Cheating Then. Cheating Now. Cheating Forever!


Sunday gave us a masterclass in how the refereeing fraternity approach matches involving us or the other mob. Starting first with Nick Walsh at Ibrox for the match against Hibs,he couldn’t wait to pull out a straight red card for Porteous following a superbly timed tackle on Aribo,one which saw him take the ball clear as day.

Hibs were actually a goal up at the time,but it would be wrong to suggest that Walsh was influenced by that. Same as it would be wrong for me to speculate on any reasons behind the bewildering statistic that he has sent off SIX opposition players in the last seven Rangers games where he has been the referee. Obviously a mere coincidence,and one that I am happy to accept.

Same way that I am happy to accept that he was justified in taking no action against the Rangers defender Lundstram when he flew into a tackle,literally airborne,cleaning out his opponent in the process. In actual fact,of course,there is no reason for Walsh to justify or explain his actions. Not to me,nor to anyone else.

Referees are not questioned about their decisions,and to do so invites a trip to Hampden Park and an extended period of watching your team from the stands. It’s the people’s game,but they are not allowed to question decisions that make a mockery of the fans,and even of the game itself.

Earlier in the day,I posted a comment straight after our match against Aberdeen. Pointing out that we outnumbered Aberdeen in the possession stats by 2:1 yet also in free kicks conceded by 3:1! And this of course has been a regular anomaly in the statistics involving our games-for years,not months.

Aberdeen conceded a free  kick for every six minutes that we were in possession. We conceded one every minute that they had the ball. Oh,do you really think so?

Bobby Madden,as we know,is another with form when refereeing either us or his declared favourite team. And yet,as I have said before,no matter how much evidence of these “anomalies”,we are banned from saying anything about it.

And of course,we know that the SMSM are never going to point it out to anyone either. More than their job is worth,innit?

I know that you all have your tales from the past,similar to the above-or worse. I could give you chapter and verse over the years. Yet no-one has ever been able  to do anything about it. There is clearly no appetite for change from the people who are in a position to do something about it-because they are perfectly happy with things as they stand!

That’s right,they have no appetite to root out the corruption,the cheating,that has been blighting our game probably for a century or more. It is disgraceful,it wouldn’t happen in,say,England or Germany. Their clubs and their media would be all over it,naming culprits,showing a “highlights” reel on a loop until it was sorted. In fact,in England it would probably very quickly become a police investigation.

Not much point in hoping for that in Scotland,eh? Nor for questions to be asked in the Scottish Parliament,given the Leader of the Opposition’s other job…

So barring a minor miracle,we are faced with the only answer being the introduction of VAR. We saw during The Euros how well that system works when it is applied properly-yet none of us is likely to have any faith in it unless we can work out how to remove the obvious problem-that it will simply mean that we have two cheating basterts telling us that we imagined what we just saw.

AULDHEID’s suggestion last night is probably the only viable one I’ve seen yet,that we put the running of VAR out to tender. This would allow non-domiciled companies to bid and hopefully win. Until then,we can dream on that we are watching The Beautiful Game in Scotland. It is not-what we have is an ugly cancer in our game,but with no real appetite to change that.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Just got this from Ryan:

Results came back today from my dads post mortem and he has finally been released for us to lay him to rest. On the 15th of October we will say goodbye to a beloved dad, grandad and friend. He will be sorely missed by all that knew him and would like everyone who’s lives he touched to feel welcome to come and say goodbye to the crazy Celtic fan and music lover. The funeral arrangements for Garry Duncan are as follows:

10am @ St.Stephen’s Catholic Church, 12 Park Road, Clydebank.

11.30am @ Dalnottar Crematorium, Mountblow Road, Clydebank.

12am @ Albion social club.

All are welcome.

We would ask everyone to wear a little something green in tribute to Garry and the club he so adored.

Please feel free to share.

Thank you.

I’ll be going, maybe see some of you there…

Until we meet again…

Keep the Faith!

Hail Hail!



We lost a much loved member of our group earlier this week. I would be suitably grateful if you read the following.


The CQN/Sentinelcelts community, and the many friends of Garry Duncan aka Delaneys Dunky, would like to commemorate Garry’s life and friendship as well pay respect to his recent untimely passing.

We have had many great suggestions from you on how we best commerate Garry’s life, including flowers, a memorial brick, donation to Mary’s meals and financial support for the family etc.

Garry’s family, like so many others in our world today, is not a rich family and find their wealth is through the happiness of the family, so to have the burden of not only laying Garry to rest, but also the cost that goes with it is horrific .

Having spoken with Garry’s son Ryan, we feel it appropriate to pass any monies raised direct to the family to let them decide the best way to use it.

Anyone who wants to support the family in leaving a long lasting commemoration in honour of Garry can do so through making a donation via bank transfer to –

o Account name: Walk With Shay
o Account number: 15326765
o Sort code: 80-22-60
o Bank: Bank of Scotland
Please note – tick business account

:You can also make a donation via paypal to

Donations will close on Friday 8th October.

Thank you in advance for supporting Garry and his family at this very difficult time.


Huge Thanks to CRC for supporting, with the use of the Walk with Shay Legacy Fund/account, ensuring support can get there quickly


Keep Garry there imo.


I’m at a loss to know what is to be done, re the systematic cheating in Scottish Football.

Just when you get rid of one feckin’ OB, another one pops up. In the case of the Dallas mob, they’re even making it a family business.

This is a multi-generational fraud, of epic proportions. For every Bobby Davidson, I give you Alan Freeland. For every JRP Gordon, I give you Mike McCurry. For every Ian Foote, I give you Andrew Dallas. Etc., Etc. Et feckin’ cetera.

Until all clubs in Scotland-bar one, obviously-stand up to the Sectarian Freemason Association, nothing will change. They have been ripping the pish out of us, this season and last. Only in Europe, do the Huns get found out.


Was Lawwell ever reported to any relevant authority, for allegedly lying to the AGM in 2019? Genuine question. I would like to think that such an action was taken. I’m not the biggest fan of Blue Peter, as you may well discern.

Hail Hail.

Puff Puff

Your just white dog shit on the bottom of ma green brouges .

Puff Puff

Sounds like I really got to you .. not feeling like a real man anymore .


One very angry man whose venomous post on a sensitive blog matter is obviously designed to cause maximum upset.

I agree the reaction to Garry’s sad passing is in danger of becoming mawkish, and there is a time to move on.

Your invective is disturbingly nasty, however.

On the question of an independent VAR, why would the governing body , under whose jurisdiction this would operate and be paid for, give control of this away thereby limiting their malign influence?
This is Scotland where secrets and lies are kept in house, for good reason.

Celtic should let it be known that VAR should go out to tender, after all they’re may be companies out there who’ll be able to do it much cheaper than the SFA, nod, wink, etc, por cierto.


Morning all…the early morning comments about Garry’s tributes are disgusting. Kev, and I offer apologies in advance if it wasn’t you…why don’t you just fuck off and get a life you ignorant, offensive, sad wee cnut.


McCaff 👍

Prestonpans bhoys

Couldn’t write that better myself👍👏

Maestro Fan

Desmond and Lawwell went all in on preserving the Okd Firm at any cost.

This is the cost.



He’s clearly a Hun and a Hun troll at that. Just ignore him, that’s how to deal with trolls.

RIP Garry


Apologies to all for those comments overnight about GARRY. They have been removed,and I doubt they were written by Kev.

There is a really nasty troll who comes on here occasionally,and last night shows why he is removed every time ASAP


Morning all & Packy.
Thank goodness those posts have been removed. Don’t think it was Kev.

ASWGL, what’s the story on the new background? Is that your man-cave? 🙂


Apologies to Kev! My bad!!



I hate to repeat a point about who is to blame for the corruption of our game but the answer is we all are.

We enable it by being part of the system that supporters pony up to support financially.

We enable it when we think nothing will change so we might as well put up with it.

We enable when it is becoming ever clearer our club Celtic are part of the system we complain of.

We enable it by not being organised enough as a support to force Celtic to oppose.

Its human nature at play but sometimes life challenges us to rise above it. To think about what we are supporting and ask ourselves why. Love of Celtic or love of the Celtic community and the enjoyment that fellowship brings even in bad times?

Celtic are in decline and if we really love Celtic as a force for good that has gone downhill badly, we need to unite over this season to put that decline to an end in The Boardroom leading to good football as result of acting as a club with good intent..

A Celtic united admitting and learning from past errors is the way to move onwards and upwards out of decline

Climbs down from soapbox but I’ll be back with ideas..



Was Lawwell ever reported to any relevant authority, for allegedly lying to the AGM in 2019? Genuine question. I would like to think that such an action was taken. I’m not the biggest fan of Blue Peter, as you may well discern.

Legal advice on whether there was a breach of Company Law was sought but based on the information available it would be difficult and very costly to prove he lied deliberately which leaves a question of gross incompetence that should be a matter of concern.

More on that in coming days



Yes,it’s one thing knowing something is true. It’s another thing altogether trying to prove it.



Bit of a biggie,their 60th!



Who benefits?

From the chap who catalogued the 40 mistakes in 2010/11.


Bobby @ 10.57am,

Yes I spent hours proving the legitimacy of my sister’s heritage for an Irish passport. Managed it though! It was hugely interesting in the process! My Irish grandfather’s address on his marriage certificate was ‘The Trades Hotel’ Wishaw. A workers’ hostel/hotel probably used by immigrant workers I would imagine!
Going through the Irish records I found out my great grandfather’s first wife died, they had 3 children including my granda, he then re-married and they had 4 children.


Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to Mr and Mrs CCB – a veritable milestone 👏🍾🥂


Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs CCB. 🙂


Happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs Ccb


Happy 60th Anniversary to Mr&Mrs CCB.

Superb 👏👏👏👏👏👏

#KeepGarryinCSC 🍀🍀

Angel Gabriel

Couldn’t disagree with one word of the article. HH

Happy Anniversary to Mr & Mrs CCB .
60 years !! bravo to both , and a wonderful achievement . Enjoy your day. 💚

Jobo Baldie

Auldheid –
playing Devils Advocate here but the suggestion (understatement!) that Peter Lawwell knew about the 5WA is based on him being sent an email with a draft copy attached. But isn’t that the old ‘proof of sending is not proof of delivery’ argument. So unless the SFAs email to PL was ‘tracked’ we are already on the back foot. So whilst we have evidence that a copy was sent to PL we don’t have evidence that he opened the email – he could argue it mistakenly went straight to his spam folder and was subsequently deleted.
Now, I’m not that naive to think that is what actually happened. However, I’d guess any lawyer would suggest treading warily before accusing PL of lying.
It’s a separate argument to ask the question “we know that email was sent to you, if you say you didn’t see it why was that – what happened to it…etc” And I suppose that’s where a possible charge of incompetence could be levied.
I still hope your persistence beats resistance one fine day!

Paddy’s maw

Great article. The decisions and foul counts of the referees has long facinated me. Paul Larkin has done great work on this but the MSM and the clubs never seem to progress it further



Excellent article.

FFM/UBER,occasional poster here,compiled video evidence of their cheating about a decade ago.

YouTube removed them due to”copyright claims” by SFA/SFL/SPL.


Ooops,happened again. Back to admin to sort that.



Succinctly summing up the problem on that subject. There are too many potential reasons why PL might not have been aware of that mail or of its contents.

Burden of proof on the accuser,which is as it should be. But no help at all here.



Re why would AP not comment on refs, whereas Gerrard did, I have no defence for my comment. Gerrard did hang Collum out to dry in 2018 effectively. Different personalities between AP and SG would be the only explanation for my opinion on the matter. Let’s see if AP stands up on the issue. Sunday was the time to do it after a win.


The Lions Roar

You’re accusing me of writing that filthy shit about those grieving over Garry, Mick Gillen/Boab?!

Well, I can tell you now you presumptuous little toad that it wasn’t me who wrote it.

I cried my eyes out last week over Garry’s death and still haven’t got over it yet and I never even met the guy,

How dare you makes such a false accusation, I haven’t written anything on here for many months, largely due to the clique aspect but mostly because of you.

I just don’t like you, mate, you’re sneak! facetious & insincere and you’ve already spread a bunch of lies about me here, which was what caused my beef with you in the first place, but I repeat I did not and would not ever write such a thing about Garry nor those grieving for him as I am one of them, as Garry was a proper old school Bhoy and earned my respect the hard way, through battle.


Now retract the accusation as any right minded person would do.

RIP Garry Duncan

The Lions Roar

I wrote an RIP message to Garry on ETims under my TGM moniker last week and signed it The Lions Roar and I’m sure you read it, boy.

In fact, I know you did.

So retract the accusation.

The Lions Roar

Here it is here:

The Green Machine
4 days ago

My deepest condolences to the family of Garry Duncan AKA Garry Postecoglou AKA Delaney’s Dunkey from Sentinel Celts & CQN.

I’m stunned to learn that such a huge character, and worthy adversary, such as Garry is gone from us in an instant.

My heart breaks for both Garry and his family since the moment I learned.

The Celtic support have lost a proper fighting Bhoy and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it.

Rest In Peace, Garry Duncan.

You’ve deeply affected more people in this life than youcould ever have known and the world is an emptier place without you.

All the best in the next one, lots of love, brother, The Lions Roar.



I accept your word on this unquestionably.

In which case,I apologise unreservedly.

The Lions Roar

Thank you, Mick.

That is much appreciated and shows you to be a better man than you act sometimes.

Very much appreciated that you can admit to being wrong.


Happy 60th Anniversary to your Mum & Dad.


big packy

well who was it then,it wasnt the lions roar, and although kevj and garry had there ups and downs on cqn I dont think it was kev, so there is a feckin nasty troll on here,,im sure bobby will sort it👍JIM as you know im having a wee break from posting, but could not resist, whats it like to be 68, i dont feel any different from 38, i still do the 4 minute mile, and every morning run with the dugs for 20 miles, they cant catch me lazy bassas 😎😎 oops almost forgot, happy 60th anniversary to CCB and mrs CCB👍


Hiya Packy, Trolling’s the other side of the coin for sites like this unfortunately. Thankfully they get dealt with ASAP.

Glad you’re still feeling like young un. My lifestyle’s gradually slowed down to that of a 68 year old! The lockdowns moved it into another lower gear. LOL 🙂

The Lions Roar

I’m no troll, Jim.

Mick & I just don’t get along.


I’m not saying you are TLR, it wasn’t you!

Happy 60th.
Head feels the same…….body,that’s another story.


The ‘style’ of that troll is unfamiliar to me.

Saltires en Sevilla


My heart goes out to you. It really does… and I hope you accept I’m not in any way trying to patronise.. not at all.

You take time to explain everything you see and do .. an inordinate amount of patience that I admire. Tenacity in abundance is a virtue I respect more than most.

The entire support is fractured- the reasons are too many to tell – unfortunately, I fear the chances of finding the unifying force required is slimmer than ever

Maybe we are all too clever for our own good …sometimes.

Tomorrow is Ivy Day

130th Anniversary of the death of Parnell

Perhaps we are pre-destined to always be divided … at odds … relying on human beings.

Some folk just live for, love, the wee fraternal press on the shoulders from the passing Director in front of assembled colleagues and friends st their Corporate Tables …reflected importance…and part of the problem

The result?… hardly matters

Speak up ? …

hell Nooooo?!

The Lions Roar

Cheers, Jim, but I have been called a troll numerous times here and I just want to point out for the record that I’m no troll as Truth and Truth alone is all I’m interested in and have tried to make others aware of both here & elsewhere. largely to no avail.

Poster on CQN saying Nick Walsh coaches “rangers” kids.


timhorton, yes as I understand it, he is a PE teacher in the school which is used by their academy.
Celtic have a similar arrangement for school age youngsters at Lennoxtown I believe.

The Real McCoy

Jim The Tim and Tim ( Bits) Horton,
Wee article regarding Nick Walsh’s real profession.
Now in the mood for Timbits 😱

Nick Walsh
Now saying photo could be fake.