Shoot!”; and I witnessed with an occasionally beating heart the call finally penetrating our players’ hearing as they seemed at one with me and my pleas. 

Result? Well so much for my managerial aspirations.  

Deflation, disappointment, shattered illusions and vitriol are the sad volte-face of ego, expectation, ambition and declarations of undying love.  

But those false sides to the coins of life are not for me ….oh no! I am strong enough to shrug and shed the negatives and see through the undergrowth to the bright light of promise. 

But lest you think I am totally impervious to the feelings of my fellow fans and supporters, I have one minor complaint to make that may just chime a little with some. 

Let me just say that here I sit incredulous at the utter incompetence of the universe to match the ambitions of my thinking, the brilliance of my tactical genius and most of all, the wearing of my lucky underpants (well Slabbery Wummin’s actually) and instead substitute through some quirk and quark of quantum’s chaos theory, the magnificence of my green and white clad warriors with the hen toed, splay fitted, knock kneed infiltration of a feckin Homer Simpson-like bunch of comic actors.  

Aye! Nearly £20 I had coming back for a 3-1 win!  


But as I said a minor complaint. 

Anyway, let me repeat ‘Enough of this negative analytical nonsense’!  

So, what do I do now?  

Should I revert to “Pass it! Square it! Gie it back tae the keeper…jist don’t bleedin shoot”? 

Well all things considered, I think I’m gonnae stick with “Shoot!!! Jist effin shoot”; and not just for those outdated and seemingly discarded notions of Celtic’s ethos of attack, scoring just wan more than the opposition, me winning a bet and even in parallel supporting Peter Lawwell’s cunning plan to spill our just bought, bovrils/coffees/curry sauce all over our similarly just ‘bought for the weans’ new Celtic strip, scarf, flag, banner or programme, thus giving us the moral dilemma of having to either immediately replace the sustenance and weans taps (and add a few more wonga to the PLC coffers) or face the tantrums of said weans AND the subsequent dry cleaning cost….and let’s be honest here, Celtic merchandise does not fare well in the dry cleaning stakes, seemingly designed as it is to moult names, badges, numbers as soon as they smell the possibility of being cleaned. 

This to my way of analytical thinking is probably the reason that DM was shifted. His idea of making the merchandise more fan and washing machine proof thus reversing the wily schemes of PL and his crew was considered reckless and costly. 

(As an aside I hear from down Ibrox way that the new sort of pale lilac-ish shirts is, rather than a marketing man’s whizz idea, actually the result of washing last season’s garb(age) at the wrong temperature.  This disappointing outcome, – i.e. these colours DO run- has been compounded by a related shrinkage in the girth of the strips, thus giving the appearance that their players actually do have even bigger arses than they would- and are- (ab)normally.) 

Anyway, back to ‘hitting the bar’ – which for a fair percentage (99.33 recurring) of the match an equivalent percentage of the crowd would have been more than happy to do. (There was also the occasional sordid accusation that it looked as though some of the players had also been engaged in such recreation up till the early hours…as if!) 

No; though all the previous reasons that may seem logical, comprehensible and sufficiently Lawwellesque to merit consideration, I can tell you that the cry “Shoot!!! Jist effin shoot” is nothing less than a lifesaver along the lines of Astra Zenica or Pfizer (while not being quite as imaginative or feckin dangerous as the Trumpian suggestion of ingesting bleach…although that would be a very good tooth whitener that would gain amazing compliments as the mourners circled your open coffin!)  

Yes! A lifesaver indeed! 

I am a witness to the fact that every time we played wally wae the bar, the recovery from apparent torpor and catatonic seizure of all those around me rivalled the raising of Lazarus…and for the big guy in front of me wae the three super meal deals, the raising of the Titanic – thus saving the St Andrews Ambulance a ham-string tearing sprint with a defibrillator to resuscitate us from a comatose twilight existence of ‘who actually gives a feck anymore?”. 

And then, out of our seats, on our feet, heart pumping blood like an oil gusher, arms half raised, our eyes following the trajectory of the ball towards the postage stamps….….. and then the ball bounces aff the woodwork …again and again and a-feckin-gain….and we slump back to our seats …onto our pie and chips or pizza, and then trudge back down the vomitory like we’ve shat our pants and get replacement bovrils, coffees, curry sauces, whatever we sat in, along wae soddin scarves, feckin flags, bleedin banners and toddler’s taps…and the tills register another tenner, ring up another score score or more, and the directors’ box breaks into the Olympic sport of synchronised grinning, bright enough for them to order the dimming of the lights to save a few quid on the leccy bill or divert another couple of coppers to their dwindling bonus accounts. 


I tell you, it’s just as well that I’m on here to talk about the positives. I’ll leave all the suspicions, character barbs, and utter disenchantment with the gravitational collapse of the Celtic Supernova to others with a far better grasp on the machinations of the business, managerial and fitba geniuses who tread the hallowed tiles of paradise…..I hope they …..STOP!…ENOUGH!  

Aye, anyway…. the positives. 

Just as a wee diversion before I reveal the potentially brilliant future that lies ahead, I was disturbed after the game (Hey you …I’m not “Always disturbed” for your information!)….as I was saying… I was disturbed after the game to get a call frae a pal in Cuba.  

He informs me that The Americanos running Guantanimo are playing today’s game continuously to Celtic inclined freedom fighters under their watch, in an attempt to get them to confess to all manner of horrendous crimes. 

Fortunately the UN is looking at it and has deemed that treatment as contrary to human rights and on a parallel with waterboarding. 

Anyway…the positives. 

Just a sec….Damn …the Slabbery Wummin has just said she is going out and needs her knickers.  

Got to go but back later. 

To be continued! 
Above article from ESTADIO with Part Two on Thursday

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Great read, I don’t mind waking up to that.COYBIG


Sorry. I’ve tried twice: that’s unreadable.


Mihal, you might want to try the daily record. They may provide the stories you require.

Saltires en Sevilla

Estadio… magic!

Saltires en Sevilla


Again… magic too

Dareisay – Left Lane Cruiser meet The View and there is something else, completely fresh happening…


PS Henrick song also superb!



Each their own.
Not everything that is written on here is a “great read”.
Reading someone’s stream of consciousness doesn’t do it for me either.
It doesn’t mean that the DR is my chosen type of reading material because I do not enjoy another’s personal internal monologue.

A bit insulting, don’t you think?



I’m not a morning person but despite that your article gave me a good few giggles, thanks for that

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Thanks for that we read, Estadio. I for one DO hope that we continue to “shoot…just effin shoot!!” but perhaps just the 4 inches lower.


ooft M.. Thank you ..School run done with the wee one.. she’s proud of her Dad
i tell her every day how much he loved her…..Coming up for 5 years since he left us..
Thanks to McCaff also and for the nice comments from fellow tims ..That sunny day will never leave me..
Dad just play somethin …aye right son…Whit a Bhoy…….x

Prestonpans bhoys

“World Championship Crossbar Challenge”.

Was that not a wee gig the Huns tried on their fans, with a prize if you hit it, probably two bob😂😂😂😂


Morning all! Wow Jayhawk, I hadn’t realised how special the song was nor how important to you! I’m genuinely humbled to have helped!


Thanks CFC, I thought that a bit insulting too. I’ve read Ulysses for example, and I think it’s shite.


@McCaff …I showed his son. my Grandson K.. the article this morn..he was so proud
He has followed on his Dads footsteps ..connecting wae people…
His followers and views on social media are amazing for one so young…..A young scottish rapper.. got the palm of his hands wtf lol…You seem to know your stuff mate so thanks for kind words on my Bhoys song…..



PS if the bhoy aw naw still on here ..get Jammin mate ……..wae that lovely guitar…



Nothing wrong in having a contrary view, there’s plenty on here I disagree with or don’t like.
To disrespect others without having a clue about the individual because they don’t like/appreciate what you do, is pretty childish.

Each their own.


@Saltires Thank you ..The Wee Henrik song still raising money for the old Yorkhill..
Whit a legend he is ….Copies have went to Brazil Germany Spain Russia etc etc via my local CSC..


A well kent name gone. Passing on sad news.

Devastating news. Garry Duncan, aka Delany’s Dunky, has sadly passed away. RIP Garry.

Ar dheis láimh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.

I will post further details as I get them.

I have a very busy morning myself so will check back later to see what we can do as a group, if anything.


God look after you D.D so sad


Oh God, cant believe it. RIP Garry.

Angel Gabriel

God rest your soul Garry .

Devastating news .


Dear God RIP Garry

Saltires en Sevilla


devastating news .. there’s no words…

A thing of beauty

I knew that Garry has been unwell but am so shocked to hear that he has passed away. It’s only a matter of weeks that myself and family spent time having a drink before Walking to the game. He was singing at the top of his lungs about our Japanese Bhoy and so enthused about the season ahead under Postecoglu. It is a lesson that you never assume someone is doing well because that’s what appears from the outside.
We as friends have lost a genuine good guy, a free spirit who knew his fitba and music and the blog will be the worse for his loss but it’s his family we must feel
For most. To listen to him talk about his family is to know he loved them. I hope they find comfort in knowing he was loved and will be missed.
God speed Delaney’s Dunky. 💚🍀


R.I.P Garry Bhoy.
One of life’s good guys gone.
Thoughts and prayers with his loved ones at this time.


Really loved Garry’s posts. Smashing guy, I met twice at hoots. The first time he admitted to me he was on a bit of a downer but he perked up when his son came in. God love & help his family. We had a lot in common music wise. I’m going to miss Garry on here.


@L only last night myself and M were sayin Garry would be back soon givin it the big links….
Don’t know if he knows tried to get him this morn…


Numb with shock.
May Garry Rest in Peace.
Please anyone out there not vaccinated, don’t listen to the Conspiracy Theorists,

Get the jab & protect yourself.


I thought he was just taking time out. I’m sure he done that before.
I can’t believe it.


Enjoyed Garry’s posts very much.
Could relate to much as I hail from the same general area of the City.
My condolences to his family whom he spoke of lovingly.


I found a kindred spirit in music and Celtic with Garry and had formed a wee friendship with him on the blog and in exchanging texts, late at night always with him on the herbal and me on the grape or the grain! I’ve been trying to get hold of him recently and was told he had contracted Covid. Another good guy taken by this horrible disease and a fine Sentinel Celt has gone to meet his God who he trusted with his life
God Bless you Garry, you will be missed by many. My most sincere condolences to all of his family, all of whom he was so proud. I will keep you in my thoughts at this tragic time.
RIP Garry


Corkcelt I agree with you – get the jabs.


I met Garry a few months ago at a Sentinel Celts Hootenany in Clydebank.

It was good to meet a guy who was supportive here on this blog.

I can well understand from that meeting the outpouring of shock and grief at the passing of such a good guy.

His family will be devastated.

Condolences seem so inadequate. RiP. Garry.

Margaret McGill

I met Garry outside Estadio Nacional and have been in touch ever since.
Great guy
Very sad

Paddy’s maw

Rest in Peace Garry – one of the blogs stalwarts who will be missed on this blog by many but will have left a gaping hole in the hearts of his family. I met Garry a few times and also his son. To hear him talk about his children and grandchildren and see how his face lit up when he was doing it – he was so proud of all of them and loved to talk about them.
A prayer will be said for Garry and his family when next at mass

Prestonpans bhoys

RIP Garry, only met him once a fine fellow

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Absolutely devastated by the news of Garry’s passing. He and I go back a long way in Hoots terms; Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast more than once, Lisbon and two in recent moths in Clydebank and Glasgow.
His family will be distraught and my heart goes out to his family whom he adored.
I’ve met young Ryan a few good times also, and they were good, and he was always keeping a lookout after his Dad.
May the good Lord look after his soul and may Perpetual Light shine upon him.
Thankfully, we might be able to show our respects as Auldheid has said.
RIP Garry.

Fairhill bhoy

RIP Garry 🙏
Can’t believe this.


@Awe Naw can’t get your links to play …I’m sure they are a fitting tribute ..Keeps buffering any ideas???

Awe Naw


Download and then play. Sounds like you have bandwidth issues

bada bing1

Really shocked, RIP Garry


R. I. P Garry.


@Awe Naw..that worked…Jeez mate lovely picking…and so Poignant on this sad news day….


Tragic news about Garry 🙏 YNWA


Shocked to hear the news about Garry
R I P Garry 🙏


Very sad news.

RIP Garry 🙏🙏🙏


Sitting here numbed by this morning’s bombshell. Devastated to hear of the death of my great pal Garry. Such a force of nature,that man,one who could light up a room without using the switch on the wall.

Was it really only a month ago that he was the star turn at the hoot? Only a month ago that his son Ryan-an absolute diamond,just like his Dad?-turned up to complete the double act?

To meet Garry was to like him,it was impossible not to. I’d actually written a much better comment than this,but it flew off into the ethernet! To know him though,was to love him. That was just a given. As I said,numbed. My thoughts,all our thoughts and prayers,are with those he loved,and so obviously loved him back.

Tomorrow’s “article” won’t be,it will be a tribute to one of Life’s Finest. And even at that,it will only scratch the surface. If anyone has a wee anecdote that they think is appropriate,I will happily include it. Mail me please at


Saltires en Sevilla

Awe Naw


I’m sure he heard you.

Garry YNWA


M..I meant to say on the fone remove that vid lead article if not appropriate today…
What started as a lovely tribute to my bhoy…And i thank you for your kind gesture…
Mabye not quite right today???

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