If you know your history – October 27th

130 years ago … 1891 and we continue to follow our heroes in their quest for a First Scottish Cup and League Flag. Having defeated league leaders Hearts at Paradise last weekend to stay in 2nd place ( with Dumbarton), the team lined up again at Celtic Park, against bottom side Vale of Leven.

Wilson the Vale’s international ‘keeper, played well for much of the game but was powerless to prevent a complete landslide, as Celtic’s imperious centre forward Madden, helped himself to four (4) goals in a six goal rout. Once again there is reference to Celtic’s passing game with it’s “machine like accuracy”

The Celts welcomed the return of Duff between the sticks but Gallacher is still absent from the half-back line, with Willie Maley an able replacement beside Captain Kelly and Peter Dowds.

The Right wing seems to have had most of the play with Brady opening the scoring in 20 minutes and Madden opening his account in 25 minutes. Immediately after the restart the right wing combined again to set up McMahon, then Madden ran riot with another three (3) goals in quick succession. Vale counted a consolation goal from their Centre Forward Cowan.

Both Hearts (18) and Dumbarton (16) won and the league standings remain unchanged. However, Celts (16) have games ‘ in hand ‘ over Hearts (3) and Dumbarton (1)

Hopes are high amongst the Celtic support.


Celtic:- Duff, Reynolds, Doyle, Maley, Kelly, Dowds, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell
Goals:- Brady 20, Madden 25, McMahon 46, Madden, Madden, Madden.

Vale of Leven:-
Jas Wilson, Busby, McCormick, Tait, McNicol, McAdam, Murphy, Logan, Cowan, McFarlane, Park.
Goal:- Cowan.

Att:- not available
Ref:- Mr Allison.

In other news …

It’s worthwhile mentioning that Vale of Leven had won the Scottish Cup three times in the 1870’s and had lost four finals in the 1880’s, the last as recently as 1890 against Queen’s Park. It seems their fortunes were now in fairly rapid decline and they would never compete in another Scottish Cup Final.


90 years ago …1931… in a League match at Celtic Park on 24th October , Hoops’ defeated Ayr United 4-2 in a League match.

This game was significant as Peter Scarff (23) was taken off the field suffering with breathing difficulties. Later, the condition proved to be Tuberculosis and his playing days were numbered. He battled on fighting the disease and managed a few more games in the Hoops, but by 19th December, he would have played his last game. He struggled bravely to fight the disease, sadly, by December 1933 he would be dead.

The player many considered to be the natural successor to the great Jimmy McMenemy contributed much to Celtic, but would never realise his full potential.

We will return to this sad tale in due course ….


Coen, Cook, McGonagle, Wilson, McStay, Scarff, R. Thomson, A. Thomson, McGrory, Napier, McGhee.
McGhee, (2); McGrory, Napier.

Hepburn, Robertson, Fleming, Taylor, McLeod, McCall, McLean, Armory, Merrie, Tolland, Brae.
Merrie*, Armory.

Attendance: 9,000
*Celtic F.C. give scorer in 12 minutes as Brae, William

In other news ….

The 1931 United Kingdom general election was held on Tuesday 27 October 1931 and saw a landslide election victory for the National Government which had been formed two months previously after the collapse of the second Labour government. Collectively, the parties forming the National Government won 67% of the votes and 554 seats out of 615. The bulk of the National Government’s support came from the Conservative Party, and the Conservatives won 470 seats. The Labour Party suffered its greatest defeat, losing four out of every five seats compared with the previous election.


40 years ago …..1981

1981-10-24: Hibernian 1-0 Celtic, Premier League

Celtic’s first game since John Doyle’s tragic death five days previously.
A minutes silence is abused by a small number of Hibs fans.
Trouble breaks out in the big enclosure afterwards.
Nicholas misses a penalty.


McArthur Sneddon Turnbull McNamara Paterson Duncan Callachan Rae Murray Flavell MacLeod
Subs: Rodier Brazil
Scorer: MacLeod pen 45

Bonner Moyes Reid Aitken Garner MacLeod Nicholas Sullivan McGarvey Burns McCluskey
Subs: Conroy W McStay

Attendance: 18,000
Referee: DM Galloway


Big Packy goes the wrong way – surely must be at least one Sentinel in that crowd?

Johnny Doyle : The Man Who Loved The Green

I’ve travelled ’round these islands, from shore to shining shore,
I’ve met so many heroes, from the team that I adore,
I’ve followed Glasgow Celtic, from London to Aberdeen,
But I always remember, the man who loved the green.

And Johnny Doyle told me, just before he died,
I live for Glasgow Celtic, I’m just a Celtic bhoy.

He came from Ayr United, to join his favourite team,
To play for Glasgow Celtic, would fulfil his dream,
Around about St Patrick’s Day, signed by Big Jock Stein,
He played only for the jersey, the man who loved the green.

And Johnny Doyle told me, just before he died,
I live for Glasgow Celtic, I’m just a Celtic bhoy.

In Europe 1980, he made a gallant bid,
He capped a great performance, against Real Madrid,
He rose with two defenders, to win the ball so clean,
With Sabido and Camacho, was the man who loved the green.

And Johnny Doyle told me, just before he died,
I live for Glasgow Celtic, I’m just a Celtic bhoy.

So in your prayers remember, a gallant Celtic son,
His young life cut so cruelly, in 1981,
The 19th of October, is the day when I’ll be seen,
Browsing through my photos, of the man who loved the green.

And Johnny Doyle told me, just before he died,
I live for Glasgow Celtic, I’m just a Celtic bhoy.

Johnny Doyle
(1952 – 1981)


General stuff:

27 Oct, 1904 New York Subway

The New York subway opens travelling between Lower Manhattan and Harlem stopping at 28 stations in between and cost a nickel to ride.

27 Oct, 1921 U.S.A. Metric System

: A senate committee is advising that the United States changes to the metric system of weights and measures as it is now used by 37 countries against the Imperial weights and measure system used in just 12 countries . Currently the only major international country to have not adopted the metric system is the United States who still use Gallons, pints, pounds, ounces, etc.

27 Oct, 1936 England Mrs Wallis Simpson

1936 : Mrs. Wallis Simpson American born Friend of King Edward of England won a divo in a brief hearing at Ipswich assizes. The petition for divorce was based on evidence that her ships brokers husband a subject of the king was guilty of misconduct at the Hotel De Paris at Bray near Maidenhead in Berkshire.

27 Oct, 1954 U.S.A. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio divorce after DiMaggio allegedly struck Monroe following the filming of her famous “skirt scene” in The Seven-Year Itch.

1960 : Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was released from the Georgia State Prison following a direct intervention from Robert F. Kennedy who had question his constitutional right to bail, while pending appeal of a traffic conviction.

U.K. No #1 It’s My Party – Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin ( 2wks)

( where to start with this – is she even trying ? )

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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SES famtastic again, i wasn’t at the Hibs game, I was however at the other two mentioned today when wee Johnny scored a ridiculous header sneaking in between the two much taller (wouldn’t be hard) real Madrid defenders, pity we couldn’t see out the return leg, and present when 10 men won the league, buses were on strike as were the Tv crews.

Very sad what happened to wee Johnny, I wonder how the guy who was supposed to fix his electricity feels (no names given) but he promised to do it twice, and never turned up, and the rest is a very sad history of a bhoy who loved the Celtic.

C’mon the hoops, seems i have the game on Celtic TV.

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Ralston 1 nil
Header from Turnbull free kick


Sheep 1 up

Sol Kitts

Hesgoal back up, just as we score. Fantastic save by Joe.

Sol Kitts



CCV makes it 2-0


2 nil CCV


Sol Kitts
That was a great save by Hart



Sol Kitts

Broonie makes it Huns 0, Sheep 2


Broonie makes it 2-0 to the sheep


Sheep 2 up 🐑🐑

This Hun Bassa Robertson is at it.

If any foul in the box it’s a penalty to Celtic, no, foul to Hibs WTF.

Two scything tackles right through the back of Celtic players, not even a foul WTF.

Then, has to give fouls for two tackles on Rogic and we score TWICE – he’ll be beeling.


Sol Kitts

Turnbull misses an easy chance


Poor pass by Johnston-Should have been game over


Finally gogic gets a card


It is now Kyogo 3-0


3 in easy Kyogo Kyogo

Sol Kitts

Yeeesssss Kyogo 3-0


Superb 30 minutes of football 🍀


Fantastic bit of skill by Jota to start the move


Dancing feet from TR as he weaves into the box,feeds Jota to lay up a tap in for Kyogo.


Bad miss from Kyogo


Great save from Kyogo to keep it 3-0


Poor defending from corner 3-1


Lost the stream comes back and they’ve scored 🤬🤬


Bloody awful marking from the corner.

Sol Kitts

Deliberate hand ball by Boyle, should be a yellow.


Bitton on for Rogic


Bitton on for Rogic


Terrific save from Hart


Half Time 3-1
Sloppy goal to give away, gives them a bit of hope when there shouldn’t be


Just saying,like-two Aberdeen players booked from five fouls. No huns from four.


No surprise with cheating Beaton in charge, and spawn of dallas as fourth official.

St tams

Get Gio on for Johnston

Margaret McGill

Walter is looking doon saying geez a penalty
No way will the Huns lose on a day like this to a Scott Brown goal