Going up or down?

The week opened with an attempt to blindside the Celtic Trust, conveniently running down the necessary time to get a Resolution placed on the agenda. Their attempt failed, but it’s the actual attempt itself which portrays their true colours (not green and white).


I’ve read numerous tales of our owner/operators not being on the same page as the clubs lifeblood, through means nefarious and otherwise, but this latest chicanery is extremely galling.
They may as well put their ears in their fingers whilst running away saying ‘can’t hear you, can’t hear you, na na na-na na’.


It’s not like they were asked to meet a delegation of the most ardent anti-board delegates (ourselves?), but rather to liaise with the fans main organization in a professional and respectful manner.
That small task which should be expected not requested proved beyond them.
They don’t even wish to hear other concerns, and shall take active steps to avoid.
It’s arrogance, it’s disrespectful, it’s certainly not the type of action Fergus envisioned. Even I know that.
After the worst decade imaginable, finding out we are neck deep in corruption alongside other tainted parties, those fans who truly care about our off field affairs and reputation get a further slap in the face, instead of a much deserved reconciliation process.


While the good folk at the Trust (I think I speak for us all when I say a heartfelt thanks for your efforts) were scrambling trying to clear hurdles they should not have encountered, an ex employee was busy securing employment elsewhere, inadvertently giving our hated board the two fingers in the process.


Dom’s stepping down for family reasons was pure bullshit, but you didn’t need me to explain that. The ‘team player’ jibe told us all we needed to know, it was personal not business. Eight weeks or so later and the man with the plan is back in the business of enhancing the supporter experience, for rugby once again.
His vision of a modern Glasgow Celtic cost him his job, but not his reputation. I’m extremely happy our boards non team player smear hasn’t affected his professional standing.
Nevertheless, the Dom experience shall more than likely sway our suits to never again stray, to stick only with the tried and trusted. ‘Us And Them’ shall once again become the norm, ‘We together’ remains a (Dominic) pipe dream.


My respect for him continues to grow. Many of us have often asked or wondered how could a true Celtic man/woman make such a decision,,turns out a true Celtic man couldn’t, so walks putting his morals before (shut up and take it) money, a true Celt indeed and his parents can be proud.
The board shall bat away questions about him, their lying and his being pushed shall not make the slightest bit of difference to some brass necks.


On the field of play without that direly needed modernization or Dom’s vision, we look set to repeat the Lennon years with a different cast. More misses than hits, then the hits get sold, their profit disguises the misses failures and suggests success, rinse and repeat.
And each time the suits turn a profit it shall only serve to reinforce their mindset, that their path is the correct and less risky one.
It’s working, why change it, they allegedly told Dom.
It’s no wonder folk are really enjoying Ange & The Rays of Light. This is the crest of the wave. Dom had three months and a dozen swings of the bat, he hit 4 home runs (Hart, CCV, Jota, Kyogo) plus Juranovich, Abada, and G-Mac have the potential to be one, maybe the unknown Scales shall prove a diamond? Four minimum then.
Our previous board had just about hit four home runs in the previous ten years, they aren’t suddenly going to find the Midas touch. Dudu Duhan should buy an extra phone charger and travel plug is all I’m saying.


Tackling this current board may be mission impossible, I might do it until my dying day and get nowhere, but for today simply spreading the facts shall do.
Being aware is half the battle.
They’ve shown we can’t trust them. Solid evidence.
They want your money, not your opinion.
They don’t grow Celtic, only their bank accounts and egos.
They didn’t create those great night’s.
They try to thwart fan orgs, this very week.


We are all enjoying the Ange rollercoaster, where it goes, nobody knows..
There’s a buzz around the place, a vibrancy, an expectation of special moments almost, and how very sweet it is when delivered by a new breed of heroes who have respect for the support who are truly world-class.




Footballing wise (and that is the heart of the business) we as a club are on an upward trajectory,, the rebuilding has the potential to become a mini renaissance under a new leader with modern ways and philosophies which have been embraced hence the genuine good vibes around camp.
Ange and some new bhoys have lit a spark, started something, given us something to look forward to at the weekends.
The Celtic buzz is building, it is going to be a title tussle after all!


However history shows us the PLC prefer the slow lane, where expectations are checked, where excuses why it’s unsustainable to compete in Europe emerge, and the board assert their favourite business model which Mag’s so succinctly composed as,,
1,,,Nice turnover
2,,,EPL fodder
3,,,Europe if you’re lucky
4,,,What are the Huns doin?


If they opt for the slow lane from here, it’s clear they have no true ambitions for the club beyond your yearly allowance.
Upward trajectory is clearly within reach but they like to control affairs, the slow lane suits fine and more importantly pays just fine.


We need to watch the suits carefully, how they treat Ange will tell us everything about their future intentions.
If a second man with big dreams and modern practices gets badgered out the door unfulfilling his potential, then please recognize the club is being held back, chained down.


Chains can be broken. Some chains must.

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Saltires en Sevilla


“…an expectation of special moments…”

Inspiring and evocative!

We have the ‘The Celtic Way’ to illustrate those “moments” we have very recent examples. The Rogic/Jota & Jota/Kyogo goals epitomise that mythical phrase…

From some of our ‘greats’:

Dowds & Campbell into Madden

Patsy Gallacher onto Jimmy Quinn

Peter Scarff & Bert Thomson to McGrory

Tully to McPhail

Lennox & Johnstone to Chalmers & McBride

Kenny to Dixie

Maestro & Tommy to Choccy

Lubo & Thommo to Henke

Naka to McGeady

Sammy to Hooper

And countless memories, real or imagined, half-remembered and almost forgotten.

We are often reminded that this is what the vast majority of the faithful want and will cherish these ‘moments’ forever…

The Board are almost seen as just another shower of unfriendly un-Celtic types and best ignored.

It’s reassuring like-minded guys on this blog think differently and keep on the case.

Just one point on Fergus. Totally agree that Fergus should be respected… even revered. However, when Rangers died and he was interviewed, he was adamant, aghast even, that removing them from the top league would be wreckless… or words to that effect.. can’t find the quote. Illustrating how the ‘money men’ all think and feel.

It’s always money first. Always has and always will.

We all have our “Special moments”

More to come today…and despite myself … forking out £12.99 for the tv fee.

A thing of beauty

Good article Mahe, hard to disagree with anything you’ve said. In business they talk about stale, pale , male boards and how this needs to change. Goodness knows what they’d think of ours!! Positively foosty with a faint whiff of formaldehyde. They are holding the club back purely for personal gain. If anyone of them walked tomorrow they would not get one offer from a top rated company. Actually did any of them come from a top rated company? I would suggest not!! The only dissent I will say is that we have always had shit boards, nothing changes.
I’m sure if the pass to paradise is working someone will be more than happy to give you their code if they are already going to the game. Let us know if you’re interested and I’ll speak to Paddys Maw. Myself and CCB have already given ours away!!

Saltires en Sevilla


That’s a very generous offer thanks. I’ve got your dad’s mob. number – sent him an anniversary text. Or you can get my addy from Bobby.

Made my day 🤗

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends.
Good article Mahe. For now I’m no longer giving Celtic my cash and this afternoon I’ll be round at the K-Park for a Scottish Cup 1st Round tie – EKFC v University of Stirling paying £8 for the privilege. But my heart will still be at Celtic Park with regular checks on my phone for updates before hopefully watching the whole game at a later time.
I’m expecting (and hoping) that Celtic, Dundee Utd and Hearts will all win this afternoon to put another wee bit of pressure on Sevco when they travel to Paisley tomorrow to face in form St Mirren. The Buddies have won their last 3 games so in a wee bit of form. 🤞

Paddy’s maw

Really enjoyed Hector Bizerk from last night. Made me smile seeing all the old faces.
Just getting ready to take the dog out before going to the game. Let’s hope we keep playing well.

Paddy’s maw

Happy to pass on info on game. Will email Bobby the details. Enjoy!


Auldheid you said “Go out With A Bang”, well, this is for you….
I have always thought that the 28,366 Celtic shareholding supporters were key to boardroom accountability. They are combined, the third biggest shareholding group. Of course supporters are mostly more interested in the team than any company, we tend to forget that PLCs are regulated and therefore accountable, why else would the criminal chairman remove his club from plain sight. PLCs are subject to Company Laws, like the Companies Act of 1985 – 2010 etc.
Companies that are regulated, sometimes that can act to the shareholders benefit, courts tend to favour shareholders over companies, directors reputations are paramount, especially PLCs, if they do break the law


if they do break the law, then that can have serious repercussions for them. Its with that in mind that I write this for Auldheids and the Celtic Trusts attention. You might find this of interest in your attempts to gather support in holding the Celtic board to account. It could give you the oppertunity to reach out to much greater numbers of the Celtic shareholder supporters.
With some time and research I managed to obtain without too much resistance, the full list of all 28,366 Celtic shareholder supporters.
By law i cannot pass on or divulge their names and addresses as it is against the law to do so, it has to be said that i obtained them with the Celtic boards permission, but for research purposes only, if it helps you then i would be happy to explain to you and the Celtic Trust the process of how i obtained all the names and addresses. It was a relatively simple, straightforward process and would surely aid your attempts to obtain full accountability from the Celtic board, it would also broaden your search for much bigger backing. Apologies for the break in posting, but a big Hail Hail to Mick and Mahe, two great Tims.
Auldheid and Bawheid, two Heids that beat as one. Yours in Celtic Mike.


Another goals montage for you
This time Roy(feed the bear)Aitken enjoy folks

Saltires en Sevilla

Paddy’s Maw

Thanks so much – really, really appreciated 🤗

Saltires en Sevilla

Craig 76

Love these montages- great memories buddy


Craig…fantastic, mate! Loved it! What a player Roy was, almost every goal managed by sheer desire to compete and win. A player of his generation, definitely!!
🎶🎼Feed The Bear 🎶🎼 Feed The Bear 🎶🎼



Loving the montages 👏👏👏👏👏

Keep em coming 💚💚💚

For today’s game love to see GMac and Kyogo up front.

Could be goals, goals goals !!!!!!



Still waiting on 5 (Chalmersbhoy, GSCBhoy, Johnny the Tim, Tirconnel and Wee McCaff) to make their picks in Superbru. Thanks to all the rest who have done so


Cheers folks 👍👌

Prestonpans bhoys

I remember that second goal well, was just turning to go down the stairwell, they were singing fook the pope and the IRA, then bang it went in. Rolled down the stairs surprised I didn’t break anything⚽⚽


Prestonpans bhoys
The body can take more of a battering when younger 😀

Jobo Baldie

I wonder if we will see the return of Juranovic today at right back? Don’t expect too many more changes but is Abada due a wee rest?
For me the biggest dilemma for Ange is up front. Kyogo is clearly the main man and is best through the middle so if it’s always going to be a 4-3-3- how do we bring in G-Mac? Earlier in the season Ange tried Eddie through the middle and Kyogo out wide but it didn’t work (I’d have tried those roles reversed – Eddie seems to play more on the left for Crystal Palace and is doing well).
A couple of weeks ago, our upcoming fixtures looked challenging, especially Wednesday’s trip to Easter Road. But we have been getting better by the game whilst Hibs have went into a mini slump; so much so that I fancy ‘canny beat anybody’ Aberdeen to beat Hibs today.
Think it’ll be 3-1 to The Hoops.



No predictions at this end,but I’m hoping that we continue our recent improvement. Abada has been off the boil these last couple of games,so must be due a cracker today!

Re G-Mac,I’ll be happy to see him get twenty minutes or so as he continues to build his fitness. And I’ll definitely be happy to see the continued improvement in performance and confidence at the back.



Correct. The board tried to pull a flanker with their ill-conceived deadline. All it has achieved is to further piss people off and harden their resolve. I’m pretty sure that in attempting this,they will have broken Stock Market rules,but since lying to shareholders at an AGM is also in breach of Stock Market rules,they clearly think they are untouchable.

BTW,if I had been Dom,I’d have demanded my money upfront. Hopefully it is guaranteed anyway,and not just until he found a new position. And congratulations to him on that,of course.



Compiling the names of the shareholders? Well done,that man! I’m sure that the CST et al will be requesting your assistance fairly soon.

Good to see you back on here.

Jobo Baldie

Team – Hart, Ralston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Juranovic, McGregor, Turnbull, Jota, Rogic, Kyogo, Giakoumakis

Jobo Baldie

So is it 4-3-3- with Kyogo out wide….?

Jobo Baldie

Or is it 3-5-2….
Ralston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt
Juranovic, Rogic, McGregor, Turnbull, Jota
Kyogo, Giakoumakis

Who knows (answer: hopefully Ange!!)


Didn’t take long for my suggestion about Abada to be thrown out! That’s why I don’t do predictions.


Abada needed a rest, but I was hoping for James not JJ..
Two up front should be the goal, I’m happy at that.

It’s the usual suspects in the middle, enough domestically but we can’t just bring a player in from the cold for the biggest games, they need minutes and starts sometimes, and a league game against lower opposition is the perfect opportunity.
Ange might believe those three will improve as a unit through game time. Maybe but how much? Enough to compete in Europe or do the Ibrox mob?
I doubt it.



Mike, always welcome Sir.

Jobo Baldie

Mahe – I don’t think it will be 2 up front, I think it’ll be Kyogo-G Mac-Jota. But I hope I’m misteken.


My issue with that three is G-Mac being the point of the trident, while Furuhashi is wide left.
From clips the Greek is a penalty box player, not a bundle of energy that’s hard to contain and keep pace with.
It’s different yes, but the current mobile striker up top is working and we have the players.

We could play a striker (G-Mac) off that mobile striker (Kyogo)? That keeps our mobility and might work.

GG might be able to finish, but can he hold it up and create? That wasn’t his last job.

It shall be interesting.
Hail Hail and well done for helping local community football.

The Celtic board are a disgrace they don’t show even a hint of ambition. They’re happy to win or come second in the SPFL and we’re never prepared for CL qualifiers. We try to get there before investing in the side instead of investing in the side to make sure we get there. Whether we like it or not we’re minnows by CL standard now.

These people are only custodians of the club just now old men in suits who haven’t had an original idea in 30 years and that’s clear to see with the contempt the treat us the supporters and CST must hold them to account. The fact they moved the board meeting forward a month shows that contempt and they don’t want to answer the difficult questions they’ve been trying to brush under the carpet, Res 11/12, the five way agreement and their part in the corruption and facilitation of sevco being classed as one and the same club, whilst also trying to hold onto the old firm brand when it’s abundantly clear we’re not half of anything and don’t need them to survive.

When the AGM comes around there’s going to be a hostile reception for Bankier and his cohorts and it’s time that the CST motion to hold them accountable for their corporate governance of the club is passed with an overwhelming majority or else we’ll still have the same problems in 2031. So I urge all attendee shareholders to pass the motion and if you can’t attend the AGM proxy your vote to someone who can attend.


Well said Tommy.

Great lead article today.


A brilliant post. The problem with votes at the AGM, is that each motion is passed or voted down, not by a show of hands, as it should be. Instead, the largest shareholders use their millions of votes, to act as they damn well please. Until this rigged game changes, nothing else will.

Hail Hail.


There’s something red on the strip and JJ is playing left back. Only we would sign the Croatian International right back and stick him left.


There’s finally something to aim at in the box.

Good cross Jota, then good save Zander


Whatever that red badge is,it is already peeling of a few shirts.


It’s a sticky Show Racism the Red Card badge.
I wonder why today?


Sorry, Kyogo looks wasted on the right


The Saints are sitting deep to negate through balls and over the top. Working so far.




G-Mac with a poachers finish.
Well done that man, good assist Tony


Great cross from Ralston from a spinning ball,and a predator’s finish.

Margaret McGill

Good post Tommy
Reminds me of my own from 10 years ago but with sell out crowds these custodians are going nowhere. No matter what.

Watching the game now 1-0. The age of Ange? Shrunken jerseys fitting every player except Jota and Kyogo.


Controlled and comfortable,but the worry is that the goal we scored was from our only chance. St J don’t lose many goals as a rule,so we need to keep the pressure on.


Our two touch before passing slows us down.
We need better anticipation.
Rogic being himself and giving ball away.
Not seeing much in Juranovic would prefer Boli who was giving Turnbull and Jota great options in last game together.
Kyogo wasted out wide.
We know how StJ are set up so Ange should adjust to make it harder for them.
Would take off Rogic and bring on MJ and give Kyogo a more free central role.


I agree Kyogo is wasted on the right as nobody sees his runs. StJ must, at some point create a chance so 1-0 is too tenuous.

Jura looks like a player out of position but doing his best. Rogic….well one mishit shot and one powder puff header, and one good pass. How does he keep his place? GKM took his goal well but curiously it is difficult to judge his overall contribution. Speed does not look to be an asset. The number of runs by Jota and Kyogo that Calmac misses is too many for a player in his position.

Are we playing 442 or 451? I cannot tell. Those at the game should see the full pitch and have an answer.

Starfelt looks like a different player from the start of the season. He is making more forward runs.

The key to the game? Move the ball faster. in the second part of the half, Celtic did that and StJ started to creek. They were unable to break when they got the ball.

One more goal and its is over.



Good point re Kogo. The double-whammy is of course, that the promising Jota-Kyogo partnership is broken up. Hopefully Ange will address this at half-time.

Can’t for the life of me, understand why Scales wasn’t played at LB today.

Hail Hail.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good shout -too many touches allow defenders to set

And get Mickey on at 55/60 increase the movement


A very poor first half if truth be told.
Our formation isn’t working.
The team loses out when Kyogo isn’t played through the middle, the spaces he wants to run into are taken.

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