The Algorithm

A friend was telling me he thought about buying something in particular, reached for his phone and opened the browser,,,
lo and behold that very item was being suggested by ads.
It wasn’t an act of God, nor a device gone rogue, but rather an act of gambling on thought process, ‘the house’ got that call correct, and it happens daily to millions around the globe.


You are compounded down into an algorithm that stalks you. Some might not care or even notice, but it’s true, you’ve been calculated.
That’s the case for the world’s biggest online marketplace, but what about closer to home?


I’ve often felt the support has been the victim of an algorithm. In plain language, the suits are able to pull our strings. Its not just our club.
I recall an Orange strip that appealed very much to a certain section of society, but likewise I recall a few Celtic Cross endorsed tops that were big hits.
Throw politics aside, those tops were the sales departments wet dreams, marketing had done their homework.
Via an algorithm.


Look at last year’s slogan,
A cause, a culture, a calling.
It’s catchy aye,but it’s bullshit.
The clear cause is profit,
We are multicultural,
We are generational fans, this wasn’t a calling? In Jocks day maybe, Lenny’s (when this was revealed) no chance of a calling to that football.
The algorithm failed in that occurrence, at least to these eyes, producing buzz phrases that don’t stand up.
Yet it works in the main.


Perhaps the biggest weapon in the Algorithm’s arsenal is the green, white, and gold of dear Eire’s flag. Stick those colours on something Celtic related and it will fly off the shelves. The black jacket I associate with Lenny the manager has both, the Cross and the colours, even if both are hard to find. The double whammy, worked a treat.


Every year there’s 3 new strips and one new slogan, all will have been researched and emerged with high odds of positive public reception. All four will have been based on our tailored Algorithm, and thus have a very good chance of satisfying the customer base. No chance of a stab in the dark shot, the tried and trusty rehashed and rotated.


It’s disturbing we are at the mercy of this powerful collection of information, an Algorithm that’s silent while it works and was created to exploit.
The right eye appeal shall open the wallets,
the correct rallying cry can help move season tickets,
the advertisement of the Foundation hints at a collective cause.


I’ve no doubt there’s an Algorithm out there designed to get the maximum out of your board members, one on the hiring of football managers, and another on how modernization improves clubs.
Funny how they couldn’t find those, eh?

By Mahe

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How’s about:

1938 and for some strange reason, can’t think why, 1967? In the case of the latter, we all know what happened on the 25th of May…but I always find the dates 28th January and 31st May 1967, a right laugh. πŸ˜€

Hail Hail.



Got my tickets already for the Tuesday night.

Looking forward to it πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ€πŸ€


I reckon there’s a few on here, that would have drank Richard Harris, Ollie Reid and Hurricane Higgins, under the table.
.now that would have been some hoot. πŸ˜€

big packy

MAGUA, hope your not implementing me and jimthetim53 in that😎, i will add however,JIM is teetotal unlike me,,another true story.


Leggy πŸ‘πŸ‘
Sounds like it’s going to be fab night

Big Packy

Certainly not…would I insult the gentlemen of the blog?

No names, no pack-drill. It’s a secret, but not of the knuckle-shuffling kind. πŸ˜€

big packy

MAGUA, you are a true tim,more power to your elbow,πŸ‘


Bad day for everyone on Superbru this weekend.

7 players were joint top on only 4 pts (Jmccormick, bhoyfrotheVilla, Big Archie, SFTB, Magnificentseven, Pannysbhoy and Leggy).

18 players drew a complete blank and finished joint bottom with 0 points ( including TheLurkinTim, Angel Gabriel, Auldheid, Mahe, ACGR, Greenpinata and wee BGFC to hjighlight just a few.)

In the overall leaderboard, Call me Gerry has a half point lead over Hopeful Hoops with Big Archie and Bhoy from the Villa in joint third.

In the basement battle Wee BGFC trails Leggy by 4points and The Lurkin Tim by 5

Next deadline is Sat 6th November at 3 pm

Big Packy

Right back at ye.

Hail Hail and feck the Huns(1872 and 2012 versions) πŸ˜€

Big Packy

That was a class banner from the Motherwell fans:

‘Halloween Ya Zombie Bastards’

I’m quite sure the Huns support will see the humour in the banner. Y’know, cause they’re renowned throughout Europe, as a bunch of cuddly, fun-loving scamps. πŸ˜€

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA,, yes yes and yes, πŸ‘πŸ‘

A thing of beauty

Will look out for the undoing. I watched Mare of Eastown. It was excellent.
Must have been good to watch without having to concentrate on the subtitles, like me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A thing of beauty

Just checked the undoing. I did watch it. It was very good. Not two actors I’m particularly fond of in Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman but they were very good.

The Gombeen Man

There was a clearly audible sigh of relief from the Tobacco Lords in the Celtic Boardroom at Full Time, yesterday.

The recent stuttering performances of the Southside Unionists have been the source of growing concern to their Unionist counterparts in the East End of Glasgow.

Sevco are going to need that Β£40m from the CL. The doomsday scenario of another administration event at Ibrox has to be avoided.

The Ark of the Covenant or The Five Way Agreement might mitigate some of the disruption caused by an administration event at Ibrox.

That said, the subsequent scrutiny of that scenario needs to be avoided.

There’s too much at stake. Too many lies. Too many bodies buried. Too much fear.
It needs to be put to bed.

This is a shambles that goes all the way to the top of the establishment.

The long term value of the majority shareholder’s investment is predicated on the guarantees that a vibrant/toxic Old Firm provides.

Too much progress has been made under Peter’s stewardship, to allow another financial blip at Ibrox to jeopardise the project. The long-term financial interests of Celtic PLC, means submission toΒ the misery of the Old Firmisim.

The Old Firm is the concept that perpetuates the marginalisation of the followers of Celtic and deepens the sectarian divide in society.Β  Conveniently however, it guarantees handsome returns for very little, for the Tobacco Lords of Celtic Park.

There was also a moment of ironic indiscretion by Brian Wilson earlier in the week. It led to an embarrassing climbdown and the amendment of an Obituary in a national newspaper.

Mr Wilson’s writing and it’s subsequent redrafting tagged the late Walters Smith’s legacy with the words relegation and liquidation. A clumsy scenerio that should have been sidestepped.

Rumours circulated too, about the possibility of the of appointment senior cop, skinhead and Heinrich Himmler lookalike, Bernard Higgins to a senior role at Parkhead.

The Tobacco Lords of the East End, are thought to have been impressed by Mr Higgins’ tenacity during the identification and prosecution of a 12 year old Celtic supporter, in connection to an alleged incident involving Alfredo Morelos.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether the Thorntonhall Arsonist has been identified by Police Scotland. The suspect is known to have been wearing black clothing during the attack.

Possibly the Tobacco Lords are confident of an arrest, given the recent sightings of Higgins’ men, marching in tandem around Glasgow with groups of sinister looking men in black clothing?

No doubt the intrepid Mr Higgins will provide an update on the Thorntonhall matter and other questions like the Crush under the North Stand and the treatment of supporters by officers acting under his orders.

The notes of his job interview would make a compelling read and no doubt be of interest to Netflix.

According to Michael Nicholson (Interim Chief Tobacco Lord at Parkhead.) The future is about stability andΒ slow, evolutionary improvement at Parkhead. Kind of a like the slow lane on benzos…

Nicholson is regarded by his fellow Tobacco Lords as a Team Player. This contrasts with Dom Mackay, who came to Parkhead, after years of playing with distinction for the Executive of the SRU.

Maybe it was the game the Tobacco Lords are playing that wasn’t to Mr MacKay’s taste? He lasted three months.

I’ll follow Dom’s progress as he tries to recapture those team player credentials as Chairman of European Professional Club Rugby on an interim basis.

In other news, the Trustees of the Celtic Trust and senior staff at Parkhead “clarified” motions that had previously been democratically agreed by the membership of the CT.

Little is known of this episode. Suffice to say, Mr Higgins is likely to be given the job of getting to the bottom of it. No doubt the legendary Auldheid has all the relevant evidence documented.

Let’s hope that the amiable Aussie, Ange Postecoglou, survives unscathed from this miserable merry-go-round. A reliable, friendly face or two in the Dugout wouldn’t go amiss.

Let’s be clear.

The Tobacco Lords will throw Ange on the barby sooner or later.

You were wrong about one thing Ange.

There’s a few in Glasgow that don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

Anything that enhances the wealth and power of the Tobacco Lords is the right thing.

When the penny eventually drops with the hard pressed mainstream supporter, Heinrich Higgins’ expertise and connections will be handy to those Tobacco Lords.

History will repeat itself. Greed and arrogance will intervene again at Ibrox and disrupt the cosy Old Firm cartel. The trick is for seeing it for the lie that it is and letting it go.

Shame it wasn’t allowed to die with dignity in 2012.

Survival of the fittest and all that.

Happy Halloween. A fine Celtic Festival.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Have you had many guisers tonight?
We have had a few at Chez Kitts, but they call it Trick or Treat now. Well, I see that as a challenge, so if they want to take me on that’s fine. I hope they enjoy the goodies I gave them……home made toffee onions and my very own version of Ferrero Rocher (soft boiled Brussels sprouts, dipped in chocolate).
Trick or treat, is it? Try again next year.

The Gombeen Man

A fine post, good Sir. I have missed your musings on here.

I particularly liked your characterisation, of the PLC, as Tobacco Lords. Just as those sods shamed themselves in the 18th and 19th Centuries by profiting from slavery, and living life high on the hog, while the poor were starving, so too, PLC board members, gorge themselves on the good things in life, while many people in this country, and not just the poor, are reliant on food banks. It’s not an exact comparison of course…not even I would go that far.

I like the cut of Ange’s gib…what you see is what you get, as members of the journalist fraternity have found out, to their cost. If he is too successful of course, and he upsets the PLC apple-cart, then he will be out the door.

I would not imagine that Ange has many day to day dealings, with the feckers upstairs…they are obviously too busy having their snouts in the trough, to be doing any real work. I believe that Nicholson should act as a buffer between Ange and the PLC. Ange seems to have a good relationship with the guy, but you never really know, do you?

Just as the Tobacco Lords had statues erected in their honour, so to will DD, Big Peter and assuming he keeps up his fine recent form, Brian Wilson O.B.E. The E stands for Extrordanair. I’ll leave it to your imagination, to figure out what O.B. stands for.

The statues will of course be erected in Edmonton Drive. Beside the hopefully to be super-duper future branch of Tesco, which will replace a monument to Imperialism, currently situated on Edmiston Drive. We can but hope…

Hail Hail.

big packy

SOL, a true story ,when i was growing up in glenboig money was tight, remember my mum getting my school uniform from the army and navy store in glesga ,it was weird me turning up to school in a japanese colonels outfit😎😎 but hey halloween was just the job,,countless amounts of monkeynuts brazil nuts and hazelnuts, but try breaking open brazil nuts and hazelnuts its an art😎😎

Sol Kitts

Taisa Packy
I remember monkey nuts. BMCUWP was well peed off when he shelled one and didn’t get a real monkey.


Packy, I remember the day after Halloween – when I was a boy – the pavements everywhere were covered with monkey nut shells! Me & my pal chapped loads & loads of doors, even strangers! Sometimes they asked you in to sing a song. Changed days! I see all the kids who go out now are accompanied by an adult. Quite right too.
I loved those English apples which were in season at that time of the year. We rarely got sweets! Healthy eating but I loved it. πŸ™‚

big packy

SOL, that sounds like bobby😎 but dont tell him I said that,😎


I wonder if the weans still do the dooking for apples. Great fun. Especially if it was toffee apples. Haven’t seen one for years. I wonder if Glickmans’ still do them. That’ll be something on my ‘to do’ list.

Hail Hail

big packy

JIM, yes changed days, remember going to houses in glenboig ,and they would ask you to sing a song, my fav was, the sky is blue the grass is green, will you please give me my halloween, it always worked,😎😎


Forgot about that Magua! Think I only experienced ‘dooking’ once at a Halloween party! πŸ™‚


LOL Packy, Forgot about that too. “The sky is blue…..” Is what we said to everyone who answered the door! πŸ™‚


Then of course, there’s the old joke about ‘dooking for chips’.

Hail Hail.


Dooking for chips? πŸ™‚

Aye. An unkind remark made to someone, if they bore a passing resemblance to Herman Munster, or some such geezer.

Hail Hail.

Sol Kitts

Jimthetim53 has a red face not knowing that joke. πŸ₯΅


LOL, OK I get it now! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Sol Kitts

I’m shocked. Shocked I say. That a man of the calibre of JTT did not know that wan.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA ,did not know you were as old as JIM, jeezo,,another true story,,😎😎😎



A man of my calibre? πŸ™‚ Don’t believe Packy when he says I’m teetotal !

JTT and Big Packy

Signing of now guys, before I burst a gut. Off to splurge on Netflix. πŸ˜€

Sleep well fellow Tims.

Hail Hail.


I’m off to watch the new programme Showtrial on BBC, sounds good.

big packy

yes thats typical of you, leave me on my own to talk to sol kitts,,only joking sol😎😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Sorry mate, you’re gonna be talking to yourself. I’ve got an early start tomorrow so off to my scratcher. GNAGB.

big packy

A true story, went to ardrossan once it was closed, then went to kilwinning that was also closed,,the only place that was open was maybole,,and how i wish that was closed also,😎😎😎

big packy

GNAGB ALL, thanks for being here,πŸ‘πŸ‘

Saltires en Sevilla


How’s about:

1938 and for some strange reason, can’t think why, 1967? In the case of the latter, we all know what happened on the 25th of May…but I always find the dates 28th January and 31st May 1967, a right laugh. πŸ˜€

Hail Hail.


Ok buddy thanks and should be fun

I’ll prepare that for the following week if that’s ok?!


May be “rangers” are a better team.We had our chance given to us on a plate and waisted it big time.
I’m just not sure about our team or coach……….i hope to God i’m proven wrong.

Paddy’s Maw

The Gombeen Man.
Very clever. Liked the comparison with the Tobacco Lords – very apt.

Jobo Baldie

Good late evening friends.
I realise that this is off at a tangent but may I be so bold as to recommend a recent 7 part mini series on Netflix, “Midnight Mass”. Thrillingly scary and religiously thought provoking. A wee bit slow in places with some endlessly long dialogue but overall a 9/10 on the Jobo scale.

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