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The weekend gave us another example of the unedifying spectacle of Neil Lennon weeping and wailing publicly over the harsh judgements made of him by others last season. None of what happened was his fault,he intoned.

So far,we have heard him say that players were forced on him against his will and better judgement by unnamed people at the club. That certain players weren’t happy when they weren’t allowed to leave in the summer of 2020,that they no longer wished to be at the club. 

Some were not playing to the standards expected of them,simply because they were in a huff. Others simply said that they were injured,and didn’t actually play at all when,in his opinion,they were certainly fit enough to do so. Etc.

In fairness,I think that a lot of what he has said on the matter has more than an element of truth to it. We all witnessed a significant reduction in quality from a lot of players last season,and there certainly appeared to be a few who weren’t as committed as they had been previously. And there is no denying that some of the players definitely wanted out of the club in the summer. But for Lennon to say that none of the above was his fault leads to a rather obvious conclusion.

That he had no right to be the manager of the club if he could not motivate players. And in my opinion,a lot of that is down to the fact that he was unable to motivate himself,to show his players a level of commitment to his own job.

The basics,things like making sure that players look forward to training every morning because they know they are going to continue their learning curve,taking the next step to improve themselves as players. Or an analysis of their recent performances as well as an in-depth look at upcoming opponents,and how to both stop them from playing while improving our own chances of winning.

Going over video analysis of individual performances,planning how best to maximise our return from set pieces-and more importantly,to prevent the other side from scoring against us from their own.

Is there anyone apart from Neil Lennon himself who genuinely believes that he applied himself fully to getting the best out of his players last season? Sent them out every match fully prepared for what was to come? Pushed them and improved them in training to be the best that they can be?  Let everyone in the squad know that they are in his plans,that there is a path to the first team?

I very much doubt it,yet to hear him speak now is to hear a man denying that he holds any culpability in what was not only a disastrous season for the club and the fans,it was professional suicide from him as a manager.

At the age of 50yo,he is unlikely to manage at the top level again. And that is a shame,because he was a wonderful player for us,and I’ll try to remember him for that rather than his time as a manager.

Another lesson that must be learned though from last summer is a rather unpalatable one for us as supporters. If we wind back about 16 months,I think we were all delighted that the club had decided to hold onto our top players for the season ahead. In fact,we would have accused the board of sabotage had they sold the likes of Christie,Eddie,Ntcham and Ajer.

This despite the fact that those four players in particular had made plain their intentions to depart the first chance they got. Now,there is an argument to be made that when a player signs a contract,he knows the terms and longevity. Throwing toys out of the pram about two years into a four or five year deal,demanding a move,is a sign of bad faith-at best.

Demands of this nature are a sign of the tail wagging the dog,and particularly in such a big season for us all it showed scant regard for the ambition and desires of the fans. The club were absolutely correct to keep them-but should we also have done our homework about just how much effort those players were likely to give us under the circumstances?

That’s a difficult question,because nobody could have envisaged such a lack of interest from some of them,such a total lack of professionalism. Which brings me back to a question that is always a matter of controversy with the fans. When a player makes it plain that he wants to leave the club,is it wise to keep him against his wishes-with the possible outcome that we witnessed last season-or does the club maximise his value by selling him when an appropriate offer is received?

I have always believed that the club is bigger than the player,and I still do. But last season has shown us all too graphicly the damage that unhappy players can inflict on us,both on the field and in the dressing room. It was a reality check.

Next time,if a player wants out,show him the door. We might not like it,but last season showed us that we like the alternatives even less.


Above article by BMCUWP

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In truth the word in your post Bobby that is indeed the most importat word is, profesionalism, or lack thereof. NL was retained as manager and that was the first lack of profesionalism by the CEO. The further descent from the standards required came through a total disregard of a profesional managerial standard. Replace profesionalism with the word standards and we have the answer. Players used to a high standard of coaching found themselves lacking in the same but were profesional enough to perfom 1 more season. Standards fell further and those same players simply shut off, disconected from a total lack of standards, profesionalism if you will.
In short we the support were sold a pup, and so were the squad.


Putting Lenny aside (because he is aside and is just noise with a trace of bitterness now) the approach to the ten was very flawed.
There was no semblance of a plan, and I suspect much will to hit that target.
However some players really do need to look in the mirror over that season.
Ajer took it as a shop window season and turned in a shift knowing it would benefit later.
Odsonne is the one I suspect feigned injury, and he might as well have been many times he took to the field.
Christie got greedy at the teams expense trying to seal a move.
Ncham was never going to settle under Lenny, looks like he needs a sensei to get motivated not a drill sergeant.

I guess all of us from top to bottom didn’t expect toys out the pram in such a critical campaign, I think everyone involved expected four Kris Ajer’s putting in work to catch others’ eyes but only got one.

The lesson is clear. Players can and will take it easy in their final year, viewing league position as secondary to their next move. They can’t be counted on though some will still try, depends really.
Better cutting out that risk altogether and avoid last season players being mainstays of the team.
That takes depth, and a set of cajones to overlook the bigger name for the bigger picture.

The root of the problem lies with our incompetent PLC would you believe.
It could lie at a DOFs feet if only we hired one.
As such we shall probably witness the same thing at some stage.

Hail Hail

Why do we need a director of football to play in the spfl?
Jock Stein had an assistant manager, and played with one centre half and a sweeper and we did not too bad.
These modern yins are over cooking it. Don’t you think?
Are we not odd enough looking, with fans singing about rebellions and revolutions in Ireland, and these same fans sit at the back of the bus in their own club in Scotland, even though these same fans are the main investors of finance into their own club?
This is La La land surely?


A DOF could save the club a fortune by changing the kissing frogs model, the buy and hope routine which wastes too much precious income.
Our suits dont want to give up the power, or modernize. Bankier told Dom their model was working, ie making money and delivering most leagues. They think it’s a winning formula, and shall now return to it.

A thing of beauty

Nick 66,
Excellent comment. Questions must be asked at the AGM of how we have fallen so far and show no inclination to put plans in place that will make us the best we can be. Now to have the advantage that we have had and allow your rivals to over take you from a zero starting point is either incompetence or cheating. Every single person taking an executive wage out of Celtic has to answer – incompetent or cheat?


Morning all…last season was a Perfect Storm in terms of planning, recruitment on the cheap, Pandemic, players’ and fans’ expectations – add in the necessity for TRFC to find success and our desperation for the Historic Fabled 10 In A Row with poor player management and coaching, obvious anomalies in how certain +ve C19 cases were handled, the now expected refereeing decisions, Board-appointed assistant coaching staff…the list goes on and on and…
The really frustrating and sad thing is the lessons appear not to have been learned which takes us right back to yesterday’s article, Holysmokes’ comment and the Forbes’ article!!

Prestonpans bhoys

Very succinct sentence;

‘That’s a difficult question,because nobody could have envisaged such a lack of interest from some of them,such a total lack of professionalism’

Saltires en Sevilla


The folk that hired Lenny to lead the team are totally at fault 100%

Lenny – as you say -a hero as a player and let’s not forget, he clinched 5 titles and his fair share of cups – with the resources at his disposal and yes, his particular ‘trusty’ methods were well known and clearly visible to all and sundry.

That those methods were outdated and likely to be ineffective was obvious to most observers.

The group of players are just that – mainly individuals with personal aims that have to be managed into a group with a common cause/objective. The League Cup Final display and subsequent home league defeat was the ‘starter for ten’ that all was not weel in Paradise.

There was enough time to fix it… the financial resources were available.

All that was missing was The Will

The entire group had to be refreshed and bolstered, it was very obvious – the core had melted and replacements were not up to it – does anyone anywhere still think Lenny hired any of that group?

It falls upon the club executives to plan for every possible eventuality. To hire the right people and to hold them accountable. They must direct towards a plan and provide the resources needed.

They didn’t do any of that. Not by a long way…

They didn’t even manage the basics, and when it mattered the aforementioned “perfect storm” crashed in on top of them.

Guess what?! … despite all of that … they are still there… stinking the entire place out.

Only one head rolled …



SES… brilliant summation!


Just imagine being a player in the Hamden dressing room in May 2019, just having clinched the quad treble. Lenny had been brought in as caretaker when Rodgers did his moonlight flit to Leicester. A good squad of players had put up with Lenny’s old school management style, and a few were looking forward to the moves they had been promised.
Then PL appears and announces that Lenny was the new permanent team boss. I bet several of them were shocked and incredulous. Are you joking??
I believe the rot set in right there. How to demotivate a squad in 60 seconds.
On here, most were against the appointment, but out in the real world, Lenny was the prodigal son returning. A good Celtic man. He will take us to the ten.
His bitter statements now prove that he was never fit to be a Celtic manager. Shame on the board for going for the cheap, yes man option.


Here are two different definitions of professionalism:
“The skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well” Merrium-Webster, n.d.
“‘Professionalism’ is commonly understood as an individual’s adherence to a set of standards, code of conduct or collection of qualities that characterize accepted practice within a particular area of activity”

As we can see none of the above applies to Celtic PLC,Neil Lennon,Edouard,Kennedy,Strachan or Ryan Christie in 20/21.
The same approach by the PLC continues with dismal fellow failures Kennedy and Strachan still retaining coaching duties.


A thing of beauty
Nick 66,
Excellent comment. Questions must be asked at the AGM of how we have fallen so far and show no inclination to put plans in place that will make us the best we can be. Now to have the advantage that we have had and allow your rivals to over take you from a zero starting point is either incompetence or cheating. Every single person taking an executive wage out of Celtic has to answer – incompetent or cheat?

Incompetence or cheating is part of the Concern Resolution that CST members have been directed to in their last Newsletter about 3 weeks ago.

Did you get a Newsletter and have you downloaded and completed the requisition form and returned it to CST in order to have the resolution tabled at the AGM?

The justification for the resolution is also on The CST Forum along with the requisition form.

I hope to make that info more available to SC readers along with what it hopes to achieve.

Saltires en Sevilla

McCaff – cheers buddy -just adding my version- mostly informed by some of the excellent items and comments posted on here recently.


Agree completely buddy – having Lenny immediately available to step into the hole created by Brendan was mainly seen as a finger in the dyke moment – a welcome solution and most of were probably glad of it. I know I saw it as a bit of welcome relief tbh.

It should only have been a temp. Fix

As you say – to then rip the arse out of that temporary fix and continue with Lenny was a crucial error. To be fair most folk I speak to and on blogs saw it that way.

My take on Lenny is that he was offered a chance to get to 10 ( my preference as a fan would have been to focus on building a European class team) as that’s what most fans hoped for. He was probably on good money and emboldened by the endorsement of The Board. Plus as you say a good number of fans and folk around him. He should have been saved from himself.

I’d have to admit if someone at Celtic gave me a hooped shirt right now and told me I was the left-back solution – I’d take it … and believe I could make a difference

…if I’m spared I’ll be in my seventh decade soon.😎


Morning all,

Out on my travels again and at present in “ The Brazen Head”. Gorbals.

Cracking wee pub with so much Celtic memorabilia.

Another ticked off the Bucket list ✅

Might have to go to the Star Bar next and try their 3 course lunch for £3.

Decisions, decisions 😜😜

Or do I head to the Gallowgate ???????

St tams

I’ve never been so deflated as I was in May 19 after clinching the treble x treble , in the car going home it was announced that Lennon had got the job permanently.
I still think that when Brendan Rodgers left, Kennedy could have stepped in and we would still have won the treble.

I believe the way that a manager behaves and conducts himself is showing in his players and team. So we got what we deserved. Unprofessional, unprepared and unfit.

This board have a lot to answer for . A patsy as acting ( allegedly)CEO
He has been in the job 4 weeks and hasn’t uttered a word. The international break was an ideal time to address the fans.
Our club is a shambles from top to bottom and I really fear for us.



The club whoever they are is no longer bigger than the player.

That idea crashed and burned with Bosman.

This link is to an article on the subject that I’ve posted

before sets out why in my view.

In my experience the only way to motivate folk is either give them what they want to keep them or let them go to get what they want elsewhere.

The optics of letting the players mentioned go before last season would have unleashed a storm of selling the jerseys accusations unless suitable replacements had already been identified and brought in but most thought Shane Duffy was a good buy.

We were in a shit storm, much of it our own making, but once in it I’m less inclined to criticise NL for putting forward his view of what contributed to failure.

Celtic were an oil tanker sailing a well know course that needed correction anyway as we were using a compass with no moral settings and hopefully the shit storm will set us right.

Everything in life has a purpose.

Angel Gabriel

When Lenny picked the same 11 against Dundee Utd that failed against Fernavacos 4 days prior, I knew the season would end in misery.
When the manager thinks it’s all about justifying himself rather than focusing on the team / squad/ opponents, etc , the time is up .
A few weeks later we couldn’t muster a shot on target against the new Rangers.
How he lasted beyond October will remain a huge mystery to moi .
My only conclusion is , that our custodians harboured worries about our deep in debt business partners and decided to stick rather than twist.
Just my thoughts. HH


St tams,

Can’t disagree with any of that.

After the Cup Final I heard the news of Lennon’s permanent appointment and left the pub/celebrations in disgust.

I was so pissed off and my pals gave me dogs abuse for it.

I knew it was wrong and the Board had no ambition !!!!!

I still blame Lawwell for me missing out on the cracking celebrations after the Cup final win !!!

Pernicity, Yes , You better believe it !!!


Jobo Baldie

Whane the Board eventually mutually consented Lenny, leaving John kennedy in charge then even though the league was gone I thought that it would at least be interesting to see how differently we would set up and play under a new man. But what followed was stranger than fiction – given that your predecessor had lost his job for his results, why oh why would you then just carry on as before? From memory it took until the 2nd last league game when he introduced Adam Montgomery for a man of the match performance – then promptly dropped him back to the bench for the final league game away to Hibs!
At least with Ange there is a distinct change in style and although this hasn’t yet produced consistent results I do hope we are brave enough to stick with it and to reap the long term rewards – always much preferable to a short term fix..

A thing of beauty

For some reason my membership of the trust stopped and when I tried to rejoin it wouldn’t let me. I know I should try again but they need to make it a bit easier. I am a shareholder now and can proxy my vote to your resolution if possible.
Leggy, st tams.
Snap. Or sucked the atmosphere out the car home like a mood hoover. Myself, CCB and paddys maw all agreed it was a disaster and how right we were. That PL thought differently showed how out of touch we were when it came to the people leading our club. That fact remains.



Yes, Star bar was 3 courses for £3.

Soup,Turkey, Ice cream and Jelly( Although I asked barmaid for Jelly n Ice cream )😜

Very enjoyable and now in the Victoria Bar to sample the local ambiance .

Keep you posted.

Jobo Baldie

And I assume this trip is being sponsored by your free bus pass?




And as John Inman said “ I’m free “.

HH 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀



Surprised if BIGRAILROADBLUES wasn’t hogging all the jelly and ice cream!

He is a regular there. Has a camp bed behind the bar.



A few years back when I was on a trip back home,I took my parents up to Glasgow. The bus to Glasgow stops about 100 yards from their house,the train station is over a mile away.

Uphill on the way home,which I always pointed out to my Dad would be a problem-much easier to walk downhill on the way home than on the way out!

I prefer the train to the bus,but I was outvoted by two bus passes!

Well,guess what? My Mum’s pass was no longer valid. The pass was issued because of her age,so it’s not like she was getting any bliddy younger!

Nope. Refused. Full fare please,no concessions. Bastert. Obviously I just paid it,no point arguing with a jobsworth.

That was her housebound after that until she got a new pass to prove that she was even older than the previous pass said! Out of principle,on her part. You now know where I get my stubbornness from!!

Having said that,I think the bus pass is one of the great ideas of recent times,as it allows older people the chance to get out and about,instead of being stuck in the house all the time.


“Yes, Star bar was 3 courses for £3.
Soup,Turkey, Ice cream and Jelly( Although I asked barmaid for Jelly n Ice cream )😜”

Turkey what?
Meatball, half a wing, neck?
It’s surely not a Christmas dinner at that price! 😉



Couldn’t give a toss ????

At £3 , I’ll eat anything 😂😂😂



I don’t know BBR but I believe he has moved on to the Vicky Rd Pubs.

I was in the Victoria bar which was a good wee boozer.

If your lurking, sorry if I didn’t say hello !!!!


A fine article. These days, successful players will give us 2 or 3 seasons, and then bugger off to the EPL, as soon as they can. That’s just the way it is unfortunately. As you correctly point out, there is no point keeping an unhappy player. I would have thought that such a player, would want to showcase his talents, to achieve the best move possible. Instead, some of them downed tools. Totally unprofessional.

It’s mostly all been said on here today. Excellent comments folks. Lennon was appointed for one reason, and one reason only. He was Blue Peter’s pet poodle, therefore easy to control. This is not a guy who would rock the boat.

If Neil Lennon is not careful with his comments in future, I will be treating him with the same utter contempt that I currently hold Nicholas, McAvennie, Commons et al.

Hail Hail.


Turkey bacon roll?

I’m tortured with wild turkeys, their crap is all over my unsprinkled and yellow lawn.
Neighbor delivers them for a living.

Enjoy yer day ya ruffian and cheap date 😉


Eire’s new budget announced.
Cigarettes up 50 cents.
A pack of the most popular is now 15 euro.
Holy guacamole, that’s an insane amount.
If that won’t help you quit ,,,




Now back in Ek and drinking in the Wetherspoons.

The pub chain is controversial over here but it’s cheap.

I was told, if I drink there I have sold my soul to the devil.

Me reply;

I’ve already done that, I’ve already sold my soul, I bought a Season ticket !!!!!

Hell and damnation awaits !!!!!!!!!!



Wild Turkey is a half decent bourbon. Maybe a bottle of it,and one of your adopted nation’s favourite toys as you sit on the veranda will sort the problem?

I can just picture you. Shoot a turkey,shot of Turkey-as you slowly turn into a redneck.

Oooops,isn’t that a breed of turkey too? Ah well,they’ll come in handy in six weeks time for Thanksgiving.


ST holders are the minority here I think. You’ll ditch it soon 😉

Bobby I would never kill an animal unless in total dire straits. I won’t even fish. Not rippi g something’s mouth out and filing it under sport.

Hi Ho time
Take care everyone

Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla


Your voyages would put The Wanderings of Aengus to shame 😊

Legendary stuff and those 3 notes meals – ye just can’t go Wrong.

I’m assuming (yes, I know…) you were in Vicky bar at The Briggait?

Did you know there was another one on Victoria Road, at the corner of Allison Street too?

Jim Brogan had it for a while.

Enjoy yer beer buddy, but remember to stay within your fishul units …😇



Mid-80s I used to pop into Queen’s Park Cafe around that area.

Cafe,my arse. Some serious bevvying went on in that place!

Not been in it since,as anytime I am over that neck of the woods,it is usually Neesons.

And I’ve not been there for a while either!



Thanks,mate. There were serious mistakes made last summer-and the summer before,as others have pointed out.

Possibly our biggest was in not realising that we had a huge problem after the League Cup final nearly two years ago,that to be outplayed so comprehensively pointed to a bigger problem-even if we did win!

That though is hindsight. What is not hindsight is the sinking feeling we got straight after the completion of The Treble Treble.

I don’t blame Neil Lennon for taking the job,btw. Biting their hand off. The blame lies elsewhere.

Saltires en Sevilla


Lived ’round the corner in Bash Street for years… loads of great bars around there – could (and did) get lost for days

The ‘cafe’ was good when Benny ran it and good music from time to time

Preferred the next road along …and The Golden Star a.k.a. Mickey Joe’s

Getting thirsty now … just thinking about it 🤤


I remember watching that League Cup Final in some boozer. How we got out of Hampden with the cup, remains one of the big mysteries of life. Then of course, we were beaten by the Huns shortly after. The Huns winning at Parkhead. This was due in no small part, to Lennon refusing to learn from his mistakes. That day, I honestly could not see us winning NIAR never mind 10.


I used to be a semi-regular customer in The Vicky Bar on the Briggait …I preferred the Clutha Vaults, if truth be told. You’re not going to believe this. The Vicky Bar is now a feckin’ bistro. The lengths that some owners will go, to keep me out of their pub. Swines. 😀


Enjoy your wee day oot.

Hail Hail.

Saltires en Sevilla

Magua – 😐 Heard they spent about £3m on a pizza oven in Vicky bar.

The live music was good n there, local guitarists and a regular Bluegrass session on the odd Saturday afternoons. I’m going back 15 years now, maybe more

Not sure if you’ve seen the great job they’ve done in Clutha? – great set up and a credit to all involved. The stage is in a perfect spot – and they were doing good solid reasonable price food at lunchtime – a place you can take anyone tbh.

Saltires en Sevilla

A diversion before the fitba

and a wee nod to our very own Wandering Leggy…

Margaret McGill

10iar here we go

Saltires en Sevilla



It was Victoria bar on Vicky Rd. very impressed.

Good stuff.

Pissed now after another 2 pit stops in EK 💚💚



Saltires en Sevilla


Im jealous as hell

Enjoy tonite buddy


You’ll not see the match after your session today 🤣🤣
Sounds like you had a good day 🍻🍻



About ten years ago,my Dad was down in Swindon for a visit. Friday was Bath,Saturday was Cardiff,plan for Sunday was the mini-tournament at The Emirates.

My Dad knew London pretty well from his ICI and union days,and I had lived there from 89-96,so we decided to get off the tube at The Angel. Close enough for a wander to the stadium,plus next to the pub that sold the best pint in London.

It was called The Pint Pot,tiny wee place. I’d had some good seshes in there even though I lived well south of the river.

Yep,you guessed it. Bistro. Or gastropub,or whatever monstrosity of a concept they came up with. Unsurprisingly,it was virtually empty-and even more so after my Dad and I decided that we weren’t for hanging around.

Great pub ruined.


For some reason my membership of the trust stopped and when I tried to rejoin it wouldn’t let me. I know I should try again but they need to make it a bit easier. I am a shareholder now and can proxy my vote to your resolution if possible.
Leggy, st tams.
Snap. Or sucked the atmosphere out the car home like a mood hoover. Myself, CCB and paddys maw all agreed it was a disaster and how right we were. That PL thought differently showed how out of touch we were when it came to the people leading our club. That fact remains.

No need to proxy until the Res is actually put on the agenda. I’m not sure if I have your e mail address but I have BMCUWs and I’ll e mail hom the 2 documents to pass on.

The first justifies having a resolution at all and the second is the requistion form you add your shareholding number and address to, sign it and post it to CST to PO Box addy provided.

Anyone who is a shareholder but not CST member can do this.

I’m waiting on a CST blog explaining what shareholders like yoursel can do but if anyone wants to participate now by reading what The Res is about then contact me via Sentinel Celts and get involved.

I cannot emphasise how important is that the Resolution gets as many shareholders to get involved as possible and that includes the cynical.

The only way to break the nobody cares enough to make change happen thinking is to start caring enough.

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