GARRY -Gone But Never Forgotten


Most of us will by now be aware of the shock news of the death of our great friend GARRY,known to his family as Dad or Grampa. Our thoughts will obviously be with his family,his loved ones,at such a dreadful time.

Indeed,it is right and fitting.

Like many of us,I only “knew” Garry through CQN,from which this site evolved. And then I met him. In truth,I have met many good and great friends because of that site,and I make no bones about it. Few were just as much on my wavelength as Garry.

That didn’t make me unique-it was impossible to meet the fella and not feel that way. Have a serious conversation with him,he’d be right up for it-then after twenty seconds or so just go “fuxake,who’s round is it?”

Garry was a man who didn’t take life seriously,though that is wrong. He didn’t take his leisure time seriously,he made sure that the important things in his life were looked after. Trivial things,like his four kids,and his grandkids.

You know,the important things.

His love for music was just ridiculous,but it was far exceeded by his love for his family.

And for life.

There are many tales I could tell about my mate,many about his lad Ryan,in whose company he absolutely revelled. Including a wee day of sobriety in Dublin watching Karamoko for the first time. Then getting a few down our neck later on while Ryan was saying-I canny believe that on a dry Good Friday,I’m drinking during my first Ireland match with two guys from,of all places,Kilwinning!

And they’re called Pat and Mick!!!

But the tales if I’m honest are on the quiet side,because Garry wasn’t the type who invited strife. No real tales of heroism and valour here. Been there,done that. Certainly done that.

One of the first times we met up-after plenty of mails or CQN,etc,was on the Valentine’s Day trip to Belfast. I’d screwed up my passport application and had to drive up from Swindon to Cairnryan after a bloody shift! Got a call from our also missed MACANBHEATHA to invite the troops to a blinkin church hall to watch the match-when arrangements were in place to watch it in the town centre.

Sean was never a man for dealing a snider,my Dad was a bit wary,Garry said go for it. As did a good few others. St Matthews,church hall my arse,a bloody enormous place in a Catholic enclave and a pleasure every time we were in it.

But on more personal matters,I’ll never see a certain very strange CD again. But then,I’ll never see my pal again either. Garry is also responsible for me getting kicked out of Wetherspoon for the first time-and that was before noon on a Saturday!

My mate and I had travelled up to Cheltenham to meet him,met him in the pub with his nephew. Ordered up three pints and a J2O for young Chris. Unbelievably,the barman asked for ID-for the J20?!!!

I pointed out it was non-alcoholic,and that the rest of the pub was like a creche,kids everywhere. Chris showed his team photo and squad profile from Dundee United,no good.

Barred. From Wetherspoon. The shame.  

Next time I met him in Cheltenham,I asked if everyone with him had proof of ID!

Next time though we arranged to meet in the pub across from the train station. Magic,a couple of beers to catch up and hop on a bus into town for a sesh. Nope,Garry dragged me across to a taxi because his Auntie Eileen has got a family barbecue going,and MAMAW wants to meet you.

Honestly? I was effin furious,selfish b that I am. I only have one day off a week,I rarely get the chance to see my pal-yet I’ve got to go to a bliddy barbecue? Wi strangers? On a sodding Saturday!

What a day that was. Not only were Garry’s English family outstanding-or tolerant-but his Auntie Eileen and I hit it off right away. His WeemawMolly too. Wee Jimmy,about 14yo at the time,who brought his own Jimmy-Wig. As a natural redhead long ago,I just about got away with that. He is now 6’2” and a student in Oxford,winding up the toffs. Plan was that next time I went up to Oxford-oh,always wanted to say that,I’ve gone up to Oxford!-to meet my mates there,I’d get him to join us if he wanted.

That day taught me a lot. Not just about Garry either. His Mum and his Aunt Eileen are both gone,so is Garry. I might have been at the “do” for about seven hours overall,and I enjoyed so much the simple joy of being with Garry and his most important women for about three hours.

Am I rambling? No.I’m not rambling. If you were ever lucky enough to have met Garry,you will know that I’m not rambling. If you were ever lucky to meet his family,you would know where it came from.

If you know his kids,you will know that he has done a fine job.

I could go on and on,but I have two disapproving sisters plus potential lawyers,so I’ll shut up. I’ll leave it for others,though obviously many of you have made your tributes at the time.

Meanwhil,I’ll leave you with GARRY’s opening words to St Peter…

Two tickets to Paradise lyrics – Bing video

Keep a space for me on that little fluffy cloud,mate. I’ve no plans to join you anytime soon-nae offence-but knowing you,you’ll have a front row seat.



Above article barely scratches the surface on my thoughts about GARRY Those of us lucky enough to have met him will understand

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Wee song for Garry

You don’t say how you love him
But it shows in every word
When he played his favorite music
Was the best you’d ever heard
You tell me that he couldn’t watch
The violence cut by men
When all is quiet throughout the land
I hope you meet again
I hope you’ll meet again
His feelings were as deep for you
And maybe even more
Though he probably didn’t show it
You knew his heart was sure
And though he left without a single word
It was better in the end
There are no words to say goodbye
I hope you meet again
I hope you’ll meet again

I never even met him
But I knew we’d be a pair
We’d have sat down in any pub in town
And had a good time there
But there’s something there between us
Stands in both our way’s
When all these things are sorted out
I hope you’ll meet someday
(I hope you’ll meet someday
I hope you’ll meet someday)
You tell me of his interests
How he loved the sound of trains
Whenever you hear that whistle
It’s calling out his name
All the lonely years you suffered
Remembering back when
The days seemed so much longer
I hope you meet again
(I hope you’ll meet again)


Thanks Mick for this ! I’ve met your sisters as well:-) God Bless Garry, I hope you are causing chaos in the real Paradise with your stories of Angeball and magical music! Life is so precious.




Fine Words, Mick.

He was a big man to do justice to, but you did it .


BMCUW nice, and probably not an easy one to write, kudos.

Wee one for Garry, the words in this song seem apt remembering the happier times on the nightshifts,
“we talked all night and left it all unsaid”
I know he liked this and it was sang at Gerry’s funeral.

R.I.P Garry

The Real McCoy

Copied over


After receiving permission from Garry’s son Ryan, a picture tribute will be shown on the big screen on October 19th when we host Ferencvaros to remember the great Celtic man Delaney’s Dunky. It is from all his friends at CQN and Sentinel Celts. Keep an eye out for it and remember a warm, kind hearted man – who loved his football team.☘
Could someone please repost on the new article tomorrow. Thanks TAL.

The Real McCoy

Lovely, just lovely, Bobby 💚

I never had the pleasure of meeting Garry in person, however I regarded him as a good friend.
I take my nom-de-blog from The Silencers song and knew that Garry loved their music too.
Our blethers on here, especially on the nightshift, led him to ask me to accompany him, some time in the future, to Kelly’s Bar in Cleland, the hometown of Jimmy Delaney.
You can just imagine how elated he was to learn it had been renamed as DELANEY’S BAR in honour of his great-uncle 🍀
Awe Naw had me in tears ( well more tears) with his wonderfully apt Great Gig In The Sky, coz that is surely where Garry will be 💚

The Silencers – PartyTime In Heaven

Farewell My Celtic Soul Brother Garry Duncan
Requiscat In Pace 🙏🏻


It’s been a long day on the Blog. I woke up yesterday morning to the news that Garry had passed away and I was devastated that this horrible disease had claimed another victim. I’ve been in touch with Garry quite a bit since the start of the pandemic, mostly through the Nightshift on this blog and found him to be a warm, funny, sentimental, intelligent human being. His love of life, family, music and gigs, Celtic and fitba was always evident. He didn’t suffer fools and was quick to retaliate if his principles were questioned. I had a lot of time for Garry in the relatively short time I knew him. Puff was instrumental in me meeting Garry for the first time. Puff sent hoodies and beer for me, Garry, ASWGL and Afghan – I think at the end of the first lockdown – and I got the job of delivering the treats to the Bhoys. My first meeting with Garry was as if I’d known him for years and I instantly took to him. A gem of a guy as has been told over and over since the sad news broke. I’d contacted Bobby last night with pictures, no selfies, that Garry had sent me. All taken this year, each one depicted a man who seemed happy, a man who was young in spirit and healthy of mind and body! As I hit the sack tonight that is my memory… what a fucking cruel, cruel disease we are dealing with! A young, healthy man taken from us far too early. Garry became another statistic today but his memory and legend will live on in everyone who had the good fortune to make his acquaintance.
Garry texted me this song on the 19th August saying it was one of his favourite ever songs, I’ll keep his reasons private but I hope you all enjoy it in Garry’s memory.
God bless you Garry, taken much too soon!


Lovely tribute Bobby 👏


Lovely article Michael,thank you . HH



A wonderful tribute to Garry, thank you


Thanks Bobby!

That must have been a tough shift for you.

Rest in peace Garry, gone but never forgotten.

Take care!

big packy

another day and i still cant believe he is gone.BOBBY a lovely tribute to garry 👍


Still devastated with the news M.

Fairhill Bhoy

That can’t have been easy mate.
Some nice memories .


Thanks Michael a lovely tribute to a Celtic warrior.
Gone but never forgotten.
Still stunned at the news

Margaret McGill

Very apt tribute Bobby

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Michael for sharing your precious memories of Garry.

I had a wee smile when you told us a few months ago of your trip with Garry to check out the venues for the Hoot. Just to ensure their suitability post – Lockdown.

The only time I spent with Garry was during his trip to Dublin in 2016. He sat next to me at the Ireland v Switzerland game with Ryan. I can still remember the look on his face while standing to attention during the National Anthem and chatting to him during the game.
Garry and Ryan just seemed like great pals.

I’d known Garry through the blog for a few years and he didn’t disappoint. He was honest, with a great love of family, fun, music, Celtic, Ireland, Poland, Leeds, Villarreal, Dalmuir, Maryhill and of course social justice.

Only last year Garry and Ryan that made their way to George Square to protect Refugees from attack. Garry didn’t just talk the talk.

People like Garry are like comets that come into our lives and leave an indelible impression.

Garry was 100% authentic, timeless, unique. The type of Celtic man we all want to be.

Above all Garry had the gift of Faith.

In time, Ryan and the family will realise that Garry is closer now than he ever was. Until then the Celtic Family will walk with you all.


Thanks Mick👏👏👏

Saltires en Sevilla


A fine, fine tribute to your buddy.


Well said, Bobby. A lovely heartfelt tribute to one of the good guys.
We’re definitely going to miss Garry on here. His passing so young is a shocking reminder that none of us know what’s round the next corner and to live each day as if it’s our last.
RIP Delaney’s Dunkey. You were admired.

Saltires en Sevilla

Remember a few chats over 10 years with Garry about songs, one specific dialogue about fellow Scot’ guitarist John McGeoch … his innovation …and how we lost him too soon.

keeping a happy image of John on guitar, and Garry on bass … ripping it up in Paradise.


Morning all,


A fine emotional tribute to your great friend Garry 👏👏👏

That can’t have been easy writing that, but you did yourself and Garry justice.

RIP Garry 💚💚🙏🙏

Billy Bhoy

Like many, I’m sitting here in amazement that the passing of someone I have never met, or even know what he looks like, has had such an impact on me. This reminds me of the shock of hearing that wee Oscar had passed away. But then, we had all followed his journey and felt that we knew him intimately.

That was a lovely tribute Bobby. Well done!

Rest in peace Garry.


Just opened up Page 1 today to find out the shocking news about the passing of Delaney’s Dunky.

Through thie CQN site Garry and I found out that we were both seated in Section 102 North Stand Lower and he arranged for us to meet one match day. I was climbing up to my perch when I passed his row and spoke to a young man sporting a rather large and bushy beard who turned out to be Garry’s son. Saying he would tell him I had spoken to him, sure enough just before KO along comes this bundle of energy, all the way along our packed row for 30 seats to find me.

There ensued a very energetic and amicable discussion about all things Timmy, until the Huddle started and Garry headed off back to his seat, but only after pointing out Friesdorfer a number of rows above me.

After that we had numerous ‘quickies’ on the seated slopes of the North Stand Lower. Garry was ever a Tim, great company and well versed in all things Celtic.



Morning all
Thanks for the lovely tribute to Garry,
That must have brought all sorts of emotions out on you, when you were writing it, I certainly went through many, reading it.
My own tribute to Garry is he had a gift, that very few have, he had the gift of making everyone in his company feel at ease and happy.
As McCaff said, when you met Garry for the first time, you’re left feeling you had known him all your life and delighted that you had met him.
Garry had the wonderful knack of finding something that people had in common and then would chat, about that, immediately puting people at ease.
He will be sorely missed by all his loved ones, but also by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

St tams

Lovely tribute Bobby.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Garry, I really feel that I missed out.
We had a few conversations on CQN and here.
Discovered we both came from Knightswood and went to St Thomas Aquinas.

Celtic Champs Elect

Fantastic tribute Bobby to your great buddy Garry Duncan so very sad

RIP Garry your gone but will never be forgotten by your family and friends on SC & CQN

God bless you

Teuchter ár lá

Mick, Lovely tribute to a lovely guy.
The trip that I made in May 2017 will forever be in my heart because of the wonderful people that I met. Garry – RIP.
Real McCoy.👍


Such sad news. There’s nothing I can add thats not already been said amongst all the wonderful tributes to Garry.

The last I heard from Garry was on 22nd July when he was heading off to Blackpool the following day with his daughter and two of his grandkids.

Hard to believe just more than a couple of months later he’s no longer with us.

Sincere condolences to Garry’s family and his loved ones , which clearly runs to an awful lot of people.

He’s certainly left his mark.

Rest in peace Garry.

ASWGL – I’m well thank you for asking. Hoping you are too. HH


Garry took this picture of me when we had a day oot with Pete C and big Gordy, December 2018. Trying to find the pictures of us in the Stanley Arms.

Great tribute to your friend he must have been one hell of a mahn.
Loved by everyone that knew him.


Garry and Johnny, Stanley Arms, October 2018.!AlP6gz2ZqiL_jXFt5oHeAT-APReQ


Lovely lead – What a fine tribute to a dear friend.

One evening while moon howling on CQN Colin Hay came up on debate… Of course someone pointed out that as he was a “Hun” he couldn’t be any good.

Anyways I linked a newish version of my favourite track of his.

Despite any differences we may have had MacJay thanked me for it and Garry was moved by it…

It occurred to me that those ghuys got a much deeper meaning to the song than I did – Been there done that indeed…

It was very poignant, you never know the depths of people’s struggles and their trials and tribulations. Both now gone…

Yet the values and courage Garry had, shone through even to his social media chums.

They’ll be shinning more brightly now.

Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. He’s asleep now…

God Bless and Keep Garry – May he R. I. P.

Hail Hail


Morning all.

Can’t have been an easy write Mick, fair play for insisting and doing.
The passing has dominated my thoughts since I heard, I started to pen my Garry tale but couldnt yesterday, opting for the numbness of beer instead, but that’s my post work plan today, lay it out for posterity.

It’s soo Garry that he unified the blog, that’s typical him.

The fact there’s people the globe over gutted tells us of his calibre.

He would wish the show to go on though, a big game tomorrow that is now very overshadowed. Anyone that attends please video the tribute to our bhoy on the big screen.
The most important action of the day maybe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the crowd knew him and cheered, he was that type of guy.

Gone but never forgotten.
That’s Garry.

Rest in Peace brother

Andy Pandy 2

Whilst not been posting I’ve been lurking and just read back over the last 2 days….
I never met Garry and reading through all the tributes I feel that I have missed out on something special. There are people in life who by sheer force of personality but without realising it, leave an indelible mark on everyone. Garry sounds like he was one of them. My condolences to ALL his friends on here and elsewhere. I also hope that in the days to come his family can take comfort from how much he was loved by all those who came into contact with him. Don’t know what else to say…..

RIP Garry

Big Audio Dynamite

So sad to read of the news about Garry.
All my thoughts are with his kids.

Think it’s safe to say Garry was held in high regard. I really hope his kids can take a grain of comfort from the many lovely tributes to their dad, all over Celtic cyberspace.
At least heaven has acquired a great DJ …bet he’s already got the Clash on full blast! Listening to Joe, Mick, Paul & Topper will never be the same again.

YWNWA, Garry (One fat doobie rolled and ready, bro… One love) 💚

Mike in Toronto

Nice to see the affection for DD … from all types of fans … I think Garry knew the high regard in which I held him, but I cant help but think that sometimes I can take these things for granted, and I shouldn’t.

so, in keeping with that, I should say that, from the SC founders (Mahe and BMCUWP) to everyone who posts on here … you guys are a really nice group of people, and, even if I only know some of you virtually, my life is richer for having met all of you. so, thanks.


Garry will be bursting with pride and joy, over your lovely tribute to him.

Some real lovely memories of Garry, being aired today. Thank you.


Right back at you brother…even if we have never met.

Hail Hail.


I knew the news would hit you hard Mick.

Thanks for opening up your memory album.



When I think back a mere four months ago,there were a dozen or so of us in Clydebank,at GARRY’s suggestion. He was delighted to discover that three of you had been at that famous 1960 European Cup Final,even more so that you had all been at a certain 7-1 game three years earlier. Btw,so was I!

That was our man,all childish enthusiasm in great company. As I said,his leisure time was his to make the best of.

Incredible to think that two of our party that day are now gone. I’ll miss GARRY and MACJAY very much,we all will,and we all need people like that in our lives.

Angel Gabriel

A fine , heart felt tribute Mick , to a good Tim and all round good guy .
Tough gig , for you pal . Take care.

The last time I saw him was when he came down to Ayr for a couple of days. We met up for a few scoops in the Market, on a Monday night.
I’m never out on a Monday, but Garry was in town , so I wasn’t missing the chance.
He asked where the Catholic Church was , and was pleased he could walk by it on a route home.

My fondest memories are probably of him bouncing in and out of the BV , mixing with everyone before a game and sharing his weed with Oldtim outside and laughter with us inside.

God give strength to his family and closest friends at this time .

You’ve done him proud Mick . HH

I copied yesterday’s and today’s article with all the tributes to Garry to his son Ryan.

His response was:

Me and my siblings really enjoying reading the tributes , feel free to send links to any more you may come across


I Had a few beers last night reading everyone’s comments and tributes so I slept easier knowing he was well liked .

Well done on your fine piece, Mick, and to all here whose memories and kind words are providing much solace for Ryan and his family.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Been a long time thinking what I could say about Garry the Doobie Man.
After reading all the tributes I feel nothing has been left out
Suffice to say.. Garry, a gentleman, a scholar, aTim of the highest order but, most of all a family man.
Did my usual prayers at St Winins today but for the first time felt they were useless!
God is a bit of a big B sometimes and right now he has excelled himself
I trust he will look after Garry in the after life better .
My condolences once again to Ryan and his mother and siblings
RIP Garry

bada bing1

Lovely article M


Afternoon all and Mahe! The Celtic Park tribute to Garry is planned for the Ferencvaros game on the 19th October, I’ve not seen any notice of anything planned at Parkheid for tomorrow’s game.


Twisty and JNP… good to see you guys back on, I miss your early morning comments which always tended to kick-start the blog! I hope you’re both well and keeping safe!


Aye Mick I was thinking of that day too when I heard the news, in fact I had to check Delanys Dunky was the Garry I met.

A bit of a sharp reminder of our mortality and to appreciate the gift to others that it is.


Keeping well tyvm. Hope you and yours are likewise, in good health.

Was reading back the tributes to Garry. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I’m sure his family will take great comfort from the many many lovely words from so many.

Still coaching the kids? How they doing? My grandsons team (under 15)play some outfit from Airdrie in the SC this weekend and expect to be on the wrong end of a heavy defeat. Won’t make it myself as I’m in Kelso on Sunday but I’ll get the goal updates. I think I better have a full battery if the score forecasts being touted come to pass!

Hope your lads fare better!!

big packy

nice to see twisty,,mit,,the gombeen man, jnp and nana muskouri back on the blog, keep posting ghuys,, afghan if your lurking get back on here👍im sure garry would love to see you all posting again.👍 oglach apologies you as well👍


We hope to have a special message up shortly, for all who would like to, contribute towards a long lasting thanks for Garry’s presence and being part of our Celtic family

Just awaiting an agreement