If you know your history – October 13th

130 years ago … 1891 we have followed Celtic’s attempt to win their first major trophy. Despite the setback of an opening day defeat to leaders Hearts – The Bhoys are sitting poised in joint second place with Dumbarton the current Champions ( joint) and Leith Athletic. The other Champions (joint) Rangers are sitting in a distant 8th placing.

Celts are the current holders of the Glasgow Cup having defeated Third Lanark in the previous season 90/91 Final.

Saturday 10th October commenced the campaign in defence of that trophy, as the team travelled to Inchview Park, Whiteinch to play Patrick Thistle in front of 4,000 fans. This was described by the Scotsman as a ” large crowd” and illustrates the growing interest in the game in general, and in Celts in particular.

Inchview Park had been the home of Patrick FC and became the home of Patrick Thistle for a period.

Just a random thought.

Those of you who knew our late friend Garry Duncan will recall his many comments, stories, adventures and musings on the area where he grew up….in this week it’s quite poignant to reflect that he will have sauntered happily along these very streets…perhaps he half-heard the distant echoes of the sounds of the players and fans of yesteryear … and had a wee chuckle to himself.

From the team lines we see that Dowds/Douds has recovered from his previous illness and returns to the halfback line, but regular ‘keeper Tom Duff is still out with a cold and Charles Kelly on loan from Hibernian is standing in as custodian.

McMahon, Campbell and Brady score without reply to take the Bhoys on to a Quarter Final tie against Northern.


Partick Thistle:-
McCorkindale, Proudfoot, Campbell, Freebairn, Cameron, Brown. Gilchrist, Kelly, Paul, McCombie, Dayle.

Celtic:- Charles Kelly, Reynolds , Doyle, Gallagher (sic), Kelly, Dowds , McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- McMahon 12, Campbell, Brady.

Ref:- N/A

Att:- 4,000.

In other news ….

Bernard IJzerdraat, Dutch resistance leader (De Geuzen), born in Haarlem, Netherlands

De Guezen ‘The Beggars’ Leader executed in 1941

He was posthumously awarded the Resistance Cross which his widow received in 1955. IJzerdraat was buried at the National Cemetery of Honours

70 years ago …. 1951 and on this day (Saturday) Celts are playing Rangers in the Semi-Final of the League Cup. Celts are considered favourites for this match as their city rivals have not been in the best of form. Unfortunately, despite both Tully and Boden hitting the bar the team couldn’t score and the relatively poor return in League Cup Competition continues…

Celtic: Bonnar; Fallon & Rollo; Evans, Boden & Baillie; Millsopp, Collins, J Weir, Peacock, Tully.
Scorers: N/A

Brown; Young, Little; McColl, Woodburn, Cox; Waddell, Findlay, Thornton, Johnson, Rutherford.
Scorers: Thornton (15), Johnson (44), Findlay (53)

Referee: J Jackson (Glasgow)
Attendance: 83,235

In other news…

27,475 watched Derby beat Spurs 4-2 – even Alf Ramsey at RB couldn’t stop The Rams.

20 years ago…. 2001 and on this day, Celts run out 2-1 winners at Motherwell. Greg Strong had equalised Lubo’s absolutely stunning free kick in the 14th minute opener and Celts took all 3 points with a late, late penalty in 89 minutes. Henke had missed his three (3) previous league penalties and the nerves were raw until he slotted it away stoking some fairly wild celebrations by ecstatic Hoops’ fans.

Celtic : Douglas, Balde Mjallby Valgaeren, Guppy, Lennon, Moravcic, Petrov, Sylla, Hartson Larsson

Scorer: Moravcik 14 Larsson 89 (pen)

Sub: Maloney for Moravcik 85 mins.

Motherwell: Brown, Ready, Strong, Hammell, Forrest, Lasley, Leitch, Pearson, Elliott, Nicholas, Kelly

Scorer: Strong 64

crowd 9,922

Ref: Rowbotham

General stuff:

54 Nero succeeds Claudius as Roman Emperor

1307 French King Philip IV has Grand Master Jacques de Molay and Knights Templar arrested and charged of idolatry and corruption ( original Friday 13th)

1483 Rabbi Issac Abarbanel starts his exegesis on Bible

1536 Pilgrimage of Grace begins in Northern England, protest against King Henry VIII’s break with the Pope

1724 Jonathan Swift publishes last of Drapier’s letters

1864 Maryland voters adopt new constitution, including abolition of slavery

1884 Greenwich in London established as the universal time meridian of longitude

1943 Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany

1960 Third presidential debate with Nixon in Hollywood & Kennedy in NY

1963 “Beatlemania” is coined after Beatles appear at Palladium

1975 Rock vocalist Neil Young undergoes throat surgery

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Cosy Corner Bhoy

I was at that semi final! I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of a player called Millsop, although all others are instantly remembered. If I recall correctly we paid £30000 for Jock Weir. I wonder what that is in today’s money. I could be wrong as I don’t bother checking, it’s just as I remember, right or wrong😁.



According to the Office of National Statistics price index , £30,000 in 1951 is the equivalent of £966,000 today.

A large outlay at the time, I guess.


That’s a great picture at Fir Park…wonder what Rab is saying to Bobo ?

Saltires en Sevilla


John Milksopp’s tragic story –

Born in Cambuslang in 1930, he was signed from Blantyre Celtic at 16 and was recognised as a utility player.

By 1952 he was slowly establishing himself in the team (20 appearances), and played in a 5-3 league win over Falkirk in September 1952. Unfortunately he developed stomach pains after the game that led to complications and he passed away two weeks later.



Morning all & Packy.

SeS excellent as usual. Proudfoot (Partick Thistle), what a great name for a footballer! LOL 🙂



Just listened to a good drama on R4extra – The Road to Lisbon. Unfortunately it’s not about Celtic! But it’s worth a listen if you are nostalgic about visits to Lisbon. Full of detail about the life, the streets & the sounds of the city. The recorded soundtrack is genuinely the background noise & music of festivals in honour of St. Anthony in Lisbon. (3/4 hour long!)



According to Celtic Wiki,Jock Weir was signed for £7000 from Blackburn in 1948.

His hat trick in the last game of the season against Dundee was the only thing that kept us up in 1948!


Rab Douglas is talking to Momo Sylla. Bobo is exchanging high fives with Guppy.

Squire Danaher


The 1947-8 Celtic was undoubtedly one of the poorer sides of the club’s history.

It is, however, overegging the pudding to suggest the win at Dundee in itself averted relegation.

What is beyond argument is that Celtic took the field that day knowing that failure to win would leave their fate outwith their own control and that relegation would then be a live possibility.

It seems that other results went our way, and it turned out that the win at Dundee was more a case of icing on the cake as opposed to direct salvation.



Morning troops and happy hump (Woden’s) day.

SeS, as always a pleasure Sir.
Today’s take aways start with names, there’s quite a few strange ones!
Inchview is a strange name for a park. Call it Bigview Park and it might have been busier.
And then a couple of surnames I have never heard in my life, so strange to me, are McCorkingdale and Freebairn. Talk about old fashioned.

As for Mystery Milsopp, what a tragic tale! When taken alongside Peter Scarff and John Thompson one might actually ask did we have a knack of signing tragedies in waiting?
Do other teams have such players in their history or just us? I understand times were different and some considered mild today could kill back then, but what another terrible tale for a Tim.

Martin’s three central defenders would cost about 50million to buy today, and I’m sure there’s some terrible stains in shorts by those who had to face that trio, unforgiving to say the least.

I’m minded to look into Drapiers letters now, and had no idea Italy declared war on ze Germans at all tbh. Thanks for that info.
The Knights Templar got shafted, no doubt about it as they had noble intent. The original UN peacekeepers perhaps, but it went so very wrong.

Anyhows, can’t wait until the real football returns, although happy most of the blog might actually see their nation in a world cup at long last.
As for the nation I’m supposed to support, they had a player sent of for time wasting on the 37th minute of the game, giving you a great example of their mindset. What a joke and no wonder I wouldn’t entertain them. Sackings should follow such malarkey.

Very cold in the mornings now.
Autumn/Fall is truly upon us.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, saltires brilliant stuff as always, my late father and late uncle packy were at that 1951 game they were convinced we would beat the glesga rainjurs, but it was not to be, who was the referee again😍 😍 JIM, did you say you were going to buy me a new drumkit last night, forget it pal, keep yer money in yer poaket, just checked you cant get a slingerland kit for love or money, same goes for hayman and premier, that was the three kits i used, ill just make do with some old dustbin lids, they can still make a noise, another true story,😍 😍


Against my better judgement, I watched the Faroes vs Scotland game last night. I was starved of football and at the same time, energised by the last ditch victory vs Israel. Now that the relief over the victory has left me, what are my lasting impressions?

Firstly, for such a small nation, the Faroes are punching above their weight. Denmark only managed the same score as Scotland. They are no pushovers. They are superbly organised and play to their limitations…..mainly defensive with two lines of four, but with the ability to play sweeping outballs to either wing, but mainly their right wing. Their coach did his homework and noticed the vulnerability in the centre of the Scottish defence to long high balls. Hakan Erikson is not doing his reputation any harm by coaching in the Faroes!

Secondly, for a team that historically carries little to no luck, Scotland are riding their luck to the limit. When will this luck run out…against Moldova? Recent wining performances are balanced on a knife edge and this teeter totter will finally fall the wrong way.

Thirdly, you cannot deny the first law of tactics. For every effective defensive strategy, there is a counter move that will defeat it. Two lines of four can be beaten by a move down the wing and a mid level cross behind the last line. That is what finally defeated the islanders, perhaps, unfairly. Credit to Paterson for attempting the delivery. Why did it take so long for Clarke to put on a player that could do that? Only he knows that answer.

Fourthly, two lines of four, plus a towering CB will defeat crosses from the wing into the centre. Incidently, the CB plays for Dundalk and at 27 is worth a scouting visit. He seemed to be mobile as well as statuesque. I doubt Dykes physicality will be matched again as well as it was in this game.

Victory to Scotland but kudos to an admirable island nation, is the final thought.



One final, final thought…..the 1951 game? Nope, I was most definitely not at it. I was five at the time and my only memories of that time are Miss Clanahan and my first months at school, plus a battle over whether I would be raised by my grandparents or my parents. The result could be called a draw,

Football and bigotry were still to be discovered!

Bye for now, my friends,



Lennon causes a kerfuffle with his comments about NI as a pundit.
Not surprising as guys like him have zero introspection or self awareness.
But truly what do we honestly expect with the collection of failures that regularly get commentary gigs on Scottish football?
McCoist,Boyd ,Neil,and.McCann haven’t a clue about modern football and spout utter nonsense.
Decent pundit’s would upset the SFA gravy train if they told the truth about how deliberately outdated and poor the Scottish game is.
That Clarke has some very good players in the Scotland squad and consistently misuses them is never discussed.
He is aware that kid glove handling of media and SFA favorites is the best exercise in self preservation so nothing will improve.
Not at any point did he or commentators suggest a tactical switch when the hard to discern ones we were using consistently failed.
The lack of creativity in the centre of park was glaring and Turnbull’s stats made him the obvious choice yet we knew if subs were made Patterson would be one of the first up.
Even McGregor who at least brought some shape to the shambolic midfield doesn’t score or create many goals.
If Turnbull was a Rangers player we could be almost certain he would have started in these qualifiers with a crescendo of support from media.
Somethings will never change and we will continue as a footballing backwater.

There is another youn “rangers”player being bummed up………….Stephen Kelly



Tim Horton
The reason Strachan did not get Scotland to Euros was he did not pick the Celtic players until it was too late.
So as not to upset the hun media and SFA he continually picked championship duds.
When it looked lost he turned to the Celtic contingent and we almost qualified.
SFA got rid of him not for results but because he picked too many Celts.
They would rather bask in the glory of perpetual failure than pick on merit.
Clarke knows the score which is why Patterson who gets few minutes for Rangers has seen plenty gametime for Scotland.
Same reason for Turnbull getting skelves on his arse warming the bench.


Packy, Talking about ‘Premier’ drums. Back in the 70s/80s I used to buy Sounds weekly pop& rock paper. There was normally a huge advert for Premier Drums. Included in a a list of famous rock & pop drummers who used them, but an odd one stood out – Alex Duthart, Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band!

“Alex Duthart (October 7 1925 – November 27 1986) was a Scottish drummer who revolutionised Scottish pipe band snare playing
He was described by Buddy Rich as a far better drummer than me”.

He once guested with my band at a charity concert. We played a wide variety of types of music. He could play everything easily.
He died of a heart attack whilst lining up to play with British Caledonian Airways band in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.


Fan, One Radio pundit I like to hear from is Willie Miller. His comments are always relevant, true & unbiased. Even if Aberdeen are playing. I can’t remember him ever saying anything I would consider controversial on Sportsound.

Re. Scotland & Strachan, I remember it well! As soon as he started picking the Celtic players he should have been all along, things improved. But it was too late by then.

big packy

JIM went to see alex duthart at a drum clinic at the adelphi hotel in liverpool, took my mate pat mcdonagh a good dublin bhoy and a crackin drummer, he had never heard of alex duthart, well he did after the show, we were both blown away by the technique of alex ,he just played on the snare drum first half, then went on the full kit second half, absolutely incredible, an icon in the art of drumming, and a scotsman to boot,will never forget it👍

big packy

JIM, have a look at this clip of alex, he is playing paradiddles and double paradiddles as fast as i could play a mammy daddy roll ,now a mammy daddy roll is LLRR, a paradiddle is LRLLRLRR and a double paradiddle, well i wont go on, just have a look. https://youtu.be/BR3qXGUl-Xs


Amazing Packy.

A thing of beauty

I can’t agree regarding turnbull, sorry. The system Clarke plays, in fact all modern football demands that the players are fit and energetic. Turnbull is neither of these. Where do you play him? In place of mcginn, no. Gilmour no. He can’t play the same role as McTominay so that’s a no. He could have replaced Christie but again he lacks the energy that Clarke wants in that role. Turnbull is not good enough for Celtic, never mind Scotland. In my opinion of course.


Obviously you do not like Turnbull.
I didn’t see the logic of bringing on McGregor who is neat and tidy but rarely contributes with goals or assists whereas Turnbull does.
Also there was no need for superfit athletes when all the Faroes did was put two defensive lines close to stop us walking through.
A couple of shots from the central area would of made it difficult for Faros to remain so comfortable in that formation.
McGregor made one very good pass for a Gilmour one on one with keeper but rest of time he did what he does and just recycled ball.
I like my mids to impact the game with goals or telling passes and McGregor for all his skill does not do that enough.
He has become conditioned to safety first.


Could some kind soul post the details again for Garry on Friday. Much appreciated.

Saltires en Sevilla


Discussing the merits of Turnbull as the replacement to win the gemme – kinda sums it up

love him to be that guy…

Then we see the team fotos of our opponents – can ye imagine lining up against our opponents in the tunnel?


We are probably a few hungry generations away from rearing the type of player we really need.

big packy

SALTIRES, how are you pal, imagine lining up the players we have now against inter milan in 67, no neither do I 👍


Saltires en Sevilla
Was not about anything other than changing the square ball,hopefull cross mantra which was failing to create chances.
The rinse and repeat mantra made it easy for Faros defense,
Something different to force them to move out of comfort zone.

big packy

we were a great european team then if not the greatest ,think of di stefanos testimonial, he requested celtic as the opposition and of course wee jinky did not hide, that will never happen again, until the masons in our boardroom GTF, will that ever happen in my lifetime im 68 you do the maths,

Saltires en Sevilla

Fan – agree 💯 buddy, just a smart variation to a set plan would be helpful – always
felt great players know how to do that instinctively – though, tbh they still need to understand the broad plan and it needs a leader to communicate effectively- get buy in etc., etc.

Paddy – aye! Jock had a plan and moved the pieces about to best effect

” …Bobby Murdoch isn’t a half back!! ”

“.., -aye? … just wait until you see the team on Saturday …”

I’m using ” quotes” but mainly paraphrasing/poetic licence etc., …

hope someone has a good link to the full chat on that memorable exchange.



Just got this from Ryan:

Results came back today from my dads post mortem and he has finally been released for us to lay him to rest. On the 15th of October we will say goodbye to a beloved dad, grandad and friend. He will be sorely missed by all that knew him and would like everyone who’s lives he touched to feel welcome to come and say goodbye to the crazy Celtic fan and music lover. The funeral arrangements for Garry Duncan are as follows:

10am @ St.Stephen’s Catholic Church, 12 Park Road, Clydebank.

11.30am @ Dalnottar Crematorium, Mountblow Road, Clydebank.

12am @ Albion social club.

All are welcome.

We would ask everyone to wear a little something green in tribute to Garry and the club he so adored.

Please feel free to share.

Thank you.

I’ll be going, maybe see some of you there…

Until we meet again…

Keep the Faith!

Hail Hail!

October 5, 2021 7:02 pm


Craig 76
Many thanks.

A thing of beauty

I just don’t rate him. I find it very hard to take to midfielders. I am cursed by seeing paul mcstay when I was 11 and thinking every player was like that. In turnbull I admit I am struggling to see past the one foot, one lung and one trick pony element of his play. Harsh I know and I hope he proves me wrong and you right.
I see BR says he has no interest in taking over at Newcastle and he has much left or do in his project at Leicester. I’ll be putting some cash on him being there within the next month. Heardhisshitebeforecsc


Friesdorfer 👍

Saltires en Sevilla


agree totally on Turnbull – although let’s face it, who else was coming through the ranks in our neighbourhood ??

He seems to me to be a product of our times

Capabale of genius, but sense a lacking in heart and guts and determination – we all know every pro’ player needs a special type of quality to ‘make it ‘ and sometimes it’s easy to underplay that aspect – so maybe unfair to criticise in that way .. but can’t help feeling he doesn’t apply himself in conditioning and dedication – not really singling him out as I doubt any of our squad do.

I heard that a BMI test in our squad had Virgil Van Dyke as ‘best in class’ – and I can’t reveal who was next, but safe to say he isn’t part of our squad any longer …

We are miles behind other nations – it’s really got fek all to do with the awful WGS’ chat about genetics in Scotland – he is talking pure shite – he’s never been to a gig and stood behind absolute giant lads .. the raw materials are already here….in abundance

.. it’s the coaching and development that’s screwed up

The guys around WGS are stuck in a time-warp .. and it’s a millstone around the neck of our game.

Back to Turnbull – and compare him to average international players we see every few months on tv and he really doesn’t stand out in any favourable way by comparison.

Brendan at Newcastle – hahaha – you know – hadn’t considered that, but Just sitting here thinking …

The whole lot of them would absolutely deserve each other …

They really would …



“he’s never been to a gig and stood behind absolute giant lads”

He’s not introduced AN TEARMANN to McTALL either. Fourteen feet between the pair of them!

Certainly no trouble in the pub that night,that’s for sure…

bada bing1


I could be late with this story….ongoing, family stonewalled looking for answers …



There are a number of strange names around Glasgow,and elsewhere in Scotland. Inchview probably derives from being in Whiteinch. A look at some of the bus destinations in the city will have you scratching your head and thinking-made up name,surely?



“he’s never been to a gig and stood behind absolute giant lads”

He’s not introduced AN TEARMANN to McTALL either. Fourteen feet between the pair of them!

Certainly no trouble in the pub that night,that’s for sure…
Was that the same night ACGR stood on a bar stool and was still smaller than them. 😂



As a follow up to note on arrangements for Garry’s funeral
The family have also confirmed the funeral service will be streamed live from St Stephens

I will update once I have the details if required

A thing of beauty

Agree about the sports science and coaching. We only have to look at our own efforts at Celtic to see we don’t place nearly enough emphasis on maximising the potential of our players. When I look at Duffy last season and this season it is embarrassing. For no one at the top of the club to ask wtf was actually happening at Lennox town is more dereliction of duty. That we still don t have a DOF or filled most of the roles needed for a proper football department is more evidence that these dinosaurs should be extinct.



Well up to your usual standards,old bean-and apologies for not responding earlier. Re-

“1884 Greenwich in London established as the universal time meridian of longitude”

Greenwich sits halfway around the world from the anti-meridian (obviously) and divides a certain two islands in the Bering Straits.

Both belong to Alaska,US-which means that the most westerly point in the US and its most easterly point are actually only about two miles away from each other.



Your assessments of Turnbull and Rogic made me think, a task that becomes harder, year by year. Here are the thunks that I came up with.

Since the beginning, I have never liked Rogic. Comparisons used to be made between Armstrong and him, but the Hair was a superior player to Rogic in terms of contributions to a game. Armstrong could last 90 minutes, scored more often, and passed the ball more often. This is not to say that Rogic could not provide moments of brilliance. However, he lost the ball too often for these glimpses to compensate for his overall negative to neutral contribution to the team, IMHO. In summary, it is not because he can only last 60 minutes before his fitness flags, it is the continual overworking of the ball that I dislike. Losing the ball in midfield is a serious error in the Ange system. Consequently, I am surprised that Ange plays him.

Turnbull, who also has a stamina issue, is different from Rogic in that he does not become a headless chicken trying to work its way through a forest of opposition legs. He can pass the ball in a variety of ways, including a scoop pass.

Now on the stamina issue, sometimes a player can develop it so far and no further. He may have a heart or lung issue that places a barrier on the level of stamina that is possible. That is why players like Asa Hartford saw transfers collapse in the past. Nowadays more is known about heart conditions such as AFIB, murmour etc and also about scarring in the lungs. It can be assessed if they constitute risk to athletes, so more players can now have a career whilst having these issues. On the other hand, just as there is a limit on high I can jump, there can be a limit on stamina levels for some. No amount of training will fix that, just as no amount of coaching could make me jump higher. Paddy McCourt may have been an example of it, but I do not know enough about his lifestyle to judge it accurately.

So Rogic and Turnbull may be at their limits staminawise and no amount of increased training will help them….possibly it could harm them. It is up to the coach to utilise them within their capabilities in that case.


Dr Rebus



There are a number of strange names around Glasgow,and elsewhere in Scotland. Inchview probably derives from being in Whiteinch. A look at some of the bus destinations in the city will have you scratching your head and thinking-made up name,surely?
Bobby ,Inch in Scotland means island or low lying land near water. The ground stood near the Partick side of Whiteinch.hh



Naw,ACGR told us he couldn’t be there. Turns out he was in McTALL’s back pocket.

Saltires en Sevilla

Rebus – good points on those players – remember ASA Hartford and his fitness issues.

Hopefully we can bolster everything around one of those players – mix match – etc

To play those two at the same time … against fit organised teams


Saltires en Sevilla


Aye – the Inch thing refers to an island – moved by the bucket load -to widen the Clyde – I think

The Abbot’s Inch became an airport …



Thanks for that,lads. Now,can anyone explain the origin of Auchenshuggle?



Agree. Turnbull and Rogic should not be played together. Stamina is not the only reason that they should not be together. Neither can track back so it puts more of a burden on both the FBs and the other midfielders.

In truth, I don’t think either suits Ange’s system and he may dispense with both of them in the next year. I suspect he is targeting Japanese midfielders who will run all day. I expect to see at least one in January. If we do not, it will be an indication that the Board is not all in on Ange.

I am not 100% on Ange. He is a high risk appointment. Remember Paul Guen at Rangers? I get that feeling.

All tge signs are that Ange needs 1-2 years to win a league and then he does not win it the following year. Overall, that adds up to 1 league in 3 or 4 years. Is that acceptable for a Celtic manager?



On my favourite radio station at the moment,Planet Rock. One for the afficianados of a great band.