Who’d be a manager?


AP totally buried his protagonists in the press at the weekend after our victory against Motherwell at the weekend. Asked if he thought there might now be a title race on-given that the huns had dropped points at home-he simply reminded them that he’d been told that the league was over in August,so he doesn’t bother even looking at the tables anymore. He concentrates on his job,which is to improve every member of the playing squad and to get them playing with a confidence,and to the style that he prefers.

Or,as we say in Glasgow,GIRUY.

I do like this guy,he clearly knows the story,has done his homework. Possibly-and this is simply guesswork-in the little time that they worked together,Dom might have given him a few pointers about what to expect. Dom might have been working in a different world from the one that most of us will ever achieve,but I suspect that he certainly knew the script when it came to all things Celtic,and how the media reported it.

Of course,even if they had to learn the hard way,all of our managers over the years have become fully aware of this. In time. The first manager of my lifetime as a Celtic supporter was Big Jock. He knew the bloody score alright,and he made sure that they knew it. Few if any were brave enough to cross him. A cutting word,or an unofficial ban from the pressroom was more than plenty.

He even shut the door to the pressers bang on the dot-if ye canny turn up on time,don’t bother at all!

Neither Billy nor David needed any advice,and were more than a match for the lightweights who thought that being a typist meant they knew it all. Liam Brady and Lou Macari-who should have known better!-allowed them to get under their skin,but by then,most Celtic fans were already well aware of the agenda.

“It’s in the papers,so it must be true!” became a means of insulting them,letting them know that aye,we were wise to their game. And no-one more epitomised that than Martin O’Neill,who successfully sued them!

So I think that AP will certainly “know our history” on this one,and will be all Boy Scout prepared. Gemme fur it,bring it on. And the SMSM bloody know it. So expect even more insidious and subtle poison being dripped.

Meantime,we get behind him,because we are seeing progress on the pitch,even if we are moribund in the boardroom. Just about the only initiative they have shown in nearly two decades was a classic subterfuge to-possibly illegally-bring forward the date of submission of any resolutions to the hastily rearranged AGM. They must be crying into their treble gins in the boardroom-that’s the ones you get after a free meal,which is not to be confused with the free meals that far too many schoolkids have to survive on.

I can just picture them now,wondering how to get round their latest setback. It’s not even as though they can deny the resolutions on procedural grounds,and if I know AULDHEID,they’ve got no chance either on spelling,punctuation or grammar mistakes either! Every t will be crossed,every i dotted. Get oota that wan,Batman…

Good luck to the troops on this,and my grateful thanks to everyone who provided their backing. You know who you are.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Excellent read by SeS yesterday.

Good stuff today BMCUWPs…

Great to see Ange sticking up for himself and the Club.

Also timely reminder that Martin O’Neil stood up for himself and the Club.

We should not go back to the counterfeit Celts.

Well done the CST, when you are dealing with charlatans you need to be on your toes. Auldheid et al had there number, wonder why;))

On a more positive note, loving our new bhoys…

“I’m getting to know Kyogo better. He’s an incredible player, one of the best I’ve seen for movements. I saw the pass and he was good enough to take it and score as well. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak English at the moment, so it’s been quite difficult to speak with him. Actually it’s funny because I said to him, if he didn’t learn English then it’s no worries because I will try to learn some Japanese so we can talk. I think I definitely will learn some but I think the most important thing is inside the pitch we are starting to really get to know each other. Game after game, we are going to get
better.” – Jota.

Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla


Cheers buddy.

Thanks for sharing that Jota quote- it’s fascinating how players can communicate and play together without a common language. In this example they don’t even have a common alphabet.

That move on Tuesday nite proved they are both fluent in fitba

The similarities with the Cal Mac – Rogic- Jota goal on Saturday seem to point to practice at the training ground

Saltires en Sevilla


Good shout There are a good few reasons why we would want Ange to succeed.

The one I’m thinking of right now, is how much we can rely on him absolutely rag-dolling the sleekit Scottish press.

If we ever doubted that he would suss them out…

To be honest there were a few moments recently when It looked like they had got to him. That now looks like a minor wobble… he seems to have recovered and has come back strong.


One of my major concerns was how would Ange handle the masons with laptops. I felt that he would identify with Celtic’s history, him knowing about being “othered” by a racist press in the most overtly racist country on earth, but would he have the strength of character to call them out?
I needn’t have worried. He has shown restraint and still put the reptiles in their place with good humour. They will still do their damnedest, but anyone aiming to take him down will have to be up very early and hope Ange is having an off day. He has their measure, and fine well they ken.
Well done Ange!!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends from a clear skied, 4 degrees, need-to-scrape-the-icy windscreen East Kilbride. There’s definitely a feel good factor following our last 2 games and the next couple of weeks should be very interesting. Ange is definitely wise to what’s going on and is handling the situation very well.
Hope the positivity remains with me as I try to batter a wee golf ball around a golf course at 9am. Aff oot…. 😉

St tams

Listened to the Ange press conference when I was on my way home on Tuesday.
When I heard Anges answer to the first question, I thought, you tell them.
Live listening to this guy.

Jobo Baldie

The unique angle footage of Tuesday’s goals…
And the unique angle footage of the fans celebrating those goals!



I must admit,I enjoy the “unique angle” replays,and the Jota/Kyogo assist and finish justifies it on its own.

But it does bring back memories of being a wee thing in the vast expanses of the old Hampden about fifty years ago. Those were the days when the kids were sent down the front,of course.

Unfortunately the front few terraces there were below pitch level! And anything more than about thirty yards away,all we could see was ankles!

Ah,happy days of Dixie hat tricks at the Celtic End…


How did the golf go,btw?


Ange, indeed, does not suffer fools gladly
…and thank feck for that.

The so-called Sports Journalists-and their broadcasting colleagues-in Scotland, are a damn disgrace. A bunch of liars, frauds and cheats, who would do very well for themselves, in the boardroom at Parkheid…sure they’d fit in nicely.

I doubt if many of them made it to secondary education, so thick do they appear. As yourself this: Would Kris Boyd, Charlie Nicholas or Alex Rae et al be given such vital jobs in any other country? Hunbelievable, so it is.

Here’s hoping the Huns get pumped the night.

Hail Hail.




Has my mail re GARRY arrived yet? My mail seems to be malfunctioning the last day or two,a few not arriving. As my Dad will confirm.


Think you know everything about the tragedy at Hillsborough all those years ago? The lies,the victim blaming,the cover up?

Seems that I,for one,wasn’t quite paying attention. This is indeed a “Long Read” but well worth anyone’s time.



Who’d be a manager?
Peter, in all but name



You’ve been waiting all day to say that!

I think there was a line from Spike Milligan in one of his war memoirs when a colleague fell in the river in Paris. Spike-naturally-shouted

You’re in Seine (I’ve waited twenty years to tell that joke)

Daft things you remember…


Hi Ho time.
Play nice Timmy’s and remember, you can’t beat a bit of Bully!

bada bing1

Dom McKay Interim President of European Rugby…….those personal issues must have sorted themselves pretty quickly…..

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, a couple of quiz questions to start the night off with a movie theme,,what was unusual about the movie the treasure of the sierra madre starring humphrey bogart,,and in the sopranos which was not a movie but a series by HBO, bada bing was a stripclub in the series, but which actor used the phrase in a francis ford coppola movie, and which character did he play ,cyber pint awaits,


bada bing1,

Great that Dom McKay managed to pick up his career from where he left off.

Why the Celtic Board feel they can treat people the way they do is beyond me.

They behave more like a feral City hedge fund than a professional sporting organisation.

Hail Hail


Packy, I know one. Sonny Corleone in the Godfather?


I’ll settle for a half pint! (of Heavy).

big packy

JIM, cyber pint on its way👍

big packy

3 PINTS of heavy on its way,,,plus a large bottle eldorado,😎😎 JIM, they call heavy, bitter down here, can never get used to it😎


Packy, I never quite liked the Bitter as much as the Heavy in Scotland. Mind you, there were some rubbish Heavies up here too. Remember Ushers? EUGHHH!

bada bing1

Celtic talent Karamoko Dembele is facing a length layoff as he after a blow to his ankle fracture rehab.

The 18-year-old has been on the sidelines since fracturing his ankle during the pre-season tour of Wales

big packy

JIM, remember it well., ouch.😎😎


Our board is a liken to an old bhoys club without the H.
Didn’t know you can still get pints of heavy back home unless you mean………..a lot of heavy drinking.👍

Big Packy
Nothing was as bad as Drybrough’s. Keg Heavy? Keg heavin’, more like.🤢


Just checked my emails…your message did indeed arrive. A fitting tribute to Garry. Thanks again. Much appreciated.


If a game was arranged today, with Lubo and McKay on opposite sides, McKay would spend the full game, in the legend’s back pocket. As you rightly say: What the feck are these people on?

Hail Hail.

I’m at Edinburgh airport right now, thought I would grab a pint at the Wetherspoons pub, calls itself the Sir Walter Scott. Decided not to when I saw the prices. £5.40 for a pint of Guinness. Think I’ll just hold off until BMCUWP arrives at Chez Kitts tomorrow. My local Wetherspoons is over £2 a pint cheaper.
Should have called this bloody place the Dick Turpin.

big packy

JIM, this guy, Owain Wyn Evans is going to play drums for 24 hours for children in need, fair play to him,id probably last 24 minutes, 😎😎 but hey could he play with one hand, I used to enthrall the burdz, dont tell wee joan, by playing hi hat and snare drum with my right hand, only on pop and rock tunes 8 in a bar,,they loved me,,another true story.😎😎


Sol Kitts
I’m amazed people can get on a plane pissed, they must spend all their holiday money in the airport bar bloody joke them prices 🙄

big packy

SOL, too true,👍😎


Wee Barrie, another overrated former Hun superstar 🤣🤣


Sol, I remember going into the Weatherspoons in Edinburgh Airport when it first opened. I was delighted when I saw it! But shocked when I saw the prices. Their usual price policy was scrapped for a captured audience.
Tim, Heavy is now sold as ‘Special’ but the old guys still call it Heavy.


Packy, well done Owain. 🙂


I seem to to remember an Oldco player, called John Fleck, who was apparently destined to become an inter-galactic superstar. Surprise, surprise it didn’t happen. 😀


Oi…less of the old guy bit, or I’ll be sending the heavy team round to see ye. 😎

big packy

JIM, but can he play with one hand😎😎


Packy, i can’t play drums with 2 hands! 🙂

Aff oot pal.


Just had a look at intergalactic superstar Flecks career, seems he done walking away in 2012(not very staunch)

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the link to the unique angle. I love that stuff.
Craig 76,
Bannon must be on the Evo Stick super strength😂😂


Hmmm. Not so sure about that. Leaving the Huns could be seen as a sign of uber-staunchness. Mibee he thought to himself:

“Feck this for a lark. Rangers are pure deid, man. I’m certainly not joining that Sevco mob. I’m outa here.”

You know it makes sense. 😀

Frimpong just gave away a penalty.

Terrible attempt at a clearance with his left foot.

1-0 Betis.


1-1 Wicked deflection.


FT 1-1



Just about the only initiative they have shown in nearly two decades was a classic subterfuge to-possibly illegally-bring forward the date of submission of any resolutions to the hastily rearranged AGM. They must be crying into their treble gins in the boardroom-that’s the ones you get after a free meal,which is not to be confused with the free meals that far too many schoolkids have to survive on.

I can just picture them now,wondering how to get round their latest setback. It’s not even as though they can deny the resolutions on procedural grounds,and if I know AULDHEID,they’ve got no chance either on spelling,punctuation or grammar mistakes either! Every t will be crossed,every i dotted. Get oota that wan,Batman…
Lets hope the CST in an avoidable rush to get enough signatures have not provided any loopholes.

Prestonpans bhoys

Edinburgh Airport prices, unless they have changed policy since I was last there, they put the prices on the fonts facing customers to avoid the shock of buying your drink , when the bar man tills up😵

big packy

before i retire for the night, the quiz question about the treasure of the sierra madre was john huston directed it, and his father walter huston played a big part in it, and the mexican actor alfonso bedoya, uttered those immortal words, badges, we dont need no stinking badges,,another true story, nite all,



Every so often,my nephew and I meet up in Central London,see where the mood takes us. Usually to a pub crawl via a pleasant little restaurant.

He’s a smashing young fella,and everyone who contributed to how he turned out deserves huge credit for it.

But in one particular aspect,he is a really nasty piece of work! And it has become easier for him since the first lockdown,and the various rules brought in since then.

We were in The Doric Arch at Euston,our normal meet up/starting point. I got there before him,table service only,gave the barmaid my card and asked for the beers for myself and my nephew.

In this pub,you need a code for the toilet because they don’t want them used as a public convenience,which is fair enough. So we came towards the end of a minor wee sesh,Part One,next stop Somers Town Coffee House,and I asked the barmaid how much I owed.

Oh,it’s been paid,I’ll get you your card. I thought he was asking for the code,bugger was squaring up the bill!!!

Smashing young fella,aye. I could bloody strangle him at times!

Anyway,meeting him next weekend-once I’ve hopefully sobered up from my visit to Chez SOLKITTS,so I will be on my toes. I’ve decided to mug him on the way in,and steal his credit cards.


Dunno about anyone else but I’m fed up with people saying COVID,innit.

How about doing yer bloody job?!!!