The Algorithm

A friend was telling me he thought about buying something in particular, reached for his phone and opened the browser,,,
lo and behold that very item was being suggested by ads.
It wasn’t an act of God, nor a device gone rogue, but rather an act of gambling on thought process, ‘the house’ got that call correct, and it happens daily to millions around the globe.


You are compounded down into an algorithm that stalks you. Some might not care or even notice, but it’s true, you’ve been calculated.
That’s the case for the world’s biggest online marketplace, but what about closer to home?


I’ve often felt the support has been the victim of an algorithm. In plain language, the suits are able to pull our strings. Its not just our club.
I recall an Orange strip that appealed very much to a certain section of society, but likewise I recall a few Celtic Cross endorsed tops that were big hits.
Throw politics aside, those tops were the sales departments wet dreams, marketing had done their homework.
Via an algorithm.


Look at last year’s slogan,
A cause, a culture, a calling.
It’s catchy aye,but it’s bullshit.
The clear cause is profit,
We are multicultural,
We are generational fans, this wasn’t a calling? In Jocks day maybe, Lenny’s (when this was revealed) no chance of a calling to that football.
The algorithm failed in that occurrence, at least to these eyes, producing buzz phrases that don’t stand up.
Yet it works in the main.


Perhaps the biggest weapon in the Algorithm’s arsenal is the green, white, and gold of dear Eire’s flag. Stick those colours on something Celtic related and it will fly off the shelves. The black jacket I associate with Lenny the manager has both, the Cross and the colours, even if both are hard to find. The double whammy, worked a treat.


Every year there’s 3 new strips and one new slogan, all will have been researched and emerged with high odds of positive public reception. All four will have been based on our tailored Algorithm, and thus have a very good chance of satisfying the customer base. No chance of a stab in the dark shot, the tried and trusty rehashed and rotated.


It’s disturbing we are at the mercy of this powerful collection of information, an Algorithm that’s silent while it works and was created to exploit.
The right eye appeal shall open the wallets,
the correct rallying cry can help move season tickets,
the advertisement of the Foundation hints at a collective cause.


I’ve no doubt there’s an Algorithm out there designed to get the maximum out of your board members, one on the hiring of football managers, and another on how modernization improves clubs.
Funny how they couldn’t find those, eh?

By Mahe

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St T Ive seen worse performances by poorer Celtic team and supported them regardless but this shower of f#cking cnuts running our club have taking me to the absolute limit. I hope to feck we win the league but tbh i couldn’t give a rats arse anymore. May the board rot in hell and all who back them hh

A thing of beauty

Awe Naw,
Agree he took a lot of punishment but still fell he should be doing more. Lots of turning back today and passing the ball three yards back to where it came from or square. He is not solely to blame, he was one of many poor players today.


Gordon 👍



Less Algorithm and more alcohol rhythm 😜


Sam Fender – Saturday (Official Video)



Awe Naw


Yes he goes from sublime to slapstick in every game. He’s not ready to play in a midfield without protection. By protection I mean fellow midfielders not officialdom. I actually mean he was deliberately targeted by Livi and Bobby Midden. You would think that some of his fellow team mates would have noticed that and remonstrated with Bobby Midden and give hm a hard time more than they did. McGregor should have taken a yellow for the first non foul and pointed out where he had missed the fouling on Turnbull.That would have got the docile non GB crowd to participate We can’t even do that. A lot of pressure placed on a young lads shoulders without help from anyone. Not the officials or team mates. He’ll come good if his health is not debilitated due to the lack of protection. When you are being targeted in a game like he was it naturally affects your performance and mind set. When that happens your main concern is avoiding injury and keeping possession. I thought he done well today under those circumstances

Billy Bhoy

The big problem today was that plan A wasn’t working and neither the players or the coaching staff came up with a plan B!

I could see after 20 minutes it was going to be a bit of a slog. It never got any better.

My biggest gripe is that we gave them far too much respect. We tried to break them down in a manner as if we were playing Real Madrid. Its fucking Livingston!!!

We’ve got ALL the best players! ATTACK them! Run at them! Terrorise them!

In all honesty, I don’t think the Livi players would have needed a shower at the end of the game. We never left second gear. For all our possession (85%) we never had a shot from outside of the box.

I still think we’ll win the league but that was dreadfully disappointing.


Bottom line Ange fecked up badly today with his formation, tactics and subs


Anges failure to change things at HT could have got cost us the league. I just don’t get him 🤔


If Ange thought his tactics were working he’s either deluded or living on a parallel universe 🤔



Ange showed his limitations today as a 2 dimensional manager 🤔



bada bing1

G64- really disappointing result as we all know, if i was told 2 months ago this is where we would be,i would have taken it,we need reinforcements in January,as we seen today, the cheating from the MIBS is off the scale now, i hope AP does it soon


Bada Roy C has organised a hoot for 27th Nov if you’re up for it mate hh

Puff Puff

Gordon64 . Enjoying 😉 the music tonight.

Maestro Fan

What’s our WLD record with Bitton in the team versus without Bitton? Would love to know. Not an Angeball-compatible player either. Big tempo killer!

A thing of beauty

Good comments overnight. I agree the tempo was way too slow abs we wasted most of the game passing for passing sake. We saw that a lot under BR in his last season but we usually came good eventually. Maybe that’s the difference between having an interested edouard and a Giakoumakis. No offence to our new centre forward but we’re not going to get a bit of magic from him, he’s not that type so we just ran out of ideas. We had similar against Ross County earlier in the season and the breakthrough came from a speculative shot from CCV. We didn’t do this yesterday. Credit to livi though who closed down the space anytime the opportunity arose. They were well drilled by that horrible little manager.
As for Awe Naw saying Turnbull was kicked off the park. That was part of an absolute masterclass from
Bonny Madden in how to referee Celtic. He knows it, we know, the board know it and nothing will change. We’ve even had Hugh Dallas giving his opinion on the decision to award the Huns another of their unique penalties this week. Yet more evidence that they don’t even try to hide it anymore. If in fact they ever did.


Maestro Fan
Bittons last 5 seasons

20/21 P 22 W 12 D 7 L 3
19/20 P 21 W 18 D 1 L 2
18/19 P 11 W 9 D 1 L 1
17/18 P 21 W 16 D 4 L 1
16/17 P 35 W 32 D 3 L 0

Final Leauge Stats

20/21 P 33 W 20 D 9 L 4
19/20 P 30 W 26 D 2 L 2
18/19 P 33 W 24 D 5 L 4
17/18 P 33 W 22 D 9 L 2
16/17 P 38 W 34 D 4 L 0

Apoligies for spacing it keeps bunching back up when i post it


Nir Bitton 21/22 12 games 1 assist
Calum McGregor21/22 19 games 1 goal 1 assist
David Turnbull 21/22 23 games 7 goals 5 assists
Tom Rogic 21/22 22games 1 goal 4 assists
Yet Turnbull gets blame for our midfield failings?
You wrote about Turnbull turning and making shortt backward passes yet he put a beautiful ball on Jota’s toe who whiffed on it.
Being fair he is learning from the best in our captain on passing backwards and sideways.
The captain needs a rocket up his ass and to be told to stop facing backwards when receiving ball then returning it to where it came from without looking around.
Yesterday people said we would see the best of him in a more forward role.
All he did was pass it back from further upfield and totally stifled our momentum.
He is a no more than a neat and tidy player and should not be a captain due to his unwillingness to accept the burden of responsibility.
I would make CCV captain immediately.

Saltires en Sevilla

ATOB et al

Great observations particularly from the folk at the match.

The morning after analysis/reflections leaving us with a sense of deja vu

Bitton always plays slow deliberate fitba … whatever position … McGregor must play a wee shuffle with both feet and run 10 yards every time he receives the ball ( in or out of his usual slot) watch him do this every time – then and only then, does he look up and scan his options. Meanwhile our forward players have started run stopped! waited to go again .. waited! .. then find themselves surrounded by defenders who have reset and positioned … only by now, they are on their 18 yard line or deeper.

The initiative and advantage and Space has run out!

Turnbull did come in for attention and so did Rogic in last few games. This will continue.

Where is our leader on the pitch getting right up to ref backed by a deputation ( change personnel every time to avoid repea dissent etc) – ask the question about EVERY dodgy decision and illegal tackle – STOP the game to do this … the quick free kicks seem to indicate to officials and opponents we are accepting the crap! Don’t accept it STOP and say ‘just haud on a wee minute here .. what the hell is this?!?!”

Keep doing it – ( watch the sevvies when a man goes down or they don’t get a favourable decision … not that we should take a lead from them … watch other teams asserting themselves too) – if it means delaying a restart or taking a few cards, so be it. Those cards are being dished out anyway. No pushing or shoving our foul language –

Captain just asks WHY ? Assertively not aggressively.

Our players just play on – do they still think Sir Robert Kelly fines still apply ? … maybe they do..

Billy Bhoy made a great point – when they constantly bank up in two rows of 5 – we should have players running at them directly – the ball might be lost, or it might bounce to a striker, but the insurance is that these teams don’t want to break quickly on us and seem fairly content just to hoof it up the park and await next attack- even if they do break out, it stretches the game which suits us on the return.

Obviously, we don’t try this against strong counter-attacking teams -much…

Another thing – our players aren’t fit enough -and they stop moving for long periods – top teams move constantly and this seems to be a malaise in our domestic fitba that catches us cold in Europe.

laziness or arrogance ?

Saltires en Sevilla



A thing of beauty

Calmac has played almost all the games in the holding role. You’re not going to get the same numbers from him for goals and assists as you do for Turnbull. Callum’s stats in the ferencvaros game were up there with the very best in our best performance of the season. You focus on the negatives with him and I do the same with Turnbull. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
Having Callum out the number 6 role definitely hampers him and us. Bitton slows everything’s down, he can’t help it, it’s not his type of game. The same will apply to McCarthy whenever he gets fit. The 6 in the system Ange plays needs to be perpetual motion. There is not another player that can do it in our squad. It’s a problem.
Craig 76,
Thanks for the stats on Bitton. Would I be right in thinking that when the team is dominating as we did under Rodgers he’ll do a job but when the team struggles he contributes to the malaise. He’ll be due a testimonial at the end of this season. Utterly remarkable for an utterly unremarkable player.

A thing of beauty

Agree about the players being too ready to accept the refereeing standards. I would love to see our players in their faces.
You don’t want Calmac as captain but he’s earned the right. Taking the arm band away would destroy him. I saw him question Madden a few times yesterday as did Turnbull but it’s not vociferous enough and only done one player at a time. We need more orchestrated complaining to highlight the sleekit refereeing we know is going on.

St tams

Yesterday we again had the Croatian right back playing left back , to accommodate a 100% Anthony Ralston. Something far wrong when that is happening. We also had the best left back at the club sitting in the stand.

I like Ange and want him to succeed. But as my mate in Melbourne told me.
He has a system and he won’t deviate from it.


Being a Celtic captain requires more than wearing an armband. There’s only one leader in our current team and that’s our goalie Joe 💚


The bells at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow led a UK-wide toll from 18:00, offering a traditional warning to humanity to “pay heed to the climate crisis”.

Those arriving in the city include Marcha Glasgow, a group of Spanish activists who took a ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth to embark on a 30-day hike to Glasgow.

Camino to COP26 members have walked from London and Bristol to Glasgow in just under two months.


Join the global day of action on Saturday 6 November to make sure that our call for climate action is not ignored.
What should I wear ?
Wear something green !


“We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the assumption that what is good for the the world will be good for us.” Wendell Berry


The Juranovic situation is worrying.
Celtic have a history of playing square pegs in round holes but usually because we do not have personnel in the required position.
But in this case we have Boli ,Scales and Montgomery so it makes no sense.
Boli was excellent in last outing but not considered?
Montgomery has been good when called upon.
Scales has also looked good in few minutes he has been given.
Yet yesterday we had Juranovic who contributed nothing in an attacking sense on left play.
The contrast with Ralston on opposite side was glaring.


For the amount of games played he was in the winning side more than not, apart from last season and nobody gets pass marks for that.
**how many games we won after he was subbed I don’t know **

As for a testimonial don’t think there will be a rush for tickets unless it’s to drive him to the airport after 😀

A thing of beauty

Craig 76,


David Rovics and Paul Sheridan at Squirrel Bar on Sunday 07 November 2021.
Tour name: Rebel Songs WORLD TOUR

An event in Glasgow’s most infamous pub, where the Venom flows freely, along with fine Republican sympathies! (The kind of Republicans we like.) David Rovics is joined by Paul Sheridan of The Wakes for a double-bill not to be missed.

Awe Naw


When Ange selected Eduardo Osdonne and Ryan Christie for the last OF game. 10 hours before their inevitable departure was highly significant. Those two players effectively lost that game for us. It raised one question. Why ?

None of my answers to that question show Ange in a positive light even when playing devils advocate.

Whatever the definitive answer to that question is, is the answer to your concerns above.

The definitive answer will include the words Bernard Higgins.


Well !


Motherwell go ahead. C’mon the steelmen!


Cue penalty in the 44th min 🤔🤔


Motherwell 2 fouls and already a player on a yellow


A nearly from Tom Watt.
(I’m not watching it honestly! I’m listening to the radio).