Celtic PLC annual results for the year ended 30th June, 2031

Summary of the results –
Runners up in SPFL
Finalists in The Wetherspoons Cup
28 home games with 8 at max capacity
Entry to Europa League qualifiers, 4 rds.

Financial highlights –
Revenue decreased 7.3% to 49 million
Operating costs decreased by 11.2%
Gain on players sales of 12million up 29%
Acquisition of players 6.66million up 1%
Year end net cash 39million up 24%

Chairman’s statement –
Firstly the revenue. For the first time since I was invited to honour Glasgow Celtic by accepting a board seat, our revenue has slipped below the fifty million mark.
I was here on this very board when we announced we had broken the one hundred million mark, and what a party that was. To see income halved from that glorious point is a stain on the modern supporter.

I have met some, and their concerns were aired. And I told them exactly what I shall tell you,,
Our high powered team of lawyers assures me that not one single person who worked for the club has left then publicly bad mouthed either myself or the club.
I pride myself on that fact, which shows just how highly regarded we are within footballing circles.

The club can move forward, but it needs supporter funding to do so. And it’s clear the level of funding has dropped, which we on the board attribute to the modern Ceric supporter being much more uppity than previous generations.

Some must have never heard The Celtic Song which clearly states ‘We dont care if we win,lose,or draw’
The titanic tussle with Hearts for second place, from which we emerged victorious, a splendid victory itself, and also goes to show fan owned clubs will get nowhere.

We on the board are all confident that should enough funds be provided to dip into the transfer market we shall deliver the final pieces of the jigsaw.
Callum McGregor was a fantastic Captain, and now he’s proving to be an astute manager, he’ll surely deliver the big one sometime so don’t miss out!
What a league title party that shall be!

As for John Kennedy approaching his fourth decade with the club, we felt it only fitting to give him another testimonial with a special commemorative kit being released in tribute to our generation’s Mr Maley. He truly is a legend in the making, and what a testimonial it shall be when he does depart.

As for departure some still ask questions about my own, so I’ll take this opportunity to elaborate on my plans.
It was always my life long dream to work here until I was 88, such a special number, but then everyone around me convinced me I had so much more to offer not to mention a wealth of experience.

So I agreed a deal whereas I would give my formal notice two years to the day after the new chairman was hired, myself stepping aside to the clubs Champions League Committee. This was to ensure the new person was a good fit, with myself being the fall back option.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked to date and we on the board attribute this to the current global employee shortage.
As the old saying goes, good men are hard to find, and at a club like ours you need a particular range of skill sets to navigate each and every channel.
It’s been said I’m an excellent sailor.

Overall the club is healthy, there’s zero public reports otherwise. Every club has supporter grumblings, it’s part and parcel of being a global giant, and those who call themselves true Celtic supporters should heed the words of The Celtic Song.
We are all in this together, those who jump out now do not deserve to be there at the end.

Chairman Bankier

A message from the CEO –
My fellow Celtic fans, it’s clear to see from today’s announcements that we sincerely know what we are doing, the grumblings are simply part and parcel of life as a global giant.

It’s a growing trend to pay at the gate across the entire footballing spectrum and I urge you all to read the T&C’s found somewhere on our website regarding walk ups on the night.
The £2.50 biometric reader fee is clearly in there, section 9.1 paragraph 5.
Credit cards became too much of a risk through fraud and then cash itself was found to have given several employees an allergic reaction so fingerprints with instant cash transfer no refunds on the day is not only groundbreaking, but it helps support the team by funneling a percentage of that biometric revenue stream into the player kitty.
All true fans should want to ‘Get their Thumbs out for the Bhoys!’.
The process couldn’t be easier,
Download the ThumbsUpTims app,
Then have your doctor cosign your local councillors endorsement along with a current bank statement.
We then designate you a priority code to use, not based on your savings obviously.
Please do not harass the security staff, they are all just trying to do a job.

Globally the club has never been more recognizable. Our famous rivalry continues to grow, we are one step closer to 150 shared Old Firm league titles, and what a testimonial that shall be.
Although undergoing a period of rebuilding Manager McGregor had an outstanding finish to the season just popping Hearts to that precious second place spot savoured by soo many but attained by only one.
All of us upon the rollercoaster agree it was a special season indeed.

Speaking of special, what a night John Kennedys third testimonial shall be and we shall even be launching a special commemorative kit for the occasional.
Buying one recognizes what Big John has given for the club.
Just £59.99 on the night to appreciate our generation’s Mr Maley.

The Desmond family continue to be the bedrock of our great institution, rest assured the club is backed by a true billionaire.
We are all disappointed at slipping below 50 million in revenue, but believe our fans have it within their hearts to understand the unique circumstances the club finds itself in, and shall return in record numbers.
The ongoing rebuild has not been easy on anyone, but this is the new normal in the footballing world. With Covid and Brexit, our home grown only strategy is noble and we believe shall deliver success if Manager McGregor is given time, with Big John at his side. Our rivals have shunned the homegrown only strategy with some success, but the board believe this will come back to bite them some day, as studies show the dressing room is best controlled by natives and then you have the fact there’s zero public denigration of the club by ex employees,,
All signs point towards a well run club with a plan.
Callum McGregor WILL hoist that league trophy high one day, that’s my bold prediction and you are all welcome to hold me to it.


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We lost a much loved member of our group earlier this week. I would be suitably grateful if you read the following.


The CQN/Sentinelcelts community, and the many friends of Garry Duncan aka Delaneys Dunky, would like to commemorate Garry’s life and friendship as well pay respect to his recent untimely passing.

We have had many great suggestions from you on how we best commerate Garry’s life, including flowers, a memorial brick, donation to Mary’s meals and financial support for the family etc.

Garry’s family, like so many others in our world today, is not a rich family and find their wealth is through the happiness of the family, so to have the burden of not only laying Garry to rest, but also the cost that goes with it is horrific .

Having spoken with Garry’s son Ryan, we feel it appropriate to pass any monies raised direct to the family to let them decide the best way to use it.

Anyone who wants to support the family in leaving a long lasting commemoration in honour of Garry can do so through making a donation via bank transfer to –

o Account name: Walk With Shay
o Account number: 15326765
o Sort code: 80-22-60
o Bank: Bank of Scotland
Please note – tick business account

:You can also make a donation via paypal to walkwithshay@yahoo.com

Donations will close on Friday 8th October.

Thank you in advance for supporting Garry and his family at this very difficult time.


Huge Thanks to CRC for supporting, with the use of the Walk with Shay Legacy Fund/account, ensuring support can get there quickly

Saltires en Sevilla

Mr Michael Mahe Moorcock

A wee bit of Quark, Strangeness and Charm 😊



Outstanding but dystopian! Certain current board members would have a wet dream,reading it.


‘ThumbsUpTims app’ – that was funny!
The rest was pure, foreboding doom.
The writing is on the wall unless the fans are vigilante- which they have been but it needs to be coupled with action! Since the League title is the only important competition this season, as it will lead to automatic CL riches and deny those riches to any other club (which is arguably even more important) it is a real opportunity to boycott the other competitions: Scottish Cup, League Cup and even the Europa League. We need to hold the board to account. Even if you feel they are not currently doing anything wrong, their sins of the recent past are too numerous to list on this post. They will continue to take us for suckers, bleed us dry and happily lead us on a course either, alongside, or in the wake, of our neighbours.
We need to realise that we do fund the club and keep it afloat and therefore we can take control of it if there is unity within the support. Supporters organisations should act like unions. Their representatives should negotiate with the board and threaten ‘strike action’ if necessary. Not on everything as it wouldn’t be good for the know-nothings like me to be telling the businessmen how to run the business but on the big things like: the 5 Way Agreement, LNS enquiry, Resolution 12, Not Sacking Lennon etc. That way the board would find it far more difficult to use us to line their own pockets and we would have the club we really want. We may also be able to get rid of the club we think has been poisoning Scottish Football/Society for years.
‘Unity within the support’ would be very difficult, especially in a support this size and giving so much power to ‘fan representatives’ is dangerous too but with democratic processes and tight oversight it could work.
‘You may say-ay I’m a dreamer…’

Matt/ Estadio

Ach…things could be worse…imagine you didnae drink…




Bloody hell! I’m inclined to say that he must have a screw loose-but I think we know what he would have done with it.

Maestro Fan


Bookmarked that for 2031.


Around a dozen still to pick in Superbru, including ATOB, Chalmersbhoy, Cosy Corner Bhoy and Johnny the Tim amongst others. Deadline 3pm today

bada bing1

PITYMEVIN- thanks for reply last night, can you name another Club, when a new manager is appointed, 2 assistant managers, who he doesn’t know,make up his coaching team? Total nonsense HH

bada bing1

ASWGL- Yes mate,moniker is from the greatest TV show of all time HH



I’m practically word perfect on The Godfather,I and II. Love the genre it inspired,Goodfellas,Scarface etc.

Never seen an episode of The Sopranos. And yes,I know what I was missing. Just my overnight shift patterns.



AP needs to front up to the board and tell them he can do without those clowns. First move,get rid. A waste of space,a waste of money. Then he can figure out who to bring in to actually do the bloody job


Some of the West Brits are departing The Emerald Isle for the game against the Dandy Dons on Sunday 28th November. I have spoken to Canon Tom and he will make special mention of Garry at the 10 o’clock Mass that day, so if anyone from RCQN, CQN or Sentinel Celts wants to attend we can celebrate Garry’s life together as a group then we we can have a cuppa and some home baking and grub in the Ward Rooms (or maybe even at my gaff depending upon numbers) or even a wee cheeky breakfast at Coias.

Just a thought but all are welcome. It would be good if we could get numbers beforehand so we can plan what we are doing. Joe could even tickle the ivories if he was of a mind to!

If you want to join us, ping me an e-mail to fsheeran@sky.com please.


Outstanding…and a right good laugh to boot. Speaking of boots, perhaps one day, the club will run a competition, where the winner gets to boot Chairman Bankier right up the arse. Now that would be a winner, with thousands of entrants, I’ll wager…and even funnier than Father Ted, booting Bishop Brennan, up the arse.

Perhaps someone attending the AGM in December, could point out to our corrupt guardians, that the football dept. IS Celtic. The club should not exist to line the pockets of egoists and thieving feckers…and you know where you can shove your hotel proposal, Mr Bankier?


Wee question for you. Do you prefer The Godfather part 1 or part 2? For years I thought that part 2 was the better film ..never to be called a movie, God forbid. Having recently viewed part 1 again, I’m not so sure.

Hail Hail


Bada, I agree and I can’t name one team.

Mike in Toronto

Godfather 1 better than 2.. although both are in top 10 films

But Sopranos is much closer to reality …and is second best TV show ever, surpassed only by The Wire

Margaret McGill

The future ain’t what it used to be


Bobby can’t believe you’ve never watched the Sopranos. It’s essential viewing, do yourself a favour and check it out.
There’s a scene in a snowy woods that is genuinely laugh out loud stuff.

The above is where we are heading unless the support do something about it.

Hail Hail


Mike in Toronto
But Sopranos is much closer to reality …and is second best TV show ever, surpassed only by The Wire

I’ll second that 👍


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tjVzGYZLhvo The Wire Jimmy McNulty Protestant Whiskey


Demarai Gray and Andros Townsend for a combined £1.8m is some business by Everton. 🤔

How about Breaking Bad.


Jeremie Frimpong https://youtu.be/J-V-VZvwJkY “It was amazing to be back home”


Mike in Toronto
Godfather 1 better than 2.. although both are in top 10 films

But Sopranos is much closer to reality …and is second best TV show ever, surpassed only by The Wire
I was just about to type that re ‘The Wire’ well said my good mhan.hh



It’s a well known fact ..
1st The Wire
2nd Breaking Bad
3rd The Sopranos (sorry Bada )

Mike in Toronto


I watched a few episodes of BB, and, while good, it didn’t grab me the way some others did.

Having said that, my pals raved about The Wire, so I watched a fe episodes, and didn’t get the fuss … months later, I gave it another try, and somehow, everything I didn’t see the first time, I saw this time, and I was hooked. so, given how many people rave about BB, perhaps I should go back and give it a second shot.


VP Those EK bhoys know nowt 😜


I see I am once again behind the times as I had not seen the above financial results. Hyperbole is a sharp sword but an effective one!

These forecasts tie in with a sense that I have that Celtic is not a club that has embraced much of the modern practices of the football world. This sense, and it is only a sense, might well be extended to Scottish football in general. Some time ago I sent an information piece to both the SFA and the SPFL on how to plan for the future. By future, I mean 10, 25 years down the road. I made it clear that I was not nosing for a consulting job but wished to make them aware of the process. Let me say that the response was not enthusiastic. In my view, it was parochial. Well, if that reply reflected attitudes then it was better that my idea was not taken up.

What is the point of my posting? Some will say you never have a point, I scroll past your ramblings!
My point is has the club fallen further behind European rivals with which it was once standing cheek to cheek, or buttock to buttock? I think most would agree that it has but the trick is finding out why.🤪

That is too big a question to answer in a short post. But let’s look at one dimension of it. Many will say, MONEY, is the real issue. They would be telling the truth, but not the complete truth. Money can also be used as an excuse for failing to compete vs teams from the top leagues, Germany, Spain, Italy etc. However, it does not explain results versus Cluj, Copenhagen, Ferencvaros, AEK, Legia, and Malmo. We should be able to make a fist of it against such teams.

Remember Porto? I was in Porto months after we lost to them in the final. I was befriended by a local restauranteur who was as passionate about his team as I was about mine. Over several bottles of Portuguese wine, we compared our clubs. One clear advantage emerged from our deep discussions, and it was culturally based. Porto had easy access to mainly Portuguese speaking players from South America. Portugal was their motherland. Brazil, in particular, yielded a player like Deco. Listed as a Portuguese national but plucked from a minor league in Brazil. Derlei, who scored the winner, was Brazilian. The point is that Portuguese teams became a conduit for Brazilian players into European markets. Initially, it was Portuguese speakers but word got out, and Spanish speaking players joined the exodus. Many, like Deco, were sold on for large fees, and that model continues within Porto to this day. As a sidebar, Souness, Benfica manager, rejected Deco!

In the sixties and early seventies, Hal Stewart of Morton changed Scottish football in a couple of seasons. He brought in Scandinavian amateur players for buttons. Players like Eric Sorensen and Kai Johansson, together with Per Arntoft made a newly promoted team a threat in the top league. Ultimately, many of these players would move on to richer clubs. But for nearly a decade, Scottish football benefited from their skills.

Hard to say Morton and Porto in the same sentence but I just did! Each were innovators….note neither were the dominant club in their league.

In short, the key point is how did Morton and Porto come up with their ideas. These innovations can happen naturally through a visionary, or more functionally through a process. Celtic and Scottish football is a million miles from having either, and they do not care. Each would rather buy a new hat for a future corpse that has a curable disease.

It turned out longer than I intended, regrets,



About The Wire,
Loved it and I thought the last five ten minutes of final episode delivered a very powerful message.
It completely went over my mates head, he didnt grab that at all.
Not sure who is correct but it’s quality watching.
RIP Omar.



Have you seen, “Your Honor” starring Brian Cranston? Well worth a shot.

I hope they keep it as one season.

BB is the only recent show that has multiple seasons of quality.

“The Game” is an old series worth a watch. Spy thriller stuff. Brian Cox is in it.



If anyone hasnt watched Black Sails yet you’re missing out on a cracker.


These innovations can happen naturally through a visionary, or more functionally through a process. Celtic and Scottish football is a million miles from having either, and they do not care. Each would rather buy a new hat for a future corpse that has a curable disease. 👏👏👏


So just after returning from a 4 week lay off as a result of an injury in his last international match Kyogo is back off to Japan for 2 more WC qualifiers. WTAF !


Timl I can’t open the link pal


Personally, I don’t think either Kyogo or Calmac, should have been played before the international break. That way, we would have had the perfect opportunity to withdraw both players, from their respective international squads.

This is going to get messy, if either come back injured.

Hail Hail.


MAGUA 100 % 👍 Agree it was an unnecessary risk playing Kyogo and Calmac before the international break and sadly a reflection on the dearth of our squad and young talent at present HH

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, just been to aldi, its next to runcorn linnets football club, they play in the northern premier league, well noticed every car park space in aldi had been taken also the pub across the road, then noticed coaches from newcastle and gateshead, this was 4-50, the game must have finished, then bottles rained down on the newcastle coaches, could not believe it ,another true story,👍


bada cheers I thought you had taken it from The Sopranos strip joint name. I watched the new young Tony Soprano movie the other night “The many saints of Newark” interesting early life and characters Junior does not disappoint.

I agree with a lot of others that The Wire is the best ever series by far, closely followed by “The Black Donnellys”


big packy

my first away game at aberdeen, went on the muirhead celtic supporters bus, this was 1970 i was 17, think we drew 1-1 an ex rangers player scored for them alex willoughby, just remember the you durty orange bastard shouts from my dad and his mates 😎on the night time, remember my dad giving me a fiver and saying stick to irn bru ,aye ok dad, me and my pal pat gaffney shot straight to the beach ballroom and everything else is just a blur, lovely weekend.😎


Second best TV series behind The Wire has to be the fantastic ‘Phoenix Nights’ 👍

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

the face painter with the gloss paint not to mention the inflateable bouncy castle


Nana https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1oe9pcoFI0 Phoenix Nights – Sammy Snake






Brill…daughter was watching my ole Phoenix dvd’s last week.



Worked this time ……thank God for ten year old grandaughter.

My top three in no particular order.
The Wire.
Give BB another go.

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

Gordon64 Thought you would have given a honourable mention to Spiral


Nana 👍 🇫🇷

1 2 3 10