Europe On A Tuesday-Can It Be?


Whoopy-do,wakening up on a Tuesday and we have a group match European tie? Where’s that Zadok The Priest ringtone,so I can download it again!

Sadly of course,as we know all too well,we ventured into our CL qualifiers in our usual unprepared state and made an arse of it. An all too familiar litany these days,and one which we need to get out of the habit of doing. So this afternoon sees us lining up at the crazy time of 330pm for a Europa League tie against Ferencvaros.

We have two advantages over the Hungarians here,I think. We lost to them last season,so there should be some familiarity there,we should be aware of their danger men. They,on the other hand,won’t recognise many of our team from last season!

The other,more important,advantage is that we are playing the game at home. I very much doubt that the stadium will be rocking to its usual fearsome European atmosphere,as given the ridiculous kick off time there will be large numbers of the faithful unable to attend. That simply means that everyone else who is there will just have to shout that bit louder-and I don’t think any of us will be disappointed by their efforts to make up for absent friends.

We can only hope then that the players put in a serious shift,and give us a first victory in this group. As it stands,we seem unlikely to qualify for the next stage,but two victories in this double header could certainly put a different complexion on things.

We are going into the game on a marked uplift in form and in cohesion too. The new players are looking more comfortable in their roles,more settled with the ideas that AP has been driving into them. He said that the players who stayed behind during the international break had some very worthwhile and valuable coaching sessions and we can hope that this improvement continues,while the board start looking at his recommendations for additional bodies in January.

One thing that the board are unlikely to be looking at-or paying any heed to at all,in fact-is the ridiculous refereeing of certain games,and the reporting of “flashpoint” incidents by our beloved impartial media. Before the international break,Hibs had Ryan Porteous shown a straight red while John Lundstram got off scot-free for worse in the same game.

Not a dickie bird about the latter,while a witch hunt was organised against Ryan Porteous. Led,I might add,by the post match comments from Gerrard-who wasn’t even asked his thoughts on the Lundstram tackle!

Saturday gave us the sight of Aribo being booked for a clear red card assault,while Bacuna wasn’t even spoken to for grabbing an opponent by the neck. Neither incident deemed worthy of showing on Sportscene,nor of much discussion via the likes of Clyde or the papers.

Not so with the handball from Boli,which was a clear penalty-IF the incident that led to it is completely ignored! Which,of couse they did. In fact Sportscene went one better-they actually edited out the Motherwell player’s hand in the lead up by judicious addition of a white circle!  This meant that the casual viewer would be unaware of it,and the pundits on the BBC weren’t for informing the viewers!!!

I’m way past getting pissed off about all this. We are getting the pish ripped right out of us on a weekly basis here. Of course it is nothing new,we know that. But it is getting bloody ridiculous now. Not a player sent off in two years when they’ve already had four dismissals in eight games in Europe? Get real. 

And aye,I know I’m wishing my life away,but the board need to get to grips with this. Other teams need to start complaining about it too,but our voice needs to be first and loudest. But no,our board are too busy gerrymandering the timing of the AGM to maximise the difficulty for anyone presenting a resolution that is not to their liking.

Enjoy the match today,and let’s hope we never have to play at that time again. We’ve had some very strange kick off times already this season,but this one is a doozy…


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A thing of beauty

Vaccine checkers must have been told to clock on for a night game. Never saw anyone get checked or got checked myself. Mind you I was there earlier than usual
in anticipation.



Full match replay quality may not be 100% and commentary is foreign (still better than bbc/sky)
scroll down to full match record


I really can’t see what Abada contributes.


An unbelievable crowd for a 3.30 ko on a Tuesday afternoon 🍀

Paddy’s Maw

Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. Back in the day-cue 🎻-when we were receiving thousands of tickets for away games, most supporters were accommodated quite comfortably.

Come cup finals, and priority away games however, it was those and such as those, that received the prescious briefs.

If I was a cynic, I would have to conclude that something dodgy was going on…but who am I, to suggest such a thing?

Hail Hail.


In 17 matches Abada has 6 goals and 3 assists.


Fan Is Abada the new James Forrest 🤔



He definitely blows hot and cold. But on Kyogo’s goal,he made the same run in acres of space which took the left back out of the equation.

Like all wingers,I reckon it either works well for him and he’s the hero-or it doesn’t!

Plus,he has only just turned 20yo,plenty of time for him.

Prestonpans bhoys

Away tickets was not a problem until the GB appeared. As for the ticket office per sa our CSC wanted two tickets for a game, was told minimum allocation per CSC was six.

You couldn’t make this up😈


Abada is young so consistency not there yet.
Just now he seems to be playing with some self doubt but that will change.
JF under BR showed in a proper system suited to his skillset he will flourish.
That his game declined under Lennon was no surprise.


Good to see Ange eventually giving Scales another run out 👍



While I thought we looked tighter at the back tonight,we still need to focus immediately after a goal at either end.

And Starfelt needs to learn very quickly how to forget about any mistakes until after the game. He makes one,then makes two more while he is beating himself up about the first one.

Prestonpans bhoys

Despite all the actions by the PLC to negate any debate the Celtic Trust have made the cut.
Nae luck the board😂



Nice wee GIRUY to the board!


Well done the CST. 🙂


And Auldheid.

Nana Mouskouri

Our first goal today is more addictive than crack cocaine. Reckon I have watched it 50 times


Howdy folks,
Thoughts on the game.
To me it was a little like the Motherwell game,, in a not very good game we showed heart and desire then a moment of magic carved them open. And that was a thing of beauty indeed.
Momentum brought us a second and a victory in front of a tremendous crowd. I’m sure the bars did well from lunchtime today.

Delighted to eat humble pie regards our starting midfield trio, I have doubts over them but hope they keep shutting me up.
We need JF, for young Liel needs a rest.
I thought Starfelt was two blips away from a great game, CCV is our new rock.
Ralston, I’m not sold on him.
Mikey looks to offer something, he’s very direct and skillful. Impact sub imo.
We need G-Mac to start a game, to form an opinion and hopefully to know we can rest Kyogo successfully.

Overall a good night for the fans and another booster for the team. This season might just have twists and turns after all.

Hail Hail

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