The Algorithm

A friend was telling me he thought about buying something in particular, reached for his phone and opened the browser,,,
lo and behold that very item was being suggested by ads.
It wasn’t an act of God, nor a device gone rogue, but rather an act of gambling on thought process, ‘the house’ got that call correct, and it happens daily to millions around the globe.


You are compounded down into an algorithm that stalks you. Some might not care or even notice, but it’s true, you’ve been calculated.
That’s the case for the world’s biggest online marketplace, but what about closer to home?


I’ve often felt the support has been the victim of an algorithm. In plain language, the suits are able to pull our strings. Its not just our club.
I recall an Orange strip that appealed very much to a certain section of society, but likewise I recall a few Celtic Cross endorsed tops that were big hits.
Throw politics aside, those tops were the sales departments wet dreams, marketing had done their homework.
Via an algorithm.


Look at last year’s slogan,
A cause, a culture, a calling.
It’s catchy aye,but it’s bullshit.
The clear cause is profit,
We are multicultural,
We are generational fans, this wasn’t a calling? In Jocks day maybe, Lenny’s (when this was revealed) no chance of a calling to that football.
The algorithm failed in that occurrence, at least to these eyes, producing buzz phrases that don’t stand up.
Yet it works in the main.


Perhaps the biggest weapon in the Algorithm’s arsenal is the green, white, and gold of dear Eire’s flag. Stick those colours on something Celtic related and it will fly off the shelves. The black jacket I associate with Lenny the manager has both, the Cross and the colours, even if both are hard to find. The double whammy, worked a treat.


Every year there’s 3 new strips and one new slogan, all will have been researched and emerged with high odds of positive public reception. All four will have been based on our tailored Algorithm, and thus have a very good chance of satisfying the customer base. No chance of a stab in the dark shot, the tried and trusty rehashed and rotated.


It’s disturbing we are at the mercy of this powerful collection of information, an Algorithm that’s silent while it works and was created to exploit.
The right eye appeal shall open the wallets,
the correct rallying cry can help move season tickets,
the advertisement of the Foundation hints at a collective cause.


I’ve no doubt there’s an Algorithm out there designed to get the maximum out of your board members, one on the hiring of football managers, and another on how modernization improves clubs.
Funny how they couldn’t find those, eh?

By Mahe

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Squire Danaher. ref Magua’s post last night (10.36pm) about being rubbish with techno stuff, he’s kidding you on, the man’s a techno wizard !!
Nah, he’s right, he’s a techno dumpling, but a great guy and Tim.



Maybe Ange giving Kyogo a rest so he can come on in second and run riot.
When he and MJ come on we can run them ragged.
My biggest bugbear is why Ange keeps picking Bitton instead of younger guys.
He offers little.


I give you Bittons best bits(its not long)


Packy, used to get hospitality invites to Livingston FC through my work. Spoke to Jim Leishman a few times. very nice man to talk to. I remember one of their players I met post match, Jamie Dolan from Salsburgh. Turned out we knew some folk in common. Poor Jamie died of a heart attack aged 39! he’s better remembered as a player with Motherwell.

Sol Kitts

Technology gone wild πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

big packy

HI JIM, yes remember jamie dolan,,so sad,

Saltires en Sevilla

Sol Kitts

Hadn’t seen that before .. absolute belter πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

My mum got a crank call a few weeks ago ” someone has made 2 large transactions on CC… etc”

Told her to hang up immediately- then she dialled the Card Company on another number – but was confused by questions ” can I let you speak to my son?’

No problem- if it’s your son etc.

I spoke briefly to the customer care assistant – she asked me a few questions. We managed to reassure mum it was a crank call and no deductions from her account

Problem solved.


I am with same Bank and strongly suspect they ‘knew’ I was her son from voice recognition

Maybe I’m overthinking this… 😝


You would need to go over many seasons to find highlights of Bitton.
His assists and goal stats bar one decent season are poor.
Would have been easier highlighting his frequent errors that cost us.

Puff puff

That’s a penalty .

Margaret McGill

Found this as the game starts:

Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins spoke out after the Fans Against Criminalisation campaign group were critical of him warning controversial Celtic fans group the Green Brigade to leave politics at the turnstiles or face being arrested.

Sol Kitts

16 mins, wtf did Madman see there? Calmac through, Mib manufactures a free kick to Livi.

Sol Kitts

Madman laughing at us now. Absolutely shocking.


Bobby Madhun A.k.a “The Nappy”, always on someones ass, and constantly full of shit.

Awe Naw

The huns might not have not been able to give the cardihun a fitting tribute but Madden and Beaton sure are. Cheating cunts.

Sol Kitts

This is ridiculous. Does this clown know what a foul looks like?


Of the 3 midfielders only Turnbull playing positive football.
Bitton taking way too many touches before releasing telegraphed pass.
McGregor not showing anything other than backwards passes despite playing a more forward role.
Too much slow and square football against limited opponents.
We have had plenty crosses but no one attacking front post except one time Gio did to be given offside.
Turnbull and McGregor need to attack front posting give Gio company.
85% possession means nothing when the opposition goalie really hasn’t had to make a save.
Madden is just a hun cheat and one minute added despite Devlin being down for over 2.

Jobo Baldie

Good first half but a few opportunities to shoot from outside the box have been passed up. Finished the half better.
As it stands its Hearts who top the league but I’m still confident it’ll be us in an hours time.


C’mon Ange get Kyogo on πŸ™πŸ€

Sol Kitts

Starfelt done his hamstring

big packy

emdae think bobby madden might be a supporter of the infamous glesga rainjurs, dont know, just throwing it out there,😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
He gives the odd hint that he might be.

Sol Kitts

Very shot shy today.

Sol Kitts

Madden v Beaton for the Cheating Championship of Lanarkshire.

big packy

SOL yes,πŸ‘

Sol Kitts

We are as sharp as a tennis ball today.

big packy

FFS come on celtic, we used to shout that somtimes while watching the lions, funnily enough against dunfermline and kilmarnock quite a lot,


They sit very deep in numbers, it’s hard to break them down.
A winner here would be delicious


A big belated welcome.
Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

That has got to be a penalty

Sol Kitts

Shocking penalty

Sol Kitts


big packy

why the fuck didnt juranovic take the penalty, that was as poor a penalty as you will ever see.,scunnered.

Awe Naw

We need to bring our line of engagement back and lower the defensive line and effectively retreat into our own half when faced with 13 men behind the ball. We need to adjust our mentality to something more negative in an attempt to draw the opposition out. We shouldn’t leave it too late though as the opposition need to gain confidence before they will leave space for the counter. It also changes the MIBS mentality. I suspect they are instructed not to due to mibbery as it as acute as we have ever witnessed. We are not street smart. Maybe we need to offer Luis Suarez a coaching role after his retirement. Brendan had a far superior quality of striker than we presently have which got us out of jail more often when we played an ever ending game of recycling the ball. Unfortunately our plc are far more street wise than the faithful. A doctored product to embolden the Old Firm model. I dont blame Ange for this as much as I blame the Scottish coaching contingent.


Prestonpans bhoys

One shot on target and four points for Livingston in two games😡😱


Utterly clueless performance against a team who we knew how they would play.
Taking 4 and 5 touches to move the ball sideways and backwards.
Ange knew how Bitton took our forward momentum out of game against Hibs yet played him today when we needed a quicker approach.
He obviously learned nothing from our last defeat to them.
As for our much lauded captain is it any wonder we don’t move ball upfield quickly when he constantly takes pass has 2 touches then plays ball backwards?
Also compare and contrast Juranovic and Ralston?
One makes good runs and puts in decent crosses while the other add’s nothing.
Better with Montgomery or Boli there.
Madden is a cheat but we contrived to make it easy for him.


Big Packy
Juranovic took the last penalty and scored that why he took it

Prestonpans bhoys


Wouldn’t disagree with any of that, sadlyπŸ˜•

Puff puff

The Greek took the penalty Craig67


Hopefully, that’s the last time the big Greek plays for us, absolute donkey.

Someone mentioned earlier about not rating the manager. I’m one, why have your best striker on the bench against an 11 man defense? Then compound this by playing Bitton?

That’s 5 points we’ve lost to that crap team, today we had 85% possession.

Great boost for Sevco now. Looks like we’re the bottlers.


The king

I thought brother bobby had a good game.cant blame him.blame celtic for not having a midfeilder that can pick a pass.piss poor


Big Packy
Apologies I misread your post
Puff Puff πŸ‘
My excuse I’m in the pub

Margaret McGill

Totally agree

Puff puff

We all need a holiday Craig67 .


Rope a dope is still alive and well. Giakoumakis is a Scottish Championship level football player but why let him take the penalty at that crucial stage? The captain needs to step up and assure that the regular penalty taker gets the gig. Very poor judgement.

I hope the club lodges a protest against the ref. His performance was woeful, especially in the first half where he missed foul after foul in critical areas of the park. However, we conspired to lose the points by our play. Hardly any shots from the edge of the penalty box. Shooting from range forces the first line of a two line defence to move up, yet we tried to go through them.

Why Giakoumakis was still on the park is beyond me. He was getting nowhere.

That was an important opportunity lost. Will there be others given the standard of ref?



Puff Puff
You’re right there, gonna slap a few 1st class stamps on my forehead and post myself to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ˜ƒ


Calton Tongues
I think we gave the huns momentum today..
Some of our players and coaches looked like clueless bottlers.
Possession means F= all if it’s all backwards and sideways followed by hopeful punts.


Were Livi’s tactics the complete antidote to Ange Ball? Ange’s system relies on inverted FBs and a high press. Bringing FB’s inside against a two line defence just clutters up the middle in front of the defence. There is no need for a high press when you have the ball for 85% of the game.

Ange needs a plan B against this type of setup. Today he did not have one. We shall limp towards January when we have the chance to fix two parts of the team that are lacking. One is the creative aspect of midfield and the other is goal scoring. Giakoumakis is not the answer, given Ange Ball. He is not mobile enough, nor does he have adequate ball control. Either we bring in a creative, engine driven midfielder, or a defensive/central mid that frees up Calmac to go further forward, to solve this problem.

Maeda seems to be the thinking for the striking issue. I hope there is a target for the midfield. I think there must be and that is why we passed on Ali McCann.

Have a good weekend,



Didn’t see that coming? – and yes we were paying attention.

Astonishing game in Parkhead where the ending beggared belief and Celtic even contrived to miss the SFA’s opportunity to say ‘ these things even themselves out ‘ Overhead kick specialist Giakoumakis missed a penalty, and worst still managed to miss much worser a minute later. Celtic were lethargic from the K.O. and IMO the idiotic GB denial of their valuable support for the team contributed to a stale but staunch Boaby Madhun, punctuated goal threatless first half.

One creative down, and not Nir Bitton’s fault he’s last man standing in midfield, but the paucity of ‘the rebuild’ is laid bare with every passing hamstring, surely there is a running creative midfielder at Lennoxtown able to step up ? Apparently not, and as a consequence Tony Ralston is it on the right and on the left Juranovic clearly doesn’t want to reach the final third, on his wrong foot in case of nosebleed.

Livingston overall showed that a Wattenachio is all you need for a point, and the side we have at present won’t be nearly enough to win an already assisted League, shame that when Carl Starfelt finally managed a clean pass back he was fast off the mark to signal his sheer professionalism with β€œ hammy, I’m out of here β€œ. Celtic missed supersub Tom Rogic or come superstar in AP’s side and its no wonder the internet sites rumour jam in January.

The end to a rebuild week in the life of Celtic, where direction gets further and further in the distance away from rank and file support and manifests itself on the field as Philosophy 0 – Tony Macaroni 0

Pig Sick at a point CSC

M.O.M Calum MacGregor