The most naturally gifted footballer

There I was stuck for a topic when Ange Postecoglou uttered those most rarest of words,,,
Mikey Johnson is available which is good.


Of course it’s good. I recall a Celtic TV powder puff piece from a few years ago, a stage managed piece of feel good material to give the support something of interest, some insights they might find interesting.
“Who’s the most naturally gifted player in the squad?” the player was asked.
Without hesitation “Mikey Johnson” he replied.
What he does in training, wows us regular, could be a top player, etc etc.
But my eyebrows were raised. That’s when I really started watching the kid.
Or would have watched the kid I should say. He’s never fecking there, or at least it seems that way!


I recall Arsene pinning his hopes on an injury prone player, wanting to build his team around Diaby. Four years in a row he very quickly developed a season ending injury, was reluctantly moved on, and never reached his potential in the sport.
He was Arsenal’s Mikey Johnson, at least so far, showing that it happens and that’s just the way it is. Some bodies or frames just aren’t made for a very grueling sport, running almost non stop, at least under Ange you should be.


It’s a crying shame when a talent doesn’t achieve what they could have. I recall thinking if Aiden had Henrik’s drive and application he would have a lot more trophies in the cabinet. Mikey might have the correct application, and the skill level to make a real name, but it’s the physique that’s the issue, and that just can’t be cured.


Don’t get me wrong, zero hate here for the bhoy, and I truly hope he shoves these words down my neck, but it’s fair to say I have genuine doubts whether we shall ever witness Mikey as a regular first team player.
Especially under Ange as he can’t handle regular footie nevermind Anges pressing game.


Although he could become an impact sub, the potential game changer on the bench.
No defensive duties to preserve him?
The floating outball tasked with making magic?
Would a cold clinical eye not suggest playing him in bursts, rather than games, given his injury littered history?
I don’t see much alternative to the above.
And even at that anything could happen.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he went down in the first fifteen minutes, but wouldn’t discount a late appearance and assist from our fragile treasure in waiting.
I would be stunned if he started, but not if he scored, which would only add to his mystique.


This weekend if we are offered the opportunity to view young master Johnson in the beautiful hoops, store those scenes somewhere deep in your Celtic loving memory bank.
Just in case.


Now go shut me up and make that away crowd sing,,,
“There’s only one Mikey Johnson!”

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Are only certain bloggers replied to?


Bye bye Packy.

Saltires en Sevilla


Apologies buddy I was not blanking ye – just away listening to music on Deezer

The snooker dizny work for me as I’ve still got a black & white set – but I’m sure the vast majority will be on it and get back to you.

Keep chatting



Hi Jim. How’s it going? Hope you are well. Same to you BP if you’re lurking.

Hail Hail.


Steve Bruce has been a dead man walking since takeover.
He did the job Ashley desired by keeping them up.
But new owners have different goals.
That squad is poor so very few of them will be there next season unless they get relegated and should get them straight back up with one or two additions.
Maxim and Wilson are probably only two who are likely if they remain in premier league.
Most notable difference between NeWcastle and Spurs was when Newcastle player received ball he had to take a few touches and look up to decide next move whereby Spurs player always knew their options and moved ball easily.
Off the ball movement and anticipation is key in modern football.



Maxim is a headless chicken. Skilled but has no vision. He has been linked with L’pool…..please, No!

I agree that major surgery is required at Newcastle, tho. Wilson might do but the rest do not look EPL quality. Even the keeper raises doubts with his efforts to punch clear. Spurs on the other hand look good.

The Newcastle subs should have been on earlier …….which reflects on the ability of the manager.

Tremendous supporters, tho.


Gerrard to Newcastle? Sevco’s loss would be Newcastle’s loss! Surely, they would not be that daft?





If he had vision he would already be at a bigger club.
A good coach may be able to harness his talent.
Spurs are another team whose coach is infatuated with possession above all.
Their second half performance was pretty but pointless.
That’s why Nuno will never be a really great coach.
There are a plethora of those type of coaches who really need to add purpose to their system.


With 257,703,010 views, slightly more than Jim’s appeals for attention, is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me! 🤣🤣🤣

bada bing1

John Higgins on Eurosport, Belfast final v Mark Allen….guessing he’s a hun going by audience

Sol Kitts

I think Big Packy’s run out of true stories.


Got an email reply from Packy. Wee Joan is in hospital. Hopefully nothing too serious he reckons.
Asked me to pass it on to you.

Sol Kitts

Going back to my post yesterday about the one and only time I had to replace a ref during a match. He had been having a nightmare in the first half, and had completely lost control of the players. When he came into the changing room at half time, the assessor was already there, no doubt ready to give him some grief. On seeing him, he claimed he was injured (calf muscle) and couldn’t take the second half. As I was senior assistant, I stepped up.
I had reffed both teams earlier in the season and most of the players knew I wouldn’t put up with any crap from them. Two minutes into the second half, one of the home defence clearly handled the ball in the area, penalty kick. One of his mates got mouthy, so straight into the book for dissent. I had no further problems.
After the game the assessor said if I had started the game I would have had a high score, but as a replacement for the ref he couldn’t give me a mark. He did say the original ref would still get marked, and it wouldn’t be good. Kinda serves him right for an obvious faked injury (he had a miraculous recovery and was back reffing a week later).

Sol Kitts

Big Packy, if you’re looking in, please pass on my best wishes to wee Joan. Hope she’s doing okay and you get her out of hospital soon.


Sol Kitts, I love your stories about refereeing. Good to hear the other side.

Billy Bhoy

Evening all…..and McCaff.

I’m in the Algarve celebrating (if that’s the right word) my 35th wedding anniversary today.

I met a hun today that I came out on the flight with the other day. We met in the local supermarket. He seemed quite anxious to get away. I hope it wasn’t stress caused by yesterday’s events back home.

As Ange would say it would be awful if the league wasn’t actually concluded after 9 games as had been rumoured last week. that would be just terrible. As if its not bad enough that they might be facing that whole !liquidation thing again!

Sol Kitts

I’ve got a whole load of them, but I don’t want to come over as a reffing bore (believe me there are a lot of refs about who would bore you rigid with their reminiscences). Better to drop the odd tale in occasionally.
I might put a few together at some point and get BMCUWP to post them as a lead article.


Sol, that would be brilliant. I honestly believe that referees exist who are competent and not biased. even potentially in Scotland. If only the Lanarkshire Ref. Assc. & the SFA were not so chummy!

Puff Puff

Hehehehe . McCaff ya cheeky wee monkey .


A referee story , we were playing in a men’s summer league we were winning 3-2 and I scored a beauty, unfortunately in my own net. I asked ref how much time left. In his East Indians accent he said, no time , no , no time. I said give us another couple mins. We center and immediately got up the park, I got the ball went around the defender the net was wide open , I swung at the ball and it trickled off the park. The ref blew for full time,As I sat on my ass in embarrassment the ref runs up to me says I give you chance, I give you chance


Playing in local league against c/wood rfc who were a good team,our team full of tims,we were winning 1 nil the ref (a well know dob in ek)gave them a penalty,they missed cue the call get it right up you ya wee dob
10 mins to go he gave another penalty for f all,they scored,more insults to the ref.
1 min to go and we scored to win the game
3 of us were sent off for celebrating,called before the league committee 4 game suspension for us all..
Who won the league!!!
Even cheating in local leagues…Dobs all..


Thetic, Chalmersbhoy, LOL 🙂 🙂 .

Keep the stories coming.
All the best toBP wife Wee Joan.

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