The dirty side of the game

Yesterday was all about the games dirty side, but I doubt there will be much screaming. In many ways it was business as usual but in many ways it wasn’t.
Allow me to explain.
With the score tied up in Pittodrie and an imminent International break, the priority was three points full stop.
It needed grit, heart, and individual desire, more than skill with the ball at your feet.
It needed the team to get down and dirty, and grind out a result.
Hat tipped, they did.
But we all witnessed the true dirty side of the game up north, fans with whistles influencing results, without censure from headquarters, actually emboldened by that fact.
Any football fan on the planet would agree (if forced to watch the two rivals games) the refs were ridiculous at best, cheats at worst.
But first the team’s away victory.
One week ago today I asked for signs from Ange, positive change.
Done, and with the three points ultimately delivered whose to say those changes weren’t key?
Well done big man.
For starters the midfield was stiffened up, not just the usual trio thrust into battle with hope. Not only was it recognized a necessity, but our gaffer also had the gumption to admit the two supposed to be first choice weren’t cutting it, so he brings in another option.
Nir isn’t for everybody, but I believe his selection rather than overall attributes to be more important, if you catch my drift.
This tells me the flawed trio of Calmac,Tam,DT isn’t first choice, at least for the tougher games.
Progress. Next is bringing in better/more options for that role although I’m a Henderson fan and would like to see an opportunity given, actually for both of them I would bring the brother home.
Next the two fullbacks were not rotated, but the same as before, a rare occurrence.
I asked for two to be selected and stuck with for stability reasons, boom. Done, and while Monty and Anto aren’t first choice can we appreciate their inclusions might be down to familiarity of playing style, more than their individual attributes?
That’s how I see it.
JJ should return to the right back slot of course, the other is up for grabs with four including Shaw vying for it.
That’s not to say it can’t or shouldn’t be upgraded. It certainly should be addressed in the window.
We ground out a result when it was called for, and late winners help bond teams plus instill belief. The collective knowledge that’s within the locker is priceless, and helps spur tired legs late on.
Let’s hope some board member never met our exCaptain whilst on the jolly.
Foisting him upon Ange could spur his legs to move on I reckon.
I must also point out my sympathy to the big man for having only one and a half strikers and we are in October.
G-Mac (named by Garry so that’s the name and so very Garry it is) still not in the game.
I’ve never known a Celtic manager with such weak upfront options, and its another mobile striker please as GMac looks more of a penalty box player, different than Kyogo who is looking more of a steal by the game. He’s quality, oozes class, and will probably move on to a bigger stage one day. That’s his trajectory.

But we head into the break (another one so soon, I hate these bloody things) with the feel good away win, then the especially feel good celebration with the fans after.
It’s lovely footage, well done all involved, it might just spur them bhoys onwards and upwards.
But we also witnessed the true dirty side of the game.
There’s double standards at play, and we all know it. That 40 odd million bounty solves a lot of issues across the way, and it’s almost as if every whistler and official knows it. The easier fixtures, the calls on the day, the racism deflection, yadda yadda, call me paranoid but there’s a campaign to make sure this bounty goes into certain coffers.
As Auldheid succinctly puts it, this campaign has a moral hazard involved, one giant needs this title to pay debts or,,,
One reason the calls for VAR aren’t deafening is the fact they haven’t perfected it down south, it’s still glitchy with little common sense applied but that’s changing.
Like anything new, it takes time, and I have seen incorrect decisions overturned, an opportunity that was never there before. The game did benefit, the right call was made.
I’ve read many opinions that the faceless man in a van would be just another whistler so shall back his brothers etc but truth is we don’t know that.
There seems little appetite or funds for the venture, which would then be beset with bias allegations off the bat, tough one so VAR is a no go.
It’s the whistlers themselves then, the pool must open up to foreign employees but of course barriers stand in the way, within and without.
For a club that claims to love all things British, why not allow English and Welsh referees?
I enjoyed our wee different refs spell, remember it? The native whistlers didn’t enjoy it, they were replaced by Johnny Foreigner and their leniency was shown up by true officials.
Ultimately it shouldn’t be for supporters to seek competent referees but we all know clubs will hide behind season ticket sales to suggest customer/supporter satisfaction. Most professional establishments seek client input whether negative or positive, hiding behind numbers that were influenced by Dom’s new approach method resulting in the largest daily ST sales ever is not beneath these guys one bit.
There’s a reason you never receive questionnaires, they don’t wanna know.
We are all supposed to just suck it up, bad refs are part and parcel of the game type of thing.
Except that’s crap, a get out, a cover up.
They have an agenda would be much closer to the truth.
3 points each and two cheats in black, just another day in the bent never boring SPL.

By Mahe

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Saltires en Sevilla


3 points were absolutely vital and the guy with nae Plan B … conjured up a Plan B and then a Plan C to get the job done!

It wasn’t pretty but it worked.

Unfortunately we can expect more ugly fitba until the right personnel are in place.

The influence of cheating officials is part of the game in Scotland, same as clugging and hacking and limited focus on technique and fitness. We seem to like our Board working in perfect harmony with their counterparts at Ibrox. Or at least that’s the impression we give them :.. every Springtime when they deign to offer the illusion of a charm offensive.

Lawwell is still calling the shots.

Dom told us he was staying on the patrol and there was barely a murmur…

Not one grubby finger will be lifted to address any of the issues you mentioned.


I’ve been going to Celtic Park since 1965. At most of the domestic games, many referees’ decisions have been questionable, if not downright biased in favour of our opponents. Fact.
My dad’s explanation was simply that they were orange, Masonic bastards. I was at the derby game where Yogi Hughes, already booked, lashed out at Willie Johnston, and wasn’t sent off, despite John Greig’s vehement protests. I saw the incident clearly from behind the goal at the Celtic end. Yogi retaliated to a snide kick by Johnston. He probably should have walked. Celtic won the game, 2-1 I think
On the way home, my dad said that the referee would be in trouble for that. Sure enough, the ref, named Callaghan I think, was suspended for 6 weeks. Rangers had lodged a written complaint and they got satisfaction.
I have never known Celtic to make such a complaint. Why?
We just pliantly accept everything that’s thrown at us. Always have done. Jock Stein would criticise decisions, and the media seemed to be very wary of him. We’ve had nobody fighting that corner for us since. Again, why?
CCB has said on here, and on the other channel, many times that we won’t get anywhere until we sort out the MIBs.
It’s been the same all through our history.
Just imagine what these bastards got away with before tv covered games. Our custodians must tackle this issue. The evidence is more than clear. Why are they so feart?

Frank Boylan

Absolutely scandalous, week in week out, been going on in Scottish football since God was only Jesus. I cannot believe that the big bookmakers are not all over this like a rash, when you consider the amount of money wagered on these matches. The result of a football match should be determined by the players on the park, not by the fans with the pencils ( Scotland’s masons in black ).As sure as night follows day, we are getting bent results on a weekly basis because of these honest mistakes, my God, how much longer do we have to put up with these game wreckers? Mark my words, the day has to come, the game has to be played on a level playing field, the outright cheating, has to be called and called on every single occasion it happens, or the baws burst, it’s game over.

Squire Danaher

Frank Boylan

The bookmakers are aware of and already factor in the unique circumstances of Scottish football.

Look at markets involving the award of penalties, red cards etc etc.

They’re not daft.

They couldn’t care less about what happens as an overall outcome, but they’re aware of the interest in these side markets and why it exists.

St tams

My first experience of a cheating refereee was in 1970 . Scottish Cup final against Aberdeen. Step forward one RH .Davidson, I think the H stood for hun. Disallowed a perfectly good goal for us and gave them a penalty for nothing. When that game finished , it was the one and time I recall my late father swear.
Big Jock was fined £10 for giving the referee a mouthful after the game.

It’s still going on and our club stay silent . Cowards , the lot of them.


Morning all & Packy,

Re. ‘The Pandora Papers’ – a consortium of 600 investigative journalists from 117 countries leaking examples of massive corruption.
I wonder how many of the journos are from Scottish newspapers?

Maestro Fan

Used to play 5s with the linesman who chopped off the Hartson League Cup final goal. Was a genuine orange bar steward and took great pleasure in goading the tims that played that he knew it was onside.

Also went to school with a lad who’s first job out of Uni was at the SFA under Farry. He said he was 1 of 2 tims in the entire place. Rest were huns. Hasn’t changed.

My best mate taught Nick Walsh at St Andrews Sec. He’s a Tim, but serially favours the huns with the big decisions, as yesterday. Over compensating no doubt.

It’s a rotten, corrupt wee country.

PS All the refs have been at it with us this season, breaking our flow with non-fouls. But Madden yesterday ripped the arse right out it.


Ronnie Roar Day mark 2 yesterday!!

another angle on the constant soft/non fouls given to eradicate our press is that other managers/players have spotted it. Has been happening vs sevco since slippy arrived but it was obvious as hell at the Dun Utd game and yesterday. They know there is little risk diving in midfield/upfront and are now emboldened to do it near their own goal. Eventually a ref won’t fall for it , we score and maybe they are not so bold


International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
Are the same people who leaked the Panama Papers.
Rumors that they are funded by Western corporations like Rockefeller and Ford foundations to name just two.
Interesting that most leaks apportion blame to pesky foreign types and rarely directly point out US and Western corruption.
On the Panama Papers the only Western government official who they went after was the Icelandic PM which coincidentally was the only country to allow banks to fail and jail bankers over the crisis.
I think they are a political tool for Western interests.
The tools of distraction are politically effective.

MAHE & Maestro Fan,

Re Nick Walsh, got a text today saying he’s a PE Teacher at Boclair Academy where all hun academy players attend! Also, in his last 7 Sevco games he’s sent off 6 opposition players. Aye, honest mistakes.

As for VAR in Scotland, as it’s digital technology, using the two lines they show at present, how easy would it be to move a player onside/offside depending on result required?

Answer – very easy.


Margaret McGill

Let’s hope Kyogo scores every week then WE can sell him in the January window. Think of the money WE could make.


Fan, might have known! Ethical journalists? LOL 🙂

Margaret McGill

I don’t see a problem with Video Assisted Rangers


Calton Tongues
SPL tv coverage is low budget so it seems they only have cameras at centre and each end in most grounds so no way of knowing if offside decisions are correct or not.
The huns first goal looked offside yesterday but without a side camera there was no way to tell and of course the honest commentators and pundits did not see anything worth questioning.


Maybe the more ‘neutral’ VARs will be a bit bolder under the cloak of anonymity to some degree? Away from the heat of the battle.
Wishful thinking?


Of course we could also try following England and have referees made to declare their support for teams. Their fixture appointments adjusted accordingly.

Margaret McGill

Football names cited in Pandora’s box
Check out the non government section


Mags, surprise surprise, Dermot Desmond! LOL 🙂

Also, it’s been 22 months since Sevco have had a domestic red card, during a game.

In Europe, 4 red cards in 7 games.



Morning troops on this fine day of the Moon.

I recall a few occasions the club tackled the refs issue.
SES couple weeks ago in his look at the past brought up the club getting censored for questioning the refs after a dodgy game or final,, ,we had the Robbie Keane DVD with all his fake offsides sent to Hampden,,we questioned Bougherras ten fouls after his yellow card,,Maloney’s scythed down non penalty was brought up in public.
But as usual nothing and when they really really need the money like the honest mistake season the refs get away with crazy calls.
It’s bent.

I often thought we should grab a top well known retired ref and have him grade our games, publicly announce on the Monday how many calls went against us, how bad the ref was rated outta ten, then use that evidence to yell for fresh regs to be recruited and trained by something else than the current pool and facilities. Why not share with England even?
We should at least run the derby games by a proper ref for his input and publish it.
Do something, except suck it up.

I would love to know how other smaller nations attain their refs, do Portugal, Poland, Albania and Eire have a problem and if not copy their model. I’m not sure the name your team thing would work in Scotland, for the moral hazard reason.
Imagine knowing they need this title or it’s all over,,the team you support doesn’t matter much, it’s your livilhood or your morals on the line, totally unfair.
The system is set up in such a way bent refs might be needed, take that risk away and who knows what shall happen.

Tbh Scottish football could really do with being ripped up and started again.
Or we could maybe should leave it all behind for a better league.
I wish.

Hail Hail


I recall The Exiled Tim (hope he’s ok) had a system to beat the bookie of betting all draws.
I reckon the Sevco penalty or sending off for opposition every game is a better bet nowadays.

bada bing1

Walsh has sent six opponents off against Sevco in 7 games.

Margaret McGill

Celtic love Scottish refereeing
The Pandora papers were furnished to all professional journalists globally. Of course the SMSM converted it into the paradise papers and Mark Daly failed to dig up any dirt for the last 4 years on DD. Almost all countries journalists have done the same thing I.e. omitted corruption in their own countries. Who wouldn’t as you could lose your job or your head. All part of global corporate compliance and customer care usually at tax payers expense. Modern life is not rubbish



ATHINGOFBEAUTYY mentioned that stat about Walsh when she phoned me earlier. That is just ridiculous,nearly as bad as the one I pointed out yesterday straight after the game-that we have twice as much possession but commit three times as many fouls. And that happens every bloody week!

Cheating basterts,aye-but then,why do the referees cheat? Simple-because they can. No-one holds them to account.

Margaret McGill

I think it’s terrible this Scottish refereeing malarkey.
What I call Scottish Old Firm Disestablishmentarianism for short,If only Rangers would fuck off and die!
Oh wait


There was an incident in the first half yesterday when Lewis Ferguson was running back towards his own goal when a Celtic player put his hand on his back, no push and he just fell – free kick. The right back Ramsay was at it all game. The Refs see this as the perfect way to break up play and any momentum we have.

Whereas later, Starfelt is pushed from behind by Hayes but doesn’t go down (we need to practice this) and it’s play on!


Squire Danaher

Re Walsh 6 reds in 7 games.

According to this he has sent off 5 Hun opponents (Porteous twice) in 11 league games.

He has had them twice in cup ties with no red cards.


Never mind the whistlers, what did Jim have for his birthday dinner?
Roast Aberdeen Angus?


Mahe, Macaroni cheese!
(only kidding, roast chicken!) LOL 🙂


Recently, I posted on the apparent attitude of the SFA , SPFL and Celtic to innovation in the game.

One benefit from the appointment of AP is his knowledge of Australian and Japanese markets. The one signing from the last window that definitely seems to be his target, is Kyogo. Kyogo has been an unqualified success so far. After one or two seasons at his current performance level, we shall easily multiple his fee by 3,4 or 5 times. With that one acquisition, AP has paid off his salary and then some.

Earlier I mentioned Hal Stewart’s significant contribution to Morton and Scottish football by discovering Scandinavian markets that were largely amateur. Here is another opportunity to be the first mover in an expanding market, namely Japan. We should seize this opportunity in the next window by bringing in a couple of midfielders… defensive, the other attacking. Perhaps, an additional Left FB and a striker could be added but they are in the nice to have category. If AP is still around, he should be backed in the Japanese market. This is his strength. Even if he is gone by season end, a few more players at the Kyogo level will pay dividends, in both senses of that term! It makes both football and financial sense.



Very little time to reply but a left back is essential imo.
Boli out or on loan
Taylor backup
Monty backup
Shaw out on loan

We have two average left backs, it’s an area could really do with an upgrade.

Hi Ho time.
Play nice folks.
Hail Hail


Something has to be done about the ref bias. The starting point is getting it discussed publicly. Someone at the club has to throw out a few embarrassing statistics. But who? This was Dom’s forte but he is gone. At the mo, the only public face of the club is AP. It is unrealistic to expect him to take this on, largely because he has only been in the country a matter of months. The new CEO has to flag this, at least as a warning shot across the bowels.

Cannot see it happening. If it doesn’t, the league will be lost. If Sevco are not allowed to lose key games, how can a points deficit be made up?






Margaret McGill

Is that you weighing up the options?


Rebus, one wee downside about signing players from eg.Japan & Australia is that their Internationals are often at different times from us here in Europe, so they have more ‘down time’ playing for the club including the extra days travel when the are away.


Packy,, you slept in from your afternoon nap?


I’m sure the compliance officer will be all over this


Unique angle footage of yesterday’s goals

St tams

Make, got to agree that left back is an issue. Bolingoli is the best left back at the club followed by Taylor.
Montgomery does not look fullback material. Looks better played further forward.
Scales is an unknown quantity.
I also think we need to get Juranavic back in fit at right back.

Awe Naw

This link works fine for me I can only presume that some of you have a real slow broadband. I get spinning circle for thirty seconds and then it appears.

For Garry
From Garry to you all

well those of you who don’t scrimp and save on the broadband 🙂


Bang on the money with that article.

In other news, we in Scotland, can look forward to the introduction of MAR into Scottish football… Masonic Assistant Referee. Cynics would say, that MAR has been in operation since the year dot.

There’s no great mystery, as to why the PLC don’t complain about bent refs:

1. They don’t want to offend their pals over the river.

2. Most of the bastards on the PLC board, are themselves Huns and/or Masons. It is up to the support in the Main Stand in particular, to let board members know, that their craven, cowardly silence, on the issue of corruption in Scottish Football is unacceptable. Once the red zone has been abolished, this should be relatively easy. Perhaps a good old fashioned ear-bashing, will encourage the swines to act.

I wouldn’t imagine that EUFA, would be all that interested in the dodgy goings on, within our game. The SMSM are not interested for obvious reasons. So what’s the solution? Would some form of legal action, by fans of all clubs in Scotland work? Who knows? After all, any club that plays the Huns, is being systematically cheated. As are the paying customers.

Hail Hail


Awe Naw link not working, and I don’t have slow broadband

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Rebus, not sure why it’s unrealistic for AP to confront ref bias, Gerrard did it when new into his job and the whistler “Collum” was kept away from Gerrard’s future games. He also claimed referees had it in for Newco for years, he is outspoken, why shouldn’t AP be ?


What can be done?

Well there was a wee thing a few years back, I think it was called res12.

This was to clear out FTSFA remember the huns did nothing wrong by applying for a licence, FTSFA were in the wrong by giving them it.

RES12 was never about the huns, it was always about the cheating in FTSFA.

Maybe this should be the message that needs to get out to the supporters and maybe, just maybe some might listen.

No chance, as I read on CQN what can the board do.


I would love to see Ange confront these cheats, but he has to be cute in doing so. Call out these refs in European game pressers. That way, if the SFA dare to throw the book at Ange, the SFA guardians will lay bare their own inherent bias, before all of Europe. The same tactics previously worked for MON and BR.

Wouldn’t it be a glorious irony, if the Huns had an administration event, in the upcoming months, and couldn’t afford to pay their players? Even the most blatantly biased refs couldn’t help them out, under those circumstances.

Hail Hail.


I heard that DOM wanted to push RES12 to the front of the que and build the relationship with the support.

The rest is history

Awe Naw


Just tried on my wife’s phone. Not an issue. Sorry I cant help


Awe Naw it’s working now, nice 👍

I see you’ve had a haircut, or pulled your ears down 😀